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Topic: List of famous Spanish people

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  List of Spaniards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of Spaniards who are famous or notable, in alphabetical order within categories.
Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611), the most famous composer of the 16th century (late Renaissance) in Spain.
Antonio de Nebrija (1441–1522), scholar, published the first grammar of the Spanish language (Gramática Castellana, 1492), which was the first grammar produced of any Romance language.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_famous_Spanish_people   (2406 words)

 Manila   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The shield in shape of pre-colonial people's shield depicts the nickname Pearl of the Orient on top; a sea lion in middle in reference to the city's Spanish and the waves of the Pasig River and Manila Bay in the bottom portion.
The layout of the city was haphazardly during Spanish Era as a set of surrounding Intramuros.
The enclave of Intramuros at the banks of Pasig River was built to protect the Spanish On June 10 1574 King Philip II of Spain gave Manila the title Insigne y Siempre Leal Ciudad ("Distinguished and Ever Loyal City").
www.freeglossary.com /Manila   (1653 words)

 Famous people from the Catalan Countries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The beginning of the "Dark Age" is followed by a power shift in the Spanish Kingdoms towards Madrid, and the establishment of an implacable book censorship and the the forced translation to Spanish of most books in Catalan.
He sailed the Nordic seas, where people was familiar with the concept of a continent by the west (Vinland), and the contract with the King Ferdinand he says he will be viceroy of "...the lands I found" and not "...the lands I will find".
He started his voyage from the Catalan city of Pals (which agrees perfectly with the descriptions and illustrations in the XV century chronicles) and not the Andalusian city of Palos (village that never had river port, palaces or city walls).
home.san.rr.com /casalppcc/famous_people_PPCC.htm   (1677 words)

 Famous Freemasons
However, if one compares the number of famous and good people who were Masons or members of the Masonic 'family' with the number of famous and good people who were against Masonry, there is simply no contest.
Compare the list of 'famous Anti-Masons' we've provided on another page with the famous Freemasons you'll find on our lists.
Listings of those who are (or were during their lifetime) Masons serves to remind us of the many notables who - of their own free will - chose to associate with this noble institution.
www.masonicinfo.com /famous.htm   (787 words)

 Spanish links : Sussex Language Institute : University of Sussex
Instituto Cervantes exists to promote the Spanish language; their website includes plenty of material for students and teachers of Spanish, plus up-to-date information about cultural events.
Tecla is a magazine (including exercises) written for learners and teachers of Spanish, with a searchable subject index of past issues.
MundoHispano is a MOO for learners of Spanish - it's a multi-user interactive system, a virtual environment where students can practice their Spanish while sharing ideas and experiences with other Spanish speakers and learners.
www.sussex.ac.uk /languages/1-6-4-7.html   (686 words)

 Famous Hispanics: Hernán Cortés
When Cortés was at the large Indian settlement of Tlaxcals and had perfected an alliance with that people, some Indians from the neighbouring tribe of Cholula urged him to visit their home.
Mexico became a Spanish colony through his instrumentality, but it was the duty of the Spanish Government to care for it.
They are, of course, coloured so as to place his own achievements in relief, but, withal, he keeps within bounds and does not exaggerate, except in matters of Indian civilization and the numbers of population as implied by the size of the settlements.
coloquio.com /famosos/cortes.html   (2673 words)

 The Scales of Good and Evil
Although religious people may debate whether a fertilized egg (zygote) should be accorded the same rights as a child (and therefore the pill is evil), no one debates that the pill has decreased the suffering of fully formed, multicellular humans.
Most of the people you named did not accomplish these deeds alone, their ability to lead, and feed of off general trends and hysteria of the masses, is what made all of these atrocities/good deeds happen.
The "disappeared" (people kidnapped and murdered by the army; "disappeared" is how the government classified them, though they often gave the orders to kill) were in the thousands, repression of opposition was violent to an extreme (think of the Mexican or Columbian governments' treatment of opponents; the Argeninian government was twice as bad).
sprott.physics.wisc.edu /pickover/good.html   (21142 words)

 Regents Prep Global History & Geography: Famous People Vocabulary List
He is considered by Jewish people as the father of the Israelites through his son Isaac, and by Muslims as the father of Arab peoples through his son Ishmael.
Cortez, Hernan : (1485-1547) Spanish conquistador who was responsible for the conquest of the Aztec Empire and the claiming of much of Central America for the Spanish.
Famous works include the mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and the sculpture of the biblical character David.
regentsprep.org /Regents/global/vocab/topic.cfm?topic=q   (4692 words)

 Inquiry and Analysis Series - No. 164
He stressed that the United Nations system was so stringent that it would not have allowed anyone to play with oil contracts and that the publication of the list was intended "to slander those who were defending the Iraqi people." [26] Ironically, he served as the chairman of the anti-corruption committee of the Jordanian parliament.
He said the list "has no basis in truth and we do not know its reasons." He added that the accusation "is an attempt to slander those who stand against the American occupation of Iraq and stand with the Iraqi resistance and the Iraqi brethren and cooperate and support them." [29]
Because releasing the list shows Saddam Hussein's bribery of hundreds of politicians and journalists from 50 Arab and foreign countries, the Arab media have neither pursued the issue nor investigated the matter.
www.memri.org /bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=ia&ID=IA16404   (3908 words)

 Heinz Guderian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Heinz Guderian (June 17 1888 - May 14 1954) was the well known "Panzer General" the German Army during World War II and one the founders of the " Blitzkrieg ".
Guderian was also one of the people who dared to argue with Hitler.
Sort of like Forrest Gump in the 60's, the 116th Panzer Div was in the middle of many of the famous and key battles in the Western Front in '44 and '45.
www.freeglossary.com /Heinz_Guderian   (778 words)

 Famous Spanish Singers
Most people who contact me are using techniques that are old, outdated and also used by millions of other artist and producers to enter the industry.
Spanish Lyrics of Latinamerican, Peruvian and Hispanic Singers.
Spanish tenor, one of the world's most famous classical singers, has no plans to hang it up at the age of 65.
singers.soundclicksecrets.net /1/Famous-Spanish-Singers.html   (4787 words)

 CBC.ca - The Greatest Canadian - Top 100 - 11 to 100
A place where people with disabilities 'can reveal their gifts,’ l'Arche became the model for over 100 such communities around the world.
Richard set the souls of his people ablaze, earning him a role beyond hockey player: a national icon.
Convinced that 'aboriginal people are not being recognized as the first people of this country,' the Manitoba legislator blocked the passage of the Meech Lake Accord, hoping to put aboriginal issues at the top of Canada's constitutional agenda.
www.cbc.ca /greatest/greatcanadians   (4388 words)

 Camelot Village: Britain's Heritage and History
These are just some of the famous people who have originated from the British Isles over the years.
This is obviously not an exhaustive list but it will grow in time and become a valuable resource for people wishing to know more about Great Britain and her achievements.
Considered by many to be the finest of English Landscape artists, John Constable was born and bred in the Suffolk and Essex border area in East Anglia.
www.camelotintl.com /heritage/people/index.html   (517 words)

 Famous Spanish People
In your speech describe the contribution made by the person of your choice, giving reasons why you believe that it is important to honor the contribution that he or she has made.
Spanish Speaking Country WebQuest Another webquest that deals more generally with Spanish speaking countries.
Go to http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/calendar.htm and search this ‘calendar’ with keyword Spanish to bring up list of sites about Spanish writers, dramatists etc. e.g.
www.adelaidehs.sa.edu.au /ahsintranet/subjects/LOTE/FamousSpanishPeople.htm   (595 words)

 Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Biographies - Homework Center - Multnomah County Library
A list of the career highlights of one of the members of the gold medal women's olympic softball team.
This site lists all of the Nobel Prize laureates and why they won, with a biography of each that includes their Nobel lecture.
The Oregon Pioneer List is a list of settlers to Oregon who migrated to or were born in Oregon prior to 1900.
www.multcolib.org /homework/biohc.html   (5652 words)

 Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
Casa de Joanna: Spanish Activities and Casa de Joanna: French Activities On-and off-line activities for middle and high school Spanish and French classes.
La Tuna is the home page of the Spanish university student organization of the same name dedicated to keeping alive the folk music and traditions inherited from the past.
Tecla is an electronic magazine written for learners and teachers of Spanish by the Spanish Department at Birkbeck College, University of London.
www.csun.edu /~hcedu013/eslsp.html   (4144 words)

 Price List for Famous People   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Of course, an itemized list will be enclosed for you.
We will hand-select over $750 worth of great NH stamps and covers from this list for you.
Famous Armenians in MiniSheet format (not in Year Set) Tiny quantity printed.
www.worldstamps.com /pricelist.php?topic=53   (565 words)

 Morningside Heights: Famous Residents
FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA, (a famous Spanish surrealist poet, for those of you who haven't heard of him) spent a term living in Columbia's Furnald Hall dormitory as a visiting student.
Famous Catholic thinker THOMAS MERTON went to Columbia College.
Another famous architect, MORRIS LAPIDUS, who is principally known for designing those big hotels in Miami and other tropical places, went to Columbia.
www.morningside-heights.net /famous.htm   (1377 words)

 Famous Hispanic & Spanish Actors and Directors
Persistent rumors indicate the romance is not fictitious at all.At press time, she was negotiating to star with Tom Cruise in Paramount Pictures' Vanilla Sky, and had recently completed Captain Correlli's Mandolin for Universal Pictures/Miramax.
Her list of Spanish credits also include Jamón, Jamón; the Oscar-winning foreign film Belle Epoque, the film that turned her into Spain's leading female actress; and Almodóvar's All About My Mother, where she plays a nun who falls in love with an AIDS-infected man and then dies from the disease.
Penélope had a romance with Nacho Cano, member of the group Mecano, with whom she lived until they broke up and she moved in with fellow actor Gigi Sarrasola, but that romance also enden.
www.donquijote.org /culture/spain/cine   (214 words)

 Statistical NLP / corpus-based computational linguistics resources
But the decision to make this famous system available is very interesting from an historical perspective, and for software sharing in academia more generally.
Syntactic Spanish Database (SDB) University of Santago de Compostela.
Open source package for unsupervised discovery of word senses by clustering together instances of a word (or words) that are used in similar contexts in raw text, supporting a wide range of clustering techniques based on both context vectors and similarity matrices, and including links to SVDPACKC and CLUTO.
www-nlp.stanford.edu /links/statnlp.html   (3237 words)

 FreeSpeech.com: Famous People With Disabilities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
This might help knock down any stereotypes about the abilities of disabled people (don’t read that as a knock on anyone here), but compiled from this site, and personal knowledge, here are some famous people with disabilities and some commentary.
I have long argued that it is one of the greatest ironies in history, considering that Hitler thought we were so useless we should not be allowed to live and put that logic into action.
But the truth is that insane people are more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators.
www.freespeech.com /archives/001988.html   (1135 words)

 "P" Famous People
These pages are designed to evaluate and consider the lives of famous people and their effects upon current trends.
To view a list Famous People with names beginning with "Q" Lives of Famous People with Names Beginning with "P" 1 Paap, Willem (1856-1923) Writer, born in Winschoten, N Netherlands.
Pizarro, Gonzalo (c.1506-48) Spanish conquistador, born in Trujillo, WC Spain...
www.jonathanselby.com /Pfam   (13285 words)

 Paths to Erdos
I mention these because Frank and I have discussed, among other issues, whether I may serve as a ‘weak link’ of sufficient breadth to impact the overall network structure both within biology and between biology and these other areas of math and computer science.
Koonin is clearly more prolific than I am, but our fields may be sufficiently different to complement.” Interested people can contact him directly.
We would like to acknowledge and thank the dozens of people, too numerous to mention by name, who have written in with suggestions, additions, and corrections to these lists.
www.oakland.edu /enp/erdpaths.html   (1277 words)

It would be impossible to list ALL of the Famous Historical People!
Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today.
The list includes historical figures, celebrities, and thosse individuals who have influenced the lives of others.
www.kidinfo.com /American_History/Famous_Historical_People.htm   (1220 words)

 Famous Hams and ex-Hams
However, we have made every effort, through exhaustive research and direct communication with many of the people on this list and their relatives and associates, to maintain as accurate a list as possible.
Famous (infamous) as the chief radio operator on the ill-fated S.S. Morro Castle.
Member of Peoples Temple at Jonestown, Guyana, who reportedly took part in the airport ambush of California Congressman Leo J. Ryan, killing him and four others, before dying with Rev. Jim Jones and over 900 others in mass suicide on 18-NOV-1978.
users.tellurian.com /gjurrens/famous_hams.html   (6255 words)

 List of people from Louisiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
People from the state of Louisiana who have achieved fame or note include:
Categories: Lists of people by U.S. state
This page was last modified 16:01, 24 July 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_people_from_Louisiana   (482 words)

 Recipes » Spanish Recipes - Famous Recipes - Chicken Recipes
Reduce heat, cook chicken until done(this is best done the day before).
Recipe for the Spanish \"Tortilla de patatas\" Ingredients for the basic recipe: 8 eggs 1 kg of potatoes Olive oil (1/4 of a liter) Salt Optional: Chopped 1/2 big onion Steps: 1) Wash and cut potatoes in thin slices.
Once the olive oil is hot, salt a bit and fry potatoes.
www.worldfamousrecipes.com /index.php/category/famous-recipes/spanish-recipes   (479 words)

 Famous People: Explorers of North America | eThemes | eMINTS
There are biographies for many famous explorers, including John Cabot, Marco Polo, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, Ponce de Leon, Juan Bautista de Anza, and more.
There are biographies on Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French explorers, including Coronado, DeSoto, Leon, Magellan, Drake, Cabot, and LaSalle.
This page about Spanish explorer Coronado includes portraits of him and a map of his route from Mexico to Kansas.
www.emints.org /ethemes/resources/S00001141.shtml   (700 words)

 The Turing Test Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The new form of the problem can be described in terms of a game which we call the "imitation game." It is played with three people, a man (A), a woman (B), and an interrogator (C) who may be of either sex.
Donald Michie Personal homepage containing full list of publications, but none are online.
the list is moderated and restricted so you won't be bombarded with irrelevant mail.
cogsci.ucsd.edu /~asaygin/tt/ttest.html   (1646 words)

 Childfree By Choice/ Childfreebychoice.Com: Childfree in History/ Childfree (and Childless) Celebrities! A-M
People think that you are a nasty, selfish person if you don't want to have children."
I think people who have children and have complicated jobs are amazing.
Hopper was arguably the world's most famous programmer and the most influential woman in the history of computing.
www.childfreebychoice.com /history.htm   (3114 words)

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