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Topic: List of famous military commanders

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  PGSA - Polish Military History
(Lists of cavalry and horse artillery officers and enlisted men killed as well as lists of cavalry and horse artillery officers and enlisted men awarded the Virtuti Militari.
Lists of prisoners are included by the year they were interned.
This regimental history of the 4th Infantry includes a list of officers and some enlisted men of the Duchy of Warsaw, Congress Kingdom and the Insurrection of 1830-1831.
www.pgsa.org /military.htm   (2430 words)

  Military history of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As of 2006, the U.S. military consisted of an army, navy, air force and Marine Corps under the command of the United States Department of Defense.
In the early years of the British colonization of North America, military action in the colonies that would become United States were the result of conflicts with Native Americans, such as in the Pequot War of 1637 and King Philip's War in 1675.
MacArthur was later relieved of his command by Truman for insurbordination, and while some feared the conflict might spark another world war, negotiations beginning shortly after MacArthur's dismissal eventually resulted in a stalemate and armistice in 1953, with the two Koreas remaining divided at the 38th parallel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Military_history_of_the_United_States   (6622 words)

 The Military Affairs of Ancient Rome: Appendix A
This gave the commanding general a useful and efficient staff of general officers of experience who could be intrusted with the responsibility of command and military government or used as ambassadors.
The real commanders of the men at drill, on the march or in battle were the men in charge of the centuries, the sixty centurions of each legion.
Commands in the Gallic army were sounded by a curved war trumpet, the carnyx, which terminated in the head of an animal or serpent.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/report/other/romanarmy02.htm   (6499 words)

 Husaria - polish winged cavalry. - Military Photos
Polish commanders of the 16th and 17th centuries realized that the effectiveness of firearms was still very limited, so a charge by good horsemen had to endure at most one salvo before reaching the enemy with lances and sabers.
The list of major battles won by Polish and Lithuanian armies using hussaria is given in the appendix.
Here is a list of major battles won by Polish and Lithuanian forces in the 16th and 17th centuries, some won solely by cavalry.
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=7779   (3554 words)

 List of military commanders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mehmed Pasa Sokollu (Ottoman military leader and Grand Vizier during the reign of Suleiman and Selim II)
Charles de Héraugière, the Eighty Years' War commander of a special force, which conquered Breda in a "Trojan Horse" action.
Ernst Casimir van Nassau-Dietz military commander in the Eighty Years' War, Stadtholder of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe for the Dutch Republic
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Famous_military_commanders   (2049 words)

 FAS Email Archives -- 1995-96 Missile Defense Monitor
Although local commanders need secret "unlock" codes held by the general staff in Moscow to actually fire any of these weapons, the circumvention of the codes cannot be ruled out, particularly by lower-level officers on submarines at sea.
Russian military planners are looking at a steep decline in the combat readiness of Russia's least vulnerable forces -- submarines at sea and mobile land missiles in the field.
The Russian military is responding to this pressure in ways that strengthen nuclear deterrence at the expense of operational safety.
www.fas.org /MHonArc/BMDList_archive96/msg00094.html   (1406 words)

 Alexander the Great in Iraq
But the most famous conqueror of all was a twenty-five-year-old king of Macedonia, who subdued Iraq in 331 B.C. and died there eight years later, a few months shy of his thirty-third birthday.
He commanded at four monumental battles -- the Granicus River, Issus, Gaugamela, and the Hydaspes River -- in addition to prosecuting numerous sieges, desert and mountain campaigns, and a three-year counter-guerrilla war in Afghanistan.
Of course this was not an option for our contemporary commanders, who were regarded as infidels by the indigenous population and would not have been permitted to set foot on holy soil even if they had wanted to.
www.military.com /NewContent/0,13190,Pressfield_050904,00.html   (3773 words)

 Military History Online - The Failure of Operation Barbarossa
His generals discovered to their chagrin, "[f]rom that day on it was plain that whosoever opposed Hitler risked not simply his career but his life…"[3] By means of this compact, Hitler had gained the upper hand on the Army and its generals; and would never relinquish control to the end of his life.
This act dulled the influence of the military masters of war, and long-term contributed to its eventual defeat against the Russians.
That they had planned for a short summer campaign itself was a major factor in their eventual defeat; but what follows is a list of errors that when compounded add up to not only the failure of Barbarossa to achieve objectives; but also Germany's defeat in the war itself.
www.militaryhistoryonline.com /wwii/articles/failureofbarbarossa.aspx   (4651 words)

 California Military History:: The San Francisco Vigilance Committees
The military force was brought to present arms, and then poor Cora and Casey were swung into eternity from the scaffold in front of the building.
I appreciated the difficulties often arising by having military forces in the presence of mobs, and believed they should be employed only as a last resort, when they are needed for actual and effective service.
The people of California are ready and prepared to organize and form military forces, if necessary, to meet a mob and crush it, and if the civil authorities are riot sufficiently active, they will furnish the power to supply their place.
www.militarymuseum.org /SFVC.html   (9481 words)

 Lawyers, Guns and Money: Military Affairs Reading List
Stephen Biddle, Military Power: This is a critical text for getting a basic understanding of the "modern system" of land warfare that developed on the Western Front during World War I. Biddle includes chapters on Operation Goodwood, Operation Desert Storm, and the Second Battle of the Somme.
The Royal Navy is one of the world's oldest military organizations, and its development closely parallels the construction of the English state.
Hitler's Generals: books on the military genius of German commanders during the Second World War are a dime a dozen.
lefarkins.blogspot.com /2006/05/military-affairs-reading-list.html   (1607 words)

 George Washington   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
George Washington, commander of the American Continental army and the first president of the United States, is ranked as one of the most influential military leaders of all time.
If identifying and ranking the "top 100 military leaders of all time" focused on only great battle captains or brilliant military strategists, Washington might be far down the list, if included at all.
Washington took command of the Continental army, formed from various colonial militia, at the siege of Boston in July 1775.
www.carpenoctem.tv /military/wash.html   (1287 words)

 Air Force - Ukraine
Combat operations, convoy covering, cargo delivery were a quite incomplete list of what military pilots of Ukraine were doing on that war.
There are military pilots within the Air Force of Ukraine whose skill helped them win the hearts not only of the spectators in Ukrainian and at the international air shows but also of the professional judges.
Frequent visits to the AFU by the leading commanders of the other states armed forces and the visits of the Ukrainian AF delegations abroad testify to this fact.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/ukraine/vps-history.htm   (901 words)

 How to Become a Military Expert -- September 2003 Education Reporter
WASHINGTON, DC - Convinced that American policymakers and military commanders may be forgetting history's lessons, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO) released in June his National Security Book List, a compilation of books he recommends as required reading to all officers of the Armed Forces, Members of Congress, and those interested in national security.
This list "will make you a better officer, a better legislator, a better expert witness, a better executor of American policy." Skelton stated that too many senior officials and officers who testify before his defense committee lack insight into the current relevance of past problems faced by Americans.
A graduate of Wentworth Military Academy and the University of Missouri at Columbia, he has been representing Missouri's 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives since 1977 and is now the ranking Democrat on the HASC's Panel on Profession Military Education.
www.eagleforum.org /educate/2003/sept03/military-expert.shtml   (956 words)

 Thousands of NAMES OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, SPORTSMEN, MOVIES, CHARACTERS for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child from ...
A great list of famous and notable Mexicans, including persons who are known to a large number of people and not based on the extent of their popularity.
Full list of gang names in each state of the US A list of names of notable people who were virgins their whole life, or who were famous for their virginity at one point or another
A list of the Rulers of Númenor, a fictional realm by J. Tolkien.
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/famous.htm   (2133 words)

 Gett Kidz- Gettysburg Commanders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
General John Buford The commander of a cavalry division in the Army of the Potomac, John Buford's troops encountered the head of a Confederate column on June 30th near Gettysburg.
He was offered the command of the army several days before the battle, but declined and General Meade was appointed instead.
Colonel Alexander commanded an artillery battalion in General Longstreet's Corps and directed the bombardment of the Union lines prior to Pickett's Charge on July 3rd.
www.nps.gov /gett/gettkidz/commandrs.htm   (1824 words)

 Great Belarusian Military Commanders
Sanhushka was a commander of 200-strong cavalry squadron during the famous Battle near Uly (near Chashniki), in which 10,000 of Belarusian-Lithuanian forces has defeated 30,000 Russian army of duke Peter Shujski.
The biggest military science contribution of Raman Sanhushka was developing the tactics of irregular war, where an enemy is surprised by attack by a small light cavalry force after good reconnaissance.
Zhukov was commander of a regiment, and in 1930 of a brigade.
www.belarusguide.com /cities/commanders/commanders.html   (8643 words)

 Napoleon Bonaparte   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Upon graduating from the military academy in Paris at age sixteen, Napoleon joined the artillery as a second lieutenant.
He joined the siege of British forces at Toulon, and although he suffered a bayonet wound himself, he took command of the French artillery after its commander was seriously wounded.
As a reward, Napoleon received command of the Army of Italy, and in this, his first field command, he began to build his reputation with victories over the Astrians at Lodi, Castiglione, Arcola, and Rivoli in 1796-97.
www.carpenoctem.tv /military/napoleon.html   (1771 words)

 Frederick II the Great - Olga's Gallery
Frederick II, the Great (1712-86), king of Prussia (1740-1786), remains one of the most famous German rulers of all time for his military successes and his domestic reforms that made Prussia one of the leading European nations.
His early years were spent in military training under a rigid system of education, against which he rebelled fiercely but in vain.
It was his military genius that saved his country and brought Prussia out of the war stronger than it had been before it.
www.abcgallery.com /list/2001nov16.html   (658 words)

 The Military Book Review The Waterloo Companion review
The engagement has been subject of scores upon scores of volumes, which explore all aspects of the battle, the commanders, and the men in the ranks.
There is a section examining strategies and commanders of all involved units, alongside textboxes or sidebars providing additional facts concerning places, plans, and events related to the battle.
A series of analytical sketches of all commandeers down to brigade level is included.
www.themilitarybookreview.com /html/TheWaterlooCompanion.shtml   (580 words)

 Modern Military Blank Firing Guns
These blank firing gun replicas of modern military pistols faithfully match the appearance of their operational counterparts, yet are entirely safe because the barrel or each pistol is plugged in compliance with Federal law.
The famous Model M92F (Beretta Replica) automatic pistol is the official sidearm of the U.S. Army and other U.S. government agencies.
The original version is the standard military sidearm of many Eastern European countries and is also used by police organizations.
www.iar-arms.com /militaryblanks.htm   (612 words)

 Thousands of BOAT NAMES, SHIP NAMES, MILITARY NAMES, AIRCRAFT NAMES, CAR NAMES  for your dog, horse, cat, pet or ...
A list of fictional ships, waterborne vessels that have been identified by name in works of fiction but do not really exist as such (oftentimes a real ship is used as a stage set, but the real name is not used).
Military organizations, like nearly all large exclusive organizations, develop slang as means of self-identification.
This list of notable war heroes are outstanding examples of men of honorable service as chosen by their chain of command and their comrades in arms
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/boats.htm   (937 words)

 Military Army Air Forces Patches History 2
The "Flying Tiger" is the emblem of the famous American volunteer group under the command of Major General Clair Chennault, and pays tribute to that group.
Among the commanders of this air force were General of the Army, Henry H. "Hap" Arnold, Major General Curtis E. LeMay and Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining.
Three air forces serving under the command are represented by the three small stars at the top of the shield.
www.vetshome.com /military_army_air_forces_patches2.htm   (1023 words)

 [No title]
I'm not so sure about naval commanders, but it is hard to go past Yamamoto for planning ability (though he wasn't a field commander as such).
Ehran RE:Great Military Strategists---Ambush 9/22/2005 12:11:59 PM in the category of doing more with less you would be hard pressed to find a better man than general brock who led the british forces during the war of 1812.
It was a natural extension of envelopment by maneuver which was as old as warfare...but became doable with teh advent of aircraft and the aircraft carrier.
www.strategypage.com /militaryforums/30-60192.aspx   (2120 words)

 [CTRL] Is the Russian army incompetent? J R Nyquist
The problem of estimating the true military capability of Russia is a thorny one.
And Maskhadov's chief of military staff, Mamudi Saidayev, was himself a Soviet military intelligence officer who continues to mingle freely with Russian military commanders.
Since two of the main Chechen military leaders have links to the Russian General Staff, their current independence is doubtful.
www.mail-archive.com /ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg34966.html   (1789 words)

 Osprey - Elite
Each book in the Elite series focuses on a single army or elite unit, a military tactic or a group of famous commanders.
Military uniforms, insignia and equipment are shown in full colour artwork.
Featuring full specially commissioned colour artworks of typical military uniforms and equipment, together with organisational diagrams and a wealth of fl and white photography, books in Osprey’s Elite series provide a valuable resource for history enthusiasts, model makers, re-enactors, and wargamers.
www.ospreypublishing.com /content2.php/cid=48   (163 words)

 Librarium Fine Books: Military History, War and Revolution (New Books)
The most famous and accomplished military unit of their day, Caesar's Tenth Legion took the lead role in all of his battles.
The jacket illustration is a detail from the painting by Claude Gellée, aka Lorraine, depicting the Pass of Susa forced by the army of Louis XIII on 6 March, 1629.
The twenty essays concern military and naval operations, as well as political, economics, social, and cultural interactions of individuals and groups during the war for the Great Lakes.
www.librarium.nl /static-list/military_history_war_rev.htm   (6989 words)

 List of people by occupation quotes, quotations, Famous List of people by occupation quotes
List of people by occupation quotation, Famous List of people by occupation Quotes
This is a list of people by occupation; Note that some people have multiple occupations.
This manually created and maintained list is perhaps obsolete, and may eventually be abandoned, as the new options begin to adopted.
www.e-paranoids.com /quotes/l/li/list_of_people_by_occupation.html   (244 words)

 Amazon.com: MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History [with $5 Bonus]: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This is a factual, quarterly magazine intended for serious military and history enthusiasts.
It not only gives you the military aspect of events, but often goes into detail as to how and why these events occured, which is invaluable in itself.
MHQ is perhaps the most in-depth publication of military history that is regularly available.
www.amazon.com /MHQ-Quarterly-Journal-Military-History/dp/B00005N7RF   (977 words)

 Flit(tm): Military Archives
While not every military voice is united in optimism, the vast majority are and you can read them in all their glory on the Internet.
The list itself is biased to his arguments and frames the debate in a manner that favors his argument.
The military must be utterly disciplined or we risk falling into the problems that so many other nations have had, military coups.
www.snappingturtle.net /jmc/tmblog/archives/cat_military.html   (19260 words)

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