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Topic: List of fictional curse words

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  List of fictional expletives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of fictional expletives contains expletives invented by writers of fiction—often science fiction or fantasy—to add nuance to the fictional cultures in their work, and sometimes as a form of censorship.
The word is used as as a curse, a general exclamation and a shout of joy.
A tup is a ram (sheep), and the word "tup" is still used as a euphemism for fuck in northern England.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_fictional_curse_words   (3595 words)

 Encyclopedia: Alternative words for British   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Words and phrases are often created, or coined, by combining existing words, or by giving words new and unique suffixes and/or prefixes.
A number of false etymologies have sprung up, mostly along the lines that POM is an acronym for "Prisoner of Mother England" or "Prisoner of Her Majesty", referring to the fact that the earliest Australian settlers were convicts, sentenced to transportation.
The term is not usually offered offensively and is generally not perceived as such, however there are circumstances in which it is used pejoratively, for example by supporters of Scottish independence when referring to their Unionist opponents.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Alternative-words-for-British   (2846 words)

 archive of fictional things   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is a (theoretically) all-encompassing list of fictional things created in the media.
List of fictional people known by one name
List of fictional apes (and other non-human primates, excluding Monkeys)
www.yourencyclopedia.net /archive_of_fictional_things.html   (331 words)

 List of fictional curse words - Open Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Fictional curse words are profanities invented by authors of fiction, often science fiction.
Hippikaloric - from Ozma of Oz by Frank Baum - "which must be a dreadful word because we don't know what it means".
There are also real uses of the word slag, both legitimate and slang.
www.open-encyclopedia.com /List_of_fictional_curse_words   (928 words)

 User talk:MakeRocketGoNow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There were a lot of specific science fiction franchises under Category:Science fiction.
It is now listed on CFR, I invite you to come share your opinion on the matter.
We usually put the note on CFD discussions of keep or no consensus, mainly because if there is nothing on the talk page, we dont' have to move it, or it is is trivial stuff the talk page is deleted.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/User_talk:MakeRocketGoNow   (1777 words)

 Halfbakery: New Curse Words   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If our curses are supposed to be references to things offensive and we object to censorship then why not invert the problem and make censorship itself the curse.
Just about every word can be used without offense, which seems fairly sensible and eminently civilized to me. So we could go in the opposite direction, and try to incorporate all English curse words into the realm of acceptable vocabulary...
It is a very old word, recorded in English since the 15th century (few acronyms predate the 20th century), with cognates in other Germanic languages.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/New_20Curse_20Words   (5889 words)

 Archive of fictional things - free-definition
List of fictional people who lived more than once
List of fictional works set in the former Yugoslavia
List of television shows set in Washington, D.C. See also: List of movies for a list of movies set in specific locations
www.netlexikon.akademie.de /Archive-of-fictional-things.html   (329 words)

 word list : Encyclopedia Articles
The first (and only?) biometric word list is one developed by Zimmermann and Juola, with the assistance of Zhahai Stewart and Grady Ward.
List of words blocked by search engines in Mainland China...
This category contains word lists that are candidates to be moved to Wiktionary,...
www.logicjungle.com /wikifind-word+list.html   (333 words)

 Category:Glossaries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A glossary is a list of terms and their definitions.
An annotated listing of dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias that have some sort of version online or, if you will, a glossary of glossaries.
List of dictionaries and glossaries currently in the works.
www.omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=Category:Glossaries   (946 words)

 Farscape - SciFi/Fantasy Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Farscape (first broadcast 1999) is a science fiction television series produced in Australia by the Jim Henson Company with the backing of US cable broadcaster The Sci Fi Channel.
Farscape is one of the new generation of science fiction TV shows, in which the main concerns are surviving in a hostile, chaotic universe and dealing with interpersonal conflicts, instead of exploration, warfare or law enforcement.
Henson has traditionally specialized in puppetry, and Farscape is no exception; two regular characters are puppets: the miniature deposed Dominar Rygel XVI of Hyneria (voiced by Johnathan Hardy) and the ship's Pilot (voiced by Lani Tupu), a multi-armed elephant-size creature physically and mentally bonded to the living Leviathan ship, Moya.
www.infoshop.org /sf/index.php/Farscape   (530 words)

 Archive of fictional things   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is a (theoretically) all-encompassing list of fictional things created in themedia.
List of fictional apes (and other non-humanprimates, excluding Monkeys)
List of television shows set in Washington, D.C. See also: List of movies for a list of movies set in specificlocations
www.therfcc.org /archive-of-fictional-things-11536.html   (238 words)

 Halfbakery: New Curse Words   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Strangely, the harshest Spanish swear words tend to have religious connotations (e.g: "The host!"), whereas sexual ones ("joder"-fuck, "coño"- cunt) are sprinkled liberally on daytime TV.
As for the Chinese, yes, the tsao is indeed a bad word, and only a very angry person will let fly with tsao knee mah, which translates very closely to "fuck your mother." However the worst curse in Chinese seems to be to call someone a...
They use words such as "farteater" well farteater is a word they use alot I cant seem to remember anymore at the moment.
www.halfbakery.com /lr/idea/New_20Curse_20Words   (8041 words)

 MetroDad: Like a sailor without a fucking boat!
I did tell her those were naughty words and that neither of us should be using those words.
I neglected to answer her question and instead explained to her that "Hell" is a bad word and little kids shouldn't say bad words.
One day it occurred to me that if I told my kid that those words are "Mommy and Daddy" words then the kid would obviously know that he isn't a parent and then know he is not allowed to use that language until he has fathered a child.
metrodad.typepad.com /index/2005/06/like_a_sailor_w.html   (3674 words)

 List of fictional curse words in TutorGig Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
'Fictional curse words' are profanities invented by authors of fiction, often science fiction / fantasy, sometimes to represent fictional cultural nuance, and sometimes to avoid censorship.
The reader assumes that the word " fuck" is being censored, but it is revealed that Mr.
Outdoor Living See all 7143 results in List of fictional curse words...
www.tutorgig.com /ed/List_of_fictional_curse_words   (3262 words)

 Killin' time being lazy: May 2005
I've noticed that many words I use now (blog, for example) are not in the dictionary and must be learned.
Her second post deals with the tricky issue of blogrolls, those lists appearing next to the comments.
words fail me. The way these teens got under the skin of the characters, each playing several different people with varying ages and genders and backgrounds, was incredible.
lazygal.blogspot.com /2005_05_01_lazygal_archive.html   (5819 words)

 regnskygge.net » Blog Archive » Expletives and sci-fi
One of the things I love about the sci-fi and fantasy genres is they can address social issues in ways that more realistic fiction cannot.
Tangentially, two Scifi shows, of which I am a fan, have created their own cuss words: the now completed, Farscape and the currently running remake of Battlestar Galactica.
The catchall cuss word in Farscape was “frell”; and it was used in all the parts of speech you would expect from a popular, flexible expletive.
www.regnskygge.net /index.php?p=24   (285 words)

 Technorati Tag: cursing
I apologize for the cursing involved in the title of this particular post.
Which is remarkable because I have been both a hard-hat type...
Lillie was curled in my arms, holding her blanket in Daddy’s lap.
www.technorati.com /tag/cursing   (624 words)

 Look At This...: September 2005
Confusing Words is a collection of 3210 words that are troublesome to readers and writers.
Words are grouped according to the way they are most often confused or misused.
A Turkish court has fined 20 people for using the letters Q and W on placards at a Kurdish new year celebration, under a law that bans use of characters not in the Turkish alphabet, rights campaigners said.
seehere.blogspot.com /2005_09_01_seehere_archive.html   (1613 words)

 Curse - List of fictional curse words - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many point to the Curse of the Bambino as the root of eight-plus decades of frustration.
Curse ov Dialect leave their mark after just one performance or listen.
Kyrgyzstan curse By Swati Parashar Speaking Freely is an Asia Times Online feature that allows guest writers to have their say.
www.thensearch.com /?q=curse   (626 words)

 Howard Lovy's NanoBot
So now, with renewed debate surrounding what is not known about nanoparticles, the fact that nanoscale zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are used in some brands of cosmetics and sunscreen is continuously juxtaposed with news reports about the controversy.
In this cursed and wonderful age of Google, whose spawn is quick access to information but ad nauseaum repetition of often questionable factoids, the L'Oreal lore has circled the globe more than a few times, ripped from its original context.
But, in the words of my ex-hippie father-in-law (a veteran of the "No Nukes" movement), that's what they were told about nuclear power.
nanobot.blogspot.com /2003_07_01_nanobot_archive.html   (7863 words)

 DNA sequencer bei eLexi - das Onlinelexikon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In an effort to bring together pages on various religions, below is a list of articles that are about or reference Scientology topics.
The following is a list of sexual slurs that are, or have been, used to refer to members of a given sexual minority, gender, sex, or sexual orientation in a derogatory or pejorative manner.
This is a list of political parties in Greenland
www.elexi.de /en/d/dn/dna_sequencer.html   (188 words)

 Definition of List of fictional curse words
Fictional curse words are profanities invented by authors of fiction, often science fiction / fantasy.
bitca - from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, curse word for a malevolent entity (coined by Xander Harris)
The list of authors can be found here.
www.wordiq.com /definition/List_of_fictional_curse_words   (1362 words)

 runaway's Journal
So, if you're curious, here's the official FCC ruling -- which, as far as i've read, doesn't give any single order about it, but name-drops Philly, and has a lot to do with Howard Stern.
Much cooler, though, is a list of fictional curse words, including several made-up ones, and "Belgium" (hitchhiker's guide forever!).
and when i finally did get to pray, it was on my own and with me in control of how fast it went and how much time i spent on the words, and, i just, i prayed.
www.livejournal.com /users/matthue   (2180 words)

 List of fictional curse words   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Fictional curse words are profanities invented by authors of fiction, often sciencefiction.
Belgium - from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ; its meaning was never specified, beyond theobservation that "The concept it embodies is so revolting that the publication or broadcast of the word is utterly forbidden inall parts of the galaxy except one, where they don't know what it means."
smurf and derivatives - from The Smurfs, can beused as pretty much any word, including swear words.
www.therfcc.org /list-of-fictional-curse-words-127783.html   (537 words)

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