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Topic: List of fictional places

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  List of reference tables - Mirror of Wikipedia - 维库提供服务
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century
List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England
List of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland
en.wikilib.com /wiki/List_of_reference_tables   (915 words)

  Detective fiction
A branch of crime fiction, detective fiction is the fictional genre centered around an investigation by a detective, usually in the form of the investigation of a murder.
A common feature is that the investigator is usually unmarried, with some source of income other than a regular job, and frequently has an assistant, who is asked to make all kinds of apparently irrelevant inquiries, and acts as an audience surrogate for the explanation of the mystery at the end of the story.
The Mystery of Marie Roget is particularly interesting, as it is a scarcely fictionalized analysis of the circumstances around the real-life discovery of the body of a young woman named Mary Rogers, in which Poe expounds his theory of what actually happened.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/my/Mystery_novel.html   (770 words)

 Debian -- Mailing Lists
The current list of available mailing lists is at http://lists.debian.org/, presented sorted by topic and unsorted.
All emails sent to the lists are distributed both to the list subscribers and copied to the public archive, for people to browse or search without the need to be subscribed.
If you were unable to unsubscribe from a mailing list, please include a copy of all the headers of an example message that you have received from that list in your e-mail.
www.debian.org /MailingLists   (1430 words)

 The Fanlistings
If the currently listed fanlisting is dead or has a problem, please report it to a staff member.
If your fanlisting is listed in more than one category, state on the fanlisting which categories the fanlisting is listed in.
After having been on the troubles list twice for either: a) lack of updating; or b) members list neglect, a fanlisting found to be neglected for the third time may be removed from the network if the troubles staffer in charge deems it appropriate and a senior staffer confirms that the removal can go ahead.
thefanlistings.org /start/rules.php   (1469 words)

 Vandergrift's Special Interest Page
All theories are fictions, if you will, and they are much more tentative and more imprecise than the fictions of story.
Theories are fictions without the full strength of make believe engendered by a fictional work of art, but, nonetheless, they are fictions which may lead to insight and discovery.
McGregor's garden or the land of Oz as if those places really exist while, at the same time, acknowledge that they are not to be found in the actual world of our everyday existence.
scils.rutgers.edu /~kvander   (1169 words)

 Untitled Document
Her presence on a fundamentalist death list forced her to leave Egypt for the United States, where the majority of this book was written.
But she is well aware of how her gender forms her place in society even as she transcends its most common expectations.
As is the case with much of her fiction, this is a particularly engaging style.
web.africa.ufl.edu /asq/v4/v4i2a11.htm   (976 words)

 ProgressiveFarmer.com: Best Places Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Now in its second year, the list is the only one of its kind to name areas by county instead of city.
While there are light industry and planned communities in the south, the rest of the county is rural, the kind of place with pastoral churches and an old-fashioned soda fountain.
Also on the Web site, readers can develop a list of their own best places to live by inputting which region of the country they prefer and then ranking criteria such as good schools, low crime, and clean air.
www.pathfinder.com /farmer/bestplaces/media/release.html   (976 words)

 Lists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a list of reference tables, similar to the collection of reference tables found at the back of almanacs, dictionaries and encyclopedias (or an index of them, if they're scattered throughout the work).
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century
List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England
art.abcworld.net /Lists   (1003 words)

 PY100 Study Section Registration
This is a listing of the studies that are scheduled to run this semester.
During the simulation, a group of 4 participants act as the top management team of a fictional Hollywood movie production company, and their task is to choose movies for production from the provided list of screenplays in a way that maximizes profit for their company.
In this laboratory, the list learning method is primarily aimed at studying familiarity-based recognition: We are interested in the feelings of familiarity that can allow a person to recognize something as having been experienced previously.
psy.psych.colostate.edu /PY100/list.asp   (4969 words)

 Fantasy Reading List - FCPL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This list is divided into the older, classic authors who had an influence on the genre, and those who are still producing valuable work today.
Since some fantasy is classified as regular fiction, and some is in science fiction, check both sections of the Library, and don't forget to check the New Books section of the Library for the latest by the Current Stars.
Anne Rice: Anne Rice's books, like many on this list, are found in the Library's fiction, rather than the science fiction section.
www.fairfaxcounty.gov /library/reading/adult/fantasy.htm   (1448 words)

Fictional stories may be based on actual events or people or may be
Fictional stories that take place in modern time, right here and now.
fictional stories, in most libraries they are found in the non-fiction
www.booknutsreadingclub.com /genrelist.html   (598 words)

 WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Using Google Earth to find famous film locations
The thin, long, diagonal patch of open grass (that runs from over to the left of the courts a bit, all the way down to almost the left bottom corner of this photo) is the open space where Hemmings quietly photographed Venessa Redgrave during her fatal rendezvous, and where Hemmings later returned to investigate.
The place where the car landed is at the top of the long-ish, dark rocky patch right in the inside center of the curved-in part of the cliff (the tide is higher here than when the scene was shot).
I have kind of a hidden place where I like to view the Universal backlot from when I visit LA (which is frequently) and for one, I can tell you that the house and motel have not been moved or rebuilt.
blog.wfmu.org /freeform/2006/02/using_google_ea.html   (4802 words)

 Regents' Testing Program
When we return to places we knew as children, we are often surprised at how different these places seem.
Compare and/or contrast your impression of some place you knew as a child with your current impression of the same place.
Name a person, place, or thing that is currently very popular but that, in your opinion, is overrated.
www.gsu.edu /~wwwrtp/topics.htm   (8905 words)

 moock's MUDding guide>> places to go
Julie Falsetti, a teacher of English as a second language had been MUDding from almost day one, and sought to expand her teaching into the MUD environment, but found that English MUDs were too difficult to use for non-native speakers of English.
The list is fully searchable--handy for matching an IP to a MUD or vice versa.
Adjacent to some of the listings is a minimal one line entry describing the content of the MUD, or some important feauture of it, such as running times or user limits.
www.moock.org /muds/placestogo.html   (4980 words)

 List of fictional places on The Simpsons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of fictional places on The Simpsons includes towns, cities, states and other locations created for the television series The Simpsons.
It is located near Shelbyville and Capital City in a fictional state of the United States whose name is never mentioned in the series.
Known as the "Home of the Humble Figurines", it is where the Flanders family briefly moved after Ned suffered embarrassment from hosting two female college sophomores who ran a soft-core porn website from their bedroom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_fictional_places_on_The_Simpsons   (720 words)

 Blanketfort: lists Archives
List of popes (graphical) (to perhaps be compared with List of sexually active popes (which of course leads to List of sex positions)) (the first and third of those are featured lists)
[lists] - List of people known as the father or mother of something.
[lists] - List of islands by area - #42...
www.blanketfort.com /v2/archives/cat_lists.html   (386 words)

 Nextbook: Reading Lists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For many writers, the relationships between Jewish mothers and fathers and their loving, often exasperating children can be powerful lenses for understanding oneself and one's world: a son's future faith can be contained in his mother's past; the shifting of a parent's political ideals can be revealed through a playground incident with her child.
Their factual and fictional dispatches from the places to which they felt deeply connected often became the defining literary visions of those far-flung places—it's impossible to envision Odessa, for example, without seeing the world Isaac Babel sketched.
In fiction and in philosophy, in the global fight against anti-Semitism, and in the local effort to build decent nations and communities, Jewish books and writers have been part of the struggle to make a better world.
www.nextbook.org /books/readinglists.html   (330 words)

 Geography Education @ nationalgeographic.com
Have students list four ways their hometown is connected to a nearby town or city that they have located on a map.
Make a list of common phrases that include the word “place” (for example, “to put someone in her place,” “a place for everything and everything in its place,” “if I were in your place,” “caught between a rock and a hard place”).
Make a comparison chart of the two lists and have students discuss which activities are more harmful or more helpful to their environment.
www.nationalgeographic.com /education/themes.html   (2166 words)

 The Map Realm
Half of the coverage of this map includes the Province of Aultica, TSA which is the neighboring province to Pellie Island.
But these cities are set in a "fictional" Michigan complete with the familiar shields.
This road map is of the neighboring fictional Canadian provinces of Brampton and Cardin.
www-personal.umich.edu /~aleskiw/maps/home.htm   (310 words)

 Mysterious Places: In the News
Angkor Wat This place must be seen to be believed.
Mysterious Places is collecting all the images and will present our opinions shortly on this matter.
TIMELAPSE'S Story of well-researched fact and fictional storytelling designed to create an intriguing, thought-provoking tale that introduces and ultimately explains an alien link between the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Maya, Anasazi, Easter Island, and the legendary sunken lost city of Atlantis.
www.mysteriousplaces.com /other.html   (963 words)

 texts & pretexts :: Places I'd rather be: On a journey through Italy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
That book features one of the most living of fictional characters that I’ve ever encountered: the dashing Angelo Pardi, a young Italian nobleman of the early 19th century, making his way back home through a Provence then in the grip of a cholera epidemic.
There are even moments when the reader becomes confused as to whether the text describes places which still exist, or whether the passages have been quoted (with delight) from ancient sources.
The pages are generously illustrated with period engravings and photographs, and the margins are crammed with fascinating tidbits and quirky opinions (a note on locating the Villa Palagonia in Sicily states that “the author insists that confusion is part of the Palagonian experience and so refuses to clarify the route”).
www.textsandpretexts.com /archives/2006/06/places_id_rathe_2.html   (1392 words)

 Rutgers University Computing Services - Camden
System wide mailing lists are kept in the directory called /usr/local/mail/mlists on crab.
The list owner can add, delete, and modify their list as if the file were in their own directory.
The first step that you will take in adding to your list is to sign onto your crab account and change to the proper directory.
www.camden.rutgers.edu /HELP/QuestionsAnswers/Email/managing-mlists.php   (618 words)

 lists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
cW's list of musicians with the widest gulf between their early brilliance and current ass-suckitude
chris w.'s list of band names that could be a "before and after" puzzle on wheel of fortune (half-real/half-fictional)
pete's list of scary scales, themselves ranked in order of scariness, which rank stuff that is potentially scary or dangerous, with an addendum suggesting other scales that should be implemented:
www.verbungle.com /lists.htm   (464 words)

 The Forbes 400 - Forbes.com
Here are our picks of fiction's very richest.
Over the years, the Forbes list has seen a lot of turnover.
A former rich list member is sparring with his creditors--again.
www.forbes.com /2002/09/13/rich400land.html   (432 words)

 K - Act. 17: My Community Book
Model for the class how to tell about a fun place in one minute by telling them about a place you have visited here in the community that was fun.
Some children might be ready to distinguish between places you go to play for free, and others you have to pay to play.
Oral story problems can be given relating to the places (e.g., “If my sister and I are at the park, and two friends join us to play ball, how many people are at the park?” “If four of us went to the skating rink, but one friend had to go home, how many are left?”).
www.uen.org /Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=5608   (878 words)

 Safety first: The best places to live in the U.S. - Forbes.com - MSNBC.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Safety first: The best places to live in the U.S. No place is immune from natural disasters, but you can play the odds
At the top of our list was Honolulu, Hawaii, which lives up to its reputation as a paradise.
Their effect was "just the aggravation of having to close some roads and use some of the National Guard and other military to drop water," he explains.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/9131261   (575 words)

 Fictional Teen Cancer Struggle Places 1st in Writing Competition
Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) August 16, 2006 -- Maurene J. Hinds, of Bozeman, Montana placed first in the young adult category in the SmartWriters.com annual W.I.N. (Write It Now!) contest for children's writers with an excerpt from her novel manuscript, Bruised.
Young adult category judge Alex Finn wrote of the decision, "Bruised was the eventual winner because both the summary and the first chapter were equally excellent." Hinds is currently working on final edits of the manuscript and will be submitting it to agents and publishers soon.
The full list of winners is posted at the SmartWriters website at http://www.smartwriters.com/index.2ts?page=2006winners.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/8/prweb424711.htm   (416 words)

 alt.tv.simpsons - List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers: Characters & Places
Maggie is listed as costing $847.63, a figure once given as the amount of money required to raise a baby for one month in the US.
For a comprehensive list of all the music ever played, performed, parodied, or referenced on the show (excluding original compositions), please visit Music Featured on the Simpsons.
The bottom line, though, is that even when the series makes reference to places and events unique to a specific Springfield, it does not mean that the series takes place in that given state.
www.snpp.com /guides/lisa-3.html   (3899 words)

 Welcome to the PhotoForum Home Page
The list is not moderated and it depends on the good will and civility of its members to maintain a friendly and constructive atmosphere.
The list's membership includes photography instructors and students, amateur and professional photographers, as well as members of various photographic associations and educational institutions worldwide.
CORPORATE CONNECTIONS is a listing of corporations who are actively involved in photographic education or who have an interest in promoting photography and imaging in general and photographic education in particular.
www.rit.edu /~andpph/photoforum.html   (1183 words)

 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - A House Full of Unexpected Places - explorefaith
It was the sort of house that you never come to the end of, and it was full of unexpected places.
We all remember such places in fairy tales, like the castle tower with the secret room where one is forbidden to go.
The house in Lewis’s Narnia stories is such a place, where children (and readers) enter into surprising realms and unexpected places.
www.explorefaith.org /lewis/places.html   (1125 words)

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