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Topic: List of film organizations

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 The Hollywood Military Advisor
A: For the military and CIA to work together on a project of the scale you are speaking, that cooperation would normally be initiated at the National Security Council/Chief of Staff level.
The most common (and perhaps most annoying) transmission phrase used in military, cop and sci-fi shows is "roger, wilco, over and out." Each of those is a separate phrase not to be used with the other.
The relationship between NASA and the military is pretty incestuous and has been so since the earliest days of White Sands and Dr. von Braun. /Hollywood/Set/7906/FAQ.htm   (6422 words)

 University Queer Programs
LGBT Office was established in Student Affairs (, and in 2004 an undergraduate minor in
The College is now (26 April 2003) in the early stages of planning a LGBT curriculum; a workshop will be held 13 May 2003 with guest speakers J.T. Spears of the University of South Carolina and John G. Younger of the University of Kansas.
The LGBT Studies Committee (see above for website) sponsors a film series, including a Lesbian film series ("Lesbian Looks") and a Visiting Artists and Scholars series. /~jyounger/lgbtqprogs.html   (7778 words)

 List of dance topics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Do note, however, that there is already a List of dances, List of dance style categories, List of folk dances sorted by origin, List of novelty/fad dances, List of dance organizations.
Dance -- Dance and music of Latin America -- Dance basic topics -- Dance improvisation-- Dance in film -- Dance in mythology and religion -- Dance of the United States -- Dance move -- Dance music -- Dance notation-- Dance personalia -- DanceSport-- Dance technology -- Direction of movement (dance) --
This list is not necessarily complete or up to date - if you see an article that should be here but isn't (or one that shouldn't be here but is), please update the page accordingly. /wiki/List_of_dance_topics   (357 words)

 List of film institutes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some notable institutions celebrating film, including both national film institutes and independent and non-profit organizations.
The Film Institute of Ireland is online here
The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is online here /wiki/List_of_film_institutes   (106 words)

 List of film institutes -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Some notable institutions celebrating (Photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies) film, including both national film institutes and independent and non-profit organizations.
List of film institutes -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
The (Click link for more info and facts about Film and Television Institute of India) Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is online /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_film_institutes.htm   (162 words)

 Buy List of organizations Books online - selected, recommended and reviewed
This page is a list of lists of organizations and a list of otherwise unclassified organizations found in wikipedia.
List of civic, fraternal, service, and professional organizations
Buy List of organizations Books online - selected, recommended and reviewed /l/li/list_of_organizations.html   (162 words)

 Commercial Closet
Gay & lesbian film festivals also are a major draw in many large and small cities internationally, some that have celebrated a decade or more of existence and attract over 15,000 attendees during the run.
Additionally, major national GLBT organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, National Gay & lesbian Task Force, Lambda Legal and major state GLBT rights groups have numerous national and regional events that attract thousands of supporters and top-level sponsors.
Gay men and lesbians are less likely to fast-forward or mute TV commercials because they are interruptions -- 57% compared to 62% of their straight counterparts. /cgi-bin/iowa/about.html?pages=resources   (6904 words)

 Random Works of the Web
A mobile game was also created by Indian Video game developers Indiagames, to mark the 30th anniversary of the film.
List of destroyer classes of the United States Navy
List of destroyers of the United States Navy /random   (11513 words)

 Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911, Dave Kopel, Independence Institute
Like Clarke, most of the political figures in Fahrenheit 9/11 were not filmed by Moore; he used footage which had been shot by news organizations.
Kopel's lawyerly description of Moore's claims shows the film to be a genuinely impressive accomplishment in a perverse sort of way (the way an ingenious crime is impressive)--a case study in how to convert elements that are mainly true into an impression that is entirely false--and this leads in turn to another thought.
Yet in another part of the film, one that appears in your previews, you criticize members of the Bush administration for permitting members of the bin Laden family to fly out of the country almost immediately after 9/11. /Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm   (13131 words)

 India Web Space( Entertainment - Organizations )
List of TV and film institutes in India.
Organization for the promotion of films and good quality cinema
Information on film societies, filmmakers, technicians, critics etc. /entertainment/org.htm   (65 words)

 Military Books List 55 Rare Used & Out of Print
FM 21-6 List of Training Publications Including Training Films and Film Strips.
A number of books on this list are identified as having belonged to Col Robert D Heinl USMC.
Fictional account of Griersons cavalry raid in Mississippi, made into a John Wayne movie. /~rwmilitarybooks/List55Books.html   (5240 words)

As a filmmaker he shows restraint of his desire to depict, and as a corporation his lust to own and exploit, mirrored in that of his Industrialist hero.
Unlike Schindler's List, a fictionalised tale set in the context of a real genocide whose filming all participants involved survived in the utmost comfort, Christiane Amanpour's fake genocide tale, which posed as truer even than Spielberg's 'true story' feature, required real dead bodies and caused a great many to be produced.
The moral of the fictional Holocaust in Bosnia seemed to be that Nazis and Croation Ustashe may have had reason enough to gas 700,000 Serbs; while we of the kinder gentler new West may still deplore the tactic of mass gassing, the ethnic wickedness of the Serbs emerges from Amanpour's episodic film as extenuating.   (12128 words)

 Free Republic latest articles
ROME - The head of Italy's military secret services will be questioned by a parliamentary commission next week over allegations that his organization gave the United States and Britain disputed documents suggesting that Saddam Hussein had been seeking uranium in Africa, officials said Tuesday.
She said Pollari asked to be questioned after reports Monday and Tuesday in the Rome daily La Repubblica claiming SISMI passed on to the CIA, U.S. government officials...
Though Tinsel Town pays lip service to liberalism and equality, women and minority film and television writers get work and get paid with a disparity that is striking.   (5205 words)

 Rec Fresh : Article 'Doctor Who'
The list was produced by the British Film Institute in 2000 and voted on by industry professionals.
Doctor Who ranked third in a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century.
In Britain and elsewhere, the show has become a cult television favourite on par with Star Trek and has influenced generations of British television writers, many of whom grew up watching the series. /DisplayArticle37995.html   (563 words)

 ronald colman
List of Golden Globe Awards: Film, Best Actor, Drama /ronald_colman.html   (294 words)

 Film Guide - State Archives of Florida
 However, complaints of nuisance alligators and population growth caused them to be removed from the list after a only few years of federal protection.
 She discusses perceptions of alternative religions, as well as her background, her personal philosophies and organized religion.
This is a WSVN/Newscenter 7 special segment.  Protesters from Amnesty International, a human rights organization, confront Gov. Martinez on his pro-death penalty stand.  Martinez listens graciously, then reaffirms his commitment to keeping capital punishment in Florida. /memory/PhotographicCollection/filmguide.cfm   (13582 words)

 Publish - Streaming - The definitive authority on Web publishing
Hackers, spammers and identity theft rings are growing in scope and sophistication, setting the stage a year wrought with new challenges for organizations, IT systems and top executives.
Join this one-day, live, interactive IT Security Solutions Virtual Tradeshow on March 22 as leading analysts, consultants, government officials and vendor execs share their knowledge on the latest threats facing IT systems and the best, proactive solutions. /category2/0,1738,1754561,00.asp   (870 words)

 FAG World
Photos and data on previous and upcoming Pride events, as well as information on LGBT-related organizations in the state of NC.
Features festival, film series, calendar, and mailing list.
The Crape Myrtle Festival is a all-volunteer nonprofit organization that has raised over $1,000,000 for HIV/AIDS and other health concerns and ranks as one of the top fund raisers in the Triangle area. /worldnet/usa/north-carolina/state-home.html   (402 words)

He was officially listed in the NY Times as you mentioned them and a number of other state, national mostly national publications.
Rhodes is chief executive officer of Film Clips, which distributes short scenes from about-to-be-released motion pictures to educators around the country, free of charge.
A large 70' statue of Daibutsu Buddha, modeled after the Daibutsu of Kamkura and constructed of lath and plaster, is erected in an area later to be known as the Bohemian Grove. /bohemian_grove_dirt   (402 words)

 Film, Television & Radio, Resource Guide -- PSU Library
Motion picture industry statistics for the year, biographies of entertainment world figures, directories of services for the movie industry, state and city film commissions, motion picture companies, a list of the films of the preceding year, directories of theatre circuits, independent theaters (by state), motion picture organizations, trade publications, the industry abroad.
Lists guides, bibliographies, catalogs, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopedias and companions, handbooks and yearbooks, directories, review sources, chronologies and histories, electronic discussion groups, core periodicals, libraries and archives, professional organizations and societies.
List of Academy Award winners, selective bibliography of recommended books on film history, and brief chronology of the history of films internationally. /resources/pathfinders/filmandtv.html   (2291 words)

 Organizations - Movies - Arts - - Everything you want to know about Organizations is on this site!
Fosters media literacy and advances cinema as an art and as a means of communication through exhibitions, education programs, film showings, a library and resource center.
Exhibition programs, calendar, and a listing of the Society's services and programs for artists.
Resource for film and video cinematographers on the art and craft of cinematography. /wo/arts/movies/organizations-13577/__p/2   (338 words)

 Internet Resources for Film Studies
Essays on film history by decade, as well as a list of important films by year and by decade, with extensive essays on some individuals films.
AMIA is "a non-profit professional association established to advance the field of moving image archiving by fostering cooperation among individuals and organizations concerned with the collection, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image materials." AMIA has an annual conference, education programs and scholarships, publications, a list-serve, and more.
University Film and Video Association below for a description of the UFVA and links to a list of member schools and to a list of online schools. /keelewh   (1934 words)

 SNPJ Lodge #738 Enumclaw, WA [Slovenian National Benefit Society]
Learn more about Slovenian fraternal and other current organizations starting at the Slovenian-American Central Repository of information on Slovenian-American organizations, including a complete listing of all SNPJ Lodges, their officers, contacts and meeting schedules.
Seattle International Film Festival screening of the Slovenian film "Spare Parts" or "Rezervni Deli" on June 1, 2004 at 2:00 PM and on June 2, 2004 at 9:30 PM at the AMC Pacific Place theater in the Pike Place Market.
The seventh stanza of this poem which hails world peace and the brotherhood of man has become the Slovenian national anthem. /wa2/SNPJ738   (1934 words)

 Television Resources
This site offers a thorough list of links to Canadian television stations and organizations.
Listing of English- and French-language television networks participating in Cable in the Classroom programming.
Canadian Television Stations and Organizations (Queen's Universities Film Studies Program) /ks4/iru/publications/medialit/tv.html   (1934 words)

 Battlefield Earth + Government Intervention
That the notorious cult of Scientology has placed fourth generation subliminal messages in the "BattleField Earth" film master to surreptitiously attempt to recruit new members from the movie audience and to influence the audience to develop an aversion toward mental health organizations and practices.
If proven true, the allegations of subliminal messaging embedded in "Battlefield Earth," designed to recruit children and young adults into an extremist would not simply mean movie-goers were defrauded of $7 and conned into viewing a Scientology recruiting and propaganda film disguised as science fiction.
If the allegations concerning use of subliminal messaging in this film are true, immediate government intervention is required to protect the public from serious harm. /govintervention.htm   (1552 words)

SERVICES: Offering a complete production solution for virtually ANY audio or visual medium - whether it be a high quality Broadcast video, a Theatrical film, an Interactive CD-ROM/DVD, an on-line Internet movie, a staged Performance/Event before a live audience, or perhaps an Identity or Training presentation for corporate or non profit organizations.
With an expert knowledge of lighting and camerawork, unmatched corporate etiquette, razor-sharp writing and innovative non-linear editing Eyes Open Productions produces world-class work that will stand the test of time.Thom Pollard is an award-winning Director of Photography, Producer and Editor who has filmed extensively both domestically and across the globe.
SERVICES: 14+ years experience in feature film, television, commercial, and corporate film and video production. /html/ProductionGuide/PRODUCTION-COMPANIES.htm   (4473 words)

 American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American films ever
The 400 selected films were feature-length fictional movies produced between 1912 and 1996 "with the goal of amassing a capsule of the first 100 years of American cinema, across decades and across genres." Of the final 400, more than 75% were produced before 1980, though there were only about 20 silent films on the list.
An AFI panel determined and compiled a preliminary movie-directory of the 400 films (listed alphabetically with select credits and a brief description) from which the greatest 100 American films were chosen.
The specials were divided not by decade or even by genre, but into categories such as "Anti-Heroes," or "Monsters." Turner Classic Movies (TCM) also planned a cable film festival to present many of the 100 movies on the AFI list. /movies/Movies/Lists/afi.htm   (445 words)

 Theatrical, Film and Video Production Equipment from Limelight Productions
Organizations on a tight budget are often able to stretch their equipment dollars by monitoring our used equipment list on a regular basis.
Sign up for our mailing list (above) to receive periodic notices of singificant additions and updates to our used inventory.
Limelight offers a frequently changing inventory of used and discontinued equipment at bargain prices. /equipment/used.html   (131 words)

 Enlisting Irish-Americans in aid of Ireland
In 1944, I wrote a flyer about the case of the Ballymurphy Seven that the AOH distributed at screenings of the film "In the Name of the Father." Irish organizations might bring a couple of the Seven over here for a vacation and a chance to tell their stories to the American media.
At Seton Hall, N.J., someone posed this question to Gerry Adams: "What should Irish America do to help?" His answer was a general suggestion that we join the efforts of concerned Irish-American organizations and exert pressure on our politicians.
Get a voice in the United Nations: There is available at the UN something called Roster Status, which affords a group access to the UN complex and the opportunity to present its position on issues and offer its expertise. /scathan/archive/1998/05_may/05.1998.aid.html   (504 words)

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