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Topic: List of film studios

    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database.

 Film Noir - Films
Film noir is a distinct branch, sub-genre or offshoot of the crime/gangster and detective/mystery sagas from the 1930s (i.e., Little Caesar (1930), Public Enemy (1931) and Scarface (1932)), but very different in tone and characterization.
Film noir films (mostly shot in gloomy grays, blacks and whites) showed the dark and inhumane side of human nature with cynicism and doomed love, and they emphasized the brutal, unhealthy, seamy, shadowy, dark and sadistic sides of the human experience.
Film noir was marked by expressionistic lighting, deep-focus camera work, disorienting visual schemes, jarring editing or juxtaposition of elements, skewed camera angles (usually vertical or diagonal rather than horizontal), circling cigarette smoke, existential sensibilities, and unbalanced compositions. /filmnoir.html

 AHRB Centre for British Film and Television Studies
Many of the heritage films were produced and marketed as crossover films, drawing on the traditions of both the mainstream studio film and the art film and straddling both multiplex circuits and the specialised art-house sector.
However, all were 'British films' at least in legal terms, and many of them reflected aspects of British culture and history, suggesting a complex relationship between the financial origins of a film and its cultural identity.
Decisions taken about films suitable for so-called native races were blatantly political, and they included the proscribing of any films depicting the uprising of coloured peoples against whites, or those depicting 'inappropriate' relations between white women and black men. /abstracts.htm

 British Film Composers complete listing A - F
The film itself was made at Pinewood Studios and with a cast which included Alec Guinness, the very young Anthony Newley and Robert Newton quickly became a UK success and a classic of the time.
Film music composers active in the concert forum as well have always suffered from a snobbism which suggests that because they wrote successful film music they cannot be worthwhile writers of 'serious' music.
Alwyn approached the film score with the same earnestness of purpose and the same artistic integrity as he did his concert works, and he always tried to meet all the requirements of the film while writing music of high quality. /film/britlist.htm

 British Film Composers complete listing: G-Z
Film scores also include Of Love and Destiny, Son of Robin Hood (1958), Ice Cold in Alex (The Road to Alex was a fine march extracted from the score) and Yangtse Incident (a march The Amethyst was extracted from the score).
The film is often on television and was distinguished by the contribution of Gregory Peck.
There are three film scores: Lord of the Flies (1963), Alfred the Great (1969) and Laughter in the Dark (1969). /film/britlst2.htm

 HIST 328 British Empire: Film List
This British film, released in the UK under the title "Northwest Frontier", takes place in 1905 in the Northwest mountain regions of India where a local Hindu raja allied to the British is battling rebel Muslim tribesmen.
This film retells the familiar story of the mutiny that occurred aboard HMS Bounty during its voyage from England to Tahiti in the late 18th century.
Filming began in 2003 and the opening scene was launched by Charles, Prince of Wales during his state visit to India. /~campion/hist328/films.htm

 Guardian Unlimited Film Features 40 best directors
Heading the list of the pop-promo-and-TV-commercial wonderkids of the early 90s, Fincher successfully brought that world's visual inventiveness into the feature film world.
Her films get bolder and more confrontational every time - Blackboards took her into the Kurdish lands on the Iranian border; her latest, At Five in the Afternoon, was shot in the chaos of post-Taliban Afghanistan - but for all their political currency, there's still evidence of an artistic sensibility.
Our highest-placed British film-maker is here because of his uncompromising and unique cinematic vision; but, with painful irony, it's also made him the highest-profile victim of Britain's commercial film industry revival. /features/page/0,11456,1082823,00.html

 Reel Streets - British Film Locations 1920's To 1980's
Our list of films and locations has been split into several categories/areas and is now available for you to peruse.
Many early films were shot outdoors; the film of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee procession makes fabulous viewing; but here the investigation is of full length feature films, not documentaries, and the "movies" should also include remembered “stars”.
Please take a look at the film lists, share a few memories with us or perhaps help to identify a few locations.

 Welcome to Vancouver Film Studios
With our state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled location Vancouver Film Studios is the top choice for discerning motion picture professionals.
Located on almost 30 acres of land just fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Film Studios (VFS) is Canada’s premier motion picture production complex.
At the world class Vancouver Film Studios, there are no limits to the possibilities for filmed entertainment.

 bfi Features The Ultimate Film
The Ultimate Film Chart is the definitive list of the all-time top 100 films based on UK cinema admissions estimates.
An introduction to the Ultimate Film Chart from bfi director Amanda Nevill and Ray Templeton, head of the bfi National Library.
The collection captures both on and off-screen moments, featuring portraits of the world's most famous stars - and those behind the camera who made them famous - in addition to shots of studios, cinemas and special events. /features/ultimatefilm

 Film, Video & New Media in British Columbia, Canada
BC Film Commission stats of productions in BC Return to Film in BC, Canada Homepage
Welcome to the "Film in BC, Canada" Database....
Film, Video & New Media in British Columbia, Canada /film/home.htm

 Listings British Columbia: Film Production - Complete List
With our state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled location Vancouver Film Studios is the top choice for discerning motion picture professionals.
The Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is a leader of innovation in the film industry.
Film Festivals Vancouver Out On Screen Film Video Society A look back at FilmFest 2002 A look back at Filmfest 2001 event A look back at Filmfest 2000 Festival Linx Email Search PHOTOS OF Victoria... /Media/Production/Film/complete.asp

 Movie Studios, Distributors and TV Stations
If you know of any other studio web sites that can be listed here, submit the URLs here.
National Film Board of Canada (English) and (French) /studios

 BC Film Commission A World of Looks
As a world class production centre, we offer the talent, energy and heart your films need, and hope you find our website helps us live up to our motto: BC PRODUCES
The BC Film Commission invites you to take a close look at our website and our province.
Welcome to the British Columbia Film Commission website, your gateway to motion picture production.

 Audio Post / Recording Studios in Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver - film tv production
With more than 35 gold and platinum credits, we maintain one of the most successful and long-lived recording studios in Canada.
We connect you with REPUTABLE post/music studios in virtually every city and town in Canada.
Somos Music specializes in creating and producing customized music for TV & radio commercials as well as music for different post-production applications such as film, video documentaries, video games, and any other visual media. /4/audicabc.cfm

 Film Research Links
Film Studies at The University of Western Ontario
George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film
Roland Collection of Videos and Films on Art /arts/tech/frc/info.htm

 Mass Media Course: Movie Milestones
As with Schlinder's List, Under Fire and The Killing Fields, this film demonstrates that film is the most powerful of the media in dramatically capturing the substance of actual events and bringing them home to audiences.
The films below were selected because they represent one of the following elements: a historic first, the start of a film genre, a noteworthy producer or director, or the first in a series of films on a notable theme during a particular era.
The film, which earned more than 200-million dollars, was initially rejected by many studios. /frtv/frtv008.htm   (1443 words)

 Hollywood Festival™ - Hollywood Awards®
HOLLYWOOD FILM DISCOVERY AWARDS™: These awards honor the winners of the Hollywood Film Festival's selected finalists in the categories of Features, Documentaries and Shorts.
HOLLYWOOD WORLD AWARDS®: The winner of the Hollywood World Awards® will be selected from the Ten (10) feature films, from around the world, that will be selected by a Blue Ribbon Selection Committee of Hollywood judges.
HOLLYWOOD MOVIE OF THE YEAR AWARDS®: The Hollywood Film Festival Selection Committee nominates ten (10) films that have been released during this year. /awards.html   (575 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How
- List of actors- List of directors- List of documentaries - List of Hollywood movie studios
The movie’s period setting allowed Kubrick to indulge his penchant for classical music and the film score uses pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Schubert.
The novel does not include a final duel, and by adding this episode Kubrick establishes dueling as the film’s central motif (The movie begins with a duel, the one that killed Barry’s father, and duels recur throughout the film). /Barry_Lyndon   (554 words)

 Universal Studios
Even though Universal Studios Hollywood is probably best known today as a theme park (rivaling Disneyland in popularity with tourists), Universal Pictures is actually the largest film and television studio in the world, with 9,000 employees and a long and proud history of film-making.
Universal was the Hollywood studio responsible for the creation of most of our favorite movie monsters, releasing such original classic horror films as "Frankenstein" (1931) with
And sure enough, the Universal theme park has turned most of those films into rides for their giant amusement park. /Studios/UniversalStudios.shtml   (729 words) : Top Story
Here were a bunch of smart, talented folks eager to make a film that would be "not just the first great video-game movie, but one of the best sci-fi action movies ever made." And I could see in their eyes that they meant it.
A few months back word got out that Alex Garland had written a Halo movie script, and that Universal and 20th Century Fox were interested in double-teaming it into a film.
Peter's serious Hollywood resume made me worry he'd be pitching a variant of the cruddy idol-whip transaction, but it turned out he was as dubious as we were about selling the Halo IP outright. /News/TopStory.aspx?story=greathollywoodjourney1&p=4542384   (1627 words)

 Movie Reviews
Digimon: The Movie Parents can expect a lot of interest from pre-teens about this film, since the Digimon, or digital monsters, TV series is the most popular among 2- to 11-year-old audiences.
The movie’s foul language is relatively light for an R-rated film, but it does include a few obscenities, and God’s name taken in vain once.
This movie lacks the objectionable material typical in teenage party films, but there are still negative elements to consider. /News/moviereviews.asp?loc=TCW   (21587 words)

 Smoke Free Movies: Problem: Big Tobacco & Hollywood
See ATCO UPP Film List 1984-94 compiled from an extensive but incomplete UPP report to American Tobacco; half a dozen other quarterly and annual lists reported by UPP to its client; and numerous other “feature memos,” “results memos” and “monthly updates” from UPP through April, 1994.
In November, 1980, thirteen cases of Brown and Williamson cigarettes are ordered shipped to AFP to “be used in the promotion of our brands within the motion picture industry.” A November 1982, agreement between Brown and Williamson and Associated Film Promotions specifies on p.
Tobacco companies also inserted clauses in contracts with their Hollywood agencies forbidding product placement in movies targeted at children or teens. /problem/bigtobacco.html   (1533 words)

List of works produced by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios
This image is a screenshot from a copyrighted film, and the copyright for it is most likely owned by the studio which produced the film, and possibly also by any actors appearing in the screenshot. /en/Image:Ppg.jpg.htm   (162 words)

 MOVIES; On the Net- 5000 movies, film, cinema sites ,links and pages
MOVIES; On the Net- 5000 movies, film, cinema sites,links and pages
movies films cinescreen short film video videomakers cinema festival filmmaker arts and culture education repertoire screen
Bad-Bee's Nest - Source for Movie Goofs, Movie Sounds and Free Essays. /moviemks.htm   (1757 words)

 List of British film studios - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are or have been a number of prominent British film studios.
This page was last modified 10:01, 5 August 2005. /wiki/List_of_British_film_studios   (48 words)

 Directory of TV and Film Studios and Network Broadcasters
The studios do list job opportunities of all types, and although talent and performance positions are rare, they can be found.
A good number of them are television studios, producing the wide variety of local and network programming we've come to expect from TV.
Historically speaking, one route into acting and film careers for most aspirants has always been through the studio production and/or corporate doors of entertainment media conglomerates. /resources/studiobroadcasters.html   (48 words)

 British Horror Film 1965-1970
Below is a selected list of the films, along with the Director, Studio and links to and the IMDb.
All films are listed alphabetically within their year of production and/or release.
Hammer not only gave British horror a brand name with which it could be identified around the world, they also changd the face of horror. /bhf65-70.html   (48 words)

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