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Topic: List of hardcore punk bands

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  Punk Rock.org - Punk's #1 Internet Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
New Wave and Punk Listing - A listing of 70's new wave and punk bands in the United Kingdom with selected scans of album and single covers.
Punk Information Directory - Resource attempting to document the past 25 years of punk music, with band discographies and links to MP3s, labels, record stores and mail order sites.
Punk Will Never Die - A site dedicated to pop-punk, ska-punk and old school bands, with lyrics, news and band biographies.
www.punkrock.org   (739 words)

 Pastepunk.com: Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Indie, Emo and Lotsa Bears
Amazingly, everyone who played on HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE's debut EP is back for the full-length despite their status as ex-members of a large list of hardcore and punk bands.
In the past, one of the major complaints against the band was the lack of cohesion between the band's musicians - Neeraj Kane, Jay Jancetic, Geoff Reu, and Tony Tintari - and soaring vocalist Emily Schambra.
Opening song "Undeserving You" is a great example of the way the band seamlessly blends post-hardcore, pop, and melodic rock influences; "The Ace" is a hard-hitting affair with the album's hookiest lead riff; and "An Alliance Of Thieves" features Schambra at her best as she single-handedly pushes the song's chorus and then some.
www.pastepunk.com /reviews.php?v=2294   (370 words)

 Encyclopedia of Lincoln Bands
The band started with Jim and I. He was easily the most talented and the most experienced - he had an older brother or something and had been gigging since he was 12.
The Lincoln band was definitely not straight edge and didn't want people to confuse them with the other band so they changed their name.
The band room at kinckerbocker's opens up - its great to have a place that is doing shows most nights of the week - and let's me bring in all ages matinee shows.
www.starcityscene.com /EncyclopediaO-Z.html   (4557 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Poker jargon
Though space is not an issue here, the list has been trimmed to primarily those poker-specific terms one might find in poker texts or in common use in casinos.
Various poker hands have been given many names, and these are listed in List of slang names for poker hands.
A casino employee whose job it is to greet players entering the poker room, maintain the list of persons waiting to play, announce open seats, and various other duties (including brushing off tables to prepare them for new games, hence the name).
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 Album reviews of hardcore, metalcore, crust, and post-hardcore bands - Smother Magazine
Goofy thrash metal meets hardcore punk with a dual vocal attack.
Loud and aggressive, this is a band fueled by kerosene, whiskey, and lots of throat lozenges.
Chaotic hardcore punk that’s right out of the Cro-Mags playbook, “Can’t Get Us All” will appeal to the old school hardcore crowd as well as those newbies who have re-discovered the scene.
smother.net /reviews/hardcore.php   (1035 words)

 MusicMoz - Resources: Directories: Bands and Artists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bands For Hire - A list of bands and disc jockeys who are looking for gigs.
Entertainment Sleuth - A list of bands and artists with related biographies, news, rumors, gossip, photos and multi-media download information.
Plug In - Focuses on unsigned, independent, up-and-coming and established bands, with an emphasis on the alternative and indie scenes.
musicmoz.org /Resources/Directories/Bands_and_Artists   (1811 words)

 This Is Indie Rock - Official Site by Deep Elm
You'll find a diverse mixture of hardcore, punk, rock, emo, metal, pop and more.
Bands were selected to participate based on open submissions of their music.
Bands selected to participate will be informed about worldwide distribution, promotion, publicity, commercial radio airplay, free records for participating and much more.
www.deepelm.com /bands/index_tiir.html   (639 words)

 Album reviews of hardcore, metalcore, crust, and post-hardcore bands - Smother Magazine
Fast-paced the rest of the way they scream at the top of their lungs, waving their fists back and forth, acknowledging nothing more than they are ready and willing to be in the middle of it all, taking their cuts and beatings with the best of them.
Above This Fire gratefully acknowledges that hardcore and punk deserve to be one and same at times with as much catchiness as the biggest pop bands out there though not succumbing to the traditional virtues of the pop-punk or even melodic hardcore trends.
You’d never guess that this is their first full-length as its stocked to the neck with great tunes that have the hardcore kids dancing in the pits and the punk kids cheering along.
www.smother.net /reviews/hardcore.php?ID=231   (1594 words)

 Slim's: Upcoming Shows
Though their punk roots show in lo-fi early songs, the Muffs have since evolved into a beautifully balanced power pop outfit that continually defies the boundaries of genre confinement.
This band is equally appreciative of old blues, 60's soul, rock, and R & B as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub and ska.
In concert, they leave new-school punk fans and those that have followed the band over the years energized, as they all pump their fists in celebration.
www.slims-sf.com /UpComingShows.shtml   (3354 words)

 Wants, Trades, Links & Australian music info
As of this moment there are 7,817 traders of 4,869 different artists listed.
NKVD RECORDS is a label founded as an offshoot of Noise For Heroes, the long running fanzine covering punk, garage and power pop music from around the world, and especially covering underdog bands that you donĂ­t hear of elsewhere.
Vinyl Solution on-line suppliers of music in every genre from rock to punk, country to easy; and every format from 78s to 45s, from LPs to CDs.
www.innercitysound.com.au /wants.html   (1220 words)

 Death Before Dishonor - Band Biography and mp3s/songs,Hardcore Music/Emo Music/Screamo Music/Metal Music/Punk Rock ...
Death Before Dishonor was an up and coming Boston Hardcore band in 2004 when Bridge Nine and DBD teamed up to release "Friends Family Forever."
Now it's 2006, and Death Before Dishonor is a band you cannot ignore.
This Fall, Death Before Dishonor and Bridge Nine are giving the world a new look at what is becoming a defining record in Boston's hardcore history.
www.pahardcore.com /bands/DeathBeforeDishonor   (269 words)

 VancouverBands.com. List of Original Bands for hire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Vancouver and BC recording artists, songwriters, and bands
You can hire recording artists and other bands for special events,
from original single artists to signed recording bands.
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 list of punk rock bands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The punk band list, listing punk bands 2002 in Date order
punk bands list: a anarchic guide to music sites of punk.
all the bands who have web sites and have and or have the punk attitude.
www.diskontent.net /783_list_of_punk_rock_bands.html   (246 words)

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