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Topic: List of herbs and spices

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Spices and herbs have been used for thousands of centuries by many cultures to enhance the flavor and aroma of foods.
Spices and herbs may be contaminated because of conditions in which they were grown and harvested.
Table 3 is a list of the proximate essential oil content of some spices and herbs and their antimicrobial components.
www.hi-tm.com /Documents/Spices.html   (1106 words)

 Herbs and Spices : List of Herbs and Spices
Spices and herbs can be used to enhance the flavor of any recipe you might have, from salads to desserts and meats to casseroles.
Other herbs and spices are complimentary in regular breads including sesame, dill, rosemary, and poppy seeds.
Although the above mentioned spices might be used typically in certain types of foods, spices and herbs can complement any recipe you have and it might be worthwhile to simply try different herbs and spices in different recipes until you find the mixture that makes your taste buds happy.
www.herbalnutrition-e.com /herbs-spices.htm   (338 words)

 List of culinary herbs and spices Summary and Analysis Summary
List of culinary herbs and spices Summary and Analysis Summary
The terms herb and spice are popular terms for plants or plant products that are used as flavorings or scents (e.g., spices and culinary herbs), drugs (e.g.,...
As such, this list does not contain salt, which is a...
www.bookrags.com /List_of_culinary_herbs_and_spices   (215 words)

 Herbs and Spices
In fact, herbs and spices are prepared from the plants, whose traditional uses are back to old medicinal remedies for preventing and/or treating human disease for many years.
In deed, herbs and spices have potentials in providing beneficial effects on human health through their life-long exposure to preventive and therapeutic phytochemicals, in contrast to medicines that provide therapeutic treatment in a short-term basis.
In this herbs and spices database, herb, spices, oils, and others available for culinary and medicinal purposes are compiled, and their description and scientific information are made searchable for helping the public understand their potential benefits and biological activities.
www.pl.barc.usda.gov /usda_supplement/supplement_home.cfm   (307 words)

 Potmagic Herbs and Spices - List of Products
Therefore spice blends from Potmagic are ideal for those who are concerned about their health and/or monitor salt content in their diet.
It has a sweet aroma since the main spices are the sweet ones; cardamom and cinnamon blended with cumin, turmeric and other exotic spices.
Baharat is an exciting spice blend inspired by the flavours of the Middle-east, especially the area surrounding the Persian Gulf.
www.potmagic.com /listi.html   (979 words)

 All About Herbs and Spices
By contrast, spices are the seeds, berries, bark, root, fruit, or other parts of the plant, even leaves in some cases; although any of these, as well as any edible fruits or vegetables, may be considered "herbs" in medicinal or spiritual use.
Culinary herbs are distinguished from vegetables in that they are used in small amounts and provide flavor (similar to spices) rather than substance to food.
Spices and herbs are used in many different ways in the art of cooking.
www.agapetea.com /about_herbspice.php   (274 words)

 All Foods Natural - Fact File
Herbs, spices and condiments are all improtant in our daily enjoyment of food.
Using aromatic herbs and spices not only means new interesting flavors, but also taking advantage of their many good qualities to prepare healthier meals.
Herbs, spices and flavorings give an incomparable aroma to simple meals, transforming common dishes into something special.
www.all-foods-natural.com /club/content/view/48/39   (472 words)

 Desirable Herb Varieties, By Herb
The distinctions between herbs, spices, and other food flavorings is to some extent artificial, and different sources have somewhat differing definitions of "spice" and "herb".
We want the best-tasting varieties: but most spice seeds are sold generically to the home gardener, and even those few with named cultivars are usually distinguished only by growth habit (such as "slow-bolting"); we simply do not have access to the spectrum of varieties from which one might make a selection based on flavor.
In the discussions of the herbs we list below, we more or less assume indoor growing for each, but most or all of the information will still be useful even for those limited to growing their herbs outdoors.
growingtaste.com /herbs.shtml   (2646 words)

 100 Mile Diet: Local Eating for Global Change » Blog Archive » Mailbag: Do We Have to Live Without Spices?
Spices and seasonings are light weight goods that give themselves quite naturally to long-distance transport; they’re worth quite a lot in their form and relative to their weight.
Salt and pepper (and most spices) managed the trek from as far away as Indonesia to Europe using ultra-sustainable sail transport centuries ago (and still managed to be fairly affordable).
Many of the same spices that are sourced from South Asia have an indigenous counterpart; and while they don’t taste exactly the same (you will need to use a bit more of their cinnamon and oregano for example), they’re substantially cheaper both in price and in cost to the environment.
100milediet.org /mailbag-do-we-have-to-live-without-spices   (554 words)

 Herbs, Natural herbs, native herbs, Medicinal herbs, Herbs and spices, Chinese herbs, Chinese traditional herbs, List ...
Herbs are used in Dietary supplements: Dietary supplement is a product that contains vitamins, minerals, native herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and/or other ingredients intended to supplement the diet.
Although allergies and reactions have been recorded for a few herbs that are widely used in foods and supplements, such individual concerns are also seen with many foods, and do not diminish the safety profile of the many herbs that are generally recognized as safe.
The aim is to see if the herb prevents the onset of dementia and, specifically, Alzheimer's disease; slows cognitive decline and functional disability (for example, inability to prepare meals); reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease; and decreases the rate of premature death.
www.maletsky.com   (9235 words)

 Herbs and Spice Page
A list of herbs and spices with brief descriptions not yet included in the slide show.
This spice is a mix of ground chilis, garlic, cumin and other spices which, pretty much, depends on who is blending the mixture.
This perennial herb is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
www.chefd.com /spice.htm   (1724 words)

 Herbs and Spices Trends
The herbs and spices company McCormick's worked with top chefs, television cooking personalities and cookbook authors to create a "Flavor Forecast" — their top 10 list of up and coming flavor trends.
These spices stand up to hearty, simmered dishes, as well, such as chicken thighs with onion and tomatoes.
Combine loose leaves and coarse sea salt in a spice grinder to add instant fresh flavor and texture at the table.
www.theepicentre.com /Spices/herbsandspicestrends.html   (840 words)

 Herbs, Spices, and Seasonings
Sweet spice of Caribbean origin with a flavor suggesting a blend of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, hence its name.
Mild, sweet herb with a flavor reminiscent of the onion, to which it is related.
May be used alone or in combination with other herbs in stuffings for meat, fish or poultry; egg dishes; sauces; soups; meatloaf and hamburgers; stews; beans; cabbage; peas; and tomato juice.
www.d.umn.edu /~alphanu/cookery/herbs.html   (1129 words)

 Killer Salad Recipes - » Herbs and Spices
Herbs and spices are invaluable ingredients for all types of cooking, not just when making salads.
Herbs and spices add flavour and/or aroma to foods, enhancing meals in bold or subtle ways.
Of course we all have our favourite herbs and spices, and at the same time we have those that we are not so fond of, after all taste is a personal thing.
killersalad.com /herbs-and-spices   (283 words)

 WORLDFOODS : Cooking & You
Herbs and spices are part and parcel of any Asian meal.
In WorldFoods, authentic herbs and spices are used to create true Asian flavours in our recipes.
Just for you we have a list of herbs and spices, from their origin to their role in making your dishes even more enticing.
www.staagworldfoods.com /tips/herbs.html   (182 words)

 Herbs, Spices and Condiments: A grocery list of herbs, spices, and condiments to help beginning cooks with quick and ...
To help out, here are some grocery lists for frozen foods, pantry foods, and perishable food for your refrigerator.
Yes, it's true that herbs and spices taste better fresh, and that containers lose some of their flavor after a while.
Herbs and spices can be kind of pricey sometimes, so look for super cheap containers in dollar stores.
collegeuniversity.suite101.com /article.cfm/herbs__spices_and_condiments   (409 words)

 Domestic Production of Spices and Herbs
The United States is a major importer of spices and herbs in the international trade.
Political problems, changes in weather conditions where the spices are grown, and government interference with the flow of trade from the traditional exporting countries are making it difficult to consistently get the quantity and quality of acceptable products at acceptable prices.
Trends in the U.S. importation of herbs and spices.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/proceedings1990/v1-489.html   (1217 words)

 spices.com, Spices, Fresh and Dry, Herbs, all, chopped, minced, ground, Gourmet Foods, penzy spices, BBQ, texas bbq, ...
Spices and herbs should be used to enhance the natural flavor of food, not disguise or obscure it.
Herbes de Provence combines sweet French herbs and flowery lavender with Italian herbs and fennel, tracing back to the historical influence of the Romans.
Nutmeg is a mild baking spice and is used in sausages, meats, soups, baking and and preserves.
www.chefdepot.net /spices3.htm   (5168 words)

 Herbs & Spices - Foodservice
Durkee and Tone's brand herbs and spices are more than food ingredients.
From cryogenically milled natural spices and HEART-LOC freshness, to SPICE ADVICE dietitians and food science technologists, we ensure 19th century wholesomeness with 21st century technology.
Check our list of herbs and spices for consistent and convenient control of your quality menu -- then watch your customers build your bottom line.
www.spiceadvice.com /foodservice/durkee/herbs.html   (110 words)

 Herbs & Spices
The following is a list of common Herbs and Spices used in everyday cooking.
It is an extremely pungent spice that should be used with care as it tends to dominate any dish that uses it.
Dehydrated onion is useful for flavoring soups, sauces, meats and vegetables or for herb breads.
home.alltel.net /sterlingnorris/sterno/recipes/herbs_spices.html   (2769 words)

 Spices Herbs, Latin Indian Thai Cooking World Market, Spice Jar
A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark or vegetative substance used in nutritionally insignificant quantities as a food additive for the purpose of flavoring, and indirectly for the purpose of killing and preventing growth of pathogenic bacteria[1].
Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are leafy, green plant parts used for flavoring purposes.[citation needed] Herbs, such as basil or oregano, may be used fresh, and are commonly chopped into smaller pieces; spices, however, are dried and usually ground into a powder.
Spices that have now fallen into some obscurity include grains of paradise, a relative of cardamom which almost entirely replaced pepper in late medieval north French cooking, long pepper, mace, spikenard, galangal and cubeb.
www.spicesource.in   (1502 words)

 WORLDFOODS : Cooking & You
Herbs and spices are part and parcel of any Asian meal.
In WorldFoods, authentic herbs and spices are used to create true Asian flavours in our recipes.
Just for you we have a list of herbs and spices, from their origin to their role in making your dishes even more enticing.
www.worldfoods.com.my /tips/herbs.html   (182 words)

 Herbs and spices for vegetarian recipes
Another spice I don't use often but a couple of cloves with a little bit of cinnamon and a cardamom or two impart a lovely spicy taste to North Indian food.
The best way I have found of using this spice is to throw the whole star into the pan at the beginning of cooking, say when you're frying onions.
Growing the herb near your house is believed to bring benefits and tea is made from the fresh leaves and drunk to strengthen the system both spiritually and physically.
ashycook.topcities.com /vegetarian-stuff/herbs-spices.htm   (2471 words)

 Soap Naturally: Soap making information: Soapmaking colours/colors from herbs and spices
Back in the early days of the Internet, when knowledge was freely and generously shared with no strings attached, lists of natural colours for soap used to be available from a couple of Websites, which used to be referred to in the soap making resources section on Soap Naturally.
If you know of any herbs or spices that could be added to the following list, and would like to share your findings publicly, please send us an email so we can update this page.
Soapers are often tempted to add larger amounts of spices and herbs in order to obtain stronger or longer lasting colours.
www.soapnaturally.org /naturalcolors.html   (424 words)

 Useful hints and tips - Spices Seasonings & Herbs UK
Spices such as turmeric, curry powders, ground cloves and paprika should always be stored in glass or metal containers as there is a danger they will erode their original packaging over time.
Allergy to herbs and spices is rare, with only 2% of all food allergy cases linked to their consumption.
A sufferer from spice and herb allergies may also have to take into account the botanical relationships between products, and each person (or their parent) will develop their own avoidance list of herbs and spices.
www.thebestpossibletaste.co.uk /useful-tips.asp   (852 words)

 herbs spices seasonings achiote ajowan aleppo allspice anise annatto arrowroot basil caraway cardamom cayenne celery ...
Turmeric was worshipped in ancient times as one of the sun spices because of its yellow color.
Turmeric is used as both a dye and a digestive aid, in fact it has just recently been patented in the US as a topical disinfectant.
Turmeric is one of the important and common spices for Indian Masala Blends along with coriander, cumin, pepper and a variety of other spices.
www.gourmetstore.com /shop-online/TURMERIC_GROUND_H91AT.cgi   (140 words)

 introduction to herbs and spices, glossary, list | A Big Slice™
Mint: herb (leaves or flakes) Description: Peppermint and spearmint are two of the most popular kinds of the 25 or more varieties that exist.
Mace is the spice obtained from the membrane of the seeds.
Cardamom: spice (whole pod, seeds or ground) Description: Seeds are in pods the size of a cranberry, inside of a white or green pod.
www.abigslice.com /herbsspices.html   (1415 words)

 Top 10 Culinary Herbs and Spices: Flavorful and Functional
The American Spice Trade Association reports that the hottest trend in spices today is the “hot spices”—fl and white pepper, red pepper, and mustard seed—reporting that these spices now comprise 41% of U.S. spice usage, with an increase of 71% in tonnage since the late 1970s.
In a recent study of 26 common spice extracts, researchers discovered that the phenolic compounds in the spices contributed significantly to their antioxidant capacity.1 Studies have also shown that the intake of herbs can contribute greatly to the total intake of plant antioxidants.
The American Institute for Cancer Research notes that herbs and spices should be used as flavor enhancers because of their health-protective phytochemicals, which can help fight cancer and other diseases, much like those found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other plant-based foods.
www.todaysdietitian.com /newarchives/tdjuly2007pg36.shtml   (1860 words)

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