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Topic: List of language regulators

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Japanese Language
Historical linguists who specialize in Japanese agree that it is one of the two members of the Japonic language family, the other member being Ryukyuan.
Numerous theories have been proposed, relating it to a wide variety of other languages and families, including extinct languages spoken by historic cultures of the Korean peninsula; the Korean language; the Altaic languages; and the Austronesian languages, among many others.
Japanese emigrant communities (the largest of which are to be found in Brazil) frequently employ Japanese as their primary language.
www.aboutlanguageschools.com /language/list/japanese.asp   (431 words)

  Welsh Language Board - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Welsh Language Board (in Welsh, Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg) is a statutory body set up by the British Government as part of the Welsh Language Act 1993.
The Board is responsible for administering the Welsh Language Act and for seeing that public bodies in Wales keep to its terms.
Language pressure group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg claim that a new Welsh Language Act is needed to secure the rights of Welsh speakers and to increase its usage among the younger generation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Welsh_Language_Board   (248 words)

 Hebrew Language - Hebrew language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By the end of the 3rd millennium BCE the ancestral Aramaic, Ugaritic and Canaanite languages were spoken in the Levant alongside the influential dialects of Ebla and Akkad.
The Soviet authorities considered Hebrew a "reactionary language" since it was associated with both Judaism and Zionism, and it was officially banned by the Narkompros (Commissariat of Education) as early as 1919.
The language of the Neo-Babylonian Empire was a dialect of Aramaic.
egor.blogiston.com /Wikipedia:About/Hebrew_language   (5097 words)

 Language policy -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although nations historically have used language policies most often to promote one official language at the expense of others, many countries now have policies designed to protect and promote regional and ethnic languages whose viability is threatened.
Up to one half of the 6000 languages currently spoken in the world are estimated to be in danger of disappearing during the 21st century.
In some cases, such policies are accompanied by measures recognizing and protecting minority languages.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Language_policy   (680 words)

 Constructed language -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An artificial or constructed language (known colloquially as a conlang among aficionados), is a language whose phonology, grammar and vocabulary are specifically devised by an individual or small group, rather than having naturally evolved as part of a culture the way natural languages do.
In this regard, even "natural languages" may be submitted to a certain amount of artificiality, and in the case of prescriptive grammars, the line is difficult to draw.
Constructed languages are often divided into a priori languages, in which much of the grammar and vocabulary is created from scratch (using the author's imagination or automatic computational means), and a posteriori languages, where the grammar and vocabulary are derived from one or more natural languages.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Constructed_language   (1775 words)

 List of language regulators: Encyclopedia topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a list of bodies that regulate language (language: A systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols) s.
Arabic (Arabic: The Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects) : Academy of the Arabic Language (Academy of the Arabic Language: the academy of the arabic language (...
Language revival (Language revival: language revival is the revival, by governments, political authorities, or enthusiasts, to...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/list_of_language_regulators   (1277 words)

 Yiddish - yiddish   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The vernacular language of the earliest Jews in Germany is not known with certainty.
Yiddish was then regarded as the language of "Jewish proletariat"; at the same time, Hebrew was considered a "bourgeois" language and its use was generally discouraged.
Many in the larger, secular group wanted a new national language to foster a cohesive identity, while traditionally religious Jews desired that Hebrew be respected as a holy language reserved for prayer and religious study.
www.18things.com /yiddish   (3476 words)

 Malay Language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Malay language, also known locally as Bahasa Melayu, is an Austronesian language spoken by the Malay people who reside in the Malay peninsula, southern Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, central eastern Sumatra, the Riau islands, and parts of the coast of Borneo.
The language spoken by the Peranakan (Straits Chinese, a hybrid of Chinese settlers from the Ming Dynasty and local Malays) is a unique patois of Malay and the Chinese dialect of Hokkien, which is mostly spoken in the former Straits Settlements of Penang and Malacca.
Bahasa Melayu is the national language in Malaysia by article 152 of the Constitution, and became the sole official language in West Malaysia in 1968, and in East Malaysia gradually from 1973.
gibson.bloggerscape.com /w/Malay_language   (772 words)

 Sanskrit - Sanskrit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is one of the oldest Indo-European languages in the world with a documented history of 4,000 years and boasts a rich tradition of poetry, literature; as well as scientific, technical, philosophical and religious texts.
It is being revived as a vernacular in the village of Mattur near Shimoga in Karnataka.
Vedic Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas, a large collection of hymns, incantations, and religio-philosophical discussions which form the earliest religious texts in India and the basis for much of the Hindu religion.
narquoisey.typedot.com /Sanskrit   (6867 words)

 Latin Language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Latin was influenced by the Celtic dialects and the non-Indo-European Etruscan language in northern Italy, and by Greek in southern Italy.
Also, although Latin remained the main written language of the Roman Empire, Greek came to be the language spoken by the well-educated elite, as most of the literature studied by Romans was written in Greek.
Latin is a synthetic inflectional language: affixes (which usually encode more than one grammatical category) are attached to fixed stems to express gender, number, and case in adjectives, nouns, and pronouns, which is called declension; and person, number, tense, voice, mood, and aspect in verbs, which is called conjugation.
amadis.blogsilla.com /Latin_language   (2110 words)

 Introduction to the Blue Sky Laws - State Securities Laws and Regulators
A list of state securities commissioners, and their addresses, is available in our Guide to State Securities Regulators.
While anti-fraud regulations are most commonly enforced by the SEC and the various SROs, the states also have the power and authority to bring actions against securities violators pursuant to state law.
Add to that mix a complex series of SEC rules and regulations, and regulations from the NASD and the various securities exchanges, and one can well imagine why the securities industry is indeed the most highly regulated industry in the country.
www.seclaw.com /bluesky.htm   (1398 words)

 GLOSSARY NYS Dept. of Public Service
An amendment to the Natural Gas Act which exempts a distribution company from FERC regulations on the transportation and sale for resale of interstate natural gas received within the boundaries of a state, provided (1) all such gas is ultimately consumed within the state, and (2) the facilities and rates are regulated by the state.
A financial accounting system issued by the Commission for each regulated industry (e.g., electric, gas, water and telephone), prescribing accounts to be used, together with specific instructions for use of individual accounts and general instructions as to the basis of accounting.
The plain language requirement specifies that the notice be in non-technical terms and readable print, and include a graphic symbol to assist customers who may have trouble reading the message.
www.dps.state.ny.us /glossary.html   (12920 words)

 7808 Regulator   (Site not responding. Last check: )
C2, C3: These are used to assist the 7808 regulator is maintaining a very stable output voltage...
transceiver in an aluminum housing (waveguide), one 7808 voltage regulator, and one 741 opamp connected to the...
The 5V, 12V, and 15V regulator options are available in the...
www.best-regulator.info /7808-regulator.html   (560 words)

 Shanghainese - Shanghainese   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shanghainese is a language with two live tonal contrasts (high and low), while Mandarin and Cantonese are contour tonal languages.
Shanghainese is not encouraged to be spoken in schools and written in newspapers, and the media are strongly discouraged from broadcasting in contemporary Shanghainese.
It has been argued that the number of tones of the Shanghai dialect, generally held to be five under previous analyses, can be reduced to only two underlying tone patterns, or tonemes, by recognizing the existence of the phoneme "voiced h" (Xiaowen Shen, University of Tokyo).
vadim.clubblogs.com /Shanghainese   (1126 words)

 Esperanto - esperanto   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was to serve as an international auxiliary language, that is, as a universal second language, not to replace ethnic languages.
Those who focus on the intrinsic value of the language are commonly called raŭmistoj, from Rauma, Finland, where a declaration on the near-term unlikelihood of the "fina venko" and the value of Esperanto culture was made at the International Youth Congress in 1980.
Common criticisms of the language are that its vocabulary and grammar are too Western European; that its vocabulary, accented letters, and grammar are not Western European enough (a critique addressed by Ido and Interlingua); that it is sexist, artificial, or has failed to live up to expectations.
www.18things.com /esperanto   (3650 words)

 Linear Regulator   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Servo loop improves linear-regulator efficiency - 7/8/2004 - EDN - Linear regulators are easy to implement and have better noise and drift characteristics than switching approaches.
Op-Amp Based Linear Regulators - Here's a simplified block diagram of a standard linear regulator, from National...
linear regulator: Information From Answers.com - linear regulator In electronics, a linear regulator is a voltage regulator based on an active device (such as a bipolar junction transistor, field.
www.best-regulator.info /linear-regulator.html   (470 words)

 [No title]
The list will also serve as a forum for discussion of the multidisciplinary aspects of conservation biology, the interaction of science and society in conservation policy and action, and the relationship between maintaining biodiversity and sustainable development.
This list is open to all people connected with the field of Marine Technology, be their interest in structural analysis, hydrodynamics, marine engineering, optimisation, fishery studies, or oceanography.
The list is to foster greater interaction between researchers from different methodological and philosophical backgrounds by welcoming viewpoints from ethology, molecular biology, anatomical and ultrastructural investigations, developmental biology, paleontology, theoretical biology, and any others.
netvet.wustl.edu /e-zoo/about/listserv.txt   (11058 words)

 TheExperiment | Articles => When Advocates Become Regulators   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Troy's switch from industry advocate to industry regulator overseeing his former clients is a hallmark of President Bush's administration.
The Bush administration says the regulators were chosen for their abilities.
Bush's embrace of lobbyists marks a key difference because it allows "those who are affected by the regulations to determine what the ground rules should be," said David Cohen, co-director of the Advocacy Institute, which helps teach nonprofits how to lobby in Washington.
www.theexperiment.org /articles.php?news_id=2042   (3907 words)

 World Wide Web Consortium - Web Standards
Discussion underlined the need for a concerted effort among all the stakeholders (including practitioners, academics, regulators, and mobile industry) to build a shared view of the future of the mobile platform as a tool to bridge the digital divide.
The Workshop was jointly organized by W3C and NIC.br, with the generous support of UNDP and Fundacion CTIC (Gold Sponsors), Opera Software and MobileActive.org (Silver sponsors).
This document lists the design goals and requirements that a specification would need to address in order to standardize various aspects of widgets.
www.w3.org   (886 words)

 PerfectXML.com: Learn to use XML in your applications
Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language (BSML) is an open XML data standard created to facilitate the interchange of data from diverse technologies into a consistent format for more efficient communication within the life sciences community.
The mission of the HR-XML Consortium is to spare employers and vendors the risk and expense of having to negotiate and agree upon data interchange mechanisms on an ad-hoc basis.
XPointer is the language to be used as the basis for a fragment identifier for any URI reference that locates a resource whose Internet media type is one of text/xml, application/xml, text/xml-external-parsed-entity, or application/xml-external-parsed-entity.
www.perfectxml.com /XMLAcronyms.asp   (8092 words)

 State Regulators Reveal Model Disclosure Act
The draft is part of ongoing efforts by state insurance regulators to address issues surrounding the use of compensation arrangements by insurance brokers.
State insurance regulators are planning to adopt model disclosure language by the end of the year.
Among the requirements contained in the draft model legislation, brokers would be required to first obtain the insured's written consent before receiving compensation from the insurer for the same transaction.
www.insurancejournal.com /news/national/2004/11/16/47767.htm   (471 words)

 Amazon.com: The Regulators: Books: Stephen King,Richard Bachman   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When "The Regulators" and "Desperation" came out I was excited to read both, but I was a little worried about "The Regulators" with the Bachman name attached.
All in all, "The Regulators" is neat, in that it is a companion piece for "Desperation", and it is a quick read.
The Regulators is supposedly the discovered manuscript of Richard Bachman, about an evil entity named Tak, who telepathically terrorizes a small suburban Ohio town through the use of a child's television heroes.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0451191013?v=glance   (2275 words)

 John T. Reed's view of various real estate investment gurus
A "pocket listing" is one which the agent keeps "in his pocket" and shows only to his best buyers.
It defines raw land, lists obvious advantages and disadvantages (e.g., cheap, pays no income), says its valuable because it’s a limited commodity, says to buy in the suburbs of a major city in the direction of growth, etc. This is conventional wisdom.
Use the list of questions in my book to ask the tenant about various aspects of the building and service you are providing.
www.johntreed.com /Reedgururating.html   (18095 words)

 All National Women's History Month Honorees   (Site not responding. Last check: )
From 1919 until her death, Addams was president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
President Clinton named her chair of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 1995, where she helped set up the International Nuclear Regulators Association in 1997 to provide assistance to other nations on matters of nuclear safety.
She taught in the reservation school for the Pomos because she wanted to teach the children in the Indian language and of their culture.
www.nwhp.org /whm/all-honorees.html   (10878 words)

She also said she had previously thought she owned the tower and had registered it in her name but found she only leased it and since the lease expired had been renting it on a month-to-month basis whilst negotiating a purchase or new lease.
The paper also criticizes the FCC over its media regulation, which it says is skewed towards big media, and notes that provisions in the Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of 2000 prevent the FCC from considering applications from organizations that had previously been unlicensed broadcasters.
The Committee is tasked with providing guidance to the Commission on policies and practices that could increase the diversity of ownership and could create opportunities for minorities and women to advance to managerial positions in the communications sector as well as other related sectors of the economy.
www.radionewsweb.com /2003-08.html   (13169 words)

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