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Topic: List of liberal thinkers and leaders

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  List of liberal leaders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The list of self- or otherwise proclaimed liberal leaders is now part of the articles on liberalism by country.
There are many different views of what constitutes liberalism, and some liberals would feel that some of the people on this list were not true liberals.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_liberal_thinkers_and_leaders   (137 words)

 Liberalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liberalism can trace its roots back to the humanism that began to challenge the authority of the established church during Renaissance, and the Whigs of the Glorious Revolution in Great Britain, whose assertion of their right to choose their king can be seen as a precursor to claims of popular sovereignty.
Liberals are in favour of a pluralist system in which differing political and social views, even those viewed as extreme or fringe compete for political power on a democratic basis and have the opportunity to achieve power through periodically held elections.
Liberals claim to believe that war can be abolished and world peace and economic prosperity can flourish if all nations loyally adhere to a world organization of all nations (the United Nations Organization), under the same law and equity, and with power to enforce strict observance of all international obligations freely entered into.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liberalism   (8830 words)

 Classical Liberalism. Politics. democracy. separation of powers, liberal justice
Liberalism, in contrast, views all people as more or less equally imperfect beings, who are capable of good and bad actions and therefore unqualified to judge the others.
This principle of liberal justice was established in the Magna Carta imposed by English barons and churchmen to King John of England in 1215.
Liberal democracies are based on political parties, which result from the freedom of expression and of association.
www.liberal.org.il /libe5txt.html   (6595 words)

 Dadmanly: I am a Liberal
Liberalism submits that the best kind of social order is one in which each individual is given the widest berth in the pursuit of her personal aims and the realization of her basic human capacities, limited only by the equal freedom of others.
A liberal order is neither imposed from the top by coercive authority nor settled in the middle by a common worldview prescribing the pursuit of a uniform aim.
If we say that liberalism cannot tolerate its own demise, what we mean is that individuals in pursuit of their happiness cannot tolerate the breakdown of the conditions under which that pursuit is most likely to succeed.
dadmanly.blogspot.com /2005/04/i-am-liberal.html   (1266 words)

 Authentic Liberalism - Chap.V. Politics Part II. Laws, punishment, debts, democracy, elections, leadership
In contrast, the classical liberal approach, influenced by Biblical precepts and Greek philosophers (d1), is oriented toward protection of debtors and their families.
Liberal measures on this issue are already specified in the Magna Carta imposed upon King John of England as early as the 13th century (d2).
In many liberal constitutions and legislation, the right to preserve some assets from forced sale in payment of debts is granted to all the inhabitants by means of the simple procedure of declaring them "family assets" (d3).
www.liberal.org.il /liberal4.htm   (7268 words)

 UUA News & Events: Sermon by Davidson Loehr: Living Under Fascism
It is opposed to classical liberalism [which] denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State as expressing the real essence of the individual." (In 1932 Mussolini wrote, with the help of Giovanni Gentile, an entry for the Italian Encyclopedia on the definition of fascism.
Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions.
And the new liberal vision must be larger than that of the conservative religious vision that will be appointing judges, writing laws and bending the cultural norms toward hatred and exclusion for the foreseeable future.
www.uua.org /news/2004/voting/sermon_loehr.html   (3641 words)

 FORWARD : Forward 50   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leading the list are a brace of politicians, thinkers and activists who have helped frame America's response to the threats, driving the administration's war policy or leading opposition to it, rallying support for beleaguered Israel and building new and unfamiliar alliances.
Because of the sharpness of the debates there are fewer consensus leaders on the list this year than in years past, and more ideologues of right and left.
Meanwhile, liberals and moderates within the conference, long suspicious of Hoenlein's hawkish personal leanings, have begun a drive for structural reforms that would saddle him with a steering committee looking over his shoulder.
www.forward.com /issues/2002/02.11.15/forward50.html   (8784 words)

 Liberalism in the Netherlands
It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament.
It took until 1885 that liberals organise themselves in a party and for most of the time liberals are divided in traditional and more social liberals.
In Netherlands liberals fought in 1848 to gain a new parliament from King William II of the Netherlands.
www.free-download-soft.com /info/flobo.html   (645 words)

 Williams College Office of Career Counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Liberal arts classes tend to focus on ideas and how to handle them, and the courses are organized around reading books, having discussions, and composing papers.
Liberal arts degrees are great preparation for careers in business, teaching, journalism, law, the arts, and many other careers.
Liberal arts majors, particularly those in the quantitative or analytic liberal arts (economics, statistics, psychology, life sciences, etc.) have excellent problem solving skills, and are able to frame a problem, consider options and make reasoned decisions based on investigation.
www.williams.edu /resources/occ/occ_tips.htm   (5445 words)

 The Rise, Decline, And Reemergence Of Classical Liberalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The phrase "the rise of classical liberalism" does not mean that a consistent and unified set of beliefs emerged intact in the late 17th century from the mind of John Locke.
This may be measured by works' publication, thinkers achieving positions of authority and prominence, the toleration of and perhaps aquiesance to classical liberal critiques of existing policies and practices, etc. I explore the chronology of this tradition in the following study of its thinkers and movements.
Later thinkers such as Frederick Bastiat (who lived from 1801 to 1850 and penned the satirical "Petition from the Manufacturers of Candles" in 1845 and the celebrated The Law in 1849) acknowledged the influence of Cobden and his colleagues on their personal philosophies.
www.belmont.edu /lockesmith/essay.html   (12021 words)

 USA Next - Voice Your Opinion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I knew, before I joined AARP that it was a divisive liberal organization but I hoped that the more members that objected to their pandering to what they believe "old" people want dedistribution of income through the goverment.
It is a liberal pressure group that doesn't care about future generations and will distort the truth to mislead its members and the public.
Liberals hate the notion that we citizens of the United States are smart and do not need government to control every aspect of our lives.
www.usanext.org /voices.cfm   (7661 words)

 TAP: Vol 14, Iss. 9. Bullies in the Pulpit. Sarah Wildman.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It was the beginning of an extremely successful collaboration between a savvy White House and Catholic conservatives to reach a "core" of religious swing voters by focusing on moral issues like abortion.
The Rev. Robert Sirico—president and co-founder of the Acton Institute, a conservative think tank that teaches the clergy about free-market economics, and a participant in the Thursday morning White House conferences—believes that these are not political denunciations but spiritual ones.
That means that while Hudson and other participants in the Thursday morning calls with the White House may be marketing conservative social-renewal Catholics to the Republican Party, the base might not take so kindly to some of the rhetoric in Washington this past year.
www.prospect.org /print/V14/9/wildman-s.html   (1612 words)

 Accuracy In Media - Guest Columns - Paul Walfield - Not Even Liberal Professors are that Dumb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Recently, articles about a new “study” done by a group of college professors entitled “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition,” decry the authors’ depictions of conservatives, all conservatives as having certain character traits which in effect explain why people are conservatives.
The professors list a number of characteristics which they have learned are necessary elements in a conservative’s makeup.
There is another professor who is part of the study, who is from Maryland; suffice it to say, he thinks he is very smart, at least, from what could be gathered from his website, he seems to want everyone to think he is right about that observation.
www.aim.org /publications/guest_columns/walfield/2003/jul30.html   (839 words)

 Free Dartmouth
This is a good sign in the clash between science and religious fundamentalism, because his endorsement will probably force to the floor the bill that allows the stem cell research that Bush has vowed to veto, isolating Bush in his increasingly unpopular stance on the issue.
Liberal activists can also identify cases in which Roberts advocated positions antithetical to the goals of labor, environmental groups, and supporters of affirmative action.
Liberal activists respond that in some circumstances, it's perfectly appropriate to press a judicial nominee about positions that he or she has taken as an advocate.
freedartmouth.blogspot.com   (7749 words)

 ipedia.com: List of liberal thinkers Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This text is part of the Liberalism series Liberalism Liberalism in countries Liberal parties Liberal thinkers Liberal International ELDR - CALD Liberal leaders History of liberal parties Democracy Fr...
Some of these people moved away from liberalism, while others espoused other ideologies before turning to liberalism.
Liberalism I - Liberalism in countries II - Liberal parties III - Liberal thinkers IV Introduction article
www.ipedia.com /list_of_liberal_thinkers.html   (157 words)

 Left I on the News
The current list of nominated songs appears below; for the rules of the process and previous comments (including songs I haven't yet decided on whether or not to add to the list of nominees), see the original post.
Songs listed in alphabetical order so as not to reveal my own prejudices (other than in the inclusion of these songs, but I'm sure there are many important songs I've missed).
But when they were simply asked to name their top issue without the assistance of a list to influence their choices, Iraq was picked by 27 percent, the economy by 14 percent and moral values tied with terrorism at only 9 percent.
lefti.blogspot.com /2004_11_01_lefti_archive.html   (12178 words)

 A Tale of Two Christianities | MetaFilter
I thought conservatism was supposed to be conserving the liberal philosophy of liberty, equality, and fraternity; not the greedy grab for empire.
Show me some liberal Christians who are as the lilies of the fields and act as Christ, and I might take the claim of liberal Christianity seriously.
The critical thinker takes care to test and retest, but the religious lunatics accept as true single experiences and unfounded assumptions and dreams and portents and cloud formations and tarot cards and faith healing and poorly translated books written by people who had no idea what was going on most of the time.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/37095   (15501 words)

I could go on and on, particularly since there are countless lists that detail this sort of thing all over the web.
This is largely because al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere along the Afghan/Pakistan border.
We credit our war leadership during that period for their brilliance, but even those brilliant leaders erred from time to time, because nothing involving such a mass of humanity going up against foes who are also creative and well-led can be error free.
www.porphyrogenitus.net   (11412 words)

 The American Spectator
Inside liberal think-tanks, there are Democratic foreign-policy experts who are challenging some of Bush's most basic assumptions about the post-9-11 world -- including, most provocatively, the very idea that we are, in fact in a war.
In the liberal view, the enemy … more closely resembles an especially murderous drug cartel.… Instead of military might, liberal thinkers believe, the moment calls for a combination of expansive diplomacy abroad and interdiction at home, an effort more akin to the war on drugs than to any conventional war of the last century.
For more than 25 years, beginning with the U.S. Supreme Court's 1960s decisions in criminal procedure and the academically driven "deprisonization movement," liberals rooted around the country looking for the "root causes" of crime, always promising they were just ahead and that the problem was about to be solved.
www.spectator.org /dsp_article.asp?art_id=7235   (1288 words)

 Stanford MLA: Seminars
Following is a partial listing of previous MLA seminars.
With the partial introduction of western concepts of law and individual freedom as well as the liberalization of the press in Russia, the ensuing two decades witnessed unprecedented social ferment and creative flowering, above all of the great Russian realist novel.
After a generation of relatively sharp political differences between parties and their policies under leaders such as Reagan, Thatcher, and Kohl, there is now a growing convergence between government and their oppositions so that real political and policy differences are slight.
mla.stanford.edu /seminars.htm   (4338 words)

In organizations of all types, there are those who want the authority--the stripes and the saluting--but shy away from being on the bridge when the hard decision have to be made.
It is really a disgrace that the liberal press refers to such enemies of liberalism as "antiwar" when in reality they are straight-out pro-war, but on the other side.
Noor (the name means "light of womanhood") was the child of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a leader of the Sufi movement, and his American wife.
photoncourier.blogspot.com /2005_09_01_photoncourier_archive.html   (5383 words)

 Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: August 08, 2004 - August 14, 2004 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As the shrewdest thinkers on the left and the right concede on this issue, our true strategic challenges in the Muslim Middle East are not conventional military ones, but hearts-and-minds challenges.
Saith the Union Leader today: "We can’t tell you who it is or whether he broke any laws, but we can tell you the person questioned by the feds has a significant role in the Bush-Cheney campaign."
Salem, of course, remains head of the war crimes tribunal charged with trying Saddam Hussein and other leaders of the former regime.
www.talkingpointsmemo.com /archives/week_2004_08_08.php   (7465 words)

 Turn Left: Liberal Unfriendly Places - Birmingham
We have a strong climate of intolerance here (Ellen is no longer shown because she is a lesbian) as well as a tight culture of Southern Society People who do not welcome Liberal thinkers.
I hope that some more liberal and progressives move here so that we can begin the arduous task of dragging Alabama into the twenty-first century, though I do not recommend that any intelligent, conscious individual even visit here, much less settle in such a backward place.
Go back to the master list of liberal friendly and unfriendly cities.
www.cjnetworks.com /~cubsfan/places/birmingham.html   (964 words)

 Left I on the News
Here's a list of the countries currently represented by judges on the court: France, Sierra Leone, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Netherlands, Brazil, Jordan, United States of America, Egypt, Japan, Germany, Slovakia.
The US military says that on Tuesday, their forces attempted to "kill or capture" two men who were "believed to be anti-Coalition cell leaders." [Emphasis added] In pursuit of this "belief," the 82nd Airborne fired a barrage of missiles on two farmhouses where they "suspected" that their target had taken refuge.
California Sen. Barbara Boxer, one of the leading liberals in the Senate, opposing gay marraiage, says "My opinion is that state law is fair and appropriate because it gives equal rights to all citizens." And pioneering gay Congressman Barney Frank, who supports gay marriage, "criticized San Francisco officials for poor timing." I agree.
lefti.blogspot.com /2004_02_01_lefti_archive.html   (11527 words)

 Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: October 03, 2004 - October 09, 2004 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The lists, parts of which had been published previously, were compiled from 13 secret files maintained by former Iraqi vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan and the former oil minister, Amir Rashid.
Several U.S. firms were on the list but their names were not released because of privacy laws.
But Marshall is at the top of my list of those who straddle the line between being political thinkers and political operators.
www.talkingpointsmemo.com /archives/week_2004_10_03.php   (12398 words)

 Oh, That Liberal Media: Associated Press Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A former pharmaceutical attorney at Eli Lilly, Susan Bayh listed salary payments of more than $1,000 from 10 corporations - mainly in the pharmaceutical industry - at which she is on the board of directors.
But sponsors are more confident this year, because Republican leaders have named it one of their top 10 legislative priorities.
In order to see the liberal trio as "moderates", one has to be approaching the bench from the far left.
www.thatliberalmedia.com /archives/cat_associated_press.html   (14296 words)

 Slacker Friday plus - Altercation - MSNBC.com
Derrida and Foucault, both of whom have faded from the canon of essential theorists faster than they arrived.  Neither Derrida nor Foucault ever had as much influence as conservative critics protested (and secretly hoped) that they did.  Now, I hardly feel them.  I don't miss them either.
Joe Klein is the only liberal columnist at Time Magazine, which means it has no liberals except those who bash liberals and Democrats.  See also “Kristof, Nick.”
Of course taking this kind of thing seriously would put ninety-eight percent of the punditocracy out of business, but would that really be such a bad thing?  Read all about it, here.
msnbc.msn.com /id/6928062   (3800 words)

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