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Topic: List of Mayors of Cleveland, Ohio

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 Cleveland, Ohio
The city of Cleveland is the county seat of Cuyahoga County in the U.S. state of Ohio.
On the southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is located in the Western Reserve in northeastern Ohio on the Cuyahoga River, approximately 60 miles west of the Pennsylvania border.
Cleveland was hit hard by white flight and suburbanization, further exacerbated by the busing-based desegregation of Cleveland schools required by the United States Supreme Court.
creekin.net /c7794-n240-cleveland-ohio.html   (1746 words)

 List of Mayors of Cleveland, Ohio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mayor of Cleveland is the chief executive of the city's government.
Cleveland elections were partisan, but were made nonpartisan in 1977 under the mayoral administration of Ralph J. Perk.
Prior to its annexation, Ohio City was a separate entity and fierce rival of Cleveland.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Mayors_of_Cleveland,_Ohio   (322 words)

 Mayor (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Mayors may also function as the head of the city council, sometimes elected as Mayor by the council rather the citizens, while day-to-day operations of the city are delegated to a professional city manager.
In Canada mayors are usually elected at large by the citizens of a municipality for a fixed term.
List of mayors of Washington, D.C. List of mayors of Akron, Ohio
mayor.iqnaut.net.cob-web.org:8888   (588 words)

 Mayors' Claims of Growing Hunger Appear Wildly Exaggerated
The Conference of Mayors has reported that the number of persons using food banks or soup kitchens in major cities has increased substantially in each of the past 16 years, and it is expected that a similar increase will be reported this year.
If the mayors' growth figures were accurate and representative of the nation, the number of persons receiving emergency food aid would have grown from 21.4 million in 1997 (as reported by Second Harvest) to around 40 million in 2001.
Since the mayors' report provides only the sketchiest account of how its numbers are collected, it is impossible to determine to what extent this problem may contribute to the mayors' very rapid growth figures.
www.heritage.org /Research/Welfare/bg1711.cfm   (2866 words)

 School Planning & Management - MAYORS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Urban mayors are very concerned about education in their cities, the quality of the public schools and the impact of education on the economic vitality and viability of their cities.
Mayors are doing this because they view education as an asset and resource for their cities, as are its buildings.
Cleveland, under the leadership of Mayor Jane Campbell in coordination with School CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett, is implementing a variety of strategies to revitalize the city’s school system.
www.peterli.com /archive/spm/626.shtm   (2111 words)

 Mayors in the Schools: In shambles, Cleveland schools turned to mayor
CLEVELAND -- Hilton O. Smith remembers, and not with fondness, when the Cleveland School Board was a form of entertainment instead of government.
Across the nation, big-city mayors are being given new authority to exert control over their school districts.
Michael R. White, a popular Cleveland mayor who served three four-year terms, heeded the pleas of community groups and began seeking legislative support for a mayor-appointed school board.
www.post-gazette.com /neigh_city/20030428clevelandcityp1.asp   (1047 words)

 Akron, Ohio
Developed around the old Ohio and Erie Canal in the mid-1800s, the Elizabeth Park Valley is rich in history as it is in setting.
The Western highway is a major route to Cleveland and Columbus, and is a near term destination to Fairlawn a major commercial area.
Mayor Plusquellic is currently serving his fifth term, and was the President of the United States Conference of Mayors during 2004.
www.creekin.net /c7789-n240-akron-ohio.html   (4032 words)

 Chronology of northern Ohio utility campaigns -- Ohio Citizen Action
Ohio Citizen Action joins with the United Auto Workers and Councilman Dennis Kucinich to campaign against tax abatements for downtown developers and the sale of Muny Light.
The administrations of Cleveland Mayors George Voinovich and Mike White pass measures to expand Muny Light citywide, even though both men strongly backed CEI in its 1978-79 bid to acquire Muny Light and end local competition for electricity.
Ohio Citizen Action returns to Toledo City Council with signatures from 17,000 Toledo residents calling for the completion of the public power study.
www.ohiocitizen.org /campaigns/electric/pre2003/chronology.html   (980 words)

 The Post Online
Though the election for Ohio's next governor is two years away, candidates already are throwing their hats in the ring and gearing up for what is sure to be a fierce battle.
Blackwell is a former mayor of Cincinnati, treasurer of the state, undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Dan Trevas said the party also would not throw support behind any one candidate in the primary and would formalize plans for 2006.
thepost.baker.ohiou.edu /articles/2004/11/10/news/11361.html   (1222 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Ohio's delusional Democrats
While Ohio was the home of ultra liberal Sen. Howard Metzenbaum until he retired in 1995, four statewide initiatives in 2005 called "Reform Ohio" by its supporters aimed to neuter Republicans'; control of the state by creating unelected bi-partisan committees, yet each were defeated by about 74 percent of the vote.
Ohio is now predominately a Republican state with the Cleveland area being an oasis for the Democrats.
Ohio's lieutenant governor slot is usually occupied by a virtual politically unknown, and Strickland tapped the politically washed-up and failed Ohio gubernatorial candidate Lee Fisher, who has been out of office for years.
worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50646   (941 words)

 Lists of mayors by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is a list of mayors organised by country.
List of Mayors of the Municipality of Strathfield
List of mayors of Washington, D.C. List of mayors of Williamsport, Pennsylvania
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Lists_of_mayors_by_country   (239 words)

 Coshocton County, Ohio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Fifteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry was one of the first to respond to the President's call for seventy-five thousand men for three months' service, and, on the 4th of May, 1861, the regiment was organized at Camp Jackson, Columbus, to Ohio, and four days after moved to Camp Goddard, near Zanesville, Ohio.
In March, 1862, the Thirty-seventh Ohio was added to the third provisional brigade of the Kanawha division, and ordered to accompany that division on a raid to the southern part of West Virginia, with the view of reaching and destroying, if possible, the Virginia and East Tennessee railroad, near Wytheville, Virginia.
Yours, truly, O. Company M, Ninth Ohio V. The artillery record of Coshocton county is included in the record of the Twenty-sixth Ohio Independent Battery and in an effort that was made (in combination with a petition from the veterans) on the part of the military committee of the county.
www.heritagepursuit.com /Coshocton/cofile3.htm   (19471 words)

 City Mayors: Homeless in US cities
City Mayors lists and features urban events, conferences and conventions aimed at urban decision makers and those with an interst in cities worldwide.
City Mayors questions those who govern the world’s cities and talks to men and women who contribute to urban society and environment.
In the 24 cities surveyed in the US Conference of Mayors Hunger and Homelessness Survey for 2005, an average of 14 per cent of overall emergency shelter requests went unmet, with 32 per cent of shelter requests by homeless families unmet.
www.citymayors.com /society/homeless_usa2.html   (2643 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on Columbus, Ohio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Unlike Cleveland and Cincinnati, the central cities in Ohio's two largest metropolitan areas, Columbus is ringed by relatively few suburbs; since the 1950s it has made annexation a condition for providing water and sewer service, to which it holds regional rights throughout a large portion of Central Ohio.
The Ohio Statehouse, built of Columbus limestone from the Marble Cliff Quarry Co., began construction in 1839 on a 10 acre (40,000 m²) plot of land donated by four prominent Columbus landowners to form Capitol Square, not part of the original layout of the city.
The government is administered by a mayor and a unicameral council elected every two years, the mayor appointing the director of safety and the director of public service.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/columbus,_ohio   (5894 words)

 Callahan's Cleveland Diary
Cleveland City Council's Public Utilities Committee (chaired by Ward 17's Matt Zone) should soon be getting Time Warner's formal application for City approval of the takeover and renewal of the local franchise, which expires in September.
The improvements needed to Ohio’s current concealed carry law outlined in HB 347 have bipartisan support from both Democratic and Republican legislators in the Ohio House of Representatives.
Josh Marshall lists both Dewine and Voinovich as "fingers in the wind" on the net neutrality issue (by which Josh means the Snowe/Dorgan "Internet Freedom Preservation Act").
cleveland_diary.blogspot.com   (5243 words)

 President's Remarks at Ask President Bush Event in Ohio
Ohio has got pockets of unemployment that are unacceptable.
That's why I took the action I did on steel, and the steel plants are up and running here in the Cleveland area and all around the state of Ohio, because of the firm action this administration took.
If they would have said, here's a list of things that you can be when you're President, it would have been my last choice.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2004/09/20040904-2.html   (9275 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/List of Ohio politicians (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
List of Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court
List of Candidates for U.S. Representative from Ohio, A-G
List of Candidates for U.S. Representative from Ohio, H-M
www.reference.com.cob-web.org:8888 /browse/wiki/List_of_Ohio_politicians   (528 words)

 City of Knoxville - Mayors of Knoxville
Lawyer, partner in the law firm of Baker, Worthington, Crossley, Stansberry and Woolf; born in Cleveland, Ohio
City Alderman in 1857; served as mayor from January 9 to April 8, 1858 when he resigned; one of the five mayors in 1858
The fourth son of Hugh Lawson White and the grandson of James White, the founder of Knoxville; his full name was Samuel Davies Carrick White.
www.ci.knoxville.tn.us /mayor/mayors.asp   (1277 words)

 Schumann's Cleveland: Primary: Dettman, probably; definitely NO on Port Authority
A fascinating five-way Democratic primary for the 10th District Ohio House seat, and a grassroots effort against the Port Authority levy.
In fact we were introduced when David's wife Louise did a Google search on something like "archwood cleveland" looking for someone who might know more about a house they had their eyes on.
They forget that the port is part of Cleveland; it's yet another instance of our neighbors' whiny refrain "what's mine is mine, what's yours is ours." They don't like their representation, tough, they can build a port in Euclid or Bay Village.
re.cleveland.oh.us /archives/20020505.html   (1617 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Huron County, Ohio
Ohio state house of representatives, 1913-17; served in the U.S. Army during World War I; candidate for
Ohio state attorney general, 1922, 1956; candidate for nomination for Governor of Ohio, 1930, 1936;
The listings are incomplete; development of the database is a continually ongoing project.
politicalgraveyard.com /geo/OH/HU.html   (662 words)

 List of Mayors of Cleveland, Ohio - Wikipedia Mirror (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Cleveland has had a total of 57 mayoral administrations (this number includes the city's current mayor, Frank G. Jackson).
The second nonconsecutive terms of Joshua Mills, George B. Senter, and John H. Farley are not listed as well as the newly-elected Frank Jackson.
Cleveland: A Concise History, 1796-1996 by Carol Poh Miller and Robert Anthony Wheeler ISBN 0253211476
www.wiki-mirror.be.cob-web.org:8888 /index.php/List_of_Mayors_of_Cleveland,_Ohio   (312 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Cincinnati: W.H. Anderson and Co., 1896; Graebner, Norman A. 'Thomas Corwin and the Sectional Crisis.' Ohio History 86 (Autumn 1977): 229-47.
Ohio's Lincoln, Frank J. Lausche: A Tribute and Festschrift for His 90th Birthday.
"The Case of the Wayfaring Challenger: The 1988 Senate Election in Ohio." Congress and the Presidency 18 (Autumn 1991): 105-20.
dewine.senate.gov /ohio_senators.htm   (936 words)

 Remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Cleveland, Ohio - Pres. Bill Clinton - Transcript Weekly Compilation of ...
Remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Cleveland, Ohio - Pres.
I know that Mayor Menino has sponsored a resolution that you're going to pass, and I thank you for that.
And I hope before you leave here you will issue the strongest possible statement saying this church burning is not America and we're not going to tolerate it.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2889/is_n26_v32/ai_18571910/pg_3   (535 words)

 Phi Gamma Delta's Political Leaders
Also see our list of politicians in national service, organized by position.
Bartholomew, Orion A. (DePauw 1859) - Mayor, Chariton Iowa.
Henderson, John Earl (Ohio Wesleyan 1939) - State Representative 1951-1954, US Representative 1955-1961, Ohio.
www.phigam.org /history/Lists/Politics/politicos.htm   (7929 words)

 Table of contents for Lake effects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Urban policy -- Ohio -- Cleveland -- History -- 20th century.
Cleveland (Ohio) -- Politics and government -- 19th century.
Cleveland (Ohio) -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
www.loc.gov /catdir/toc/ecip055/2004029399.html   (110 words)

 Black Mayors In America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The first of its kind, Black Mayors In America™ is a historical overview of current African-American mayors who govern throughout the United States.
Definitely a keepsake, the publication features rich historical content about mayoral trailblazers such as former mayors Carl Stokes of Cleveland, Maynard Jackson of Atlanta, Coleman Young of Detroit, Harold Washington of Chicago, and David Dinkins of New York, to name a few.
Commissioned by Columbus, Ohio’s first African-American mayor, the Honorable Michael B. Coleman, this inaugural edition of Black Mayors In America is a wonderful resource for students of all ages, researchers, and libraries across the United States.
www.whoswhopublishing.com /sections/black_mayors/index.shtml   (185 words)

 [No title]
Clinton began, "because I believe that parents do deserve greater choice within the public school system to meet the needs of their children." She described how positively impressed she was by the high standards she saw at a Washington, DC charter school that required children to master Latin.
She told the audience that despite the rigorous requirements, the school had a large waiting list.
The mayors of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Oakland were accused of power grabs.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/roc/archive/v02.n252   (4961 words)

 Table of Contents: Early History of Cleveland, Ohio, by Charles Whittlesey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Death of Joseph Tinker -- The Sick List at Cleveland,
Map of Cleveland in 1814, by Spafford and Kelly,
Ohio City -- Battle of the Bridge -- List of Mayors,
www.clevelandmemory.org /ebooks/whittlesey/toc.html   (1980 words)

 History Subject Portal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The African-American Experience in Ohio: Ohio Newspapers (selected issues)
Cleveland Newspapers on Microform in Cleveland State University Library (list)
The African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920 (Ohio Historical Society)
www.ulib.csuohio.edu /research/portals/his-m.html   (479 words)

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