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Topic: List of methods of capital punishment

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 Capital Punishment: Guide to Library Resources
Full-text reports on a number of issues relating to capital punishment including race and the death penalty, politicizing the death penalty, crisis in death penalty representation, law enforcement views, innocence and the death penalty, and the cost of capital punishment.
Provides an overview of capital punishment through the ages, addressing the history of capital punishment from the seventeenth century B.C.E. to the present and covering controversies, particular cases, and attitudes toward the death penalty in many countries.
Contains an overview of the topic, a summary of legal issues relating to capital punishment, a chronological history of the subject, biographical information on important figures in the field, and a complete annotated bibliography. /sjclibrary/research/capitalpun.htm   (972 words)

 Execution (legal) - Voyager, the free encyclopedia
Methods of execution which involve, or have the potential to involve, a great deal of pain or mutilation are considered to be torture and unacceptable to many who support capital punishment.
Execution is a term used to refer to the termination of life pursuant to a judgment at law (see Capital punishment), and more broadly to killings with legal or quasi-legal justifications given, and to extrajudicial killings.
Formal military executions are typically by firing squad (for violations of orders in wartime or the laws of war) or by hanging (typically for cowardice, or commission of atrocities or other crimes). /Execution_(legal)   (494 words)

 Capital punishment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the United States, the issue of capital punishment is largely left up to the individual states; the federal government reserves the right to perform executions, but does so extremely infrequently.
Capital punishment, also referred to as the death penalty, is the judicially ordered execution of a prisoner as a punishment for a serious crime, often called a capital offense or a capital crime.
Inhumane methods of execution and class inequalities were abolished during the French Revolution, which imposed the guillotine, seen as a painless and instantaneous method of execution, for all. /wiki/death+penalty   (494 words)

 History of Capital Punishment
California: Capital Punishment including detailed list of executions, 1992-
Florida: Florida Department of Corrections Death Row Fact Sheet including list of executions, 1979-
The Florida Senate Committee on Criminal Justice: A Monitor: Methods of Execution & Execution Protocols (1997) /~tuschano/cp   (1238 words)

 Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment
Numerical tables present data on offenders' sex, race, Hispanic origin, education, marital status, age at time of arrest for capital offense, legal status at time of capital offense, methods of execution, trends, and time between imposition of death sentence and execution.
To view a list of all in the series go to the publications page.
Presents characteristics of persons under sentence of death on December 31, 1997, and of persons executed in 1997. /bjs/abstract/cp97.htm   (113 words)

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