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Topic: List of movies with plot twists

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Movie Plot Twists: An Analysis
While movie audiences are filling theaters and movie rentals houses to watch suspense films for the fun-filled about-face turn-around at the end, the method that the filmmakers are using to tickle the audience is based on a short-sighted formula that may not have legs if not done more carefully.
He spends the movie in search of the meaning of life, and as aliens land on Earth to threaten our very existence, his true faith is put to the test.
That's fun, but the movie implies, if not only by screen time, that the "main character" is one of the personalities of the film that seems to care more about solving the mystery than the other characters do.
www.danheller.com /Movies/plot-twists.html   (1513 words)

 "Cry Wolf" (2005) / a review and/or comments from Christian Spotlight on the Movies
This movie twists and turns and keeps you thinking backwards to what you are sure just happened, but really didn’t.
On of the saddest things about the movie was that the “friends” in the liars group did not seem to have any real feelings for each other or anyone at all.
Morally, it was deplorable, and the elegant twisted plot was not worth all the filthy language and graphic violence.
www.christiananswers.net /spotlight/movies/2005/crywolf2005.html   (1214 words)

 Movie Rankings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
It was a boring movie where the main character was a woman who murdered her husband.
The plot is based off from the game, so there is no mystery who is going to win, and how it is all going to shake out.
Plot was a little thin, but who needs a plot when you have Aliens and Predators in the same show.
home.comcast.net /~gross.m/Lists/movies.htm   (1130 words)

 Film Prophet's Top 150 U.S. Movies
This website is designed to show movie lovers of the new generation that there were movies in the twenty-first century and were also movies out before 1980 and which most are better than today's films.
The movies also tell us about the time it was filmed in or produced, such as being in fl and white or having sound or what kind of technology was used, and the different storylines built around the year's release date.
These movies are not "old, crappy boring movies" as a person once told me. These are wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, tremendous, and marvelous movies people today don't take time out to watch them because they are not up to date.
www.filmprophet.com /greatestmovies.htm   (959 words)

 Orbital Reviews: Frailty (2001)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The first plot twist of the film is pretty obvious because the plot could not have ended without at least the one twist.
While plot twists are a great device to change the viewers' impression of a film, a surprising twist at the end is not always beneficial to a movie's quality.
Frailty is just a pointless movie with a disturbing final message that does not serve to add value to the plot or make it even remotely intelligent.
orbitalreviews.com /movies/Frailty.html   (378 words)

 [No title]
Although I’ve included mostly movies I like, bear in mind that the main criterion used to select what went on the list was relevance to one or more of the topics you have to choose from for your 112 research paper.
Near the beginning of the movie, he loses the only woman he’s ever loved because he’s afraid to tell her where he lives, what he does for a living, who he lives with, or even when he can see her and when he can’t.
What impressed me about the movie was that no matter how steeped she is in violence, Wuornos maintains a desire to do good and be a good person—even when this seems absurd given what she’s done.
www.nvcc.edu /home/dashkenas/movielist.doc   (11871 words)

 List of movies with plot twists Details, Meaning List of movies with plot twists Article and Explanation Guide
List of movies with plot twists Details, Meaning List of movies with plot twists Article and Explanation Guide
List of movies with plot twists Guide, Meaning, Facts, Information and Description
This is an Article on List of movies with plot twists.
www.e-paranoids.com /l/li/list_of_movies_with_plot_twists.html   (96 words)

 List of films by gory death scene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of films in which characters die graphically violent, gory deaths, often depicted using special effects.
Various Godzilla movies, in which bystanders are crushed by the titular giant reptile.
Various King Kong movies, in which bystanders are crushed by a giant ape.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_films_by_gory_death_scene   (12373 words)

 Stupid Plot Tricks
A plot device that's been used a thousand times may be a cliche, but it's also a trick that works.
If you're trying to write science fiction, it may be useful at this point to pull the same stunt using the mighty and compendious SF cliches list at http://users4.50megs.com/enphilistor/cliche.htm.
It's a hell of a lot easier to remove some plot from a story that has too much of it than to try to fix a dreary story that doesn't have enough.
www.sff.net /paradise/plottricks.htm   (549 words)

 Plastic: SPOILER ALERT: From Spoiler Territory Comes The Good And Bad Twists
The worst twist of all time is in The Life of David Gale, where it's revealed that the murder was a set-up just to get the character on Death Row to be sent to the Death Penalty as a martyr.
Generally, it seems a bad twist is one that comes from nowhere and adds nothing, obscures all that came before it, or sours the movie.
The irony is that in the movie Kane wouldn't have longed for his lost childhood toy had he not met his second wife.
www.plastic.com /comments.html;sid=05/03/23/11122671;cid=2   (1276 words)

 Film - The Film Guide - A Wikia wiki
During this stage, the movie is edited and the visual effects composited.
This is the final stage, where the movie is released to theaters or, occasionally, to DVD or VHS.
The movie will usually be launched with a launch party, press releases, interviews with the press, showings of the film at a press preview, and film festivals.
filmguide.wikia.com /wiki/Film   (5081 words)

 Top 10 Movie Twists - Movie, TV & DVD Forums
They don't have to be end twists, but ones that just struck halfway, or at the end of the movie.
The Sixth Sense - I knew what the twist was before watching the movie, and I was still totally shocked when it unfolded.
And I don't know if this actually counts as a twist, but in Blue Velvet when we find out that who you're led to believe was the villain is actually a victim, and the actual villain is a plain ol' crazypants.
www.movieweb.com /forums/showthread.php?t=10817   (464 words)

 The SPOILER ridden 'M. Night movies' plot chasms thread! - Circle Theater Forum - GardenWeb
LOL But the movie's focus was not so much about an alien invasion, and it's details, but on Graham's dilemma of faith or coincidence, so Night didn't go to great lengths to be creative or accurate about Aliens.
As to the "plot hole," I think a lot of the detractors forget that the aliens in the movie are not looking to *occupy* earth, they're just on a "collection" mission...ie collecting humans.
Since my wife, son and I saw this movie together some years ago, your last sentence places all of us in the same category that you are falsely assuming that I placed you and others who saw the film.
glyphs.gardenweb.com /forums/load/circle/msg0616154325419.html   (5112 words)

 TIME: Best and Worst of Cinema in 2002
The French continued to make movies during German's World War II occupation and Bertrand Tavernier's epic reconstruction of how they managed is a loving, lengthy tribute to the goofiness and gallantry of show folks soldiering on in impossible conditions.
If ever a movie demanded to be seen twice, this is it: a tour of the Hermitage Museum, for 150 years the Winter Palace of the czars.
The movie twins nicely with another fine Noyce effort, Rabbit-Proof Fence, a true story, set in the 1930s, about Aboriginal girls stolen from their families by the Australian government so they can be raised and "civilized" by whites.
www.time.com /time/bestandworst/2002/cinema.html   (1374 words)

By the weekend of 27-29 June 1997, "Anaconda" had slithered to #20 in the box office list, with a slender $200,000 gross on 200 screens ($1,028 average) for a cumulative gross of $61,600,000 in its 12th week.
Like all movie monsters, it has perfect timing and always bursts into the frame just when the characters are least expecting it.
This is perhaps the most perfect movie ever made in the "Space Opera"genre, but raised to a higher level by an impeccable sense of comic timing.
www.magicdragon.com /UltimateSF/movies.html   (11374 words)

 Movies for Psychology Students   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
There is a major plot twist - stop reading here if you don't want it spoiled...We learn that we are misled - situations and characters turn out to be portrayals of Nash's delusional thinking and hallucinations.
The movie tracks her efforts to find relief, interactions with psychiatrists and ultimately a cult-like spa in the desert.
She is a former silent movie star, delusional about her continuing popularity, with a former husband who serves as her devoted butler.
home.epix.net /~tcannon1/psychopathmovies/all.html   (6739 words)

Batman Begins (2005) The strongest of the Batman movies with well-rounded characters and a welcome return to the dark atmosphere and disturbing subtext of the original Batman.
I, Robot (2004) A high-quality genre movie with smart plotting and beautiful visualization; a perfect tribute to Asimov, sharing both his strengths and weaknesses.
Basic Instinct (1992) Arbitrary plotting and implausible characters aside, there is still a decently (forgive the pun) entertaining thriller to be found here.
infolab.stanford.edu /~prasanna/movies/topmovies.htm   (4694 words)

 The Crying Game (1992)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The only reason I watched The Crying Game was because I had heard it was pretty good and it is from the same director as The Interview with the Vampire.
The film really surprised me. It was wonderfully made and had a great twist.
I guess little girls didn't enjoy the 'twist'...
www.imdb.com /title/tt0104036   (407 words)

 MacGuffin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or Maguffin) is a plot device that motivates the characters and advances the story, but has little other relevance to the story.
One particularly famous early movie example of a MacGuffin is the titular statuette in The Maltese Falcon (1941).
The wristwatch left to Butch by his late father is another: it is the retrieval of the briefcase and the wristwatch that drives the plot, but neither item impinges on the plotline at all in any other way than that they are objects of desire and pursuit for the cast of characters.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/McGuffin   (2444 words)

 Movie reviews by ForgivenForSure
This movie actually suprised me because although it has the word "Happyness" in the title, it really isn't that happy.
The first part of the movie was SOOO slow, and then later it's too action packed.
Another movie that I preferred more that this that has somewhat of the same plot would be Frequency.
hewhoeatspie.listal.com /reviews/movies   (1578 words)

 Oh, I Love That Movie | MetaFilter
Darn, I was hoping for a list of 100 movies that I had never heard of, and I think Sonatine (which does sound interesting) is the only one.
I was excited when I saw the post, but the actual list severely disapponted me. Lot of good movies there, don't get me wrong, but most of them aren't by any stretch of the imagination "overlooked," and the problem is that they push out other movies that deserve the attention.
But I guess people don't really want to see lists of things they haven't heard of, they just want to nod at lists of movies they and their friends have seen that didn't make a bajillion dollars.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/50169   (4535 words)

 Sulekha India Movies | Online Indian Bollywood Movies, Read all Movie Reviews, Download Stills, Buy Tickets, Bollywood ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Crap movie, plot holes, no development of characters, bad bad songs (which are long drawn out), gadgets not very good, the 'lovable idiot' in film was too idiotic to watch without wanting to slit wrists (his), stupid storyline, waste of money and time.
BUT hilarious to watch....although don't think you are supposed to laugh throughout entire movie.
This movie will remind every soul their own experience in life, how difficult it is to be ignored, and fail in every aspect of life and end of dead without living a meaningful life.
movies.sulekha.com /moviereviewlist.aspx   (454 words)

 Amazon: Listmania! - View List "Movies for the Heart of Darkness II"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
By the way, this list is of 4 or 5 star movies, in no particular order.
The depravity in the first part of this movie, and the extreme violence of the second part (during the robbery), earn this movie a spot on this list.
A great movie that looks at the Eastern Front from the German perspective - so you know the ending of this movie won’t be pretty.
www.amazon.ca /Movies-for-the-Heart-of-Darkness-II/lm/3I1ZAPBYS68K1   (1040 words)

 The Best or Greatest Film Scenes
The films in the #2 to #5 positions included: the shower scene from Psycho (1960), Harry Lime's appearance from the dark shadows in The Third Man (1949), the jump cut from the flying bone to the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and the dawn helicopter raid in Apocalypse Now (1979).
TV Guide Magazine compiled its own list of the 50 Greatest Movie Moments of All Time in its March 24-30, 2001 issue - comprising fifty of the great moments of all time in film.
Premiere Magazine compiled a list of 100 Greatest Movie Moments of All Time from 100 years of movies, in its March, 2003 issue.
www.filmsite.org /bestscenes.html   (463 words)

 [No title]
Which is weird= because one would immediately assume this to be a fluffy movie but he is so= perfectly cast as an actor who is featured in teen magazines and is a heart= throb.
I cannot say too much more -= not because there are plot twists after plot twist in it - but needless to= say that if I were to tell you the basic gist of the story - you might not= go and see it.
I don't know if it will be a hit movie or not, but I think it's one of the few movies made primarily for kids that I would pay to see.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/movies/archive/v02.n028   (3352 words)

 Kevin Kelly -- True Films
In contrast to the fiction that most movies are, true films offer authentic plot twists, real characters, and truth stranger than fiction.
However I will only list true films and documentaries that are available as VHS tape or DVDs at consumer prices.
Kintaro inspires fun every step of the way, in every frame of the movie, as he plays with film and life, and jokes, bonds, learns, and shares his walk.
www.kk.org /truefilms/index.php   (1401 words)

A look at a list of movies with plot twists shows the growing trend.
What happened to a society that understood a quality book or film based on excellent plots and dialogue that relied on nothing more than whit, charm, craft, and aesthetics to encourage the reader on.
It seems our ADHD society has become so inundated with the instant high of recycled, formulaic plot twist-based, plotlines that we are no longer interested in novels or books that are at all trancendant or whose merit is to be found in its aesthetic qualities.
randomtidbits.com   (1684 words)

 Greatest Films
Includes interpretive and detailed plot synopses, review commentary, an unparalleled wealth of film reference material, and historical background and descriptions for hundreds of classic Hollywood/American and other English-language films in the last century.
He has essays on genres, periods and types of movies, and suggested titles in each area, and his sheer love for the movies comes across in his accuracy and energy."
In 1996, Filmsite initiated the recent trend to select 100 landmark movies in the history of American-Hollywood cinema, that serve as signposts to map the milestones of our cinematic past.
www.filmsite.org   (222 words)

 Plastic: SPOILER ALERT: From Spoiler Territory Comes The Good And Bad Twists
For my money, I'm entertained by movies with plot twists but they don't end up being among my favorites.
You've got your plot twist, but the twist turns itself into a comment on humanity.
Like Romeo and Juliet, at one time it was a plot twist now it's a hallmark of our common mythology.
www.plastic.com /comments.html;sid=05/03/23/11122671;cid=46   (681 words)

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