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Topic: List of multiple capitals

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Capital Encyclopedia Article @ PlanetSeller.com (Planet Seller)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Unlike medieval capitals, which were declared wherever a Bechuanaland held his or her court, the selection, relocation, founding or capture of a modern capital city is an emotional affair.
The capital city is almost always a primary target in a war, as capturing it usually guarantees capture of much of the enemy government, victory for the attacking forces, or at the very least demoralization for the defeated forces.
In old List of capitals outside of the territories they serve, where governments were massive centralized bureaucracies with little flexibility on the provincial level, a South Korea could easily be toppled with the fall of its capital.
www.planetseller.com /encyclopedia/Capital   (1787 words)

 Capital - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
In politics a capital (also called capital city or political capital — although the latter phrase has an alternative meaning based on an alternative meaning of "capital") is the principal city or town associated with its government.
In South Africa, for example, the administrative capital is Pretoria, the legislative capital is Cape Town, and the judicial capital is Bloemfontein, the outcome of the compromise that created the Union of South Africa in 1910.
Unlike medieval capitals, which were declared wherever a monarch held his or her court, the selection, relocation, founding, or capture of a modern capital city is an emotional affair.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/c/a/p/Capital.html   (847 words)

 Dublin University Sub-Aqua Club: Mailing list   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The DUSAC mailing list address is dusac@listserv.heanet.ie The list is maintained on the Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) mailing list server.
Because the list is closed, there is no possibility of spam being sent to the list from addresses not subscribed to the list.
It is a very flexible mailing list management tool with many configuration options that allow both the list owner and individual subscribers to optimise the way the list works.
www.tcdlife.ie /clubs/subaqua/Mailing_list.php   (2017 words)

 Capital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seats of government in major sub-state jurisdictions are often called "capitals", but this is typically the case only in countries with some degree of federalism, where major substate jurisdictions have an element of sovereignty.
Traditional capitals may be economically eclipsed by provincial rivals, as occurred with Nanjing by Shanghai.
In Germany, the executive and legislative capital is Berlin, although a portion of various ministerial back offices are located in the former West German capital of Bonn.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Capitals   (1559 words)

 DLIST mailing lists
Users in general will only interact with the list by sending emails, either directly to the list to be 'posted' or to the listname-request address if they wish to join the list or send it commands.
If set, when users join the list they will be asked to respond with a specific cookie (number) to prove they are real humans, this setting prevents people from subscribing other people or worse other lists to an existing list.
When a post comes in for the list the message is forwarded to the moderator, who then must post it again to the list.
netwinsite.com /surgemail/help/dlist.htm   (2771 words)

 Capital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
In South Africa for example the administrative capital is Pretoria the legislative capital is Cape Town while the judicial capital is Bloemfontein.
In the past often a capital was place where the various economic forms of capital were concentrated for easier protection.
Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, Albert of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, List of physicist, List of topics lists, List of mathematics topics, Prince consort, Joseph Duffy, Pennsylvania dutch, Jean Arthur, Daniel Drew, Lope de Aguirre, Culture Wars, Beeching Axe, Heidelberg Appeal, Laura Blundy, The Constant Nymph, Danish pastry, Mr.
www.freeglossary.com /Capital   (661 words)

 XS11 Mail List: Guidelines and Netiquette
When you join a list, monitor the messages for a few days to get a feel for what common questions are asked, and what topics are deemed off limits.
Sometimes people share parts of their lives with the list such as the birth of a child, report of an injury, etc.
We have a lot of fun with the XS11 list and we are all in the debt of Greg Freeman who administrates the list for many years.
www.xs11.com /maillistguidelines.shtml   (1420 words)

 List of countries with multiple capitals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some countries have multiple capitals; often one city is the seat of government while the other is the legal capital.
Tel Aviv served as the temporary de facto capital of Israel from May to December 1948.
In Germany, the highest judiciary organs (Bundesgerichtshof and Bundesverfassungsgericht) are located in Karlsruhe, whereas the nation's political capital is Berlin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_multiple_capitals   (247 words)

 Common Showy Flowers, Shrubs and Trees of the Santa Rosa Plateau
This is very confusing to a beginner, who is usually overwhelmed by the large list in trying to identify a few plants of interest.
This is easily done by removing the large numbers of species on the list that are not likely to be encountered, as well as the ones not of interest to the beginner.
Although it is difficult for a beginner to use such a list initially, once you start to get familiar with a few families you will discover that this is absolutely the best way to present such a list.
tchester.org /srp/plants/list/common.html   (1091 words)

 FileForum | Animated States and Capitals
There are multiple levels of difficulty and the student can work using all the states or just western, central or eastern regions.
The learn the capitals section lets the student see the state name and choose it's capital, see the capital name and choose it's state, or see a state on the map and click on the name of it's capital.
The capitals section of the program is available in the registered version of the program.
fileforum.betanews.com /detail/Animated_States_and_Capitals/971553862/1   (220 words)

 SQAtester.com - GUI Test Checklist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
List boxes are always white background with fl text whether they are disabled or not.
If there is a 'View' or 'Open' button beside the list box then double clicking on a line in the List Box, should act in the same way as selecting and item in the list box, then clicking the command button.
In drop down list boxes, assure that the list and each entry in the list can be accessed via appropriate key / hot key combinations.
www.sqatester.com /documentation/GUIchecklist.htm   (2218 words)

 Thesis Office Checklist
Page numbers are centered at the bottom of the page in the same font and size used for the body.
LIST of TABLES (etc.) optional - is listed before any Chapters, the list itself follows the Table of Contents and uses Roman numeral page numbers.
Chapters require a new page, with chapter number in Arabic numerals, centered, with the title on the next double space line and centered in capitals with a 2” top margin.
www.csulb.edu /web/library/guide/serv/checklist.html   (1437 words)

 The REXX Macros Toolbox -- Brief Descriptions of The Edit Macros
If a hyperlink fails and has capital letter in the link, retry the link without capitals as UNIX servers do not equate capital and lowercase letters, so files are stored in AOL with lowercase letters.
This macro is particularly useful for trapping directory listings, and HELP information from PC's into an edit file where they can be scrolled back and forth and read easier.
List of proper nouns, names, places is within the code.
www.mvps.org /dmcritchie/rexx/nclist.htm   (5444 words)

 MedlinePlus: Search Help
For multiple words, you must use put a + sign in front of every word you want to be in every document.
The results are listed in descending order of relevance.
For multiple words, you must use put a + sign in front of every word you want to match.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/searchtips.html   (1358 words)

 WebCT: creating quizzes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Multiple choice: students select either one or multiple correct answers to a question.
From the Available until drop-down lists, select the month, day, year, hour, and minute the quiz is no longer available to students.
To release the quiz to one or multiple students, next to each student to whom you want to release the quiz, select the check box.
web.uvic.ca /comped/online/webcth   (3716 words)

 Mailing Lists - DList
NB: You must make DSMTP reload after changing DList lists so that it can create the aliases that it needs for the lists (check for them in the file aliases.dml in the work directory).
NB: no matter what domain a mailing list is on, you will find its drop file in the main directory's drop_path (not in the vdomain drop_path), as set by the dmail.conf drop_path setting.
For this to work the access_post setting for the list in lists.dat must be set to 'Password' and the list password setting must match the password given in the approve line, e.g.
netwinsite.com /dmail/dlist.htm   (2495 words)

 Countries and Capitals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The administrative capital of Bolivia is La Paz while the legislative and judicial (constitutional) capital is Sucre.
Although the official capital is still the city of Colombo, many of the governmental functions are centered in Sri Jayawardenepura, a suburb of Colombo.
Although Tanzania’s official capital is Dodoma, where the legislature is centered, most of the other functions (governmental, commercial and administrative functions) are centered in Dar is Salaam.
aol.countrywatch.com /@school/countries_and_capitals.htm   (350 words)

 World of Warcraft : Review of World of Warcraft for PC and Mac at MMORPG.COM
Multiple characters may be created, but characters on the same server must all be on the same side.
Orgrimmar, the Horde capital, is in Kalimdor, while the Alliance capital of Ironforge is in the Eastern Kingdoms.
Raids are possible, but it will take a large, well-organized raid party just to journey to the opposing alliance’s capital, let alone to successfully assault it.
www.mmorpg.com /gamelist.cfm/setview/review/gameID/15   (1263 words)

 Resources on the Internet
For most lists, there is already a great deal of subscriber overlap and except for the most esoteric mixes (say “-stable and -scsi”), there really is no reason to post to more than one list at a time.
The purpose of this list is to serve as a coordination and discussion forum for the Bugmeister, his Bugbusters, and any other parties who have a genuine interest in the PR database.
For the purpose of this list we define embedded systems as those computing devices which are not desktops and which usually serve a single purpose as opposed to being general computing environments.
www.freebsd.org /doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/eresources.html   (3210 words)

 Bush say: 4 more years ? - Movie-List Forums
They were then given a ballot to fill out, but that ballot will only be counted after it is confirmed that the person is an eligible voter in that precinct, which, obviously, could take some time.
These votes are then sealed and sent to the president of the Senate, who on Jan. 6 opens and reads the votes in the presence of both houses of Congress.
The Electoral College is a block, or weighed, voting system that is designed to give more power to the states with more votes, but allows for small states to swing an election, as happened in 1876.
www.movie-list.com /forum/showthread.php?p=90018   (2159 words)

 World Capitals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
In politics, a (also called capital city or political capital — although the latter phrase has a second meaning based on an alternative sense of “capital”) is the principal city or town associated with a country’s government.
The Netherlands: Amsterdam is the constitutional national capital even though the Dutch government, parliament and supreme court are all located in The Hague.
World Capitals is proudly powered by WordPress and ChaoticSoul (by Bryan Veloso)
www.world-capitals.com   (706 words)

 GUI Testing Checklist
Try to overflow the text by typing to many characters - should be stopped Check the field width with capitals W. Enter invalid characters - Letters in amount fields, try strange characters like +, - * etc. in All fields.
order with the exception of blank/none which is at the top or the bottom of the list box.
Errors on continue will cause user to be returned to the tab and the focus should be on the field causing the error.
members.tripod.com /~bazman/checklist.html   (2982 words)

 extended_playlist_1.1.zip - FileFront.com
The main reason for the creation of this mod was to allow dynamic playlists through multiple servers.
When you make a post, please ensure it is in the relevant section and is clearly titled.
Do not post threads in all capitals since this is considered akin to shouting and is not necessary.
files.filefront.com /extended_playlist_11zip/;5365957;;/fileinfo.html   (436 words)

 UCMP Web Lift Instructions
Selecting one of these goups will display a list of subgroups at left, listed alphabetically not phylogenetically.
An item listed in capitals and BOLD will display a list in the left-hand window -- these are groups too large to simply list here at right.
This has been done to avoid the confusion of multiple common names, and because many groups (particularly fossils) have no common names.
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /help/index/instructions.html   (160 words)

 A List Apart: Articles: To Hell with WCAG 2
I advise you to simply send mail to public-comments-wcag20@w3.org and read the archives of that mailing list (where it’s impossible to tell exactly who submitted what comment via the WAI form).
There’s a lengthy omnibus list of comments received via the WAI form.
The process is stacked in favour of multinationals with expense accounts who can afford to talk on the phone for two hours a week and jet to world capitals for meetings.
alistapart.com /articles/tohellwithwcag2   (4313 words)

 Digital History
This site, created by the Association for the Preservation of Virginian Antiquities, provides a brief history of Jamestown, a list of early settlers, and a timeline of events leading up to the settlement of Jamestown.
A chronology listing important events in the history of emancipation during the Civil War.
This is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War; a list of regiments in both the Union and Confederate Armies; identifications and descriptions of 384 significant battles of the war;
www.digitalhistory.uh.edu /historyonline/annot_links_list.cfm   (3432 words)

 SuperKids Review of The Advanced Scholar's U.S. Capitals.
The Advanced Scholar’s US Capitals is a solid program with a clear and attainable mission.
The program is set up to teach geography and capitals in a game show manner, which kept SuperKids' young users interested and intellectually involved in the program.
It is perfect for the child who enjoys learning classroom material outside of the classroom as well the kid who likes or needs supplements to classroom lessons.
www.superkids.com /aweb/pages/reviews/geograph/1/capitals/merge.shtml   (293 words)

 Kids Domain Reviews - Advanced Scholar - U.S. Capitals
It goes beyond state capitals to include state flowers and birds, annexation dates and historical facts.
It taught him the location of each capital as well as the correct spelling.
It also showed him how to match the capital with the correct state on a blank map.
www.kidsdomain.com /reviews/kdr/uscapitals.html   (250 words)

 Word Lists - Additional word lists for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3, Crossword Factory 3 and Word Search Factory 3.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
I recommend the Basic Facts Lite program to all my parents so that they can generate worksheets or "sample tests" that mirror those used in class.
Download the compressed (zipped) word list file to your hard drive, uncompress (unzip) it, and place it in your Word Lists folder which is located by default in the Schoolhouse Technologies folder which in turn is located by default in the My Documents folder (My Documents\Schoolhouse Technologies\Word Lists).
Word list collection put together by Klaus E in Koeln, Germany.
www.schoolhousetech.com /products/extras/wordlists.htm   (168 words)

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