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Topic: List of national anthems

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 List of national anthems - Simple English Wikipedia
This list shows the country on the left, the national anthem in the middle, and the meaning in English on the right.
Azerbaijan - National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Argentina - Himno Nacional Argentino (Argentine National Anthem) /wiki/List_of_national_anthems   (1197 words)

Particularly well known are national anthems; see List of national anthems for a list of these.
An anthem is a song of praise or gladness, usually acting as a symbol for a certain group of people.
In religious worhip an anthem is a short composition based on scripture to be sung by a choir. /lookup/encyclopedia/an/Anthem.html   (121 words)

 List of national anthems : National anthem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Check for List of national anthems : National anthem in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
Search for List of national anthems : National anthem in other articles.
Look for List of national anthems : National anthem in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video. /wiki/List_of_national_anthems_:_National_anthem   (187 words)

 National anthem - Simple English Wikipedia
A national anthem is a song that the people of a country use to remember and respect their country.
This page was last changed at 15:57, 8 October 2005. /wiki/National_Anthem   (55 words)

 List of national anthems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National Anthems of the USSR and Union Republics
Dependent areas are listed only if they have an anthem separate from or in addition to that of their mother country.
National Anthem of the Republic of China (National Banner Song is used as the alternate anthem at international events such as the Olympic Games) /wiki/List_of_national_anthems   (1118 words)

 National Anthems
Music from around the world, multiple midi versions of national anthems, choose countries from A-Z, lyrics to most anthems available, images of as many as 10 different sizes and designs (some animated) of flags from a country available for viewing and copying.
National Anthems of Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe from National
National anthems of the world - Nationalhymnen - himnos nacionales. /anthems.html   (389 words)

 National Anthems
The sentiments of national anthems vary, from prayers for the monarch to allusions to nationally important battles or uprisings. site is dedicated to national anthems in mp3 of countries and territories.
National Anthem hymn or song expressing patriotic sentiment and either governmentally authorized as an official national hymn or holding that position in popular feeling.   (399 words)

 MSN Encarta - List of Items - National Anthems – countries of Asia
MSN Encarta - List of Items - National Anthems – countries of Asia /refedlist_210056891_13/Japan.html   (13 words)

 National Anthems, Hymns, Patriotic and Folk Songs
National Anthem of the Former Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.
Das Lied der Deutschen - "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles …" - The National Anthem of Weimar Germany and Germany of the Third Reich [1922-1945] - Predecessor State of The German Democratic Republic and The Federal Republic of Germany.
The 1998 Finnish stamp honoring the 150 anniversary of the poem that became the national anthem. /slav/national_anthems.html   (2433 words)

 Romania National Anthem : Romania
See live article   List of national anthems A national anthem is a generally patriotic musical composition that is formally recognized by a country's government as their state's official national song.
List of national anthems -     Home Encylopedia Directory eShowcase Sitemap Privacy Contact Us Enyclopedia Home
During the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, with the rise of the national state, most countries... /132-Romania-National-Anthem.html   (1011 words)

 Russian Anthems museum
National Anthemsanthems from almost every nation; mostly in MIDI format, but MP3s and lyrics for some countries as well.
Four years later, Alexandrov rewrote this music for the national anthem contest, and it was chosen for the anthem.
The music was used for the Anthem of Russia (1991). /index-en.html   (6694 words)

 Viva Resorts
List of national anthems Category:National anthems Category:Mozambique pt:Viva, Viva a FRELIMO
In 1992, however, multi-party elections were held, and the lyrics to the song were removed, as they were felt to be innapropriate in a democratic country.
The same tune was retained, and ''Pátria Amada'' became Mozambique's national anthem on April 30, 2002. /trips/218/viva-resorts.html   (1082 words)

 National Recording Registry - National Recording Preservation Board (Library of Congress)
Note: this is a national list and many of the items listed are housed in collections across the country.
He came into national prominence in 1949 with the launch of his crusades to major U.S. cities and around the world.
The All-Stars are the house band of Fania Records, one of the U.S.'s most significant Latin music record labels. /rr/record/nrpb/nrpb-masterlist.html   (9525 words)

Here's a list of national anthems around the world.
Toni Smith, a Manhattanville College senior and basketball player, has been turning her back on the flag during the playing of the national anthem for the past several weeks.
He said he found standing for the anthem unacceptable to his religious beliefs and he said that the flag was a symbol of oppression and that the country had a long history of tyranny. /articles/printerfriendly/2003-02-28-flagprotest.shtml   (1085 words)

 National Anthem Yugoslavia
The national anthem of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia shall be...
The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia shall have a flag, a national anthem, and a coat-of-arms...
Discusses the turbulent history of the national anthem of Poland, which is shared by Yugoslavia. /national-anthem-yugoslavia.html   (269 words)

 National Memorial Day Concert . The Performers PBS
The National Symphony is particularly distinguished for its commitment to the music and musicians of this country, exemplified through several innovative projects, among them the American Residency program, which has so far taken the National Symphony to 13 states performing concerts and providing educational services, with all proceeds benefiting artistic organizations in the local states.
The National Symphony Orchestra of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, under the music direction of Leonard Slatkin, is recognized not only nationally but internationally as well, and is considered one of the world's finest ensembles.
In 2004, Mantegna was named Chairperson for the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs. /memorialdayconcert/concert/performers.html   (3062 words)

 Contemporary Review: National Anthems of the World - Book Review
While British people assume that a national anthem is a thing fixed forever, in many countries of the world anthems change with alarming frequency.
The editors have also revised and updated the list of National Days and it is interesting to note that in the U.K. where we have none, they have chosen The Queen's birthday (21 April), a perfectly suitable choice.
Since the last edition in 1997, some countries such as Cape Verde and Micronesia have adopted new anthems while others, such as the Russian Federation, have reverted to the old anthem of the U.S.S.R., albeit with different words. /p/articles/mi_m2242/is_1643_281/ai_96210771   (297 words)

 LINGUIST List 7.1435: Multilingual national anthems, Serbian Lx, Korean
My interest is not limited to officially-defined national anthems, of which every country theoretically has at most one; any songs of patriotic content will do.
I am familiar with the two versions of the Canadian national anthem and five versions of the Swiss national anthem (German, French, Italian, Sursilvan, and Engadine).
Steven Schaufele, multilingual national anthems and patriotic songs /linguist/issues/7/7-1435.html   (530 words)

 list of all national parks
Saguaro is one of the closest of our national parks to a major city.
Here is a list of all 387 units, organized by designation, with the state(s) or territory where they are located.
Okinawa (Southern Islands) Iriomote National Park All text is available under the terms of the GNU... /listofallnationalparks   (1236 words)

 Ratings About Belize National Anthem
Complete information on all national anthems, and anthems of other.
National anthem Land of the Free Internet International dialing code 501 edit Belize is a small nation.
Isle of Man National Anthem) Israel Hatikvah (The Hope) Italy Il Canto degli Italiani (the Song of the. /cancunbel/belize-national-anthem.html   (323 words)

PLEASE NOTE: Foreign national anthems are subject to change without notice, therefore all foreign National Anthems must be verified for accuracy by the Navy Band Tape Library prior to use.
The music files on this website are intended for official use by Department of Defense and U.S. government offices only.
Click on a region on the map, or select from the list below. /anthems/national_anthems.htm   (112 words)

 National Anthems tickets - National Anthems information - London
Set in Detroit, Michigan, and played in real time, National Anthems takes us to the heart of 80's suburban America, and is at once a searing critique of suburban values and a hard-hitting parable about the American dream.
Click here for a current list of Broadway shows and Broadway ticket discounts.
National Anthems tickets - National Anthems information - London /content/show.cfm/show/108132   (208 words)

national anthems, flags and indexes are included to guide your research.
Most national anthems linked with permission of National by David Kendall.
Lists do not reflect the legitimacy of leaders or governments.   (196 words)

 List of national an... - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" title="Special:Search/List of national an...">Search for List of national an... /project/wikipedia/index.php/List_of_national_an...   (100 words)

 Encyclopedia Search
of Chile The Himno Nacional de Chile (National...Chile (National
) Three Principles of the People...of the national
has been a hybrid song combining verses from the national /search.php?searWords=Anthem   (116 words)

 epulse 4.21 [o]
Many anthems, however, stand out by virtue of their musical distinction.
Indeed, the Mauritanian National Anthem is arguably the most exotic sounding of all 230, with India's running a close second.
Three anthems fall between the cracks of tonality with their strong modal profiles (Japan, Algeria and Muritania). /epulse/98/may/05_29_98.html   (3117 words)

 National Anthems
I think that the Star-Spangled Banner is a better national anthem because it speaks to the spirit of the country rather than the land.
However, although the anthem is stirring, the words are a celebration of an American military defeat of the British.
If you are talking about national anthem verses that have fallen by the wayside God Save The Queen has had many fifth verses that have come and gone over the years. /blog/archives/003831.html   (3998 words) National Anthems: Books
National Anthems is a pretty sarcastic story of our time.
"National Anthems" premiered at The Old Vic Theatre, London, in February 2005.
It is a parable of American materialism that sees the action played out over real time, as tensions between the three characters inevitably intensify. /exec/obidos/ASIN/0571227562   (350 words)

 Are you envious because I am generous? Matt 20.15
But the reason I mention this is that the second on the list of possible National Anthems was "Waltzing Matilda" from a poem by A. (Banjo) Patterson.
There are still some who think that this should be our National Anthem rather than the one chosen.
One may well wonder what a poem about a couple dancing has to do with reflecting a national psyche, but all is not what it seems. /frsparky/058g02.htm   (1115 words)

 list of us national parks
more infos for "list of us national parks" dominican republic tourism round the world travel tax breaks for homebased travel agent business adventure travel pensacola rental cars florida discount...
Sierra Club s DPS Peaks List Second Desert Peaks List California s Death Valley National Park US Fourteeners US State Summits US National Parks Go Global: Canada s Thirteeners Alaska...
listening on line canadian national job bank children ministry... /listofusnationalparks   (1128 words)

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