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Topic: List of national constitutions

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 List, The National System of Political Economy, Book IV, Chapter 35: Library of Economics and Liberty
Some desire that their national territory should be determined according to the requirements of their metropolis without regard to language, commerce, race, and so forth, in such a way that the metropolis should be situated in the centre and be protected as much as possible against foreign attacks.
Nations at this time pursue their own interests and sympathies by means of alliances of those who are like-minded and have like interests against the interests and tendencies which conflict with theirs.
Further causes of antipathy between the nations are, at the present time, the diversity of their interests in respect to manufactures, commerce, navigation, naval power, and colonial possessions, also the difference in their degrees of civilisation, of religion, and of political condition. /library/YPDBooks/List/lstNPE35.html   (3321 words)

 wiki/Weimar Germany Definition / wiki/Weimar Germany Research
List of Weimar statesThis is a list of states of Germany in the Weimar Republic era, from 1919 to 1933.
On October 28, 1918, the 1871 constitution was finally amended to make the Reich a parliamentary democracyA parliamentary system, or parliamentarism, is distinguished by the executive branch of government being dependent on the direct or indirect support of the parliament, often expressed through a vote of confidence.
The constitution provided that in the event of the death or resignation of the president, the Reichskanzler (Chancellor) would assume the office (and crucially then possess its powers) pending the election of a new president. /wiki/Weimar_Germany   (7243 words)

 List of national constitutions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saudi Arabia (The Qur'an is regarded as the constitution of Saudi Arabia)
Uncodified constitution means that constitutional laws are not all contained in one single document but spread out over several different documents.
This page was last modified 12:00, 17 December 2005. /wiki/List_of_national_constitutions   (118 words)

 Encyclopedia topic: List of national constitutions
Australia (A nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent; aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago; first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colony)
Norway (A constitutional monarchy in northern Europe on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula; achieved independence from Sweden in 1905)
Canada (A nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada) (1982) /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_national_constitutions.htm   (968 words)

 National Constitutions, Foreign Trade Policy and European Community Law
Some constitutional lawyers have therefore concluded from the case-law that `nothing in the Constitution suggests that the rights of individuals in respect of foreign affairs are different from what they are in relation to other exercises of governmental power'...
Long-term constitutional limitations were designed to protect the general interests of the citizens against the short term interests of organized groups, which have a strong influence on the daily policy process.
If the constitutional concept of limited government was designed to exclude parliamentary supremacy and to confine all government powers to limited purposes in order to protect the people against arbitrary interferences with their rights, should it not also be observed whenever trade policy taxes and restricts domestic consumers (e.g. /journal/Vol3/No1/art1-01.html   (5790 words)

 Denver City Council Declares Resolution to Defend National and State Constitutions @ Stanley for U.S. Senate 2002 Colorado - "This time make your vote count!"
I am on that list, and I demand that the entire list be released to the public immediately, so the citizens of Denver can judge whether these files are appropriate and whether the Denver Police Department has once again stepped over the line and violated the peoples’ trust.
This procession was to honor the list of murdered men at the hands of the Denver police in recent years (see media release dated March 13, 2002 entitled “Stanley to Join Denver CopWatch Memorial Procession”).
The city council of Denver has made a resolution defending the state and federal constitutions, and publicly stated that our civil rights and liberties are not to be violated in Denver by the police. /releases/release3_19_02.htm   (484 words)

 Native American Rights Fund
Constitution and By-Laws of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
Constitution and Bylaws of the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe, Nevada
Constitution of the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians /nill/triballaw/onlinedocs.htm   (1063 words)

 list of national constitutions Information
The most likely reason our database doesn't have the information on list of national constitutions is because our editors haven't gotten around to finalizing it yet.
For now you may want to try list of national constitutions at [] for information.
If you are in urgent need of finding information on this subject you may want to click one of the links found on this page for list of national constitutions or do a search at google. /list_of_national_constitutions.html   (102 words) - webarchiv info. This website is for sale!
Reference to any specific service or trade mark is not controlled by Sedo or domain owner and does not constitute or imply its association, endorsement or recommendation. /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_national_constitutions.html   (70 words)

 Constitutional Law - International
Constitution of the Republic of Armenia from Hayknet
From the Constitution Finder At the University of Richmond School of Law.
Constitution of the Principality of Andorra (In English) /forint/alpha/c/constitutionallaw.htm   (222 words)

 Constitution Finder
We would appreciate both your direction to internet sites where other constitutions may be found and your contribution of the texts of constitutions not yet accessible on the Internet.
This database offers constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents.
Nations of the world are linked to their constitutional text posted somewhere on the Internet.   (105 words)

A list of delegates, officials and advisers who took part in the Conference is at Annex A. An invitation to attend the Conference was extended to the Leader of the Belizean Opposition and representatives of the United Democratic Party but this was declined.
The Constitution will contain a provision enabling the National Assembly to provide by law for such matters as the acquisition of citizenship by persons who are not eligible to become citizens under the Constitution, the deprivation of citizenship, and the renunciation of citizenship.
The Judges of the Supreme Court shall be the Chief Justice and such number of Judges of that Court as the National Assembly may determine. /cons/belize.htm   (15264 words)

 The Education of Children and Youth with Special Needs: What do the Laws Say? (ND15)
State constitutions and laws may go beyond what is provided in the federal law, as long as there is no conflict between them, and as long as state laws do not address areas reserved to the federal government, such as providing for the nation's defense.
The primary purpose of this Act is to assist states in developing comprehensive, consumer-oriented programs of technology-related assistance, and to increase the availability of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities and their families.
Because these laws are so important to ensuring the rights of those with disabilities, you should become familiar with both the laws and their regulations. /pubs/outprint/nd15txt.htm   (7972 words)

 IPL Ready Reference Collection: Constitutions & Treaties In Force
The text of the constitutions is in English unless otherwise noted.
National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus
Includes Preamble, Articles I-VII (The Legislative Branch, the Presidency, the Judiciary, the States, the Amendment Process, Legal Status of the Constitution, Ratification), and Amendments I-XXVII, as well as list of signers. /ref/RR/static/gov6060.20.html   (718 words)

Co-operatives, trade unions and all socio-economic organisations of a national character are entitled to participate in the various management and decision-making processes of the States and particularly in the political, economic, social and cultural sectors of national life.
There shall be a National Congress of Local Democratic Organs which shall have responsibility for representing the interests of local government in Guyana and such other duties and functions as may be assigned to it by this Constitution or by any other law.
All questions as to membership of the National Assembly shall be determined by the High Court in accordance with the provisions of article 163. /cons/guyana.htm   (15410 words)

 National Constitutions
Because of the phrasing, the court decided that the list of example groups were exemplars rather than an exhaustive list and concluded that you couldn't discriminate against gays, either.
The constitution declared that everyone was entitled to equality before the law, and gave a few examples of groups that could not be discriminated against.
(The use of a clause from the constitution by a province that had not signed the constitution was considered by many to be equivalent to signing the document.) :33. /group/   (783 words)

 National Constitution Center: Constitutions Around the World
The new constitutions tend to be much longer than the American one, because they govern more institutions (like central banks, administrative agencies, cabinet-level offices, and the military) and because they include more rights (not only a more extensive list of civil and political rights, but also increasingly social, cultural and economic rights as well).
Poland adopted its first written constitution in the spring of 1791; France followed with its first written constitution later that year and went through four constitutions in the 1790s alone.
But it was neither the first constitution of a general government, nor the first written constitution. /explore/ThreePerspectivesontheConstitution/ConstitutionsAroundtheWorld.shtml   (549 words)

 Constitutions of Greece and Neighboring Countries
Constitution of the Hellenic Republic in English and Greek from the old Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs site as archived on HR-Net and in Greek in PDF format and two layouts (PDF1, PDF2) from the Hellenic National Press site.
Also: List of Turkish Laws Violating Free Expression and excerpts and commentary.
Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria at the University of Hamburg (Mirror at MIT). /docs/constitutions.html   (128 words)

 FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Constitutional Law: Constitutions of the World
Constitutions of the Americas Constitutions of North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean.
Constitutions of the Americas From Georgetown's Center for Latin American Studies.
FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Constitutional Law: Constitutions of the World /01topics/06constitutional/03forconst   (394 words)

 United States Constitution Internet Activities and Links
Explanations of the features of the Constitution as they have been developed through cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States.
The Constitution of the United States of America: Text and Annotations
The Constitution of the United States of America /instru/govecon/const0.htm   (127 words)

 Religious Rights - National Constitutions
The texts of national constitutions were analyzed and reproduced on the basis of the information provided by the International Constitutional Law (ICL) project at the University of Wuerzburg/Germany.
Religious Rights are, on the most fundamental level, implemented in national constitutions or constitution acts.
To strenghten a comparative perspective in social science research on governance in multi-faith societies as well as in policy-making, UNESCO's MOST Programme has collected constitutional provisions pertaining to the rights to non-discrimination and equality, to the freedom of religion or belief, and to the rights of persons belonging to religious minorities. /most/rr2nat.htm   (141 words)

 1976 Definition / 1976 Research
The Security Council held its first session on January 17, 1946, at Church House, London and the decisions of the Council are known as UN Security Council...
The Army was formed on June 14, 1775, before the establishment of the United States, to meet the demands of the American Revolutionary War....
[click for more] - UN Security CouncilThe United Nations Security Council is the most powerful organ of the United Nations. /1976   (1735 words)

 National Constitutions in the Era of Integration by International Association of Constitutional Law Staff, New, Used Books, Cheap Prices, ISBN 904119696X
National Constitutions in the Era of Integration covers a number of diverse nation-state constitutional approaches to the phenomenon of integration and various integration processes in the contemporary world.
National Constitutions in the Era of Integration is an exception.
National Constitutions in the Era of Integration (By International Association of Constitutional Law Staf) /detail/904119696X.html   (464 words)

 List of national constitutions Info - Bored Net - Boredom
List of national constitutions Info - Bored Net - Boredom /e/n/encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_national_constitutions.html   (28 words)

 Weidenbaum Center, National Parliaments Websites
The National Conference of State Legislatures provides an excellent guide to the web sites of state legislatures in the United States.
Venezuelan National Assembly and Congress of the Republic
Algerian National People's Assembly and Council of the Nation /parliaments.html   (121 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of national constitutions
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View the list of NGOs under UNFPA Country Office in Nepal
Information on main funding sources for last 3 years and amount of funding received per source in each fiscal year :
Application form for NGO Accreditation with UNFPA Country Office in Nepal /NSC/Content/NGOs?do=1   (94 words)

 List of national constitutions
More List of national constitutions articles & pheeds /info/guide/l/li/list_of_national_constitutions.html   (29 words)

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