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Topic: List of national flags

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 List of flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National flags can be viewed inside the Gallery of national flags or List of national flags.
The images of national flags are originally based on the public domain flags of the CIA World Factbook, though most of the flags have had their colours improved and many have been resized to their proper ratios.
Flag of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) /wiki/List_of_flags

 List of flags of subnational entities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Often, the flags listed below have two meanings.
(Redirected from List of not fully sovereign nations)
Saint Piran 's Flag, the flag of Cornwall /List_of_not_fully_sovereign_nations

 Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada, List of the 100 largest cities in Canada by population, List of Canadian cities by region.
The use of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol dates back to the early 18th century, and is depicted on its current and previous flags, the penny, and on the coat of arms.
Anything pertaining to ice hockey, Canada's official winter sport, is also often used as a national symbol of unity and pride; lacrosse is the official summer sport. /wiki/Canada

 Flag of Uzbekistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The flag of Uzbekistan was adopted on November 18, 1991. /index.php/Flag_of_Uzbekistan

 Flag of Ethiopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Flag of Ethiopia was adopted on February 6, 1996.
This flag has more than one thousand years of history.
Many Ethiopians don't recognize the blue disc and the emblem, it only came later with "woyane" who led the ethiopians to severe poverty and famine. /index.php/Flag_of_Ethiopia

 National flag
For a list of national flags, see the List of national flags.
For example, certain national flags, such as the flag of the United States, should never be flown upside down except as a call for help and a recognizable distress signal.
Aircraft operated by a particular nation typically have an image of the national flag (or a stylized variation) painted prominently on the hull. /n/na/national_flag.html

 National Flags - Stirpes
Flag of the Ukrainian National Republic of 1917-18
The portuguese national flag is a 2:3 rectangle divided vertically into green at the hoist (2/5 of the flag’s length) and red at the fly (3/5).
In 1950, the flag was reintroduced by the German Parliament as the official symbol for the Federal Republic of Germany. /showthread.php?t=2825

 List of Flags - Battle Flag Day Book
National flag, Ninth infantry; extract from history of regiment: "On the 22d of May (1863) in line with the whole army of the Tennessee the regiment went first up to the assault.
National flag, Third infantry; inscribed: "Blue Mills, Shiloh," "Siege of Corinth, Matamora," "Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson." This flag was captured before Atlanta, July 22, 1864, by Cleburne's division, and presented by Cleburne to Miss Laura J. Massengale (now Mrs.
National flag, Fifteenth infantry; inscribed: "Shiloh, Siege of Corith, Iuka, Corinth, Nicka Jack, July 4th, 5th, and 7th, 1864. /Pubinfo/BattleFlag/flagb8.htm

 Grades by name of country
The star is very well placed with regard to the shape of the whole flag, but the overall design is just somehow lacking in zest.
Appears to have been designed by a committee all of whom had stupid ideas for pictures of extra things to put on the flag.
Best features of this flag stolen from Syria. /~josh/flags/alpha.html

 World Flag Database: Welcome
This is a complete list of all the countries, territories and sub-national regions covered by the database.
It covers Britain's various national flags and the protocol governing their use, the Royal Arms and Royal Standards, military flags and Colours, flags at sea, Britain's rank insignia and much more.
The flags include the national and state flags, ensigns, and sub-national flags.

 Brazil flags and the states or provinces in Brazil
You may return to the list of “Brazilian” flags or scroll up and down this page to see the other flags in this section.
Here are the lists of world-flag indexes if you want to go to another section or to repeat a previous unit. /worldflags-large/world-flags-large-Brazil.html

 Flag of Zambia - Pictures
The flag of Zambia was adopted in October 24, 1964.
This page was last modified 12:59, 2 Sep 2004. /Flag_of_Zambia

 Flag of Nauru - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The white star below the yellow line signifies Nauru 's geographical position just south of the Equator. /Flag_of_Nauru

 Buy national flags here.
I f you don't see the flag you want here check the stock list, which may list newly arrived flags not yet illustrated on the website, or just make an enquiry.
National Flags A to E : National Flags F to L : National Flags M to R : National Flags S to Z : UK Flags : Fun / Other Flags : Non-national Flags : Car Flags : American Flags : US State Flags : European Football:
Our range includes national flags, UK regions and counties, American States, Pirate and other 'fun' flags and you can have flags made to your own design.

 Flag of North Korea - Pictures
The national flag and ensign of North Korea was adopted on September 8, 1948.
The famous red star of Communism can be seen on this flag on a white disk, which may relate to the yin yang symbol, which is a symbol used in Korean culture.
The blue stripes connote "The aspiration of the Korean people to unite with the revolutionary people of the whole world and fight for the victory of the idea of independence, friendship and peace." /Flag_of_North_Korea

 WQ #7: National Flags
Fifth, make a list of flags, names of the countries, colors that are used in the flag (color names in Spanish, in case if you don’t know the exact name, look them up with an online dictionary (D)), and the meanings.
Flags Of The World: National Flags around the world
At school, while you were decorating the flags of countries around the world, you started wondering about the meanings of the flags: each county uses different colors, shapes, or designs and gives different meanings for them. /spanishEnhance/webquests/questhtml/webquest7.html

 Flag of Nepal - Enpsychlopedia
The national flag of Nepal is the only non-rectangular national flag.
The flag was adopted, with the formation of a new constitutional government, on December 16, 1962.
The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants from different branches of the previous rulers, the Rana dynasty. /psypsych/Flag_of_Nepal Flag of São Tomé and Príncipe Article
Gallery of national flags List of national coats of arms...
The flag of São Tomé and Príncipe was adopted on November 5, 1975.
Flag of São Tomé and Príncipe Article - /flag_of_sao_tome_and_principe.html

 info - national flags
The Six National Flags of Texas Six national flags have flown over Texas since the first European exploration of the region by Cortez in 1519.
National Flags A selection of images of some simple national flags.
National/Historical American Flags Page Index: The Stars and Stripes Other Federal Flags Flags of the Revolution Flags of the Confederate States of America The Stars and Stripes Betsy Ross Flag The 13 Star Flag... /national_flags.html

 Flags of the World EPS Collection - Country, Historic and Organization Flags
Flags of the World is an Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) collection of over 325 full-color international flags representing countries and states throughout the world.
Civil flags are flown by private citizens, indicated in this manual by the suffix 2.
Historic Flags - Significant Flags - Arab Revolt, Nazi, Marcus Garvey etc

 Flags and Maps of the World
Here you can view national flags and maps for countries of the world.
Maps and Flags of the World is based on information provided in the CIA World Factbook.
Welcome to Flags and Maps of the World (high graphics version). /forkids/mow

 Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911, Dave Kopel, Independence Institute
The national polls showed that the approve/disapprove gap for Bush was much larger in January 2001 than in the late summer of 2001.
The Saudi flights were screened by law enforcement officials, primarily the FBI, to ensure that people on these flights did not pose a threat to national security, and that nobody of interest to the FBI with regard to the 9/11 investigation was allowed to leave the country.
The list itself bears that out: More than 1,000 voters were matched with felons though they were of different races. /Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm

 It's an Honour - Awards and National Symbols
You can view the list of recipients who have agreed to have their details published on this website at Australian Bravery Decorations or use the Search Pages to retrieve specific recipients.
A list of the Australian citizens whose contribution have been honoured in The Queen's Birthday List is now available.
A list of Australian citizens whose contribution have been honoured in the Australia Day Honours List is now available.

 Country Profiles--MapMachine--Flags, Facts (National Geographic)
The 2004 National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eighth Edition, recognizes 192 independent nations.
United States ( see list of U.S. states)
All of these, plus U.S. states and Canadian provinces, are profiled in the Atlas— and right here. /mapmachine/countryprofiles.html

 Animated Flags of the World
Animated National flags and maps for countries of the world.
National Anthems of the World or State Song.
Animated Flags Free de all the countries of the world.

 Buy flags - ASTROflag stock list
This is THE most up to date list we have of our stock of polyester flags.
Unless otherwise stated all flags listed below are 5'x3' with upper and lower brass eyelets for hoisting and all flags are manufactured by printing on a polyester fabric.
You may see a flag here which is not on any of our other web pages. /flags_listing.shtml

 Flag of Yemen - Enpsychlopedia
The national flag of Yemen was adopted on May 22, 1990 the same day that North Yemen and South Yemen unified.
The pattern of red, white and black stripes was also present on the flags of North and South Yemen, and are traditional Arab colors found on the flags of Egypt, Syria, Iraq among others.
According to the official description, the red stands for the bloodshed of martyrs and unity; the white for a bright future; black for the dark past. /psypsych/Flag_of_Yemen

 List of national flags
See also: Gallery of flags, List of flags, National flag /l/li/list_of_national_flags.html

 Lists of flags - Art History Online Reference and Guide
List of flags of nations not fully sovereign
This list contains links to other lists of flags
Lists of flags - Your Art History Reference Guide! /art_history/Lists_of_flags

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