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Topic: List of network protocols

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  List of network protocols - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of individual network protocols, categorized by their nearest OSI model layers.
Protocol Encapsulation Chart - A PDF file illustrating the relationship between common protocols and the OSI Reference Model.
List of protocols – A very expansive list of protocols with examinations on many different types of protocols.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_network_protocols   (217 words)

 Encyclopedia: Internet Protocol
In computer networking and telecommunications, packet switching is a communications paradigm in which packets (messages or fragments of messages) are individually routed between nodes, with no previously established communication path.
The current and most popular network layer protocol in use today is IPv4; this version of the protocol is assigned version 4.
Internet protocols were first developed in the mid-1970s, when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) became interested in establishing a packet-switched network that would facilitate communication between dissimilar computer systems at research institutions.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Internet-Protocol   (1659 words)

 GNU/Mailman Administrator's Manual
When the list was created and you were assigned ownership of the list you should have received an automatically-generated message letting you know what your administrative password is, as well as directing you to the URLs needed to manage the list through your browser.
Because list membership is checked easily through the web, the list manager may not feel that it is necessary to know of all of the comings and goings of list members (especially on large lists with a lot of turnover).
List members: this is the traditional setting for most lists, allowing participants to see who the other people on the list are but blocking view to the general public.
staff.imsa.edu /~ckolar/mailman/mailman-administration-v2.html   (8595 words)

 Mailing List Etiquette FAQ
Also keep in mind, that with the proliferation of network indexing services, it is becoming easier all the time to quickly compile a personality profile of a network user based on what he or she posts, both to Usenet, and (currently to a lesser extent) on mailing lists.
Also, some lists are restricted to posts by subscribers only, and if the address you post from does not match the one you're subscribed under, your posting may be delayed for approval by the list owner.
Majordomo, in particular, supports a bounces list, to which bouncing addresses can be moved, and which will provide a daily reminder to addresses on the list that their status has changed.
www.gweep.ca /~edmonds/usenet/ml-etiquette.html   (3367 words)

 TCP/IP Resources List
List of enhancements to Comer's TCP code by Simon Ilyushchenko http://simonf.com/tcp/ On-line networking magazines : 1.
The [un]subscribe address is winsock-request@microdyne.com Info about various TCP/IP protocols originating from UNIX utilities, such as r-* services, lpd, and talk, can be found in a page I've written up for the purpose of concentrating the info at a single point.
The first is located at http://groups.yahoo.com/, and actually carries (and allows to create) mailing lists, the second is a a lists search engine located at http://www.liszt.com/, and the last is a directory of mailing lists located at http://paml.net/ 8.2 Network research sites and pages.
www.faqs.org /faqs/internet/tcp-ip/resource-list   (4317 words)

 Computer network - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A computer network is a system for communication among two or more computers.
Certain data-communication protocols hog the spotlight, but all of them have a lot in common.
What sets this book apart from others on this subject is the fact that the author supplements all of the discussion with data collected via diagnostic programs;...
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /computer_network.htm   (400 words)

 World Wide Web Mailing Lists
A public mailing list for technical discussion on the use and further development of web technology for collaboration, particularly wide-area and asynchronous collaboration.
This list is spam-protected, which means that before posting to it, you must subscribe to it.
It is explicitly intended for the collaborative design of new systems, software, protocols, and documentation which may be useful to the WWW developer community.
www.w3.org /Mail/Lists.html   (1541 words)

 Internet2: Presenters List
The author of many technical papers on operating systems, software and networking, his current research interests are in the design of advanced wide-area networks appropriate for supporting advanced university applications, network performance measurement and analysis, and application of advanced Internet functionality, such as quality of service and multicast protocols.
He is actively involved in the engineering of the new generation of the italian network and he has been one of the author of the project of the present one.
She is also the technical director of LARC (Laboratory of Computer Architecture and Networks) being responsible for management of research and development projects in the area of on-line business, information systems, network communication, multimedia and wireless networks, management and security.
events.internet2.edu /presenters.php   (16502 words)

 List of network protocols: Just the facts...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This is a list of individual network protocol (additional info and facts about network protocol) s, categorised by their nearest OSI model (additional info and facts about OSI model) layers.
Ethernet (A type of networking technology for local area networks; coaxial cable carries radio frequency signals between computers at a rate of 10 megabits per second)
FTP (Protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network) File Transfer Protocol
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_network_protocols.htm   (838 words)

 Network Protocols List
Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications
List Taxation and Accountancy specialists to the IT Contractor
Protocols will be listed in the window adjacent.
www.twofivesix.co.uk /network_protocols_list.html   (204 words)

 Annoyances.org - re: TCP/IP not listed in installable network protocols list (Windows Me Discussion Forum)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Check out "TIP #2: NetBEUI and/or IPX/SPX are not in the list of network protocols available" on this link:
TCP/IP not listed in installable network protocols list
Please do not plagiarize; redistributing these pages without permission is strictly prohibited.
www.annoyances.org /exec/forum/winme/1043470494   (193 words)

 List of network protocols in TutorGig Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A very expansive list of protocols with examinations on many different types of protocols.
Outdoor Living See all 7167 results in List of network protocols...
Computers See all 878 results in List of network protocols...
www.tutorgig.com /ed/List_of_network_protocols   (477 words)

 CFP list
Below is a list of calls for papers for conferences, journals, and other events relevant to our group (Wireless and Mobile Communications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands).
There is also a list of recent additions/updates and an archive of expired entries.
International Workshop on Wireless and Sensor Networks WSNET 2006, to be held in conjunction with International Conference on Parallel Processing ICPP 2006
dutetvg.et.tudelft.nl /~alex/CFP   (3553 words)

 TCP / IP Protocols: ICMP UDP FTP HTTP Reference Page
The Internet, an international Wide Area Network, uses TCP/IP to connect government and educational institutions across the world.
TCP/IP is also in widespread use on commercial and private networks.
Click the protocols on the map to see more details.
www.protocols.com /pbook/tcpip1.htm   (103 words)

 mozdev.org - preferential: preferences
This page contains an extensive list of Mozilla preferences, and is a HTML conversion of the information contained in the Preferential extension.
Comma-separated list of defined policies that are to be applied by default.
Copy important messages to the IRC network window as well as the window they appear in.
preferential.mozdev.org /preferences.html   (3270 words)

 Network Protocols   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A box will appear that will list the Network Protocols that are installed
In the Network Dialog that appears, click on the Protocols tab.
If a protocol that is needed is missing, then the user may have to use the "Add Button" to add it to the machine.
www.coade.com /cadworx/plant/3069.htm   (146 words)

 Protocols.com: | WAN, LAN, ATM |Ftp, Http, ICMP, UDP | Telecommunications
Protocols.com offers a comprehensive listing of data communications protocols, their functions in respect to the OSI model, the structure of the protocol and various errors and parameters.
For a full directory of protocols click here
Click here to visit our library of technical presentations and white papers about protocols and access password protected areas of the site.
www.protocols.com   (73 words)

 [No title]
This list specifies the port used by the server process as its contact port.
cab-protocol 595/tcp CAB Protocol cab-protocol 595/udp CAB Protocol # Winston Hetherington smsd 596/tcp SMSD smsd 596/udp SMSD # Wayne Barlow
ehtp 1295/tcp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol ehtp 1295/udp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol # Alexander Bogdanov dproxy 1296/tcp dproxy dproxy 1296/udp dproxy sdproxy 1297/tcp sdproxy sdproxy 1297/udp sdproxy # Raimond Diederik
www.iana.org /assignments/port-numbers   (11033 words)

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