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Topic: List of newspapers in Hong Kong

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

Keep in mind, though, that the downfall to these websites is that while many of these search engines will post jobs from nationwide or large corporations doing a major job search, many smaller hometown corporations or companies are not posting their open jobs this way.
The upside to searching for a job here is that daily print newspapers used to wait until Sunday to announce new jobs, while the online newspaper will post them as soon as an employer submits an entry.
If there is a certain company in your area that you think would have jobs available for your career or area of interest, it is a safe bet to go directly to their website.
www.jobs411.biz   (563 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Hong Kong   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hong Kong is on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta on the southeastern coast of China, facing the South China Sea in the south, and bordering Guangdong Province in the north.
The liberation of Hong Kong in 1945 was celebrated at the Cenotaph in Victoria with the raising of the Union Flag and the Flag of the Republic of China.
Hong Kong is 60 kilometres (37 miles) east of Macau, on the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta and borders the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Hong-Kong/Transnational-issues   (2149 words)

 Politics of Hong Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the PRC with a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign and defense affairs.
Hong Kong issues the HKSAR passport through its Immigration Department to all PRC citizens who are permanent residents of Hong Kong (permanent residency implies that they have the right of abode in Hong Kong).
Hong Kong residents who were not born in Hong Kong (and had not naturalised as a BDTC) could only apply for the Certificate of Identity (CI) from the colonial government as travel document.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Politics_of_Hong_Kong   (4194 words)

 List of newspapers in Hong Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Below is a list of newspapers in Hong Kong, categorized by language.
Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Sing Pao, Sing Tao and Wenweipao are all considered pro-Beijing and pro-government.
Hong Kong Economic Journal and Hong Kong Economic Times are business-oriented.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Newspapers_of_Hong_Kong   (413 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Hong Kong copyright law   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Basic Law of Hong Kong, its constitutional document, guarantees a high degree of autonomy and continuation of laws previously in force after its unification with Mainland China.
Hong Kong therefore continues to maintain a separate intellectual property regime from Mainland China.
Hong Kong is currently unique in the common law world for treating copying infringing materials differently between printed and non-printed materials.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Hong_Kong_copyright_law   (284 words)

 Hong Kong off SARS 'infected' list - The Advocate
HONG KONG - The World Health Organization took Hong Kong off its list of SARS-infected areas yesterday amid signs the global outbreak is ebbing, but Beijing, Taiwan and Toronto remained on the list as experts warned against relaxing precautions.
Hong Kong's chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa, said he was "of course happy" about the WHO announcement, but he expressed sadness over the nearly 300 SARS deaths in the territory and cautioned: "This could come again."
Hong Kong marked its removal from the WHO list with "unmasking" events at schools, street parties and other low-key events.
stamfordadvocate.com /technology/bal-te.outbreak24jun24,0,7575945.story   (499 words)

 List of newspapers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a list of newspapers, divided by country and region.
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Of all these newspapers, full content is available on the internet.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_newspapers   (269 words)

 rec.travel guide to Hong Kong
Hong Kong proper is on an island (the second-largest of the islands) just south of the southern tip of the peninsula.
Hong Kong is a British colony, so as you may expect, cars travel on the _left_ side of the road.
Hong Kong has a variety of plug outlets -- most are standardized on UK three-pin square sockets (13 amps), but you'll find all types of 2 and 3 pin sockets.
www.math.toronto.edu /~joel/hongkong.html   (11629 words)

 hong kong computer directory - China-Lifestyles.com
This hong kong computer and hong kong china directory page is your source for featured hong kong computer and information.
the method we've chosen, as is used on this hong kong computer topic area, is to present lists of links at the top of the page in handy "title only" form, while providing additional commentary for those who desire it, as footnotes.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK Traditional Chinese: is the second oldest of the eight universities in Hong Kong.
www.china-lifestyles.com /hong-kong-china/hong-kong-computer.php   (934 words)

 China List : Hong Kong China
Hong Kong leading dealers of antique Chinese furniture and handicrafts.Uncovering thefinest Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture and historical Chinese artifacts.
Consulate General of India in Hong Kong, with economic and general news, informationfor the Indian community, and trade and consular details.
China List excludes all liability of any kind (including negligence) in respect of any third party information or other material made available on, or which can be accessed using, this Website.
china-list.com /hongkongchina/index.php   (737 words)

 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Xianggang - geography, travel, economy, science, people, culture, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Situated on the south of the Chinese Guangdong (formerly Canton) province, the formerly British Dependent Territory of Hong Kong comprises of Victoria (commonly known as Hong Kong Island), the Kowloon Peninsula, the "New Territories", and 235 outlying islands.
Occupied by the UK in 1841, Hong Kong was formally ceded by China the following year; various adjacent lands were added later in the 19th century.
Hong Kong's First University, the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong, founded 1910.
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/hong_kong.htm   (872 words)

 Journey Woman - Best Books - Her Hong Kong Reading List...
The South China Morning Post and Hong Kong Standard are the two local daily English-language newspapers.
Hong Kong on a Plate is a beautifully illustrated culinary history and practical guide to one of the world’s great gastronomic experiences.
Exploring Hong Kong’s Countryside written by John Stokes is an introduction to the natural heritage of Hong Kong -- an exploration of its mountains, valleys and coast.
www.journeywoman.com /bestbooks/hongkong2.html   (567 words)

 Amazon.com: Travelers' Tales Hong Kong: Books: James O'Reilly,Larry Habegger,Sean O'Reilly   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Hong Kong volume includes 52 tales, mostly written in the 1990s by writers ranging from Pico Iyer and Paul Theroux to an ex-British magistrate, a Chinese American visiting Canton, and an Indian tourist who could not wait to escape the place.
Hong Kong is the crossroads of many worlds, many pasts, and many futures, and in it we might read our own fortunes as individuals and nations.
Hong Kong is also a world library of cultures and peoples and wisdom from both Asia and the West, a petrie dish of enterprise and modes of humanity.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1885211031?v=glance   (4040 words)

 Online news & media (hk)
The Sunday Examiner is a newspaper owned by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.
BC magazine is Hong Kong’s premier English language entertainment guide.
Published on the first and third Thursday of every month, it is distributed free of charge in over 300 of Hong Kong’s highest profile shops, hotels,cinemas, bars and restaurants.
www.shambles.net /pages/countries/hk_news   (231 words)

 AsiaMedia :: HONG KONG: Gossip magazines top readers' list
Hong Kong's top earners like nothing better after work than to relax with a good...
And the remarks by Li Pang-kwong, on the eve of the annual Hong Kong Book Fair, struck a chord with exhibitors who said Hongkongers were not great book-buyers, especially of fiction.
"Hong Kong is a very busy city, and their hectic lifestyle makes people feel very stressed.
www.asiamedia.ucla.edu /article.asp?parentid=26964   (429 words)

 Celluloid Girl Figurine With Newspapers and Goose ~ Hong Kong - 05153
This adorable little Girl Figurine is wearing her green kerchief and ready to deliver the newspapers she holds in her hands, as she stands beside her white goose.
She looks like she's made of 1940's celluloid and is stamped, "Made In Hong Kong" on the bottom of the green oval base she stands on, which is molded to resemble grass with an orange flower at her feet.
Newspapers she holds in her left hand are rolled and she has flat ones tucked under her right arm; these are marked with fl lines to resemble newsprint.
www.rubylane.com /shops/romancingthepast/item/05153   (312 words)

 Links and Resources: HONG KONG   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Monthly lists of new publications from the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
It is the official database of the statutory laws of Hong Kong and selected constitutional documents, and will include a bilinual glossary of terms used in the laws.
The list of its publications includes a three-volume Hong Kong filmography (1913–1952).
www.aasianst.org /wwwhongkong.htm   (305 words)

 Buses and malls top list of icy Hong Kong air-con offenders
Hong Kong's buses and shopping malls have been given the cold shoulder by a green group which says they are wasting energy by using their air-conditioners excessively.
The green group said Hong Kong's interiors were the coldest in the world and pointed to a number of travel guides, including the hugely popular "Lonely Planet" series, which warn travellers of the arctic condtions in Hong Kong's buildings.
Travel bosses here were angered when articles in British newspapers last year labelled the city a health hazard.
www.terradaily.com /2005/050626075821.zph90cm1.html   (395 words)

 Hong Kong Radio - China101 - China Hong Kong Radio - China Travel Info   (Site not responding. Last check: )
hong kong radio stations, america,africa,middle east,asia,europe, rock and roll, soul, jazz, new age, instrumentals,music,bands,concerts,live shows,brodcasters...
Hong Kong based award-winning freelance writer/creative director with experience in Press, Radio, TV, DM and AV projects.
Original writings by famous calligraphers have been greatly valued throughout China's history and are mounted on scrolls and hung on walls in the same way that paintings are.
www.china-101.net /directory/hong-kong-radio.shtml   (528 words)

 The nothingness.org mailing list archives: (en) Anarchism in Hong Kong
For the original plan in Guangzhou, there were quite a number of enthusiasts tempting to take part during the early stage, but most of them resolved to take the role of spectator after personal considerations.
I made a call to Hong Kong before we headed out to buy the materials for the piece that include Chinese rice wine that pertains a flammable alcohol percentage, flowers for the dead, 128 photocopies of the Chinese character of Tian (heaven) and Wun (Quest), and tinfoil paper for wrapping the flowers for burning.
On June 4th 2003, 50 thousand people gathered in the Victoria Park in Hong Kong to commemorate the tragedy, but one single soul from this city went to Guangzhou for an Artion.
void.nothingness.org /archives/RA/display/2501   (1805 words)

 USA newspapers - United States newspapers state by state at Mondo Times
USA newspapers - United States newspapers state by state at Mondo Times
Find newspapers in the United States, listed state by state.
Download American newspaper contact lists by city or state at Easy Media List, the easy way to create media contact lists for publicity and promotion.
www.mondotimes.com /world/usa/newspapers.html   (87 words)

 Hong Kong China news media - newspapers, magazines and TV stations in Hong Kong at Mondo Times
Hong Kong China news media - newspapers, magazines and TV stations in Hong Kong at Mondo Times
Hong Kong newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations.
Click the play button to access the web site, or the name for information about each Hong Kong media outlet (contacts, links, ratings and reviews).
www.mondotimes.com /1/world/cn/192/4538   (80 words)

 The Hong Kong Database
Dedicated to the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China.
Has clips of the most important events during the handover of Hong Kong.
If you have a page relating to Hong Kong and want me to link you up, don't be shy......
www.angelfire.com /tx/redhot/hk.html   (623 words)

 Hong Kong Newspapers - The Paperboy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The page you are looking at does not contain our most up to date selection of newspapers.
Please reselect your desired country/state from the list below.
Remember to bookmark the front page to ensure access to current information on your next visit.
www.thepaperboy.com /hongkong.html   (42 words)

 4 International Media & Newspapers - Hong Kong - reviewed by 4icj.com
Directory of top career books and newspapers in Hong Kong: 4 International Media and Newspapers - Hong Kong.
Starting point to search for HK job classifieds in Hong Kong and other locations across Hong Kong
List of other HK employment sites and career resources
www.4icj.com /reviews/9588.htm   (135 words)

 Hong Kong:   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hong Kong: TV Stations in Hong Kong [Hongkong].
Television Stations: There are four local television stations in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, China media list - Hong Kong newspapers, magazines and...
ariellegabriel.tripod.com /id339.html   (227 words)

 Job Index Trends - Jobs In Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and more at recruit.net
is based on an aggregation of job data from thousands of online sources across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore.
Enter the keywords you are interested, separated by commas and click on the countries or cities you wish to compare.
Job postings aggregated from the last 30 days are available for searching from recruit.net job search engine.
jobindex.recruit.net /international   (174 words)

 Global Top 100 Newspapers
The New York Times on the Web: Daily international, national and local news coverage from the newspaper, breaking news updates, technology news, sports, reviews, crosswords, classified ad listings.
Ireland's biggest selling national newspaper with complete coverage of today's important Irish news, sport, business and entertainment stories.
Hong Kong's English language newspaper, bringing you daily news and business updates covering Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia.
www.allyoucanread.com /Top_100_Newspapers   (263 words)

 Hong Kong Newspapers and News Sites
Covers the activities of the grass-roots democracy movement of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong news, government information and services, notices, events, publications, and more.
Provides Hong Kong, China and world business news.
www.world-newspapers.com /hong-kong.html   (78 words)

 Hong Kong Newspapers: Hong Kong Newspaper list
Hong Kong Newspapers - Explore the most complete list of newspapers from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong news, current events, politics and business; read articles and commentaries about Hong Kong sports, travel, real estate, culture and entertainment; search obituaries and classifieds ads; as well as browse Hong Kong newspapers archives.
© 2006-2007 Newspapers24.com - 10,000s online newspapers from around the world.
www.newspapers24.com /world-cities/hong-kong-newspapers/index.html   (60 words)

 Personal Services
If you decide on "Best Value" offer, Hong Kong ad is included and you may add other Country editions for only
You may select the area of distribution: Hong Kong (and out lying areas) Manila or Cebu.
Almost all Hong Kong ladies have telephones and their number is on our Questionnaire (now, more have email also).
www.everlastinglove.com /oneon1.htm   (1500 words)

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