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Topic: List of people by belief

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 [No title]
The system has the particular belief that P if its behavior conforms to a pattern that may be effectively captured by taking the intentional stance and attributing the belief that P. Belief is thus characterized in terms of (pre-existing) practices of belief attribution.
Although pattern/interpretation approaches to belief treat behavioral (and possibly cognitive or experiential) patterns, rather than mental representations, as fundamental, the representational and pattern/interpretation approaches can be married if one holds that the existence of the relevant patterns implies, or is implied by, the possession of appropriate mental representations.
On this view, people's everyday conception of the mind, their "folk psychology", is a theory on par with folk theories about the origin of the universe or the nature of physical bodies.
www.faculty.ucr.edu /~eschwitz/SchwitzPapers/BeliefEntry030227.html   (2603 words)

 Learn more about List of people by belief in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
There are a variety of articles on wikipedia that list people of a particular religious belief.
These lists are not exhaustive: there is no encyclopedic benefit to listing every single member of each religion.
People are selected on various criteria - ideally they should have wikipedia articles of their own, and be in some way noteworthy for their belief.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /l/li/list_of_people_by_belief.html   (185 words)

 Major Religions Ranked by Size
This list is based primarily on the degree of doctrinal/theological similarity among all the various sub-groups which belong to these classifications, and to a lesser extent based on diversity in practice, ritual and organization.
People who specify atheism as their religious preference actually make up less than one-half of one percent of the population in many countries where much large numbers claim no religious preference, such as the United States (13.2% nonreligious according to ARIS study of 2001) and Australia (15% nonreligious).
Finally, a larger number of people answer "none" or "non-religious" when asked asked an open-ended queston about what their religious preference is. Although figures vary for each country, average numbers indicate that roughly half of the people who self-identify as "nonreligious" also answer "yes" when asked if they believe in God or a Higher Power.
www.adherents.com /Religions_By_Adherents.html   (11821 words)

 Belief (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Forming beliefs is thus one of the most basic and important features of the mind, and the concept of belief plays a crucial role in both philosophy of mind and epistemology.
However, a philosopher approaching belief with the specific goal of defending physicalism or materialism—the view that everything in the world, including the mind, is wholly physical or material (see physicalism)—might have reason to be dissatisfied with liberal dispositionalism, for the very reason that it abandons the reductionist project.
The difficulty of sustaining such a view of belief is often held to reflect badly on the a coarse-grained possible-worlds view of propositions in general, since it's generally thought that one of the principal metaphysical functions of propositions is to serve as the contents of belief and other "propositional attitudes" (e.g., Field 1978; Soames 1987).
plato.stanford.edu /entries/belief   (11666 words)

 Site Contents at the free Online Encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
List of people from the Dutch Golden Age
List of people known as the father or mother of something
List of people who died on their birthdays
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /index_196.html   (152 words)

 derrickjensen_discussion - Discussion of Derrick Jensen's works and the ideas contained within
This list has been an evolution since it first was created almost two years ago, and it is through the list participants and the will of that somewhat amorphous group that guidelines and practices have been established as we have built an online network of individuals disaffected with civilization.
What this list is mainly about - the central theme - is that Civilization as it is defined by this list, is unredeemable and needs to come down (or be taken down by helping forces if possible).
List participants generally explore this and other themes related to the collapse of civilization as a way of inspiring and connecting with each other and further exploring the emotional, political, ecological and social dimensions of what this means.
lists2.resist.ca /wws/info/derrickjensen_discussion   (483 words)

 Draft Debian Position Statement about the GNU Free Documentation License(GFDL)
There is some concern that the requirements to list the authors of the modification on the title page and the history sections of the GFDL covered work (especially since these sections are otherwise invariant) appear to prohibit anonymous modifications to a document.
List on the Title Page, as authors, one or more persons or entities responsible for authorship of the modifications in the Modified Version, together with at least five of the principal authors of the Document (all of its principal authors, if it has fewer than five), unless they release you from this requirement.
Possible developers are people who claimed to be Debian Developers but did not have a well-formed GPG signature on their responses, so I was unable to verify their claims.
people.debian.org /~srivasta/Position_Statement.html   (8342 words)

 Belief - "Jesus Would Not Be Fundamentalist" (by Brent Elskan)
This page was written while I was very irritated by several encounters I'd had earlier that week and during the stress of a schizophrenic neighbor choosing our family as her focus for all the anger and unhappiness she had inside.
So, those claiming that being "fundamentalist" means that their beliefs are based on fundamental principles of Christianity shouldn't have one problem with my doing just what the early Christians did and assuming the three Synoptic Gospels to be the authoritative texts by which to study the phenomenon of Jesus.
The lowest common denominator, people who can't even see the hypocrisy of their own belief structure, who think as little as possible and think television programs are discussion-worthy (shudder), have a capacity for generating large-scale and sweeping changes in the United States, including voter turnouts for important political elections.
www.elskan.net /belief/be_jesusnotfundamentalist.html   (2600 words)

 FBI list names 370 sought worldwide in Sept. 11 terror | Chicago Tribune
One man on the list, who shares the same last name as two of the hijackers, allegedly used a Kansas City address that turned out to be the creative division of a greeting card company.
They are "people who we want to talk to because we believe they may have information that is helpful to the investigation," the official said on condition of anonymity.
In all, the list includes addresses in 27 states, and in France, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Saudi Arabia - where the FBI believes most of the hijackers were born.
www.chicagotribune.com /features/bal-te.list12oct12,0,5810851.story   (892 words)

 List of Deists
This is a partial list of believers in Deism - the belief that the universe was created by a God who then made no further intervention in its affairs.
They have been selected for their influence on that religion, or for their fame in other areas.
See also: List of people by belief, list of people
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/li/List_of_Deists.html   (56 words)

 Floridian: Belief-o-matic
People taking the quiz are not asked to give their names, and the site keeps no record of the results, he said.
People unsure about their faiths or lack thereof should visit different places of worship to find their spiritual niche, Yorke said.
"In my belief of who the Lord is, we have made him a portion of a lot of different religions," she said.
www.sptimes.com /2002/01/17/Floridian/Belief_o_matic.shtml   (1565 words)

 Religion of History's 100 Most Influential People
Other philosophers on this list made contributions which had an impact on religion but are not founders of a religion or branch of religion.
His list is supposed to be about the most influential people, but he put Muhammad first because he was both a religious and military leader.
My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels...
www.adherents.com /adh_influ.html   (4305 words)

 Norsys - Bayesian Belief Networks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
Belief networks (also known as Bayesian networks, Bayes networks and causal probabilistic networks), provide a method to represent relationships between propositions or variables, even if the relationships involve uncertainty, unpredictability or imprecision.
They capture knowledge in a modular form that can be transported from one situation to another; it is a form people can understand, and which allows a clear visualization of the relationships involved.
By adding decision variables (things that can be controlled), and utility variables (things we want to optimize) to the relationships of a belief network, a decision network (also known as an influence diagram) is formed.
www.norsys.com /belief.html   (155 words)

 Charities helping victims of the earthquake and tsunamis in South Asia -- Beliefnet.com
An ongoing list of relief resources, ways to help, and other information is available at http://tsunamihelp.blogspot.com.
Mercy Corps, which has people on the ground throughout South Asia, is currently assessing the damage on the island of Sumatra and other areas that suffered the most.
Share your thoughts for the victims, for the survivors, for the rescuers, and for those around the world who are sending aid.
www.beliefnet.com /story/158/story_15859_1.html   (463 words)

 The List of Anabaptist Beliefs
In the list, it is not included fundamental beliefs of Christianity, but only those which Anabaptist Christians have.
Church is a Body of followers of Christ who respect the Laws of the State as long as it doesn't contradict with the Law of Christ.
People who are living sinful life, without true repentance, will end in Hell.
www.house-church.net /beliefs.htm   (695 words)

 Lists of people by belief - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These are articles that list people of a particular religious or political belief.
Restoration Movement - see Restoration Movement, Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and Christian Church Disciples of Christ.
List of thinkers influenced by deconstruction - see deconstruction
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_people_by_belief   (112 words)

 Your Belief System
Your belief system is the actual set of precepts from which you live your daily life, those which govern your thoughts, words, and actions.
People are very strange when it comes to being honest with themselves.
People have taken this acceptance of attitudes and thought patterns to the point of willingly being a part of systems that are killing them.
www.fringewisdom.com /your_belief_system.php   (1206 words)

 Knowledge and Belief - Statement
Some would argue that what we call knowledge is a form of belief: that knowledge should be given no privileged position.
Others would argue that belief is subordinate to knowledge and should be subjected to critique from what is known.
While some scholars separate the objects of belief and knowledge into discrete domains, protected by category, language game, or contest from one another, there are no commonly accepted norms for adjudication among these positions that currently operate in either the academic or the wider public sphere.
www.stanford.edu /dept/SHC/events/KnowledgeandBelief-Statement.htm   (425 words)

 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . BELIEF & PRACTICE . Shambhala Meditation . April 30, 2004 | PBS
People struggle in their life -- working, just getting through the day, trying so many things just so that they are able to survive.
In the Buddhist tradition, we say, in order just to feel a sense of joy -- the word is "dewa," bliss, happiness -- one needs sleep, one needs food, one needs meditation, and one needs well-beingness.
What I find interesting about this particular list, as it were, is that meditation is thrown in there.
www.pbs.org /wnet/religionandethics/week735/belief.html   (513 words)

 Bahai-list Info Page
At the heart of our belief is the conviction that humanity is a single people with a common destiny.
This email list is used to notify those who are interested in the Baha'i Faith about our weekly and special events on campus.
This is a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to non-members.
lists.hcs.harvard.edu /mailman/listinfo/bahai-list   (484 words)

 Girl at Play: Belief and Action
So many people get caught up in their fears or in limiting themselves with their beliefs that they are not able to do anything and therefore can't get anywhere.
Instead of taking their beliefs and moving forward with action, they run on the same treadmill propelled by self-sabatoge, excuses, fears, bad beliefs.
And your beliefs need to come from your core, your gut, your soul and not from what you've read, have been told by your family or media or the part of the brain that makes you rationalise away what your heart is saying.
www.girlatplay.com /blog/2005/11/belief_and_action.htm   (895 words)

 INDN's List celebrates success after first election cycle's results come in | INDN's List
But one of the features that INDN's List is planning includes ''Prez on the Rez,'' which would bring in the 2008 candidates for president to meet with elected tribal leaders and discuss issues affecting Indian country such as education, health care, the environment and the methamphetamine epidemic.
The third goal of INDN's List, according to Free, is to have paid campaign workers who are Indian and working over a year ahead of time to get out the Native vote for Native Democratic candidates.
Ultimately, Free said the goal of INDN's List is one of inspiration to Native people in that they can be represented within the greater American political landscape, and that Native people run their own campaigns.
indnslist.org /node/583   (943 words)

 Susan B. Anthony List - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
The SBA List Candidate Fund won 59% of its federal campaigns this year.
The Susan B. Anthony List is targeting and energizing pro-life women voters across the country.
Join SBA List and the Leadership Institute for an incredible opportunity to learn the necessary tactical skills to win grassroots and political campaigns.
www.sba-list.org /index.cfm/section/whatsnew/page/polls_rwv.html   (1553 words)

If people with spiritual experience answer truthfully, the idea is they will likely end up matched to the religion they already practice.
The questions, answers, compatibility values and the possible outcomes (religions) were researched and assembled by Lorie Anderson, researcher and wife of Curt Anderson, the owner of Selectsmart.com, a company that produces thousands of similar "selectors," the technical industry term for quiz engines.
While he says it's great that people are more interested in other religious faiths, he also says, "It's a world where religion is kind of a spiritual smorgasbord." The popularity of choosing personalized religious paths and practices erodes the authority and tradition meant to accompany religious practice.
www.acfnewsource.org /religion/belief_o_matic.html   (1378 words)

 Those Scientology people are just too weird for me - Movie-List Forums
Commonly people believe that it's a balance between the two but imagine that the blank-slate theory is right.
This is however contradicted by their second belief that children shouldn't be cared for, that's ridiculous IMO.
And like you said it's a celebrity religion and those people are worshipped by a large chunk of our stupid society.
www.movie-list.com /forum/showthread.php?p=106786   (704 words)

 Belief Quotes - The Quotations Page
I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.
The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.
They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness.
www.quotationspage.com /subjects/belief   (305 words)

 Chosen People
In the 1930s, as the Nazis were tightening the noose around the necks of German Jews, George Bernard Shaw remarked that if the Nazis would only realize how Jewish their notion of Aryan superiority was, they would drop it immediately.
Kaplan advocated dropping chosenness for two reasons: to undercut accusations of the sort made by Shaw that the Chosen People idea was the model for racist ideologies, and because it went against modern thinking to see the Jews as a divinely chosen people.
After all, non­Muslims living in the Arab world were hardly impressed by the large numbers of people brought to Islam through the sword.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Judaism/chosen_people.html   (676 words)

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