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Topic: List of poetry anthologies

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  Poetry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may be used in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns or lyrics.
The oldest epic poetry besides the Epic of Gilgamesh are the Greek epics, Iliad and Odyssey, and the Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Later poets and aestheticians often distinguished poetry from, and defined it in opposition to, prose, which was generally understood as writing with a proclivity to logical explication and a linear narrative structure.
www.tocatch.info /en/Poetry.htm   (7222 words)

 ipedia.com: Poetry Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Poetry can be differentiated most of the time from prose, which is language meant to convey meaning in a more expansive and less condensed way, frequently using more complete logical or narrative structures than poetry does.
A further complication is that prose poetry combines the characteristics of poetry with the superficial appearance of prose.
In pre-literate societies, poetry was frequently employed as a means of recording oral history, storytelling (epic poetry), genealogy, law and other forms of expression or knowledge that modern societies might expect to be handled in prose.
www.ipedia.com /poetry_1.html   (1488 words)

 Poetry Reading List - Meter, Rhyme and Poetic Form
Following is a list of books on poetry, writing techniques, formal styles, poetry collections and more recommended by some of the over 6,000 members of everypoet.com's Poetry Free-for-all.
If you have a particular favorite you would like to suggest that is not already on this list, please do so here.
The "Bible" of formal poetry; Turco defines over 300 different forms; in addition, the lengthy introduction is first-rate in dealing with meter, rhyme, and other technical issues.
www.everypoet.net /~everycom/readinglist_meter.htm   (201 words)

 Poetry sites: Literature: MIT Libraries
Electronic Poetry Center - includes poetry and prose by contemporary poets, journals of contemporary poetry, poetry reviews, an opportunity to contribute to a collaborative poem, information about poetry competitions, poetry conferences and more (U of Buffalo).
Representative Poetry - a historical anthology of English poetry from the early medieval period to the early twentieth century.
Verse was selected for this project "from standard bibliographies, anthologies, and histories of American literature....These were supplemented by specialized bibliographies of writing by American women and people of color." A joint project of the Humanities Text Initiative and the University of Michigan Press.
libraries.mit.edu /guides/subjects/literature/poetry.html   (853 words)

 everypoet.com - every poet for everyman, every resource for every poet
The Norton Anthology of Poetry (ISBN 0393968200) is also a good addition to your bookshelf, although this is my personal first choice.
An anthology of post-WWII poetry in form and/or meter by a broad range of poets, many not primarily thought of as formalists.
Appendix B is sorted by form and lists each of the works which fall into that form.
www.everypoet.com /readinglist_anthologies.htm   (632 words)

 Library System - Howard University: Assist: Guides: African American Literature
Alphabetic listing of authors whose poetry, short fiction and drama were published in journals and anthologies between 1829-1953.
Chapter one is a checklist of novels, alphabetical by author; Chapter two is a list of short stories; Chapter 3 is an annotated list of secondary sources including bibliographies and critical and general studies.
Section one lists aids to research, Section Two treats backgrounds for the student of literature, Section Three anthologies of literary history and criticism, and Section Four is an alphabetical list of authors with works and critical sources.
www.howard.edu /library/Assist/Guides/Literature/AfroAmLit.htm   (2092 words)

 Poets.org - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More - A Brief Guide to Cowboy Poetry
Cowboy poetry is distinctive both in its culturally specific subject matter and its traditional use of rhyme and meter.
While the range of emotional landscapes explored in cowboy poetry are the traditional province of poetry, from joy to grief, from humor to spirituality, the particulars derive from the American West: horses, cattle, fire, prairie storms, mythic figures of cowboys and ranchers, and the sublime wilderness.
In the anthology Cowboy Poetry Matters, editor Robert McDowell collects the poetry of such cowboy poets as Paul Zarzyski, Linda Hussa, Laurie Wagner Buyer, Wallace McRae, and Buck Ramsey, as well as poets such as Maxine Kumin and Donald Hall who have written in the genre.
www.poets.org /viewmedia.php/prmMID/5651   (276 words)

 Poetry at the University of California Press
The New California Poetry series presents works that help define the emerging generation of poets—books consistent with California's commitment to the Black Mountain tradition and reflective of California literary traditions—cosmopolitan, innovative.
Fanny Howe's Selected Poems won the 2001 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for the Most Outstanding Book of Poetry Published in 2000, Academy of American Poets; and the Gold Medal for Poetry of the Commonwealth of California, and was chosen by the Village Voice Literary Supplement as one of their 25 favorite books of 2000.
Each modestly sized book consists of a selection of poetry and prose, supplemented by commentaries and documents, and edited and introduced by a poet or scholar with a fresh and radical approach to the subject.
www.ucpress.edu /books/poetry.html   (678 words)

 ALA | Core Collection: Poetry.
Reference works that focus exclusively on poetry may seem a luxury for many libraries, especially because poetry is covered so thoroughly within more general literature sources.
It is also a good idea to have a few poetry anthologies, such as An Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Oxford, 1999) and The Top 500 Poems (Columbia, 1992), on the reference shelves.
Encyclopedia of American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century was published as a companion to the Library of America’s anthology American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century.
www.ala.org /ala/booklist/speciallists/speciallistsandfeatures3/corecollection.htm   (691 words)

 A Web of Poetry: Famous Poems, Cowboy Poetry, Contemporary Poets - LibrarySpot.com Feature
The gift of poetry is not limited to the T.S. Eliots of the world.
For writers, a good place to start is the Poetry Society of America.
The oldest poetry organization in the nation, the PSA site is geared toward poetry education and awareness.
www.libraryspot.com /features/webofpoetry.htm   (327 words)

 Amazon.ca: How to Write Poetry Scholastic Guides: Books: Paul Janeczko   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
This book will be useful for students who are faced with poetry writing assignments but most especially for those who just want to explore the topic for their own pleasure.
I have often been offended at the sloppiness of some poetry written for children, as though the poets don't think it matters whether a poem scans, rhymes, sounds beautiful or conveys an interesting thought, since the audience is not likely to be discriminating enough to know the difference.
Yet another list of good poetry anthologies is included at the end of the book.
www.amazon.ca /How-Write-Poetry-Scholastic-Guides/dp/0590100785   (1513 words)

 Poetry In A Cup : Links
A list of poetry and literary links, for further reading and understanding poetry.
The Electronic Poetry Center serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics; it is a combination library & scholarly forum.
Collection of poetry and poetry forums for users to submit their own poems.
www.poetryinacup.org /links.html   (861 words)

 New York University | Bobst Library: Research Assistance -- rg71c.html
This database indexes poetry from around the world that can be found in anthologies and collections.
To find reviews of a book of poetry, search by Document Type in the Advanced search screen and enter "review." Search by Person in a second box, entering the name of the poet you are researching.
This is a very short list of poetry anthologies in the library.
library.nyu.edu /research/rg71c.html   (1250 words)

Poetry for the Elementary Classroom - An entire curriculum unit for teachers from the Yale New Haven Teacher Institute.
CBC Showcase: Poetry for Children - An extensive, annotated list of children's poetry books from the Children's Book Council.
Magliaro's Poetry Page - Here one can find an extensive bibliography of children's poetry books to use across the curriculum in science, social studies, and math; a teacher resource bibliography; and a list of children's poets.
www.kn.pacbell.com /wired/fil/pages/listpoetrymr14.html   (729 words)

 Literature Titles on CD-ROM, Reference Department, Davis Library
It is both a treasury of the most popular poems in the English language and a key to an even larger world of poetry in hundreds of anthologies, many of them available in libraries everywhere.
A complete list of the poetry anthologies indexed in Granger's World of Poetry is available in the documentation.
Containing some 80,000 articles for a word list of 100,000 entries, the CD provides for each word its standard form plus feminine forms and irregular plurals, primary and secondary meanings, pronunciation and examples of usage.
www.lib.unc.edu /reference/eref/lit.html   (1520 words)

 University Press of New England | Poetry Central
The Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize was established in 1983 to honor the Northeastern University career of Samuel French Morse as poet, teacher, and scholar by publishing the work of emerging artists.
Publication of the anthology The Wesleyan Tradition prompted numerous magazines and critics to comment on the program’s influence.
Four Way Books is a not-for-profit literary press located in New York City and dedicated to publishing poetry and short fiction by emerging and established writers and by identifying and publishing writers at decisive stages of their careers.
www.dartmouth.edu /~upne/pocent.html   (578 words)

 Interview with Tessa Kale, editor of The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Anthologies
Tessa Kale is the editor of Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry, which has been the preeminent index for answers to questions about the world of poetry for more than a hundred years.
Anthologies in themselves are a reflection of popular taste and tend to be made up of those poems most read and looked for in libraries.
As this is a subject listed in the thirteenth edition of The Columbia GrangerÕs Index to Poetry in Anthologies, she then would be able to read the pertinent poems that have already been anthologized.
www.columbia.edu /cu/cup/publicity/kaleinterview.html   (525 words)

 Amazon.com: The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry: Books: J.D. Mcclatchy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
If it is true, as Robert Frost said, that poetry is what is lost in translation, then it is an act of considerable courage to assemble a whole anthology of translated poems.
One small complaint: the anthology was published prior to the Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska's receipt of the Nobel Prize, and therefore the head note for her selection does not make note of that honor.
Given the general lack of interest in poetry, especially poetry from other countries, we're nonetheless lucky to have this anthology.
www.amazon.com /Vintage-Book-Contemporary-World-Poetry/dp/0679741151   (1331 words)

 Anthologies and Miscellanies
Out of the differences between a principle of selection (the anthology) and a principle of collection (miscellanies and beauties), then, comes a difference in aesthetic value, which is precisely what is at issue in the debates over the "proper" material for inclusion into the canon.
These lists may also be viewed alphabetically by editor (where known) and in chronological order.
As it is, we have begun in a period roughly coterminous with our separate research interests: that of the 18th and 19th centuries, though the site is now broadening its perimeters and becoming more concerned with the history of anthologies and miscellanies in general -- see, for example, our sub-page on period anthologies.
www.english.ucsb.edu /faculty/rraley/research/anthologies   (1271 words)

 Romantic Canons: A Bibliography
Curran explains the veritable "explosion" of publications of original poetry during the Romantic era as inspired by a new knowledge of poetic history and a desire "[t]o be 'among the English Poets'" (221): "For the first time there was an actual history not of literature per se, but of poetry in English.
In this chapter, I argue that distinctive differences between miscellaneous collections of poetry and anthologies, published in their modern form for the first time during the early 19th century, reveal that canonizing began during the romantic era, and that it is an activity structurally dependent upon the exclusion of women poets.
Although she recognizes differences between early and late eighteenth-century collections of poetry, Benedict sees anthologies and miscellanies as both "the same genre because they share means of material production, processes of compilation, audiences, and forms that define their cultural function" (4).
www.orgs.muohio.edu /anthologies/canon.htm   (1707 words)

 Poetry - Anthologies at MSN Shopping
We have only to listen to these poets reading their own works to know how important their interpretations are to a full comprehension of their poems.
And here, for the first time, is an anthology of poems from the show, chosen by Keillor for their wit, their frankness, their passion, their "utter clarity in the face of everything else a person has to deal with at 7 a.m." "Good Poems" includes verse about lovers, children, failure, everyday life, death, and transcendance.
Jefferson's interest in young American poets will surprise even his biographers who do not always include his literary tastes while in office in their studies of the man. And numerous anti-Federalist poems will correct the view of Jefferson as a reluctant politician.
shopping.msn.com /results/shp/?bCatId=3085   (922 words)

 Fantastic Collections: A Bibliography of English-Language Speculative, Science Fiction, Science, Fantasy, and Horror ...
Mythic, speculative, macabre, science fictional, weird, fantastic, dystopian, cosmic, magical, surreal, astrological, supernatural, futurist, spiritual, horrific, mystical, astronomic, grotesque, ethereal, folkloric, spectral, utopian, scientific, terrifying, starry, elfin-regardless of the differences in their emphases, all of these anthologies have one thing in common: poetry that seeks to explore the uncommon or the unknown.
At present this bibliography provides only English-language anthologies; if you are aware of anthologies in other languages, please let me know.
Dreamers on the Sea of Fate: An Anthology of SF Poetry.
www.sfpoetry.com /anthologies.html   (490 words)

Sarah's poetry has been published in independent magazines, books, and journals, in 47 US States, and 7 countries.
This site was conceived as a substitute for "How to be Well-Versed in Poetry" (which has been out of print for some time).
The New Verse News is a journal of poetry on current issues and events.
alt-webring.com /cgi-bin/list.pl?ringid=poetrykit   (457 words)

 Great War Literature :: Book Store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
All items listed below are purchased through and supplied by amazon.co.uk.
This is a list of poetry anthologies, biographies, memoirs and reference books either by or about First World War poets.
Within this list are some books which enhance one's understanding of events, without being unnecessarily complicated.
www.greatwarliterature.co.uk /bookstore.html   (225 words)

 Poetry Bay - Online Poetry Magazine
View the list of participating libraries for the LOCKSS system, which distributes Poetrybay.
POETRYBAY features some of the finest works being produced in contemporary poetry by established and emerging authors.
Including poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews, this on-line only publication may be sampled or downloaded from this site.
poetrybay.com   (173 words)

 Poets.org - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More - Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day
Today, New Yorkers are encouraged to carry a poem in their pocket and share it with friends, family, coworkers and classmates.
Public schools throughout the five boroughs will highlight poetry on this day through readings, poetry workshops and specifically designed lesson plans.
To support this celebration of poetry, New York City has compiled the following resources: K-12 lesson plans, lists of grade appropriate poetry anthologies, a list of poetry books in the Mayor's Classroom Library Collections, suggestions for school-wide poetry events, and ideas for encouraging parent involvement.
www.poets.org /viewmedia.php/prmMID/5643   (262 words)

 Canadian Poetry in Selected English-Language Anthologies: An Index and Guide. Occasional Paper Series No. 36.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Forty-four English language anthologies are included in this index and guide to Canadian poetry.
The introduction discusses the selection of the anthologies and the function of the index.
In addition, instructions on how to use this book, and a list of titles--from the occasional papers series (No. 36) of the Dalhousie University Libraries and from Dalhousie University School of Library Service--are included.
www.eric.ed.gov /sitemap/html_0900000b80102f9a.html   (96 words)

 Poetry Publishers,Poetry Contests, hard cover book binders, Poetry anthologies, genealogies,
We are poetry publishers, anthology publishers, printers and binders of hard cover books and chapbooks for self-publishing poets, authors of genealogies, juvenile books, fiction, non-fiction, Christian poetry, and current winners of our poetry contests.
meaningful publication that you'll be proud of, in the most beautiful and respected hard cover poetry anthologies in the world today.
J. Mark Press Poetry anthologies are listed in Books In Print and can be accessed by every bookstore and library in the world and read in schools, public and academic libraries, and by 100's of poets, their families and friends.
www.jmcutlery.com /jmark.htm   (1299 words)

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