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Topic: List of political parties by ideology

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Political Parties and Electoral Systems in Lebanon and Israel: Interactive Reinforcement
After 1982, many political parties, on both sides, were transformed into militias as the militarization of the parties eventually led to the parties being controlled by their military wings.
The relatively weak political role of the political parties in Lebanon is attributed to the structure of these parties, which remained highly confessional and depended heavily on individual traditional communal leaders.
The secular parties have not been able yet to play a national role, and the trend in recent years, especially in the post-Civil War period (1990-present), has been the marginalization of these parties, as is the case with leftist parties.
ddc.aub.edu.lb /projects/pspa/krayem/krayem.html   (2084 words)

 Political Parties in the Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
political control of the legislature does not guarantee a party control of the executive branch --since the chief executive is separately elected and may be from another party.
Parties in presidential systems are sometimes less structured, and failure to vote with one’s party does not threaten to bring down the government (though it might damage or even ruin one's political career).
The logic cited by the movement is that political parties in Uganda have historically contributed to regional, religious and ethnic cleavages and violence, and that the main opposition parties are internally undemocratic.
magnet.undp.org /docs/parliaments/partysystem1.htm   (2719 words)

 List of political parties in Thailand Summary
Political parties first emerged in Thailand with the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932, when the new ruling clique established the People's Party.
Thai political parties could not survive on the basis of fund raising and wheeling and dealing alone: they needed to present a serious and somewhat plausible face to the wider world.
Thailand's current lineup of political parties is certain to continue waxing and waning, provoking alternating moods of optimism and despair among both political analysts and ordinary voters.
www.bookrags.com /List_of_political_parties_in_Thailand   (1701 words)

 List of political parties by ideology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of political parties around the world by ideology.
A political party is a political organization subscribing to a certain ideology or formed around very special issues with the aim to participate in power, usually by participating in elections.
See also European political party and table of political parties in Europe by pancontinental organisation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_political_parties_by_ideology   (117 words)

 Politics1 - Guide to American Political Parties
The party ran nuclear physicist John Hagelin as the NLP Presidential nominee in 1992 (ballot status in 32 stares - 39,000 votes - 0.04%), 1996 (ballot status in 44 states - 7th place - 110,000 votes - 0.1%) and 2000 (ballot status in 39 stares - 7th place - 83,000 votes - 0.08%).
Marxist political organizer James Harris was the SWP Presidential nominee in 1996 (ballot status in 11 states - 8,500 votes - 0.01%) and 2000 (ballot status in 14 states - 7,378 votes - 9th place - 0.01%).
Marxist political organizer and journalist Róger Calero was the SWP Presidential nominee in 2004 -- ballot status in 14 states - 10,791 votes - 9th place - 0.01% -- even though he was constitutionally ineligible as a foreign citizen living in the US as a Permanent Resident Alien.
www.politics1.com /parties.htm   (9503 words)

 Russian Political Parties, Platforms - JRL 8-4-03
Furthermore, the title of the party - the Party of Life - was suggested by a semiologist of the Italian Lewis University, whose specialists had consulted Berlusconi's Forza Italia party, ABN reports.
Italian philosophers agreed, the combination of words "party of life" was the utmost expression of "social and cultural values of new Europe." Western scientists of politics believe, traditional political movements (democrats, conservatives, liberals) have lost their peculiar features for the electorate in 1990-2000.
"Political parties similar to the Russian Party of Life are likely to appear in Europe in the nearest future, for example a party of hope or a party of conscience and so on," a political counselor of the party said.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/7276-17.cfm   (887 words)

 2004 Presidential Campaign, political parties, platforms, planks, issues,
American political parties differ from those in many countries, where parties are often organized to promote a particular political or economic ideology such as socialism, communism, fascism, or capitalism.
Party platforms and their planks are very important to the electoral process: They give the candidates a clear political position with which they can campaign.
After reading about the origins and functions of political parties, students create a party platform to address political issues that are likely to arise during a national election.
www.crf-usa.org /election_central/platforms_planks.htm   (746 words)

 List of All Canada Political Parties
Political ideology: conservative The Conservative Party of Canada was formed by the merger of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance party in December 2003.
Parti citron The Parti Citron or Lemon Party is a joke party started in Quebec in the 1990s in the tradition of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada and is headed by Pope Terence the First.
Confederation of Regions Party of Canada The Confederation of Regions Party was a Canadian political party founded in 1984 by Elmer Knutson as a successor to the Western Canada Federation (West-Fed), a non-partisan organization to fight the Ottawa Liberals.
www.seaiba.com /PoliticalParties.htm   (2247 words)

 List of political parties in Nepal Summary
Educated abroad, Birendra held views on political objectives and on the process of governing that were very different from those of his father, but Mahendra's bureaucratic elite system was so firmly in place that Birendra faced major obstacles in his efforts to introduce some basic reforms.
Their relations with the other parties are hostile and even the UML is denounced as "too conservative." In 1996 the Maoists launched a violent insurrection against the government and the parties.
Since 1999, there have been no elections, and activities of political parties are currently repressed by the state forces.
www.bookrags.com /List_of_political_parties_in_Nepal   (1418 words)

 List of political parties in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The second section is called “Current third parties” and it consists of those parties that have achieved (or, in the lead-up to an election, are reasonably expected to achieve) ballot status for their respective candidates for President of the United States in states with enough electoral votes to have a theoretical chance of winning.
Each of these non-major parties had ballot status for its presidential candidate in states with enough electoral votes to have had a theoretical chance of winning the 2004 presidential election.
List of state Democratic Parties in the U.S. List of state Republican Parties in the U.S. List of state Constitution Parties in the U.S. List of state Green Parties in the U.S. List of state Libertarian Parties in the U.S. Index of political parties to browse parties by name
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_the_United_States   (823 words)

 American Political Parties
The party eventually fades because farmers' situation improved in the late 1890s and because their political agenda was assumed by the major parties.
Political parties were singled out as corrupt, undemocratic, outmoded, and inefficient.
The Democratic Party by the late 1960s is deeply fragmented and seemingly incapable of dealing with the violence and turmoil, social and political, caused by the Vietnam War.
www.mury.k12.ut.us /MHS/apus/handouts/politicalparties.htm   (1489 words)

 Alternative Political Parties in the U. S.
The following is a list and brief overview of over 25 alternative political parties that may reflect your personal values, although a number of the platforms range from the ridiculous to the sublime.
The Labor Party is national in scope and includes state parties, chapters and local organizing committees which organize members and promote the activities and policies of the Labor Party in its jurisdiction, and elect delegates to Labor Party conventions.
A primary role of the political organization is to challenge the political apparatus of the capitalist class and its monopoly of state power, while promoting worker class consciousness and emphasizing the need for organizing working-class strength on the economic field.
www.apatheticvoter.com /PoliticalParties.htm   (4616 words)

 Texas Politics - Political Parties
The "laundry list" of issue positions produced by party committees – a result allegedly caused by the need for parties to unite enough interests in order to win elections –; can often seem to be driven by pragmatism rather than principle.
Despite all of the complaints about parties, they perform roles that are critical to the operation of our democratic system and to the overall coordination and functioning of our political system.
Third, parties provide the glue that binds government vertically among the various levels of the political system, and horizontally across the nation.
texaspolitics.laits.utexas.edu /html/part/index.html   (447 words)

 Political Parties Politics East Timor Paige Johnson Tan
In less institutionalized party systems, in contrast, parties rise and fall from election to election, roots in the population are often shallow, charismatic parties flourish, and party organizations and the legitimacy of parties are weak.
Parties with strong roots in society are also unlikely to disappear from one election to the next (they age), providing stability in expectations about the future political constellation as well.
Twelve parties attained seats in the Constituent Assembly via the proportional representation (PR) portion of the race (which was held for 75 of 88 seats), as did one party and one independent candidate competing in the district races (13 of 88 seats).
people.uncw.edu /tanp/polsocpartieset.html   (9416 words)

 About Czech Political Parties
Of the 20 parties on the ballot (a complete list has been compiled), the following seven parties are expected to have a chance of winning parliamentary seats in the Czech elections on 31 May and 1 June:
Despite increasing dissatisfaction with its conduct of social affairs, and signs that the party is tired and not as united as it tries to appear, the ODS will certainly remain the strongest party in the parliament and government.
While the extreme-right Republicans in general are regarded as a blot or joke on the political scene, their anti-Roma and anti-German outbursts have increasing appeal among young, uneducated males as well as solid support among some older voters.
archive.tol.cz /Elections/CzParliament/Parties.html   (687 words)

 Political Science Graduate Program Reading List
The following is a selected list of some of the main books in the various sub-disciplines of political science.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor are MA students expected to be familiar with all of the books mentioned here.
This list does provide a general guide for some of the more notable scholarly contributions to political science, as well as the major debates and theories in the discipline.
www.csun.edu /PoliticalScience/MAreadLIST.html   (642 words)

 Political Parties - Johnson's Russia List 7-29-02
These two parties are representatives of the same bureaucratic class, which is trying to distribute the electorate.
Nonetheless, this niche is still vacant: today there is not a single political leader or a serious political party, which could mobilize these 15% of voters and represent their interests in the parliament.
As for the fourth party, there are different opinions: some believe it should be a puppet party in order to accumulate nationalist votes; others think it may be some intermediate party.
www.cdi.org /russia/Johnson/6375-6.cfm   (1263 words)

 Political Parties   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Radical: Seen as being on the far left of the political spectrum, radical wide-sweeping rapid change in the basic structure of the political, social and economic system.
Using a prepared list assign one or two students to research a certain political party.
This is an extensive list of all the political parties in the United States.
www.uen.org /Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=497   (599 words)

 Political Compass   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
There are fundamental political differences between them that the old categories on their own can't explain.
The idea was developed by a political journalist with a university counselling background, assisted by a professor of social history.
We believe that, in an age of diminishing ideology, a new generation in particular will get a better idea of where they stand politically - and the sort of political company they keep.
www.politicalcompass.org   (373 words)

 IsraelVotes | Demo | Political Parties and Platforms
Below are the names and platforms of the parties running for the Seventeenth Knesset.
The situation is still quite fluid and updates have been made to the major parties, however, many parties are still in the process of sorting out their new platforms and party lists and the site will be updated as new information become available.
Since the small parties that are currently not in the Knesset have narrow special interest platforms, only a brief party platform is provided.
www.israelvotes.com /demo/platforms.html   (1041 words)

Or pick an industry from an alphabetical list or organized by sector and industry of all 122 profiled.
Totals: A summary of political giving dating back to 1990, including breakdowns by type of contribution and political party
Top recipients: A list of candidates that have received the most from that industry
www.opensecrets.org /industries/index.asp   (120 words)

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