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Topic: List of political parties in Bolivia

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Proportional Representation Systems
In a closed list system--the original form of party list voting--the party fixes the order in which the candidates are listed and elected, and the voter simply casts a vote for the party as a whole.
On the right part of the ballot--the party list portion--voters indicate their choice among the parties, and the other half of the seats in the legislature are filled from regional lists of candidates chosen by these parties.
These party list votes are counted on a national basis to determine the total portion of the 100-seat legislature that each party deserves.
www.mtholyoke.edu /acad/polit/damy/BeginnningReading/PRsystems.htm   (2963 words)

 City Mayors: Local government in Bolivia
Bolivia then ceded its coastline to Chile in 1883 following the War of the Pacific and its territorial integrity was compromised further by the loss of its lands to Brazil and Paraguay after further military defeats during the 20th century.
Bolivia’s modern constitution was promulgated in 1967 and amended in 1994, with a strong executive presidency and a weaker bicameral Congress, which consists of the 130 seat Chamber of Deputies (Camara de Diputados, elected by proportional list and single-member divisions) and the 27 seat Senate (or Camara de Senadores, elected three senators per department).
Bolivia’s nine departments received a measure of increased autonomy under the 1995 Administrative Decentralisation Law and this was extended with the first direct elections for departmental governors (or prefects) in 2005, though departmental officials remain appointed by the central government.
www.citymayors.com /government/bolivia_government.html   (1427 words)

 List of political parties in Bolivia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bolivia has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.
List of political parties to browse parties by country
List of political parties by ideology to browse parties by name
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_Bolivia   (379 words)

 Political Corruption: challenges and options
Most political systems include formal rules and procedures meant to restrain the exercise of political power and to safeguard human and political rights, but the formal establishment and existence of institutions of horizontal accountability does not in itself mean that they are efficient.
Political economy is most commonly used to refer to interdisciplinary studies that draw on economics, law and political science in order to understand how political institutions, the political environment and capitalism influence each other.
Political parties often lack favourable conditions and incentives for accountable and transparent party financing, and may be dependent upon local political "barons".
www.u4.no /themes/political-corruption/challenges.cfm   (5017 words)

 IPES | Chapter 3. Political Parties, Legislatures, and Presidents - Inter-American Development Bank
However, when the political system fails to provide the president and his administration with the ability to pass the president’s agenda, the consequences may be very serious, even leading to interruptions of democratic governance (see Chapter 6).
For example, if the workings of political parties are dominated by clientelistic politics, presidents and other politicians will care more about generating the resources needed to maintain the clientelistic system that is the basis of their political support, and less about whether policies are “good” or “bad” from the standpoint of the longer-term public interest.
Political parties are key players in the policymaking process, as they are in the workings of a democratic system more generally.
www.iadb.org /res/ipes/2006/chapter3.cfm   (3622 words)

 Plan of Action
Women's participation in politics and in the exercise of political responsibilities should be encouraged and facilitated by action to promote awareness, comprising civic and political education, which helps women to know their rights and to become conscious of their capacity to have a direct hand in political life.
It is suggested that, at all levels of their structure (local, provincial and national), political parties should hold a democratic debate on the expediency of adopting special arrangements to facilitate women's participation in meetings and other party activities, as well as to facilitate men's participation in activities in the domestic sphere.
Parties and non-governmental organizations, especially women's organizations, should ensure that candidates for election are given the support indispensable for the success of their campaign.
www.ipu.org /wmn-e/planactn.htm   (6447 words)

 List of political parties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of political parties around the world in the form of a table including links to the lists of political parties in the countries and entities listed in the list of countries, showing which party system is dominant in each country.
A political party is a political organization subscribing to a certain ideology or formed around very special issues with the aim to participate in power, usually by participating in elections.
Individual parties are properly listed in separate articles under each nation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_political_parties   (257 words)

 U.S. Dept. of State FOIA - Church Report (Covert Action in Chile 1963-1973)
The groundwork for the election was laid early in 1961 by establishing operational relationships with key political parties and by creating propaganda and organizational mechanisms capable of influencing key sectors of the population.
Support was given to "anti-communist" members of the Radical Party in their efforts to achieve positions of influence in the party hierarchy, and to prevent the party from throwing its support behind Allende.
Money provided to political parties not only supported opposition candidates in the various elections, but enabled the parties to maintain an anti-government campaign throughout the Allende years, urging citizens to demonstrate their opposition in a variety of ways.
foia.state.gov /Reports/ChurchReport.asp   (14136 words)

 Bolivia - SourceWatch
Bolivia's "gas war" bears many similarities to the now-famous sweetheart deal three years ago in which the California-based engineering giant, Bechtel, was given control of the water system of Bolivia's third largest city, Cochabamba.
Political analysts said Morales' spectacular rise was due in part to outspoken opposition to his candidacy by the U.S. ambassador in La Paz, Manuel Rocha, who warned the electorate just four days before the vote that Washington would cut aid "if you elect those who want Bolivia to become a major cocaine exporter again".
Bolivia is at a crossroads and goes to the polls on Sunday 18 December to choose between a Harvard-educated, American-married, member of the business elite and an indigenous Aymara Indian and radical former coca farmer.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Bolivia   (3619 words)

The Government was not known to abuse this authority for political or other reasons and generally did not penalize workers for union activities.
Unions were not free from influence by political parties, but many in organized labor increasingly rejected traditional political parties and supported movements seeking radical change in the economic and political system.
The law prohibits discrimination against union members and organizers; however, labor laws intended to protect workers' rights to freedom of association and to form and join trade unions are inadequate and failed to deter employers from retaliating against workers, and the laws do not protect workers against interference by employers.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2003/27887.htm   (9114 words)

 9. Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, New York, 10 December 1984   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Concerning to this matter, it declares that the settlement of disputes between the States Parties, such disputes may be referred to arbitration or to the International Court of Justice with the consent of all the Parties concerned and not by one of the Parties.
The Government of Sweden is of the view that as regards the latter, this general reservation, which does not clearly specify the provisions of the Convention to which it applies and the extent of the derogation therefrom, raises doubts as to the commitment of Qatar to the object and purpose of the Convention.
It is in the common interest of States that treaties to which they have chosen to become parties are respected as to their object and purpose, by all parties, and that States are prepared to undertake any legislative changes necessary to comply with their obligations under the treaties.
www.ohchr.org /english/countries/ratification/9.htm   (7160 words)

 ‘Socialism in one country’ and the Cuban Revolution
Celia Hart is a member of the Cuban Communist Party and the daughter of Haydée Santamaria and Armando Hart, both historic leaders of the 1959 Cuban Revolution.
In essence, revolutionary struggles outside the USSR in which Stalinist parties had influence were used as bargaining chips to be traded with world imperialism in return for capitalist stability on the one hand and concessions to maintain the power and privilege of the Soviet bureaucracy on the other.
Parties will always be the mobilizing force of the struggle for human redemption.
www.geocities.com /mnsocialist/cuba-trotsky.html   (4618 words)

 [A-List] Argentina: FT analysis
Instead, three Peronists have put their names forward: Carlos Menem, the former president; Néstor Kirchner, governor of Santa Cruz province and a favourite of Eduardo Duhalde, the current president; and Adolfo Rodr'guez Sáa, a populist with a permanent smile who was president for eight days at the end of 2001.
Some analysts suggest that as Argentina becomes poorer, its political system is beginning to resemble that of smaller and less-developed Latin American countries such as Bolivia or Ecuador.
For now, that prospect is about as clear as the future of the political parties themselves.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/a-list/2003-March/043008.html   (728 words)

 Political Spanish Syllabus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Political Spanish is a class for working professionals and anyone else who would like a quick overview of political terms in Spanish.
The goal of this class is to give students a broad overview of political terms in Spanish, which are not normally taught in a high school or college-level Spanish classes.
About the professor- The professor of this course holds a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish, and is working on her M.A. in International Affairs with a focus on Latin America.
www.american.edu /ted/etown/distance/political-spanish.htm   (1118 words)

 Bolivia history
Bolivia: outline history by Thayer Watkins, San Jose State University Economics dept. Contains images and interesting economic data.
Bolivia and the US United States and the Bolivian Sea Coast Lengthy online book (print is not the easiest to read) but it is a source of detail of the events and relations with the US over the Bolivian "coastline" with updates to the present and references to documents throughout.
Chronology of Che in Bolivia be patient - it takes ages to load, but is very thorough.
www.casahistoria.net /bolivia.htm   (1308 words)

 [R-G] Peasant leader sets terms for support to Bolivia president; criticizes new cabinet
He made it clear, however, that the price of his support would be a restructuring of the state and moves by the new chief executive to redress some of the Andean country's glaring inequities.
Morales cited unspecified reports showing that landlocked Bolivia could earn much more by renationalizing the natural gas fields and liquefying the gas itself than by implementing Sanchez de Lozada's plan to locate the liquefaction plant at an export terminal in Chile or Peru.
According to Morales' reports, under the current proposal, Bolivia would obtain $50 million a year, whereas if the fuel is renationalized, processed in Bolivia and then exported, the country could reap a profit of some $1.3 billion annually.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/rad-green/2003-October/011080.html   (366 words)

 Political parties, and political groups worldwide
List of political and non-profit organisations on the Internet, maintained by UC-Berkeley's Centre for Community Economic Research
Third Parties '96 is a movement to build a new mainstream political party
The Atlantica Party represents Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador
www.psr.keele.ac.uk /parties.htm   (1218 words)

 The UnCapitalist Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Every politician who wants a political future will describe the awful end as something other than what it will be, and a good majority of Americans will go along with the lie, even if they do not support the particular politicians who pump it through the compliant mainstream media.
Topping the list is Republican Rudolph Giuliani, whose supposedly "liberal" views on matters such as choice are at least arguably overshadowed by his legendary reputation as a get-tough law enforcement type.
Saying, "The Bible teaches us there is a time and place for everything, and today I called and congratulated Jim Webb and his team for their victory," Republican Senator George Allen this afternoon conceded to Democratic challenger Jim Webb in the November 7 election for a U.S. Senate seat from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
uncapitalist.com /blog   (14809 words)

 ZNet |Cuba | Discussion on the Cuban Five
But what the studies shows, consistently, is that both political parties and the media are far to the right of the public on issue after issue, on a host of issues.
Well, when a state is taken off the list of states supporting terror, there's a gap, so a country had to be put in to fill that gap.
So Cuba is put on the list to replace Iraq so that Iraq can get US aid, including military aid, which it then had then used to carry out massive atrocities not just in 1982 but in subsequent years.
www.zmag.org /content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=9803   (7058 words)

 Socialist Action Statements and Resolutions
Introduction: Below is a sampling of important statements and political resolutions that have been issued by Socialist Action and Youth for Socialist Action.
The 2004 Political Resolution adopted at last summer's National Convention devoted considerable attention to the state of the world political economy.
That the Iraqi War is the central issue in world politics today is not in dispute.
www.socialistaction.org /statements.htm   (945 words)

 Socialist Action
In any case, it is clear that the crowds are huge and clashes are occurring with the police who are trying to block off the government buildings.
It is obvious that Bolivia is in a profound crisis, in which large-scale violent confrontations are possible.
But the mass movement in Bolivia has long been an inspiration to the socialist and workers’ movement in the much larger countries of the region, and that is especially true after the upsurge of 2003.
www.socialistaction.org /foley16.htm   (1324 words)

 NPR : Bolivia Prepares for Presidential Election
A Bolivian woman walks near election posters of presidential candidates Evo Morales of the Movement Toward Socialism party and conservative candidate Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga in La Paz, Dec. 16.
All Things Considered, December 16, 2005 ·; Evo Morales, a former coca farmer, free-trade opponent and highland Indian, is favored to win as Bolivia elects a president Sunday.
Morales would be the first indigenous president of Bolivia.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=5058713   (152 words)

 Political Parties
Awami League or AL [Sheikh HASINA]; Bangladesh Communist Party or BCP [Saifuddin Ahmed MANIK]; Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP [Khaleda ZIAur Rahman]; Islami Oikya Jote or IOJ [Azizol HAQ]; Jamaat-E-Islami or JI [Motiur Rahman NIZAMI]; Jatiya Party or JP [Hussain Mohammad ERSHAD]
Fiji Labor Party or FLP [Mahendra CHAUDHRY]; Fijian Nationalist Federation Party or NFP [Singh RAKKA]; Fijian Political Party or SVT (primarily Fijian) [Maj. Gen.
political party activity is organized along largely sectarian lines; numerous political groupings exist, consisting of individual political figures and followers motivated by religious, clan, and economic considerations
countryprofile.tripod.com /parties.html   (2725 words)

 Publius Pundit - Blogging the democratic revolution
The productive party of the country, which is slimily called ‘wealthy’ by the imbeciles writing headlines at Reuters, is seeking automony from the ruthless caudillo-like oppression of Bolivian President Evo Morales, who is Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s little vassal and plaything.
She said in a study published in 2004 that the most marked increase in the “siloviki” had been in the regions, where five out of seven presidential representatives were former KGB or military men.
Venezuela and Russia show remarkable similarities in their social, political and economic systems and levels of attainment, so it is perhaps not surprising to see their two tinpot leaders, Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, seeking ever closer relations.
www.publiuspundit.com /index.php   (14481 words)

 Governments on the WWW: Bolivia
Embajada de Bolivia en Brasília, Brasil [Embassy of Bolivia in Brasilia, Brazil]
Consulado de Bolivia en Sevilla, España [Consulate of Bolivia in Sevilla, Spain]
Partido Humanista de Bolivia [Humanist Party of Bolivia]
www.gksoft.com /govt/en/bo.html   (455 words)

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