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Topic: List of privatizations

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Privatization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Privatization (sometimes privatisation, denationalization, or, especially in India, disinvestment) is the process of transferring property from public ownership to private ownership and/or transferring the management of a service or activity from the government to the private sector.
Privatization is frequently associated with industrial or service-oriented enterprises, such as mining, manufacturing or power generation, but it can also apply to any asset, such as land, roads, or even rights to water.
Another argument for privatization is that to privatize a company which was non-profitable (or even generated severe losses) when state-owned means taking the burden of financing it off the shoulders and pockets of taxpayers, as well as freeing some national budget resources which may be subsequently used for something else.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Privatization   (3482 words)

 List of privatizations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of privatizations is a link list for notable privatizations.
One of the few countries where privatization and globalization efforts have been carried out at the same time, and quite successfully, within a short span of a little over a decade.
Air New Zealand, privatized in 1989, subsequently rescued by the Crown
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_privatizations   (762 words)

 Privatization - Questionz.net , answers to all your questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Privatization is a process of transforming ownership of property from the state or government into private hands.
Privatization came into vogue during the 1980s and 1990s, spearheaded in particular by the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher as part of their strongly neo-liberal policies.
Privatization in the absence of a market system may lead to assets being held by a few very wealthy people, a so-called oligarchy, at the expense of the general population and may discredit the process of economic reform.
www.questionz.net /Economics/Privatization.html   (1623 words)

 Facts about privatization   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Privatization (sometimes: denationalization or privatisation) is the economic process of transferring property, from public ownership to private ownership.
The term "privatization" was coined in 1948 and is thought to have been popularized by The Economist during the '80s.
If the privatized company is a natural monopoly, or exists in a market which is prone to serious market failures, consumers may be worse off if the company is in private hands.
www.supercrawler.com /Facts/privatization.html   (1965 words)

 Gordon R. Baker, Q.C.: Barrister and Solicitor (Toronto): Articles: Article 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Privatization is really a "fast paced" agreement for partnership, where the public sector has essentially completed its role, and is transferring the "project" to the private sector for operation under the public policy restrictions required as conditions to the transfer.
The process of privatization, whether partial or full, provides the private sector with a seldom seen opportunity to have government explicitly state the social goals and policies which are inherent in its ownership of a government controlled entity.
Private investors share the requirement for financial resources in the infrastructure development, but reduce their exposure by tlqing the available taxation reductions or deferrals provided by the government.
www.gordbaker.com /grbpaperhtml.html   (14611 words)

 Chronical of Latin American Affairs; October 27, 1994
Privatizations have often involved mass layoffs and a contraction in wages and benefits for workers as new private management seeks to streamline operations and increase profits.
Privatizations in 1993 and 1994 The sale of the state oil company YPF in June of 1993 marked the peak of Argentina's privatization program, since that operation represented the biggest sale to date of any state company in Argentina, earning about US$2.7 billion for the government.
Total privatization is distinct from the general pattern in Latin America, in which states have retained either monopoly control or majority ownership of sectors considered strategic to the economy.
ssdc.ucsd.edu /news/claea/h94/claea.19941027.html   (4001 words)

 2003 Privatizations, Svyazinvest - Johnson's Russia List 7-29-02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The government hopes to raise 51 billion rubles ($1.62 billion) in 2003 through the sale of state-owned assets, the bulk of it from a minority stake in state telecoms holding Svyazinvest, the government said Friday.
The government said the privatization revenues would be used to reduce the country's long-term liabilities.
Privatization remains one of the most controversial issues in Russia.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/6375-9.cfm   (454 words)

 The St. Petersburg Times - Business - Privatization: Has the Government Really Changed Its Tune?
And in submitting the 2001 privatization program to the Duma, the government has broken with its practice of listing exact stakes to be sold.
The demarche against regional privatization teams is consistent with the Putin administration's stated intention of strengthening the federal government at the expense of the regions.
In fact, the only privatization auction to have brought the government more money was the sale in 1997 of a 25 percent stake in the Svyazinvest telecom holding for $1.88 billion.
www.sptimes.ru /index.php?action_id=2&story_id=13719   (2638 words)

This study, prepared for the Walkerton Inquiry, examines the privatization of water and wastewater utilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
It reveals that privatization has brought investment, expertise, innovation, efficiency, and accountability to water and wastewater utilities, improving their performance and their compliance with health and environmental standards.
The author proposes privatizing municipal wastewater utilities as a means to break the conflicts of interest now preventing governments from ending environmental degradation.
www.environmentprobe.org /enviroprobe/evpub.htm   (2743 words)

 Privatizations by Region - Developing Country Transactions - The World Bank Group
The one-time spike was the result of increased activity in large infrastructure and energy (oil and gas) transactions.
Privatization activity, which began declining after 1997, has begun a "modest" revival up in recent years.
The average size of transactions increased over the years as countries began privatizing larger firms.
rru.worldbank.org /Privatization/Region.aspx?regionid=999   (170 words)

 Who Governs Brazil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Privatization will strengthen public finances, increasing tax revenues through the growth of the private sector." And then came the government's announcement of what has already been and what will soon be privatized: petrochemical companies, railroads, mining companies, and computer companies, in addition to two distributors of electrical energy.
"Privatization of mining companies, oil companies, and energy-generating companies will be helped by the passage of a constitutional amendment, now in the Congress, which will eliminate restrictions on the investment of foreign capital.
When dealing with economic questions, its list of privatizations is so complete that you can see clearly what is about to happen.
www.globalpolicy.org /socecon/bwi-wto/brazil.htm   (893 words)

 Business: The Prague Post Online
A new list of companies to be investigated as part of the government's "Clean Hands" campaign is being questioned by analysts, business people and the European Union who feel the more important effort will be the legal reforms necessary to prevent future corruption.
The list of companies, presented to the Cabinet during the week of Nov. 9­13, is one of the few indications of concrete actions the government has taken under the Clean Hands rubric.
Companies should take the list seriously, Basta said, and he is asking for the help of all government branches, including the judicial.
www.praguepost.cz /archive/busi111898b.html   (889 words)

 Privatization Watch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The successful private operation of the Libreville airport by a French consortium led to that same group's award of a BOT concession to modernize Ivory Coast's Abidjan airport, the busiest in west Africa.
When asked about the advantages of private versus public management, some local officials pointed out that CCA is taking only one year and $25 million to complete 512 new beds, while a nearby state prison is taking eight years and $89 million to complete 950 beds.
The U.K. is using more conventional private tollway approaches for bridge and tunnel projects, including the Second Severn Bridge between England and Wales, which opened to traffic in June as the U.K. '5 third privately financed toll bridge.
www.rppi.org /pwatch.html   (4797 words)

 Radicus Internet - Privatizations and nationalizations
Privatisation vital for eight percent economic growth: Indian PM
PARIS, Sept 19 (AFP) - The French government signalled on Thursday that it is pushing ahead with further privatisation of Air France, once a lame duck but now flying high, to raise cash much needed to fund the budget and help solve a crisis at France Telecom.
PARIS, March 14 (AFP) - President Jacques Chirac blew hot and cold Thursday on the privatisation of electricity giant EDF as he courted the huge public sector vote for his re-election and France faces EU pressure to liberalise energy markets.
www.radicus.net /news/list/biz.privatization.asp   (715 words)

 News & Broadcast - Foundations for a More Stable Global System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
My list is not exhaustive but I do want to identify the range of the vision that we need, so forgive me if I fail to name some of the particularities.
A global framework, with global rules and standards in which we all have a part, is just as important for the security of an individual country as is the sum of functioning national parts to the security of the global whole.
It is critical to develop new standards appropriate for governments and private firms in developing countries as they grapple with globalization and both the opportunities and the shocks that this means.
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/NEWS/0,,contentMDK:20019596~menuPK:64255840~pagePK:34370~piPK:42770~theSitePK:4607,00.html   (4221 words)

 Privatization - QuickSeek Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In theory, privatization helps establish a "free market", as well as fostering capitalist competition, which its supporters argue will give the public greater choice at a competitive price.
Although typically there are social costs associated with these efficiency gains, many economists argue that these can be dealt with by appropriate government support through redistribution and perhaps retraining.
Indeed, some studies show that the greatest gains from privatization are achieved in the pre-privatization period as reforms are made to prepare for the transfer to private hands.
privatization.quickseek.com   (3465 words)

 Ukraine Government Seeks To Recover Investors' Trust
He stressed that privatization will be continued and pursued even more actively than before, naming the much-coveted Ukrtelekom telecommunications company as one of the major state-run businesses to be offered for sale in the near future.
Tymoshenko subsequently changed tack and began to assert than no such list is necessary, as the government was working out a bill on revaluing privatized assets that would presumably address the issue of re-privatization en masse, without the need for any re-privatization inventories.
Now the task of squeezing more money from the owners of dishonestly privatized companies appears to have been shifted from the government to the courts, while the threat of new privatization tenders has been replaced by an evidently more palatable proposal of "amicable settlements" between the government and the owners.
www.templetonthorp.com /ru/news966   (863 words)

 East European Constitutional Review
Half of this debt is owed to private banks that lent funds to the Vacaroiu government between 1994 and 1996, when relations between the government and the IMF were strained.
The law, which was passed as an emergency ruling for reasons of expedience, stipulated that private and state firms must be treated alike.
Diaconescu insisted that NLP's proposal to run separate lists was inappropriate in the light of the amendments to the electoral law.
www.law.nyu.edu /eecr/vol8num3/constitutionwatch/romania.html   (2694 words)

 [A-List] Peru: Privatization protests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Demonstrations and work stoppages in the two southern cities and in other parts of Peru, including Lima, demanding the government call off the privatization have resulted in weeks of delays for the sale.
The protesters fear the privatization will mean layoffs at the two companies and higher utility rates.
The government hopes revenues from this privatization sale and the sale of at least dlrs 700 million in other state-owned assets this year will help cover budget needs.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/a-list/2002-June/019586.html   (330 words)

 Zepos & Yannopoulos - Complete list of practices
Having been involved in several of the country's principal privatizations, we have acquired expertise on deregulation procedures and the various legal issues arising through the privatization of state-owned entities.
We have drafted laws for the conversion of state-owned entities to corporations of the private sector, proposed the relevant amendments to their articles of incorporation and have participated in the drafting of necessary inter-ministerial decisions.
In privatizations that were effected through the sale of shareholding to a strategic partner, we participated in the negotiations and advised on all legal and tax issues related to the share purchase agreement.
www.zeya.com /allpractices.htm   (11767 words)

Many have seen this nomination as Yushchenko's gesture of defiance in the face of Moscow's apparent dislike of Tymoshenko (she is still on Russian prosecutors' list of wanted people).
However, there were also analysts who argued that Tymoshenko is the best person to run a new Ukrainian cabinet because of her immense working energy and political optimism.
Last but not least, Yushchenko promised to increase the one-time social payment to the parents of a newborn child, from the current 725 hryvnyas to 8,460 hryvnyas (that is, almost 12-fold).
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/library/news/ukraine/ukraine-050203-rferl01.htm   (891 words)

 The Kremlin's Big Sell-Off [Free Republic]
Along the way, the Kremlin's privatizers are trying to cut parliament and regional governments out of the process.
The new president has pledged not to revisit past privatizations (although his police and prosecutors, whether by chance or design, have hassled some of the oligarchs associated with those privatizations.) Instead, Putin has vowed to bring in a fair and orderly approach for new privatizations.
And indeed, the first privatization under the new regime, the September sale of 85 percent of the Onako Oil Co. for just over a billion dollars, has been broadly applauded.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3a3f87da4f6e.htm   (2970 words)

 Dissertation List with Abstracts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Divestitures (privatizations) are more likely to include investors that had higher levels of state ownership by their home governments.
Greater levels of private ownership and control and increased incidence of joint venture projects will result when governments provide legal and regulatory protections to investors.
This research contributes to literature on private investment in emerging markets and may be informative for future research relating to other infrastructure industries such as power and water that are now undergoing privatization and restructuring.
copenhagen.jibs.net /Dissertations/dissv33_1_02.asp   (6055 words)

Asked by private radio station Flash if such an accord existed, Almunia said: "No. Statistical information is not a question of negotiations but of substantiated data".
The largest privatization in European history — Deutsche Telekom — took place in 1996, before the Euro pact was even signed.
Still, I have to admit that you have a point… Indeed most of the privatizations occured before 1997 and I am carried away by the use of the damocles' sword of the debt limits in selling privatisations in Greece.
histologion.blogspot.com /2004/09/greatly-indebted-greece-budget.html   (4567 words)

While she has experience as head of the parliamentary commission on privatization, Semeniuk and her Socialist ties will add to the populism of the Tymoshenko group within the government.
These populists are in favor of reviewing a far longer list of privatizations and, in some cases, keeping firms under state control.
She has already ruled out the privatization of companies that are "essential for the country's viability or national security" (Zerkalo Tyzhnia, April 16-22).
www.jamestown.org /edm/article.php?article_id=2369735   (962 words)

 NAREIT panel: More Privatizations En Route
The big buzz during the NAREIT conference this week has been the proposed $8.9 billion buyout of Trizec Corp. by The Blackstone Group and Brookfield Property Corp. According to speakers at a NAREIT panel on Tuesday, the REIT sector can expect more such deals and in all property types.
To date, 17 entity-level transactions have been announced or completed in 2006, worth a combined $35.6 billion—about three-quarters of which have been privatizations.
In all of 2005, there were $50 billion in entity-level transactions, about two-thirds of that coming as private buyouts.
retailtrafficmag.com /news/privatizations_en_route/index.html   (438 words)

 Financial Report Daily. | Business (International)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The insider said the list had not undergone any particular changes since the cabinet approved it in February.
The privatization highlights this year are the sale of 25% minus two shares in Svyazinvest, the national telecoms holding; 17.84% of the Magnitogorsk steel works; 26% minus one share in insurer Rosgosstrakh; 25.5% of the Sibir airline and 21.78% of Central telegraph (Moscow).
The cabinet approved an additional list of privatizations in 2003 which includes 164 public-stock companies, 193 federal unitary or non- incorporated enterprises and 47 closed-type joint-stock companies, plus a number of lending institutions, shares in which state-unitary enterprises have handed to the property ministry.
www.allbusiness.com /periodicals/article/522971-1.html   (855 words)

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