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Topic: List of railway stations

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List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population /encyclopedia/wikipedia/l/li/listoflists.html   (2044 words)

 List of Belgian Railway Stations with Telegraphic Abbreviations
List of Belgian Railway Stations with Telegraphic Abbreviations /be023643/en/stations.htm   (8 words)

 List of Melbourne railway stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stations listed in italics are "premium" stations that are manned first to last train by staff who provide extra assistance and information to commuters.
There are also a further 19 stations on 3 heritage, volunteer-operated, tourist railways.
Branches from the City Loop at Spencer Street and Flagstaff stations. /wiki/List_of_Melbourne_railway_stations   (8 words)

List of London railway stations This is a list of mainline railway stations in list of London Underground stations.
List of Bilbao metro stations This is a list of the Spain.
List of Madrid metro stations This is a list of the Madrid Metro). /topics/stations.html   (8 words)

 North Shore railway line, Sydney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened in 19 March 1932 a new Milsons Point station (on the bridge approach) came into operation and the North Shore Line was extended through it and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to link with the underground lines of central Sydney.
The North Shore Line extends from Sydney Central station through the western limb of the City Circle, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and along the North Shore area to Hornsby where it joins the Northern Line.
After 1932 the original Lavender Bay station became a storage depot for electric trains, and the line connecting Lavender Bay to the North Shore line was reduced to single track. /wiki/North_Shore_line,_Sydney   (431 words)

 Encyclopedia: Sydney, Australia
Sydney is a significant global and domestic tourist destination and is regularly declared to be one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world, admired for its harbour, beautiful coastline, warm and pleasant climate and cosmopolitan culture.
Sydney can be divided into two geographical regions: the Cumberland Plain, a relatively flat or rolling region lying south and west of the harbour, and the Hornsby Plateau, an elevated (up to 200 m) plateau north of the harbour that is dissected by steep, forested valleys.
Sydney is the capital city of the Australian state of New South Wales and Australia's largest and oldest city, founded in 1788. /encyclopedia/Sydney,-Australia   (2385 words)

 Railway Stations
With the building of the railway to Maniwaki between 1890 and 1903, stations were built in the larger villages such as Chelsea, Wakefield, Low, Venosta, Kazabazua, and Gracefield.
When the railway tracks were re-sited to higher ground because of the hydroelectric developments on the Gatineau River in 1926, it was simply moved, and a separate freight shed was added.
The Ottawa and Gatineau Valley Railway (O&GVR) built one-and-a-half storey structures with steep-gabled roofs. /gatineau/stations.html   (1592 words)

 Subterranea Britannica: SB-Sites: Stations: index.shtml
As closed stations are now fall within the realms of industrial archaeology we have decided to produce a list of these stations which will be affiliated to the Subterranea Britannica web site.
Following the opening of the first railway lines in the 1820’s, stations have been closing; many in the last century because they were resited to a more suitable location.
This new web site is in its early stages but over the next few years we hope to build up a comprehensive database of this part of Britain’s railway heritage with a selection of photographs of closed stations and brief details of each station and a map showing its location. /sb-sites/stations   (627 words)

 Unique Real Estate - Converted Railway Stations
This means there are a lot of railway stations out there that are now used as homes but finding a derelict one for conversion is no easy task.
"Three of the five stations on the line have been converted," says Elizabeth, "but ours is the only one that retains the platform and canopy, the original ticket hatch and the arched sliding doors that lead from the waiting room to the platform.
Stations were usually built to high standards and companies and lines have specific styles, motifs and materials: it's advisable to know about these before you start any building work or start making changes. /OREQ13/Converted_Railway_Stations.html   (1442 words)

 The Railways of Canada Archives -- One Every Two and a Half Miles A brief look at the railway stations on the Prince Edward Island Railway
The station built at Borden was both practical and pleasing to the eye, a hip-roofed structure painted grey with white trim and a wide eave on all sides.
The Carleton Siding station is now a garage and the St. Charles station was bought by a resident of that area in which to build lobster traps.
The town of Montague has just acquired this station in 1984 and is operating it as a hospitality center for tourists to the area. /canadianrailways/articles/OneEveryTwoAndAHalfMiles4.html   (1620 words)

 World War 1 and 2 - Snow Hill station (London)
H.P.White, London Railway History (A regional history of the railways of Great Britain, Volume III - Greater London).
Snow Hill station was a railway station on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway in central London.
It was opened in 1874 as a through station on what is now the Thameslink line, close to the company's terminus at Holborn Viaduct station. /history/Snow_Hill_station_%28London%29   (94 words)

 List of railway stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a list of railway stations indexed by the IATA airport code, see: List of IATA-indexed train stations.
The following is a list of railway stations (US: train stations) that is indexed by country.
London, England - List of London railway stations /wiki/List_of_railway_stations   (139 words)

 Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Melbourne has undergone a major urban 'revival', such that it is sometimes classed as being in a second tier of "world cities"; the GaWC study group in the UK ranks Melbourne, on the basis of relative availability of specialised "advanced services" as a "minor world city" comparable to cities such as Vancouver, Osaka, and Prague.
Melbourne is built on the land of the Kulin nation, the original Aboriginal inhabitants of the area.
Melbourne is a large commercial and industrial centre, with many of Australia's largest companies, and many multinational corporations (approximately one-third of the 100 largest multinationals operating in Australia as of 2002) headquartered there. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Melbourne   (139 words)

 Encyclopedia: London Underground
London Underground currently serves 273 stations, which are listed, along with DLR stations, at List of London Underground stations.
Bank and Monument are interlinked London Underground stations, spanning the length of King William Street in the City of London.
Part of the London skyline viewed from the South Bank London and the Regions of England London is the most populous city in the European Union, with an estimated population on 1 January 2005 of 7,421,328 and a metropolitan population of between 12 and 14 million. /encyclopedia/London-Underground   (9316 words)

 List of Brisbane railway stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the suburban and interurban railway stations of south-east Queensland, Australia focused around Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.
Continues on from the Ipswich line after Ipswich station.
Branches from the Beenleigh line after Park Road station. /wiki/List_of_Brisbane_railway_stations   (198 words)

 Articles - Brisbane
Brisbane has a lower inner-city population density compared with Australia& two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, although constant population growth occurring in Brisbane is closing the gap between Brisbane and Melbourne.
Blue-collar industries such as petroleum refining, stevedoring, paper milling, metalworking and QR railway workshops tend to be located on the lower reaches of the Brisbane River and in new industrial zones on the urban fringe.
Brisbane city centre is situated in the southeast corner of Queensland, Australia, at a latitude and longitude of 27°28′S 153°02′E. The city straddles the Brisbane River, and its eastern suburbs line the shores of Moreton Bay. /articles/Brisbane   (4629 words)

 Newmarket railway station, Brisbane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Newmarket Station is a railway station on the Ferny Grove Line of Brisbane, Australia. /wiki/Newmarket_railway_station,_Brisbane   (125 words)

 List of Lists
List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge
List of Chancellors of the University of Mississippi
List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population /encyclopedia/wikipedia/l/li/listoflists.html   (125 words)

 Milton Railway Station Campaign - New Stations
Unfortunately it is not possible to gauge the approximate cost of a station at Milton from these stations, because may have used volunteer labour and stations which are part of the national rail network operate faster trains and are therefore subject to higher safety regulations and must be built to a high specification.
The railway has ambitious plans for a £350,000 expansion which includes extending the line by 1.5 miles and building a new station (on the site of the original station long since demolished) to become the new southern terminus.
This station building has been renovated and opened as a museum, although at present the railway line does not currently reach this station. /heritagestations.htm   (257 words)

 Railway Stations starting with H
Here is a list of railway stations starting with the letter H. Simply click on a railway station name to display the list of nearby hotels or click on another letter. /rail/alpha/list-alphah.html   (101 words)

 Transsib Handbook - Main stations. Historical way Moscow - Chelyabinsk - Omsk
2 - Station name [in square brackets a name of the populated area are given if it doesn't coincide than station name], most significant stations are marked faux bold, stations in centers of RF subjects and region center in Kazakhstan are marked green;
In this table the main stations having economic or transport importance, and also largest rivers crossing Transsib are given strictly in the consecutive order from Moscow to Omsk.
Station where Administrations of lines are situated are marked faux bold, by link one may to see characteristic of this line; /Eng/large-orig.htm   (399 words)

 World War 1 and 2 - Holborn Viaduct railway station
It was one of a number of stations that were open at various times on the short line between Blackfriars Bridge and Farringdon Station, the others being St Paul's, Ludgate Hill, and Snow Hill.
Holborn Viaduct station was a railway station in central London, opened in 1874 to serve as an additional terminus for the London, Chatham and Dover Railway and closed in 1990.
All these stations have now been superseded by City Thameslink station. /history/Holborn_Viaduct_station   (107 words)

 Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion: Foldout
In 1885, the station was extended by William Hunt, regional architect to the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.
Station Road, which led to the station, still exists at the bottom of Clifton Common.
The station was demolished in 1960, and became a possible site for the leisure centre which opened in October 1981. /calderdale/mmr275.html   (1561 words)

 W&H MAIN YARDS: List of Railway Movies
It is not a list of *realistic* movies about trains; I'm not qualified to evaluate all the technical details, but I can certainly say that many of the films have serious flaws in their depiction of railways.
Trains or tracks or subways or stations, or railway construction or railway employees, will be in the movie generally for at least 1/3 to 1/2 of its length, and usually more than that.
Some examples of movies with notable railway scenes which nevertheless do *not* qualify for the list are: "Before Sunrise", "Strangers on a Train", "North by Northwest", "Go West", "The Seven-per-cent Solution", "Doctor Zhivago". /Trains/rly_movs.html   (3401 words)

 Sdm S91 B
List of Melbourne railway stations 229: ens railway station, MelbourneWatergardens ''' (SDM)
List of Melbourne railway stations/temp 929: ens railway station, MelbourneWatergardens ''' (SDM)
List of submarines of the Royal Navy 51: ** HMS Trenchant (S91)''Trenchant'' /File/9885-Sdm.S91.B.Html   (554 words)

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