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Topic: List of religious organizations

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  Encyclopedia: List of religious organizations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Religious organizations This page is a list of lists of organizations and a list of otherwise unclassified organizations.
A new religious movement or NRM is a religious, ethical, or spiritual grouping of fairly recent origin which is not part of an established religion and has not yet become recognised as a standard denomination, church, or religious body.
This is a list of hereditary and lineage organizations.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-religious-organizations   (819 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of articles about Mormonism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Official Scientology Cross Symbol The Church of Scientology is a new religious movement that was founded by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard as an organization dedicated to the practice of Scientology, an applied religious philosophy formulated by Hubbard.
Excommunication is a religious censure which is used to deprive or suspend membership in a religious community.
The Great Apostasy is a term of opprobrium used by some religious groups to allege a general fallen state of traditional Christianity, or especially of Catholicism, reformist Protestantism and (often merely by implication) Eastern Orthodoxy: that it is not representative of the faith founded by Jesus and promulgated through his...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-articles-about-Mormonism   (7896 words)

 List of religious organizations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Religious Registered Organizations Alphabetical list of all religious registered student organizations with contact information and web site links.
Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV) An interfaith coalition of religious groups and activists encouraging religious communities to address diet-related concerns.
Cults and New Religious Movements: A Bibliography Extensive reference list of scholarly literature pertaining to cults and NRMs.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-List_of_religious_organizations.html   (505 words)

 List of organizations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This page is a list of lists of organizations and a list of otherwise unclassified organizations found in wikipedia.
International Organizations List of links to world and regional organizations, classified according to area of interest.
Square Star Event List This is an email list group where all Chapters, Courts and Lodges can list their upcoming Masonic and Eastern Star events.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-List_of_organizations.html   (379 words)

 New Religious Movement Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ HigherPower.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The term new religious movements comprises a wide range of movements of alternative spirituality, the emergence of which is generally associated with the aftermath of the 1960's counterculture.
This term was introduced in the 1980s by scholars to replace the term cult which had been used until then for such religious groups but which had, during the cult debates of the 1970s, developed a pejorative tone and was being used by the public quite indiscriminately for any kind of non-mainstream religion.
Disaffected former members of these organizations have worked to expose what they believe is the "truth" about the groups in question, though the methods used by some of these former members have been known to be polemic, hostile and verbally abusive.
higherpower.org /encyclopedia/New_religious_movement   (1860 words)

 Adherents.com: Largest Religious Bodies
This list is only an attempt to list religious bodies, that is, organizations which have a recognized, central leadership or convention, and a body of individual members or adherents.
Some religious bodies are mostly regional but are not part of a broader formal global communion representing their movement precisely: the great majority of their branches are located in a limited region, and there are no separate "sister churches" in other parts of the world.
These are religious bodies in which at least 30% of their world membership live outside the "core country" (country with the largest number of members).
www.adherents.com /adh_rb.html   (5270 words)

 List of organizations article - List of organizations List agricultural organizations List animal rights welfare groups ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
List of organizations article - List of organizations List agricultural organizations List animal rights welfare groups - What-Means.com
This page is a list of lists of organizations and a list of otherwise unclassified organizations.
List of organizations article - List of organizations definition - what means List of organizations
www.what-means.com /encyclopedia/List_of_organizations   (62 words)

There was no change in the status of respect for religious freedom during the period covered by this report, and government policy continued to contribute to the generally free practice of religion.
To enjoy the benefits of this regime, religious organizations must be entered in the Register of Religious Entities maintained by the General Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, which is updated regularly.
Their list of concerns includes public financing, expanded tax exemptions, improved media access, removal of Catholic symbols from some official military acts, and fewer restrictions on opening new places of worship.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/irf/2003/24434.htm   (1583 words)

 Religious Organization Resolutions
Because religious communities are typically concerned with human rights issues, they are often eager to express support for, and take action to defend, civil liberties.
Consult with your religious leader(s) during the writing process to ensure that you are preserving the intentions and objectives of your organization as a whole.
If your religious organization is not a Muslim group, establish relationships with the Arab and Muslim members of your community by contacting their local houses of worship and utilizing contacts that may already exist in your coalition of civil liberties supporters.
www.bordc.org /religious.htm   (1138 words)

 Religious Organizations -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Universal Ministries is a religious organization serving in faith.
Student religious organizations at Agnes Scott must have a constitution, a faculty/staff advisor and may also...
The ADA's exemption of religious organizations is very broad, encompassing a variety of situations.
organizations.fabug.com /index.php?k=Religious-Organizations   (485 words)

 Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility : News / Media : Press Releases
Religious organizations filed 129 of the resolutions, accounting for 93 of the 131 targeted companies, according to the ICCR volume.
Among the issues of greatest concern to religious and other ethical investors this year in order, are: corporate governance matters (29, including thirteen pay disparity and executive compensation resolutions, eight annual election of board resolutions and eight board diversity resolutions), global warming (21 resolutions) and HIV/AIDS (13).
Organizations using the ICCR volume include religious orders, asset management companies, and other groups focused on socially and environmentally responsible agendas.
www.iccr.org /news/press_releases/pr_proxybook04.htm   (555 words)

 NCSE Resource   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Uphold religious neutrality in public education, oppose all government mandated or sponsored prayers, devotional observances, and religious indoctrination in public schools; and oppose efforts to compromise the integrity of public school teaching by the introduction of sectarian religious doctrines, such as "scientific creationism," and by exclusion of educational materials on sectarian grounds.
Opponents of the Act, including religious leaders, educators, and scientists, challenged the constitutionality of the Act in the federal courts (McLean v Arkansas Board of Education) and in 1982 the law was declared unconstitutional.
We concur with judicial rulings that the teaching of the religious beliefs of the creationists in the public school science curriculum is unconstitutional.
www.ncseweb.org /resources/articles/4650_statements_from_religious_orga_3_13_2001.asp   (7608 words)

 International Religious Freedom Report 2002: Spain
In 1992 agreements on cooperation with the State were signed by three organizations on behalf of Protestants, Jews, and Muslims; the organizations were the Federation of Evangelical Entities of Spain (FEREDE), the Federation of Israelite Communities of Spain (FCIE), and the Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE).
In 1999 the Salvation Army was unable to obtain a permit to open a children's center in Tenerife; the group submitted a new application, but had not received a response by the end of the period covered by this report.
Embassy officials met with religious leaders of a number of denominations during the period covered by this report.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/irf/2002/13982.htm   (1704 words)

 New Nations Added to List of Religious Freedom Violators | Christianpost.com- Christian News Online , Christian World ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State, the Commission recommended the names of the three countries be added to the list of “countries of particular concern” in addition to the eight countries previously designated last year.
Meanwhile, the USCIRF reports that in Uzbekistan, a restrictive law on religion is severely limiting the ability of religious communities to function in the predominantly Sunni Muslim country.
Persecution watchdog groups such as the Voice of the Martyrs Religious have reported that communities are required to officially register and that police have made unannounced visits to churches, closing those who cannot immediately produce their registration papers.
www.christianpost.com /article/missions/1588/section/new.nations.added.to.list.of.religious.freedom.violators/1.htm   (856 words)

 Selected links to international organizations
Organizations are indexed alphabetically by major keyword in their title; thus, organizations which may technically begin with the word
Using the lists is simple enough -- however, an understanding of the system used will allow you to better locate an organization by its subject theme(s) when you don't know what its name is or when you want information about organizations working in a specific issue-area.
An organization's listing in these pages does not indicate any institutional affiliation with, or accreditation by, the UIA or any other body.
www.uia.org /extlinks/pub.php   (1084 words)

 The use of the Internet for political action by non-state dissident actors in the Middle East   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The organizational changes empowered by the Internet are particularly potent for dissidents because it allows these groups to operate transnationally and overcome the constraints of internal censorship and domestic infrastructure limitations.
In the past, the organization has used its Web site to highlight the success of Islamist student elections at Jordanian universities [55] and to publicize the winner of the Brotherhood’s own internal elections prior to the national parliamentary elections [56].
During the early years of the organization, the Egyptian regime viewed the Brotherhood and its Islamic activities as an important component of Egyptian society and therefore supported its activities [76].
www.firstmonday.dk /issues/issue8_11/mclaughlin   (19383 words)

 Religious Support for Equal Marriage Rights   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Civil marriage and religious marriage are different institutions, but are often confused with each other because states allow the religious ceremony to double as the state ceremony.
State governments generally let religious ceremonies double as state ceremonies (in some states it is illegal to call a religious blessing a marriage without benefit of a marriage license from the state); the civil definition of marriage covers almost all religious definitions.
Many religious organizations, including some that do not recognize religious same-gender marriage, either directly support civil marriage for same-gender couples, support equal rights for same-gender couples, or are opposed to the denial of equal rights for same-gender couples.
www.iwgonline.org /marriage   (1594 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: Religious Cleansing on Campus by Michael Tremoglie
In a similar case, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) is considering the revoking the charter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) and other Christian organizations at UNC -- because of the use of religion as a criterion in the selection of its leadership.
On December 10, 2002, Jonathan E. Curtis, Assistant Director for Student Activities and Organizations at UNC, wrote to the IVCF stating that the university objected to a provision "that Officers must subscribe in writing and without reservation to...
Universities want to ban religious groups because their views are incompatible with university orthodoxy," said Alan Charles Kors, president of FIRE.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=5402   (635 words)

 The best List of religious denominations Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
List of the largest religious bodies in the world, ranked by size.
In her suit, Benitez claims that Brody told her in 1999 that her religious beliefs prevented her from helping a homosexual conceive a child by artificial insemination, but that other physicians at the practice would be able to help her.
This includes a list of religious groups and campus chaplains, with includes an extensive list of places for many religions and denominations.
www.1religiouschristmascards71.info /aztec-religious-beliefs/list-of-religious-denominations.html   (1422 words)

Uzbekistan bans all religious teaching by unregistered religious organizations or private individuals.
The persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses, along with all other religious groups, continues in Uzbekistan and is compounded by the authorities lack of knowledge of faiths.
Without registration, all religious activity is banned, and harsh penalties are imposed for worshiping without registration.
www.religioustolerance.org /news_04apr.htm   (909 words)

 Student Religious Organizations
This is a list of student religious organizations active at Lehigh as of Fall 2005.  The chaplain’s office maintains this list for informational purposes as a service to the Lehigh community.
The chaplain’s office does not endorse religious organizations, but encourages students to express their own religious views while respecting and exploring the religious views of others.
The Newman Association is a student organization of the Catholic campus ministry at Lehigh University.  The Association is guided by The Newman Council, a group of students who advise the Catholic Chaplain on implementing the activities of the Newman Center.
www.lehigh.edu /~incha/infogroups.html   (803 words)

 Religious funding plan fails | ajc.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Sonny Perdue's move to amend the Georgia Constitution to allow religious organizations to receive taxpayer dollars failed its first test in the state Senate on Thursday.
He and other supporters of the resolution argued that religious organizations often do a better job of providing services for children, the elderly and the homeless than does the government.
Seth Harp (R-Midland), the bill's sponsor, read through a long list of religious organizations that support the measure, including numerous Protestant churches and the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta.
www.ajc.com /metro/content/metro/legis05/0205/11legfaith.html   (513 words)

 Religious Studies: Resources
The Religious Studies program does not endorse any of the organizations or resources mentioned.
List of Religious Organizations from The Point, Enrollment Services' guide to University life
This site is maintained by the UMass Religious Studies Certificate Program.
www.umass.edu /rscp/resources.html   (64 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Index of Cults and Religions
The absence of a religious movement from this index does not mean that Watchman Fellowship endorses the organization.
Thus, cult can describe religious leaders or organizations that employ abusive, manipulative, or illegal control over their followers’ lives.
In most cases the group claims to be Christian, but because of their aberrant beliefs on central doctrines of the faith (God, Jesus, and salvation), the organization is not considered by Watchman Fellowship to be part of orthodox, biblical Christianity.
www.watchman.org /cat95.htm   (14256 words)

 Sidley Austin | Our Practices | Religious Institutions
Sidley's nationwide religious institutions practice has assisted a diverse array of religiously affiliated organizations with legal issues and problems that uniquely affect those organizations.
Churches, religious schools and universities, religious broadcasters, religious health care institutions, and religiously-affiliated philanthropic and community organizations have benefited from our depth of experience, not only with the constitutional and statutory protections for religion generally, but with many other features of the legal landscape that affect these institutions' ability to carry out their missions.
Sidley's religious institutions practice regularly publishes newsletters, memos and booklets on issues of interest to religious institutions and their staffs.
www.sidley.com /practice/group.asp?groupid=312   (334 words)

 List of Religious Organizations Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ FolkArtMuseum.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
List of Religious Organizations Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ FolkArtMuseum.com
Find More Information about "List of religious organizations" in FolkArtMuseum.com's:
"List of religious organizations" results in these other popular encyclopedia sites:
www.folkartmuseum.com /encyclopedia/List_of_religious_organizations   (188 words)

 Services of the Ames Interfaith Council   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Guide to Religious Organizations—The Council maintains a list of religious organizations in Ames (names, addresses, and phone numbers), along with a current pastoral list and information on e-mail addresses, websites, and times of religious services.
With the permission of the organizations listed, this information is distributed along with the Speakers’ Bureau descriptions.
Twenty-two different religions and Christian denominations are included in the offerings, and 27 local religious organizations are available to provide speakers.
www.public.iastate.edu /~gwool/aifc/services.htm   (156 words)

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