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Topic: List of roads and highways

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  History of the US Highway System
Before the Interstate Highway system brought fast, limited access highways to the United States, there was, and still remains, another nationwide system of highways that enabled travelers to follow standardized routes to any part of the nation.
The Lincoln Highway, from New York to San Francisco was the first and by the early 1920s many highway organizations were formed which placed and promoted their own routes.
It appears the original plan was for the Interstate Highways to be co-signed and routed with their corresponding US highway and from about 1960 to 1964 this is exactly what the Division of Highways did.
www.gbcnet.com /ushighways/history.html   (1800 words)

 U. S Highways: From US 1 to (US 830)
Roads built in the 1930's were inadequate for the faster and wider cars of the 1950's.
All US highways past and present are listed here, with their length in miles and (historical maximum extent), if different from current length.
Also listed are the states the roads pass or passed though (with links to other sites), length of the highway (current and/or historic), the roads that replaced it, and other notes, such as years of commissioning and decommissioning and major extensions and truncations.
www.us-highways.com   (3460 words)

 List of Greek roads - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a list of Greek Highways (National Roads).
Generally, odd numbered highways are of north-south alignment and even numbered highways are aligned east-west.
This is a list of European routes that shows which parts of them run through Greece.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Greek_roads   (1284 words)

 List of roads and highways
List of famous and notable roads and highways.
List of Greek roads, this list excludes Athens-operated Attiki Odos, some people refer being the Attica/Athens "Freeway"
List of state highways in the United States of America
www.teachtime.com /en/wikipedia/l/li/list_of_roads_and_highways.html   (97 words)

 Wikinfo | Interstate highway
In the eastern United States, sections of some Interstate highways planned or built prior to 1956 are operated as toll roads, and are often called turnpikes.
Traffic lights are limited to toll booths (and toll booths are limited to grandfathered roads and bridges), draw bridges, and ramp meters (metered flow control) for lane merging during rush hours.
On maps and the road, the highway is indicated by a number on a red, white and blue sign in a shape of a shield.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Interstate_highway   (866 words)

 Ontario Highways: Master List 1925-Present
This list was concieved out of many requests for information on old designations no longer in use in the province, such as "Was there ever a Hwy 1?" or "I heard about a Hwy 169.
This page lists each designation in numerical order, from 2 through 811, and is separated into listings generally corresponding to the setup of the Ontario Highways website (e.g.
Five 'types' of highways are included: current, un-signed, future and former highways, as well as those designations which have never been used to date.
www.ontariohighways.org /master_list.html   (272 words)

 3-digit Interstate Highways
However, when the 1956 Interstate Highway Act was in trouble, an additional 1,000 miles of proposed roads, mostly 3di's in key cities, generated enough votes to pass it.
For a list of some 3di's at the extremes, see Shortest and Longest 3di's.
Highway History Library: Extensive list of articles regarding interstate and U.S. highway history, from the FHWA, Public Roads magazine, and other sources.
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di   (469 words)

 County Code - Roads and Highways   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Renaming streets, roads and alleys on site plans or subdivision plats previously recorded and filed in office of the clerk of the circuit court shall not cause vacation of such site plans or subdivision plats.
(d) A complete and up-to-date list of the streets, roads and alleys shall be maintained in the office of the commissioner of revenue.
It shall be the duty of the county administrator to ensure that an accurate list of streets, roads and alleys named by the board of supervisors pursuant to this section, whether by resolution or by approval of a subdivision plat, be provided to the commissioner of revenue promptly upon the action of the board.
www.co.fluvanna.va.us /code/roads.htm   (379 words)

 Highway Kick-Off Page @ AARoads: Your Link to the Best Highways on the Web
Abandoned and lost highways (Marty Blaise) This is a discussion group for people interested in abandoned highways, roads and bridges and the fascinating stories behind them.
Road Dogs (Doug Parker) This is a perfect way to tell us about the adventures you've had on the road.
Highway Aggravation: The Case for Privatizing the Highways (Peter Samuel).
www.aaroads.com /kick-off/highway.html   (2415 words)

 London Borough of Lambeth | Roads, highways and pavements
The majority carry railways over roads and there are also bridges that carry roads over railways.
We repair and re-surface roads and pavements, maintain street furniture, and design and supervise major road improvement schemes, as part of our road and pavements repairs service.
Roads and highways weight limits are restrictions that prevent large vehicles from using inappropriate roads, routes and areas.
www.lambeth.gov.uk /Services/TransportStreets/RoadsHighwaysPavements   (398 words)

 Road and Highway Links
Highway Numbering: In addition to the Interstate and US Highway systems, Matthew has included the numbering scheme from several states.
In addition to the complete listing of US highways, there is also a listing of New England interstate highways (state routes) as well as information about Canadian and some Mexican highways.
The Lincoln Highway has a very important role in the history of roads in America as it was the first transcontinental highway.
www.gbcnet.com /roads/road_links.html   (861 words)

 Roads & Highways: Road Transport
The list covers ways of identifying and assessing problems associated with regulation, ways of defining strategies for tackling these problems in accordance with established good practice, and ways of tackling important issues affecting the development of trucking and passenger public transport services.
Many indicators of national road transport performance can be defined to assess costs, efficiency and level of service of road transport, but in practice adequate data are rarely available for use in meaningful analysis.
The accuracy of national road transport statistics is generally poor and so assessing performance requires surveys to be carried out.
www.worldbank.org /transport/roads/rd_trans.htm   (1712 words)

 Roads to the Future
This information is the result of over 35 years of personal study of highway and transportation development.
The road's surface, unstained ash-gray, shimmers under the midday sun.
The median is crisply mowed, the shoulders free of litter and weeds.
www.roadstothefuture.com /main.html   (1032 words)

 Widow of Avon crash victim becomes watchdog - Boston.com
A woman whose husband was killed a year ago in the dump-truck accident on Avon Mountain has formed a watchdog group to identify dangerous roads in Connecticut and lobby the state to fix them.
Ellen Stotler released a list of 10 roads and highways Thursday that she said trial lawyers in the state helped her group identify as the most dangerous.
The other roads on Stotler's list are: Route 6, between Bolton and Columbia; Route 34 in New Haven; Route 15; Interstate 95 in Darien; Route 9 between Haddam and Middletown; Route 69, between Woodbridge and Bethany; Route 107 in Redding; Route 66 in Middletown and Old Route 8 between Torrington and Winsted.
www.boston.com /news/local/connecticut/articles/2006/07/28/widow_of_avon_crash_victim_becomes_watchdog   (310 words)

 Delaware Highways @ AARoads
Additionally the Cecil County Highways pages are now complete and added to AARoadtrips to join the rest of our Maryland coverage on the web.
This explosive growth mandates highway expansion and new roadways.
In that time period, Interstate 95 expands from six to eight lanes, tolls for the Delaware Turnpike interchanges are removed, and the completed 53-mile SR 1 Turnpike now travels between Dover and the Wilmington metropolitan area.
www.aaroads.com /delaware   (397 words)

 Wisconsin Highways: Rustic Roads
The Rustic Roads System was created by the State Legislature in 1973 to, "preserve what remains of Wisconsin's scenic, lightly traveled country roads for the leisurely enjoyment of bikers, hikers and motorists." Rustic Roads are identified by yellow- and white-on-brown "Rustic Road" signs.
Also included below each Rustic Road sign is an identifying designation consisting of one to three numerals and prefixed with the letter "R," so as to differentiate the roads from state trunklines, according to WisDOT (ie.
Should be a lightly traveled local access road, one which serves the adjacent property owners and those wishing to travel by auto, bicycle, or hiking for purposes of recreational enjoyment of its rustic features.
www.wisconsinhighways.org /other/rustic_roads.html   (510 words)

 Hawaii Highways -- Oahu route list (part 1)
Routes are generally listed in numerical order, with some exceptions to group portions of the same road with different names and/or numbers.
The Kamehameha Highway is generally assumed to be named for the first monarch reigning over all the Hawaiian islands, King Kamehameha I ("the Great"), rather than his four less illustrious successors in the Kamehameha dynasty (most of whom have lesser roads and highways named specifically for them).
The temporary Federal highway system on Oahu, established during World War II, was somewhat more extensive (apparently including many unpaved roads) than the post-statehood system, and numbered much differently as well.
www.hawaiihighways.com /oahu.htm   (3475 words)

 MDRoads: an unofficial guide to Maryland highways
Information is organized by type of highway (Interstate, US or state) and route number.
In the meantime, here's the canonical list of Maryland highways, the text file from which sprang this entire site.
Although information is compiled from official sources, it is not affiliated with the State of Maryland or any of its highway related agencies, the State Highway Administration, the Maryland Transportation Authority, or the Maryland Department of Transportation.
www.mdroads.com   (348 words)

 EPA > Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution) > Roads, Highways and Bridges - NPS Categories
It is designed to be used by highway department supervisors, road crews and others engaged in maintaining private or public roadways.
This document, produced by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, is appropriate for state, county, city and local agencies.
It is a compilation of practices likely to increase the environmental sensitivity of road maintenance work, including many practices that have become widely adopted and adapted.
www.epa.gov /owow/nps/roadshwys.html   (499 words)

 The Roads and Highways webring
Exit lists and a photo gallery for Connecticut, the Nutmeg State.
Gallery of various county road markers and county signs in Ohio's 88 counties.
History and current information on the highway system that is the worst in the United States according to Overdrive magazine.
u.webring.com /hub?ring=theroadsandhighw   (402 words)

 Ross (AR04) - Radio Address - Funding Our Roads and Highways   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Recently in Congress, my colleagues and I began the process of deciding what projects will be included in the transportation reauthorization bill, which will determine the next six years of funding for our nation’s roads and highways.
We have $4 billion in road needs in our congressional district alone, and we will be competing against nearly $1 trillion in requests.
There is no question that securing funding for our district’s highway needs in the upcoming transportation bill is a vital component to our economic future.
www.house.gov /apps/list/speech/ar04_ross/pr_021304.html   (250 words)

 Learn more about List of transport topics in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Learn more about List of transport topics in the online encyclopedia.
Metro (underground, subway); see also List of metro systems
Tram, light rail (streetcar, trolley); see also List of light-rail transit systems
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /l/li/list_of_transport_topics.html   (179 words)

 Work zones and detour information - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
This is not a complete list, but shows some of the many possibilities that can delay completion of a construction project.
RESTRICTED Century Ave/Airport Road EB and WB restricted to one lane in each direction on the WB lanes from Laura Ln to Northbrook Dr. with temporary signals at the intersection with Parmenter.
WB traf tapered into 1 lane from 20th St. to 23rd St. and brought thru the median to the EB side east of 27th St. 2 way traf is configured from this point to 68th St. STH 100 (Ryan Rd) is restricted to 11 foot lanes at several points from E of 27th to 68th.
www.dot.wisconsin.gov /travel/road/workzones.htm   (3095 words)

 List of roads and highways - KnowledgeIsFun.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
List of articles related to roads and highways around the world.
List of roads and streets in Hong Kong
Historical roads and trails of the United States
www.knowledgeisfun.com /L/Li/List-of-roads-and-highways.php   (212 words)

 Watford Borough Council Roads, highways and pavements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Road markings and signage - cycle lanes and routes
Roads and highways - flooding (drains and gullies)
Roads and highways - maintenance programme structural surveys
www.watford.gov.uk /ccm/services/environmental-services/roads--highways-and-pavements   (56 words)

 The Cape Rock | Roads and Highways   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Living in a state with perpetual highway funding problems is not necessarily a bad thing.
Browse a list of some of these historic bridges, with photos and descriptions of their exact locations.
Browse the Railroads page for a list of all of the railroad lines in this part of the state.
thecaperock.com /roads   (581 words)

 Gimme an "I"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
While two lane county roads that are barely paved get romaticized, the backbone of the US highway system gets called sterile, boring, and- worst of all- unadventurous.
The 2000 mile road trip is an art form in itself.
Now the meat of the guide here is the listing of all of the 2 digit interstates.
www.ihoz.com /interstates.html   (630 words)

 Roads & Highways - External Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The ERF is a non-profit association which coordinates the views of Europe's road sector and acts as a platform for dialog and research on mobility issues.
VTT Web page which containing a wealth of useful information, including material on transport research, urban planning, road engineering and geotechnology, rock and environmental engineering, together with a list of publications and technical services.
The UK Highways Agency was established in 1994 and is an executive agency of the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions.
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/EXTTRANSPORT/EXTROADSHIGHWAYS/0,,contentMDK:20736919~menuPK:2023131~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:338661,00.html   (611 words)

 List of roads and highways: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
List of roads and highways: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
Your home is ten times more likely to have a fire than be burglarized!
Post a link to definition / meaning of " List of roads and highways " on your site.
www.encyclopedian.com /li/List-of-roads-and-highways.html   (91 words)

 The Roads of Massachusetts
The Roads of Metro New York, Steve Anderson This extensive site also includes highways in New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Philadelphia metro area.
Maine Highways, J. Kirby (Not neighboring,but Maine was part of Massachusetts prior to 1820) J.P. also has pages for the Maritimes and Quebec.
New England Interstate Highways of the 1920, Mike Moroney.
www.schlichtman.org /mahighways   (734 words)

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