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Topic: List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan

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  Saskatchewan Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ NaturalResearch.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Saskatchewan has the same form of government as the other Canadian provinces with a premier, legislature, and lieutenant-governor, who is the representative of the Crown.
The Saskatchewan Liberal Party was the province's main centrist party for several decades early in Saskatchewan's existence, ruling from 1905–29 and from 1934–44.
The current premier of Saskatchewan is New Democrat Lorne Calvert, whose government was re-elected in the 2003 election with a slim majority -- the NDP won 30 seats in the 58-seat Legislative Assembly, while the Saskatchewan Party won the remaining 28 seats.
www.naturalresearch.org /encyclopedia/Saskatchewan   (1744 words)

 Saskatchewan Archives Board | Family History Research
Civil registration of births and deaths in Saskatchewan began in 1888 and in the case of marriages in 1878, in accordance with ordinances of the North-West Territories.
The Saskatchewan Archives holds a large volume of records of the Supreme Court of the North West Territories, the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, the Court of King's Bench, and the District Courts.
For those rural municipalities that did enroll under this plan, voters lists are on file in the U.F. records, providing the name and legal land description of residence for all voters in the municipality.
www.saskarchives.com /web/services-pub-family.html#start   (9502 words)

 List of communities in Saskatchewan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abbey, Saskatchewan (V) Aberdeen, Saskatchewan (T) Abernethy, Saskatchewan (V) Admiral, Saskatchewan (V) Air Ronge, Saskatchewan (NV)
Pangman, Saskatchewan (V) Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan (V) Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan (NV)
Val Marie, Saskatchewan (V) Vanscoy, Saskatchewan (V) Veregin, Saskatchewan (V) edit]
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_communities_in_Saskatchewan   (808 words)

 Saskatchewan map, buy Saskatchewan maps - Map Town Ltd. Also: Saskatchewan travel books and Saskatchewan travel guides.
Saskatchewan is a province where agriculture flourishes and a relaxed lifestyle is enjoyed.
Saskatchewan is one of the most sparsely populated provinces in Canada, with a population of 990,000 and an approximate size of 251,000 sq.
Saskatchewan is also world renowned for recent finds of dinosaur fossils.
www.maptown.com /saskatchewanmaps.html   (183 words)

 Feed and Forage List Available at RM Office   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Saskatchewan rural municipalities are making it easier for producers trying to find feed and straw supplies in this summer of drought.
Rural municipal offices across Saskatchewan have posted copies of the Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization (SAFRR) feed and forage availability list.
The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is the umbrella organization for all of Saskatchewan’s 297 rural municipalities.
www.quantumlynx.com /sarm/Media/archives/02aug26.htm   (476 words)

 Canadian Rural Partnership - Rural Dialogue - La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Rural residents are concerned about the future of their communities.
The following list of strengths is a composite for all areas represented at the meeting.
The views expressed in the Rural Dialogue session reports have not been edited and are those of one or many rural Canadians who attended the Rural Dialogue sessions.
www.rural.gc.ca /workshop/laronge_e.phtml   (872 words)

 Government of Saskatchewan - Premier's Speech - Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
As the political leadership of Saskatchewan's rural municipalities and as the political leadership of the province, we have much in common.
The challenges you face in rural governance are shared by we, in provincial governance and the challenges we face at the provincial level are shared by you, simply because we represent the same citizens, the same taxpayers.
Well, in spite of the toll in agriculture, while the numbers are not all in yet, it looks like Saskatchewan had the highest or second highest rate of real growth in Canada last year and the major banks are predicting another very good year in 2004.
www.gov.sk.ca /govinfo/news/premier_speech.html?0079   (3204 words)

 Saskatchewan: Localities
Alphabetical list of all major Saskatchewan communities, with links to some individual community directories.
Saskatchewan reda's allow communities and organizations to join together to make plans for economic development in their region.
Suma is the provincial voice of urban municipalities in saskatchewan.
saskatchewan.us /index.php/Localities   (120 words)

 [can.talk.guns] FAQ List [quarterly posting]
Canada is more rural and therefore each firearm owning household (roughly 26%) has a variety of firearms (at least 3) for different uses.
More on this in ``The Long List of "Gun-Control" Myths'', available from: [63]http://www.rkba.org/research/rkba.faq [64]ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/talk.politics.guns/ There are now some 31 states that have non-discretionary CCW laws and those states have enjoyed lower crime and murder rates.
This FAQ list is copyright © (C) 1995-1999 Skeeter Abell-Smith and may only be used as a reference, in whole or in part, only when no fee is charged in any way.
www.cs.uu.nl /wais/html/na-dir/talk-politics-guns/canadian-faq.html   (14162 words)

 Welcome to Saskatchewan, Canada
Urbanization since the 1960s shifted the provincial economy from an agricultural basis and there was a steady migration from farms to cities and towns.
There was a corresponding shift in the NDP's focus from rural to urban concerns and the NDP gradully became the voice of cities and towns.
Today, the official opposition in the province is the Saskatchewan Party, a new party built out of the remains of the Tories and former Liberals.
www.hometowncanada.com /sk   (1274 words)

 Saskatchewan School Boards Association
The board of revision is being called for because Humboldt Rural is appealing the designation of property taxes by a number of taxpayers in several municipalities on the basis that they are not members of the minority faith that established the separate school division.
Saskatchewan trustees resolved at the 1991 SSTA Annual Convention that joint action and increased resources were needed to meet a growing range of needs like hunger, increasing delinquency and family dysfunction that were getting in the way of children learning at school.
Saskatchewan School Trustees Association President Debbie Ward was “extremely disappointed” with the amount of new money allocated to K-12 education in the provincial government’s 1999 budget, delivered on Friday at the Legislature.
www.saskschoolboards.ca /Communications/TalkingPoints/TalkingPoints1999.htm   (12758 words)

 Grade Four Social Studies - Identity(Saskatchewan the Province)
Saskatchewan is a province in the country of Canada.
Make connections between the climate of Saskatchewan and its location in relationship to the rest of the continent, the oceans, and the directness of the sun's rays.
Using seed catalogues, prepare lists of fruits and vegetable that can be grown successfully in northern and southern parts of the province.
www.sasked.gov.sk.ca /docs/elemsoc/g4u11ess.html   (2714 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: North America: Canada: Saskatchewan: Localities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan - Represents cottage owners and resort communities.Its goal is to ensure that senior levels of government are aware of its members’ concerns.
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities - SARM represents all of Saskatchewan's 298 rural local governments.
Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association - SUMA is the provincial voice of urban municipalities in Saskatchewan.
dmoz.org /Regional/North_America/Canada/Saskatchewan/Localities   (180 words)

 Rural municipality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rural municipality, often abbreviated RM, is a form of municipality in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, perhaps best comparable to counties or townships in the western United States.
See also: List of terms for subnational entities, List of subnational entities, Matrix of subnational entities
This page was last modified 19:04, 27 February 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rural_municipality   (83 words)

 Grade Four Social Studies - Identity(Saskatchewan Places)
Many islands in northern Saskatchewan are named after citizens who died in the first and second world wars.
So when she got back to Saskatchewan, she and her friends decided they would do what they could to offer help to at least some of those women and children.
The twelve cities in the province are listed below along with their population according to the 1981 and 1991 census figures.
www.sasked.gov.sk.ca /docs/elemsoc/g4u12ess.html   (4237 words)

 Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As new programs are created, or we learn about more and more opportunities for municipalities to access dollars through government or other sources, we'll add them to the list for the benefit of our members.
Projects may involve municipal buildings and facilities; water supply, sewage treatment or storm water management; solid waste management; energy efficiency or renewable energy use; and public transportation systems or municipal fleets.
This program is intended to assist urban and rural municipalities construct, maintain and strengthen roadways experiencing increased heavy haul traffic as a result of changing transportation policies and the restructuring of grain handling systems.
www.suma.org /modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=291   (776 words)

 Saskatchewan Rural Municipalities - Map Town Ltd.
The Province of Saskatchewan's land base outside of federal and provincial parks is split into different areas of land known as Rural Municipalities.
The majority of these jurisdictions produce maps that show whether a particular quarter section is crown land, leased crown land, crown land leased for grazing, or private land.
Please be advised that Map Town Ltd. does not carry all Rural Municipalities.
www.maptown.com /saskatchewanrm.html   (146 words)

 CanadaInfoLink is everything you wanted to know about Canada and canadian information about provinces, provincial ...
Saskatchewan currently has 809 urban, rural and northern municipalities.
The rural municipalities include 167 organized hamlets - see list.
The explorer Anthony Henday's spelling was Keiskatchewan, with the modern rendering, Saskatchewan, being officially adopted in 1882 when a portion of the present-day province was designated a provisional district of the North West Territories.
www.canadainfolink.ca /saskmap.htm   (407 words)

 The can.talk.guns FAQ list   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Newsgroups: can.talk.guns,talk.politics.guns,talk.answers,news.answers Subject: [can.talk.guns] FAQ List [weekly posting] Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU References: From: ab133@nospam.saskatoon.sk.ca (Skeeter Abell-Smith) Organization: Saskatoon Free-Net Sender: ab133@nospam.saskatoon.sk.ca Reply-To: ab133@nospam.saskatoon.sk.ca Followup-To: poster Distribution: world Keywords: FAQ, Frequently, Asked, Questions Summary: This posting is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in can.talk.guns, including where to find more information.
More on this in ``The Long List of "Gun-Control" Myths'', available from: http://www.rkba.org/research/rkba.faq ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/talk.politics.guns/ There are now some 31 states that have non-discretionary CCW laws and those states have enjoyed lower crime and murder rates.
There is a lot of information on this in the t.p.g Usenet group's ``The Long List of "Gun-Control" Myths'', available from: http://www.rkba.org/research/rkba.faq ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/talk.politics.guns/ and in "Guns in the Medical Literature -- a Failure of Peer Review" ("Why are the Black and Hispanic homicide rates so high in Seattle?"), which is available from http://teapot.usask.ca/cdn-firearms/Suter/med-lit/seattle.html http://yoda.sscl.uwo.ca/~eric/cfa/Suter/med-lit/seattle.html 12.
teapot.usask.ca /cdn-firearms/Faq/ctg.html   (13366 words)

 Government - Saskatchewan Web Sites - Saskatchewan Libraries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) is an independant association representing Saskatchewan's 298 rural municipalities.
The Saskatchewan Dragoons is a unit of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve.
The Saskatchewan Liberal Association is a combined political association that encompasses both the Liberal Party of Canada and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.
www.lib.sk.ca /Rex8/government.cfm   (609 words)

 Saskatchewan Health: Covered Population 2001: Main Page
This report, published annually by Saskatchewan Health, is a count of all persons who held Saskatchewan health coverage on June 30th.
Saskatchewan residents moving elsewhere remain eligible for coverage for the same period, and anyone whose coverage extends through June (i.e.
Plot of the Population of the Province of Saskatchewan 1968 to 2001
www.health.gov.sk.ca /info_center_publications_covpop2001/main.htm   (301 words)

 CanLII >> Regulations of Saskatchewan >> Alphabetical List >> D
Dangerous Dogs Control (Rural Municipalities) Regulations, R.R.S. c.
Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing Regulations (Repealed), R.R.S. c.
Department of Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing Regulations (Repealed), R.R.S. c.
www.canlii.org /sk/laws/regu/d.html   (691 words)

 WFNS: Markets: Periodicals
Rural Delivery: Farming, gardening, cooking and other aspects of country living.
Saskatchewan Naturally: Nature, history, culture, travel tips, profiles.
Women and Environments: Feminist perspective on housing, workplaces, community development, family life, urban and rural living and the environmental crisis.
www.writers.ns.ca /periodicals.html   (5956 words)

 Saskatchewan School Boards Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The paper proposes significant changes in the election, composition and role of district boards of trustees in rural and northern Saskatchewan as well as changes in role and composition for local school advisory committees in urban school divisions.
It was also felt that school-level bodies should have the ability to communicate directly with the board of education and should not be dependent upon the school principal to carry their message to the board.
Participants favoured having a similar core set of duties and membership for rural, northern and urban school-level bodies, but felt that the formal procedures used for electing these members in rural and northern Saskatchewan may not be feasible for urban jurisdictions.
www.ssta.sk.ca /Communications/Newsletter/1997/October1997.htm   (3755 words)

 Governor General Announces New Appointments to the Order of Canada
With an impressive list of successful recordings to his credit, he has garnered numerous industry awards and remains one of Canada's most beloved musicians.
Known to many as the "voice of the Prairies," he was frequently called upon by CBC Radio to present a western perspective on national issues and to comment on rural life.
The former president of the Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities, he continues to promote cultural initiatives and economic development in his province.
www.gg.ca /media/doc.asp?lang=e&DocID=1391   (11795 words)

 Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre - Conservation Database
The absence of any (more) occurrences may indicate a lack of information for the area rather than the absence of any rare plant, animal, plant community or other features of biological significance.
With continued effort towards mapping species and community occurrences in the next year, the Data Centre hopes to have over 10,000 mapped occurrences after its 10th year of operation.
Element occurrences, known locations of rare or endangered species, are mapped against Rural Municipalities to provide a list of species known to occur within the selected political jurisdiction.
www.biodiversity.sk.ca /db.htm   (171 words)

 Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
LIST OF Saturday, January 29 - Wednesday, February 2 2005
His message is one of achieving success in Saskatchewan.
Audio cassette or CDs are available for this address as well as all of the education sessions held at the 100th Anniversary Convention.
www.suma.org /modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=226   (138 words)

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