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Topic: List of samples

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  List of samples used by Boards of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of samples used by Boards of Canada, generally samples of speech.
Typically, the band includes no transcripts or explanations of samples in their liner notes, so as well as being cryptic, the precise wording of many of the samples used is open to discussion and interpretation by fans.
The sample is theorized to be an interview with Electric Light Orchestra's vocalist, Jeff Lynne, regarding the band's use of backward messages.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_samples_used_by_Boards_of_Canada   (1932 words)

 Public Displays of Apollo Samples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Samples collected during the Apollo missions to the Moon have been made available for Public Displays on long-term loans through the Public Affairs Office at the Johnson Space Center, Houston.
Most of the samples on view are pieces sawn from large rocks (mare basalts, anorthosites, and breccias), but a few are thin sections and even fewer are of regolith (soil) samples.
CAPTEM welcomes corrections or updates to this list, or comments on the displays, from those responsible for the displays or from viewers; please contact Dr. Gary E. Lofgren at the NASA Johnson Space Center (e-mail: gary.e.lofgren1@jsc.nasa.gov).
www.lpi.usra.edu /captem/displays.shtml   (252 words)

 Aedes De Venustas| Indulge Your Senses...
Please list the fragrances you would like to try in the comment box when checking out.
Sometimes it happens that a fragrance sample is not in stock.
The sample service program is for mail order only and can not be purchased at our store location at 9 Christopher Street.
www.aedes.com /samples.php   (205 words)

 Sample Real Estate Analysis | planEASe
All the samples have movies showing an overview of how to use planEASe for that type of analysis, as well as samples of output in either PDF or HTML format.
It is “relatively” complete because the reporting you need and want for a property will vary depending on the characteristics of the property (and the person for whom the reports are prepared).
The building has been vacant for the last year, because the previous lease broker had been unable to locate a suitable tenant, and David is now quite eager for you to lease the space, hopefully to a single tenant on a long term net lease.
www.planease.com /samples   (2143 words)

 Resource Room Word List Samples
Except for the "Syllable Division Practice" word lists, these are samples from the lists available from the new edition of Drill Bits binder.
List 4 Focus on v/cv and vc/cv - some one-syllable (e.g.
List 5 Focus on scared vs. scarred and -ation words
www.resourceroom.net /readspell/wordlists/default.asp   (235 words)

 Hamilton C shell Samples Directory
The sample C programs and C shell scripts in the samples directory are meant to help you install or experiment with Hamilton C shell.
Test whether the first argument word appears somewhere in the list given by the second argument.
List all the files or directories in the current directory that do not occur in the specified directory.
www.hamiltonlabs.com /UserGuide/21-Samples.htm   (969 words)

 Java 2D API Sample Programs
These sample programs demonstrate new Java 2D features available in the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition (J2SDK), v 1.2 -- you will need to download the Java 2 SDK, v 1.2 or later to run these programs.
Click Java 2D Sample Programs[zip] to download a zip file containing all of the Java 2D sample programs.
Unless otherwise licensed, code in all technical manuals herein (including articles, FAQs, samples) is provided under this License.
java.sun.com /products/java-media/2D/samples/suite/index.html   (476 words)

 Script samples
The sample pages linked to from this page illustrate basic characteristics of particular scripts.
If a number appears in [square brackets] in the 'Features' list, an illustration can be found in the bitmap.
In some instances, a numbered range of text is indicated by a red line on the bitmap - this sequence of characters will be shown in a separate bitmap lower down which illustrates the text, character by character, as it appears in the computer's memory.
people.w3.org /rishida/scripts/samples   (487 words)

 RBS Mailing List Samples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
We will add a mailing list signup box to your site, which will store email addresses for you in our database.
Then we provide you with a tool to easily manage your list and send email updates to your subscribers.
The mailing list admin lets you easily organize and send mail to your subscribers, as well as validating addresses for you.
www.rockbandsites.com /Sample_MailingList.htm   (61 words)

 AS400 Lists AS400 Mailing Lists AS400 Sales AS400 Marketing
We know how valuable your time is and to show you our appreciation we would like to send you some free AS400 sites from the United States or Canada (No samples are available outside the US or Canada).
This offer is limited to one set of samples per company or individual per year.
If it is not we will be happy to add your name to our mailing list, at your request, so you can start receiving valuable information about AS400 related products or services.
as400-list.com /free.htm   (603 words)

 [No title]
COLOURBOX Samples List v1.5 =========================== Songs listed in album order.
This list is now kept at http://web.mit.edu/klund/www/cbox.txt Samples listed in order, but only for the first time they are used.
Times in brackets are the location of the sample in the source movie.
web.mit.edu /klund/www/cbox.txt   (708 words)

 Mailman List Configurations
In this example, we monitor and report problems with GNU Mailman list configurations.
If one or more lists were misconfigured to violate those policies, we would want report of that.
Note how we set exceptions for certain lists in the unsubscribe_policy and private_roster rules.
pikt.org /pikt/samples/mailman_list_configs_alarms.cfg.html   (223 words)

 Index of Code Samples
This is a master index of Java programming language code samples organized by topic.
These code samples show how to use core APIs from Java SE, which aggregates APIs that can apply to both distributed and non-distributed applets and applications.
These code samples are from various open source repositories.
java.sun.com /developer/codesamples   (925 words)

 Samples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Some samples are the travel sizes made by the brands, but most samples are hand packaged at White Rabbit Beauty.
In the list of samples, we note which type each sample is.
The cleanser samples, for example, are enough for 4-7 days of use, depending on how much you use at each washing.
www.whiterabbitbeauty.com /samples.html   (287 words)

 Programming Samples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Some of the samples extend code found in my books, other samples show how to solve non-trivial problems that I have encountered.
The list of samples will grow over time.
The book's sample code can be downloaded here.
www.faisoncomputing.com /samples/programming_samples.htm   (357 words)

 Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)
This resource has been compiled through internet collaboration since about 1993, it stands to document the samples and references included on the album.
Disclaimer: While I and others have done our best to verify and keep the list accurate (only a fraction of new submissions are actually posted), only the artists themselves know the identity of all the samples and references.
There may be [and likely are] errors or ommissions to the list, as some may be 'best guesses' or flat out wrong.
www.moire.com /beastieboys/samples   (294 words)

 INFO: List of WinInet API HTTP Samples
The samples are in C, C++, and Microsoft Visual Basic.
This is not a complete list of all of the samples and all of the articles that show coding samples for HTTP with the WinInet APIs.
However, the samples and the articles that are in the "References" section give you a good understanding of how to do a variety of tasks by using the WinInet APIs to add HTTP functionality to your applications.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q288879   (399 words)

 XMLBeans Samples
This sample repository is just getting started, so be sure to check back for new additions.
If you have a sample that you'd like to share, grab the sample template and donate it to us.
Vxsdb is a XmlBeans sample application which derives a Jakarta Commons SQL data model from an xml schema.
xmlbeans.apache.org /samples/index.html   (373 words)

 DJSamples - /DJSAMPLES - Samples, Loops, More Samples, More Loops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
After a long anticipated return, DJSamples is live and fully functional with tons of great new additions like the professional Studio Samples area.
A collection of deep house samples and loops designed to meet the needs of the modern club producer.
Thanks to our dedicated users, the Free Samples database is now updated with loads of new samples & loops.
www.djsamples.com /djsamples   (177 words)

 Client List and Samples
Here is a partial list of clients with whom I have worked, along with brief descriptions of services provided, and links to a few samples.
Click here to see a sample of the original welcome page, and the revised version.
I worked closely with the coordinator of the Pre-Graduate/Pre-Professional Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP), the Rosa Parks Program for Community Development, and the Teachers For Tomorrow Program in developing informational brochures and content for the web pages for these important, but often overlooked, services.
www.2-dogs.net /c-list.htm   (1329 words)

 INFO: List of WinInet API FTP Samples
This article gives a list of samples that show how to use the APIs of WinInet to do FTP.
This article does not have a complete list of all samples and all articles that show coding samples for FTP with the APIs for WinInet.
However, the samples in this article and the articles that are in the "References" section give you a good understanding of how to do a variety of tasks by using the APIs of WinInet and how to add FTP functionality to your applications.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q289253   (461 words)

 Millennium Traders | Samples | Morning Watch List Sample   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Just because a stock is listed as a potential LONG position does not mean the stock will go up, all day long and a stock listed as a potential SHORT position does not mean the stock will go down, all day long.
To utilize the 'Morning Watch List' to its fullest potential, a trader should monitor the following: pre-market activity; any developing news pertaining to the stock and any breaking news that could effect overall market action or activity.
A trader should control their trades with a pre-determined Stop Loss and may consider taking profits, partial or full, when a stock begins to trend strongly in the direction of their entry, LONG or SHORT.
www.millennium-traders.com /samples/mwl_report.aspx   (670 words)

 css.maxdesign.com.au - CSS resources and tutorials for web designers and web developers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Listamatic shows the power of CSS when applied to a simple list.
Choose from one of the growing number of samples or submit a list of your own.
Step by step tutorials on using CSS to create background image lists, rollover lists, nested lists and horizontal lists.
css.maxdesign.com.au   (125 words)

 OSR's ntdev List: ddk samples crash in ntdll.dll
Hello, I've been trying to track down the cause of a crash in NTDLL.dll when I run one of the ddk samples (general\setup\enable).
The thing is that I can build the application using the provided shell and BLD command and it runs fine.
You must login to OSR Online AND be a member of the ntdev list to be able to post.
www.osronline.com /showThread.cfm?link=13303   (719 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
Energy Citations Database (ECD) Document #4200562 - List of samples dated by the radiocarbon method at the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR.
Availability information may be found in the Availability, Publisher, Research Organization, Resource Relation and/or Author (affiliation information) fields and/or via the "Full-text Availability" link.
List of samples dated by the radiocarbon method at the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR.
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=4200562   (140 words)

 Cahoots Music
The Cahoots set list is constantly changing as we continue to add new songs to our repertoire.
This is a partial list of songs we have performed.
sign up for our email list by sending an email to:
mysite.verizon.net /vze1lvx3/cahoots/SongList.html   (113 words)

 OMG, The Two Towers HDTV Samples - Movie-List Forums
Not only we had an HDTV trailer of The Matrix Revolutions (BitTorrent) today, but also we still have to be blown away once again!!
LOTR - The Two Towers - 720P AC3 - Sample 1 [117 MB]
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency.
www.movie-list.com /forum/showthread.php?t=7152   (1104 words)

 The Printery House - Christian Greeting Cards and Religious Gifts
To browse our products by category or interest, use the menus at the left.
You can click anywhere in the menu for a listing of items at that level.
To go directly to something you are looking for, use the search box above.
www.printeryhouse.org /mall/Gifts/Music/G690m.asp   (171 words)

 DJSamples - FREESAMPLES - Samples, Loops, More Samples, More Loops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
DJSamples - FREESAMPLES - Samples, Loops, More Samples, More Loops
You are currently viewing the entire free samples archive.
Narrow down the results by using the search engine above.
www.djsamples.com /djsamples/freesamples   (46 words)

 Resource Room Word List Samples
Home > Reading and Spelling Lessons and Word Lists> Word Lists Index >
Word List Samples > Chart of initial consonant blends
Two consonants at the beginning of a word or syllable make up a "blend." The two sounds flow together smoothly.
www.resourceroom.net /readspell/wordlists/consonants/blendschart.asp   (217 words)

 Salesman Samples, Category list, Maine Antique Dealer Directory
Salesman Samples, Category list, Maine Antique Dealer Directory
List of antiques dealers who maintain a stock of salesman samples.
List includes dealer name, antique shop location, telephone number, and a brief description of antiques in stock.
metiques.com /catlist/salesmansample.html   (55 words)

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