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Topic: List of specific demons and types of demons

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

Demons, or unearthly evil spirits, are found in almost every belief system throughout the world.
In Islamic belief, djinni are monstrous demons fathered by IBLIS, the equivalent of the Christian SATAN.
According to religious doctrines, the demons' mission is to tempt humankind into sin, facilitate damnation, then punish souls in hell.
www.whiterosesgarden.com /Nature_of_Evil/Demons/DM_definitions/DM_M.V.Scott.htm   (337 words)

 Demons - Hellgate Times Index
Greater demons are the boss type of creatures, they are more powerful and dangerous than their lesser demon counterparts.
The demon population of london follows a certain pattern, you will find that there are demon families that offshoot into many different but physically similar demons.
That is, demons that have similar appearances and share common behaviors, but have different names and are not of the same difficulty.
www.hellgatetimes.com /articles/index.php/Demons   (927 words)

  Thousands of FANTASY NAMES - fairy, gnomes, elves, goblins, mystical, magic demons, vampires, witches, dragons, ...
A list of the Rulers of NĂºmenor, a fictional realm by J. Tolkien.
List of names and descriptions of sundry creatures, some of which are illustrated
A list of characters that have appeared in a fighting capacity (ie.
lowchensaustralia.com /names/fantasylinks.htm   (2176 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of specific demons and types of demons
Baraqel is one of the fallen angels in the Enoch listings.
In demonology, and according to Francis Barrett, Pithius is a demon with the rank of prince of the liar spirits and demons.
Demons of this type are for the most part denizens of the underworld, who serve the judges of the dead.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-specific-demons-and-types-of-demons   (6864 words)

  Demon Information
The wilderness as the home of demons was regarded as the place whence such diseases as leprosy issued, and in cases of leprosy one of the birds set apart to be offered as an expiatory sacrifice was released, that it might carry the disease back to the desert (Leviticus 14:7, 52).
23) as a demon whose malignant effect upon the houses of the Israelites was to be warded off by the blood of the paschal sacrifice sprinkled upon the lintel and the door-post (a corresponding pagan talisman is mentioned in Isaiah lvii.
Demons of this type are for the most part denizens of the underworld, who serve the judges of the dead.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Demon   (4442 words)

 Demon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Demons as described in the Tanakh are not the same as "demons" commonly known in popular or Christian culture.
The wilderness as the home of demons was regarded as the place whence such diseases as leprosy issued, and in cases of leprosy one of the birds set apart to be offered as an expiatory sacrifice was released, that it might carry the disease back to the desert (Leviticus xiv.
Demons have permeated the culture of children's cartoons and anime; they are used in comic books as powerful adversaries in the horror, fantasy and superhero stories.
www.abcworld.net /Demon.html   (4210 words)

 Wikinfo | Demon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Demons in the Hebrew Bible are usually not the same as "demons" as commonly understood today by Christians.
Demons are found in many religions, and many cultures have developed a rich mythology of demons.
The study of demons is called demonology, while the worship of demons is known as demonolatry.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Demon   (2754 words)

 Demon - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
In the contemporary Western mystical tradition epitomized by the work of Aleister Crowley, a demon, such as the "Demon of the Abyss", Choronzon, is a useful metaphor for certain inner psychological processes which is nonetheless, in a sense, 'real' in that many experience it as a separate being, and in similar ways.
Demons in the Tanakh are not the same as "demons" as commonly understood today by Christians.
The demons mentioned in the Bible are of two classes, the "se'irim" and the "shedim".
www.egnu.org /thelema/Demons   (3712 words)

 Evil Science Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The purpose in the short term is to get lots of easily harvestable organs to keep the wealthy sick out of hell and in the long run to create fresh and familiar vessels for the minds of those same individuals.
Specifically, what he hoped to gain from his researches is unclear.
These are the people who made a web page with a list of doctors willing to run abortion clinics, then crossed out the names of those doctors killed by murderous freaks.
www.evilscience.net /institutions/halloffame/halloffamelist.htm   (6252 words)

 Demons quotes
Within the occult world, the entire study of demonology is wrapped around the geometric shapes that serve as focal points for demons (such as made by crystals and pyramids), and the portals by which demons can enter the human body.
These demons made the people act like animals, such as bark like dogs, rave in altered states, go into trances, have uncontrollable changes in personality which they would be amnesiac about.
A good example of this type of Dark Sentence is a "killing curse", where a demon is called into this dimension for the express purpose of killing an enemy of the coven; police departments are well aware of this type of "Dark Sentence", and they call it Psychic Murder.
whale.to /b/demons_q.html   (2337 words)

the demon of animal strength..Hebrew personification of Satan,huge in size as name suggest,said to have the form of an elephant with a huge round belly waddling on two feet.He is the over-seer of the gluttonous feast in hell.He was made the infernl watchman ans as legend has it he is famous for his singing voice.
In folklore, mythology, and religion, a demon or demoness is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit, but is also depicted as a force that may be conjured and insecurely controlled.
Demons are also found in pagan mythology where they are described as being spirits, or immaterial beings, that hold a middle place between men and deities.
www.psychicbozo.com /demonsinmyth.html   (8227 words)

 List of specific demons and types of demons
If the demon is listed here under another name it will show you the title of the article which text matches.
Just type the word on the box at the upper right corner of your screen and then click on the search button or press enter.
If you find that the article title exists but is not listed here under any name, you can edit the page and add the link.
pedia.newsfilter.co.uk /wikipedia/l/li/list_of_specific_demons_and_types_of_demons.html   (203 words)

 List of specific demons and types of demons - Monstropedia - the largest encyclopedia about monsters
This is a list of demons, including both specific demons (e.g.
If the demon is listed here under another name it will show you the title of the article which text matches.
If you find that the article title exists but is not listed here under any name, you can edit the page and add the link.
www.monstropedia.org /index.php?title=List_of_specific_demons_and_types_of_demons   (214 words)

 The Jerome Bible Commentary
Prophecies and types of each book of the OT fulfilled in Jesus Christ and his church
And still more, because every page of the Old Testament talks and prophecies and characterizes the coming of the Messiah, the Christ in Greek, and His church, there are actually thousands of prophecies on the coming of the Messiah, all of them fulfilled to the letter in Jesus Christ and His church, praise the Lord...
1,093 prophecies and types of the Old Testament fulfilled in Jesus Christ and His Church
www.biblia.com /jesusbible   (671 words)

 AT&T Worldnet Service - Directory
A comprehensive discussion of demons and demonology from various ancient text sources.
Large list of demons from various cultures and mythology.
Certain demons were believed to have more power depending on the month.
www.att.net /cgi-bin/webdrill?catkey=gwd/Top/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Esoteric_and_Occult/Satanism/Demonolatry   (234 words)

 Forum Romanum
You'll find on most lists there are some people who are very involved and express their opinion on just about everything.
a list for religion, a list for what-ever-else-you-can-think-of.
List Mistress, I respectfully disagree on this as well.
www.novaroma.org /forum/mainlist/2001/2001-07-04.html   (12133 words)

 visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++, c__ , vbscript,active server pages, ASP, ...
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Object Oriented AJAX class and objects structured for ease of use and maintainability for multiple requests.
www.planet-source-code.com   (549 words)

 Grass Valley @ BroadcastNewsroom.com
We asked key broadcast product vendors the same five specific questions about their products, customers and growth areas they see for their companies and the broadcast industry in general.
We now simultaineously publish the answers of all the companies that responded to our query, in hopes of giving you a good idea of the issues on the minds of broadcast equipment suppliers circa late 2006.
Suggs also talks about the types of spots his facility is doing, the archiving of footage and the challenges he's faced in the three-and-a-half year life of his bustling postproduction company.
grassvalley.broadcastnewsroom.com /articles/listarticle.jsp?type=features   (1095 words)

 Tip.it Runescape Help :: Slayer Guide :: First RuneScape help site!
In slayer, you get an assignment from a slayer master to kill a specific number of a certain type of monster.
These assignments can vary from 10 spiders to 200 iron dragons and depend a lot on which slayer master you choose.
Try a few types of attack and equipment to see what you should use.
tip.it /runescape/?page=slayer_guide.htm   (1159 words)

 Forum Romanum
In that respect Nova Roma is not much different from any other email list (ie imperialrome2@yahoogroups.co.uk).
Established the Senate and Comitia's and, in what I believe is the most important step...is that we have begin the steps to resurrect the Religio Romana and appoint knowledgable citizens whose duty is to re-establish the contact the ancients had with the Gods of Rome.
In addition to those important steps Nova Roma has taken other positive steps as well, such has the establishement of Sodalitas, for the express realization that there are citizens who are not interested in politics, we now have separate lists that only deal with specific subjects (Military studies, culture, Cooking and drinking, Religio Romana studies).
www.novaroma.org /forum/mainlist/2003/2003-05-11.html   (6224 words)

 Word List: Types of Government and Leadership
It has been suggested that every government which has ever existed has been a prime example of kakistocracy, or the rule of the worst, but this list of 169 different types of leadership suggests that that might be a bit too simplistic.
Each of the following words indicates a type of government by a certain kind of person or institution.
Everyone seems to want to get in on this rulership gig, from saints and mothers to beggars and prostitutes (hmm...).
www.phrontistery.info /govern.html   (279 words)

 List of specific demons and types of demons
This is a list of demons, including both specific demons (e.g.
Fictional demons; List of specific demons and types of demons; Hierarchy of demons; Classification of demons.
Following the list of the demonic names and ranks are the explanations of the types...
www.logicjungle.com /wiki/List_of_specific_demons_and_types_of_demons   (529 words)

 Sphere10: Malkuth, Sphere of Earth   (Site not responding. Last check: )
There are two types of initiation left to cover here: those of the magical path and that of mystical yoga, or the union of the soul with the sound current.
Magick requires a hierarchical series of initiations with an order, where the initiating officers represent dramatic projections of the various psychological figures which are latent in the subconscious of the aspirant.
Insight is the perception (or psychological equivalent) of a certain type of resonance.
zero-point.tripod.com /holistic/sphere10.html   (13109 words)

 Katie MacAlister | FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Aisling Grey series follows the exploits of Aisling, her pet demon Jim, and Drake, a handsome dragon in human form.
There is no specific limit to the number of Guardians, although one has to assume there's a cosmic balance somewhere.
Most demons appear as humans, because those are the most powerful forms.
www.katiemacalister.com /faqs.html   (4033 words)

 The Maxwells   (Site not responding. Last check: )
They were revered as the spirits of specific natural features - mountains, rivers, trees, and even groves were usually associated with a type of nymph.
Dryads and hamadryads are two types of wood nymphs in Greek mythology.
Hesiod lists the names of many of the Oceanids in his Theogony, which is a poem that describes the birth of the Greek gods and goddesses.
www.freewebtown.com /themaxwells/Demons.html   (814 words)

 Neverwinter Nights: Adding & Removing Effects
If you scroll down the list of commands in your script editor, you will see a long list of commands that begin with the word 'Effect'.
Both of them are very similar in their structure, except the former targets a specific object (creature, item, placeable object, etc) and the other targets a specific location (a point in space).
The longest effect type currently is the extraordinary effect, which will resist dispel magic effects and resting.
nwn.bioware.com /builders/sctutorial20.html   (1093 words)

 New Bremen Restricted Character Types
Basically any type of character may be refused by any Storyteller during sanctioning if it appears as though the character is a Revenge creation using OOC knowledge of a previous death, if its name violates anybody's copyrights or if it just offensive to that particular Storyteller.
Specifically, however, All of the following have been restricted by All Storytellers from future sanctioning as New characters, though you may continue to encounter some which were approved before the restriction was instituted:
Demon pacts, Dark Thaumaturgy, and such are heavily restricted.
www.white-wolf.com /newbremen/resources/RestrictedList.html   (1301 words)

 Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox) Reviews. Xbox Games Reviews by CNET.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As the undead swordsman Raikoh, your task is to purify Japan of its sins and evils, one demon at a time.
As can be the case with these types of games, the camera perspective can sometimes prevent you from seeing a nearby foe--you can lock onto individual enemies so that they never leave your field of vision, but this won't always keep you from getting blindsided.
Though the missions in the game all involve eliminating demonic infestation, there's actually a lot of variety both to the settings of these missions and to the specific objectives.
reviews.cnet.com /Otogi_Myth_of_Demons_Xbox/4505-9582_7-30977353.html   (1846 words)

 FAQ on Demons and Demonology at DeliriumsRealm
I think I've had an encounter with a demon.
Native Americans personify the destructive qualities of nature, such as the whirlwind.
Is identified by a prominent demonologist as a demon
www.deliriumsrealm.com /delirium/demonfaq.asp   (732 words)

 Word List: Forms of Worship and Belief
This list of 60 words refers to forms of worship - not specific religions or belief systems, but rather terms that denote a specific object of worship, be it saints, snakes or whatever.
Related word lists you might want to check out are those for philosophical 'isms' and ecclesiastical terms.
I suspect that this list may be rather incomplete, since people worship all kinds of crazy things these days.
phrontistery.info /worship.html   (188 words)

 play.net >> GemStone IV
a specific spellsong by including the spell number or the mnemonic after the command.
In addition to the damage caused, the target may be knocked down, stunned, or disoriented for a period of time.
Primary damage caused is based on the warding roll and increased slightly by training in Elemental Lore, Air.
www.play.net /gs4/info/spells/spelllist.asp?circle=10   (2509 words)

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