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Topic: List of spells (Harry Potter Universe)

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 Lifesite - The Trouble of Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Paganization of Children's Culture
In volume one, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, we are introduced to the world of sorcery and the boy who plays the pivotal role in the struggle between good and evil as it is defined in the series.
Harry's assumptions (and the reader's) about who is good and who is evil are constantly flipping, and only in the last chapters do we discover that Scabbers the rat is in fact the real villain.
Harry is one of the champions for his school, and in feat after daring feat he overcomes terrifying obstacles (usually by putting the good of others above his own desire to win).
www.lifesite.net /features/harrypotter/obrienpotter.html   (7990 words)

 Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was first published in England as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
In an interview she states "Harry as a character came fully formed, as did the idea for his sidekicks, the characters of Ron and Hermione, who is the brains of the threesome," she said.
The author of Harry Potter seems to have a basic knowledge of the craft and other occult concepts, there are too many resemblance's so it hard for me to accept it to be just a story that came to her on a train.
www.letusreason.org /Current16.htm   (5500 words)

 Harry Potter Introduction
Spells may be cast on another person or may invoke power for selfish use on the part of a sorcerer".
Harry is rescued from the Dursleys by his best friend Ron Weasley and his two brothers who take their father’s bewitched car without permission.
Harry Potter and friends simply use one set of sinful behavior to defeat another set of sinful behavior, often acting quite contrary to the Biblical definition of ‘goodness’.
www.inplainsite.org /html/harry_potter_introduction.html   (13260 words)

 Amazon.ca: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Books: J.K. Rowling,Jim Dale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Harry discovers that even wizards have chores--gnomes must be grabbed (ignoring angry protests "Gerroff me! Gerroff me!"), swung about (to make them too dizzy to come back), and tossed out of the garden--this delightful scene highlights Rowling's clever and witty genius.
Since Harry and the books about him have been steadily maturing along with their initial readers, I have no qualms in stating that this penultimate book is unsuitable for anyone under twelve, and I am horrified to hear of parents reading it to younger children.
Harry Potter and his friends always know there will be something to deal with every year but they always hope that there won’t be.
www.amazon.ca /Harry-Potter-Half-Blood-Prince-Rowling/dp/0307283658   (4310 words)

 Magic (Harry Potter) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Nymphadora Tonks temporarily lost her power as a Metamorphmagus after suffering severe emotional turmoil when Remus Lupin did not return her affections and the form of her Patronus changed to reflect her love for him.
Apparition is an activity licensed by the Ministry of Magic when a witch or wizard reaches seventeen years of age, similarly to the way Muggle governments license individuals for their ability to drive a motor vehicle.
For reasons of security, the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are protected by ancient anti-Apparition and anti-Disapparation spells, which prevents anyone from Apparating or Disapparating in the school grounds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magic_(Harry_Potter)   (3338 words)

 Sabledrake Magazine - GURPS Harry Potter Pt. 1
In the world of Harry Potter, Magery works differently than described in GURPS Basic Set, although the net cost of the advantage is the same.
The final difference is that spells in the world of Harry Potter are easier to learn and default to one another.
Contacts (Variable): One of the less-obvious facets of the Harry Potter universe is the fact that it is a fairly close-knit, insular society.
www.sabledrake.com /2002/0205_harry_potter1.shtml   (13604 words)

 Harry Potter News
Harry Potter's world, its creator and their impact have been glorified to such a degree that we celebrate them — even defend them — in many circles.
Potter fans were honored in a ceremony at the Library of Congress for their battles on behalf of the famous student wizard.
Harry is, in fact, a male Cinderella, waiting for someone to invite him to the ball.
www.crossroad.to /News/Harry.html   (9420 words)

 2CoolBabys Magical World of Harry Potter
After hearing that Warner Brothers was thinking of developing a Harry Potter Theme Park, Andy and Ali began to imagine what such a park would be like, and now you can visit their version yourself on the World Wide Web.
Regular visitors to the Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club will be familiar with Tealin's accomplished fan art, as she has has a very distinctive style.
Her Harry Potter page has a great deal of her artwork, accompanied by her own witty commentary about it.
www.2coolbaby.com /HarryPotter/index.html   (2506 words)

 HPL: About the Harry Potter Lexicon
I have a huge chart of all the episodes of Hogan's Heroes, listing everything from writers and directors to the gadgets that were used and when.
It's considered by fans to be the most complete and authoritative reference to the Harry Potter universe in existence and is visited by many thousands of fans daily from all over the planet.
HARRY POTTER, characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. © 2001 - 2006.
www.hp-lexicon.org /help/lexicon.html   (2247 words)

 A Muggle's Guide to the Wizarding World: Exploring the Harry Potter Universe - PowerBookSearch!
From Azkaban to zombies, every aspect of the enthralling universe in J. Rowling's Harry Potter series is explained, expanded, and celebrated in this literary guidebook for Muggles (humans who are often not aware of the magical world that witches and wizards inhabit).
Another is a list of spells and charms.
While there is no information in this book that can't be found out by reading the series, those who love Harry Potter will find it a necessity, as will those who are picking up the series in the middle.
www.powerbooksearch.com /booksearch155022655X.html   (443 words)

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