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Topic: List of state leaders in 1683

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  2005 Archive Video Collection
With the Governor and all four of the legislative leaders having signed a budget agreement, the Senate quickly acts on the House bill to temporarily fund those state agencies and services that have been shutdown.
A major agreement to combat the growing meth problem throughout the state and to strengthen sexual assault crimes comes before the Senate as a conference committee report on HF 1, the omnibus public safety bill.
The Senate considers a motion to move from committee to the floor HF 6, asking voters whether the state constitution should define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.
www.senate.leg.state.mn.us /media/media_list.php?ls=84&archive_year=2005&category=floor&type=video   (2123 words)

  World Almanac for Kids
GEORGIA, one of the South Atlantic states of the U.S., bounded on the N by Tennessee and North Carolina, on the E by South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean, on the S by Florida, and on the W by Alabama.
The state is roughly rectangular in shape, and its extreme dimensions are about 515 km (about 320 mi) from N to S and about 410 km (about 255 mi) from E to W. Elevations range from sea level, along the Atlantic Ocean, to 1458 m (4784 ft), atop Brasstown Bald, near the N boundary.
State constitutional amendments may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of the legislature or by a constitutional convention; to take effect, an amendment must be ratified by a majority of the persons voting on the issue in a general election.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/states/georgia.html   (4412 words)

 Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
New Views of the Constitution of the United States, John Taylor (1823) — A discourse on the constitutional nature of the American union reflecting views of Jefferson and Madison.
Developed the doctrines of concurrent majority, interposition, nullification and state secession, to correct what he perceived as a defect in the design of the Constitution that permits a persistent majority to dominate all three branches of government and legislate against the interests of a minority to the point where they would consider their rights violated.
State Documents on Federal Relations, Herman V. Ames (1911) — Debates among the states on the Constitution, 1789-1861.
www.constitution.org /liberlib.htm   (3707 words)

Secretaries of State for India (and from 1937, for Burma)(in London)
state to India in the face of tribal invasion from Pakistan
From 1683 every ruler also used the name Aqibat Mahmud Khan.
www.worldstatesmen.org /India.htm   (4429 words)

 State of Vermont Office of the Secretary of State - December 2004 Opinions
State of Vermont Office of the Secretary of State - December 2004 Opinions
Students who forget to register and take the oath prior to leaving the state for college, the military or employment find themselves unable to vote in the November election.
Whenever probate, district, environmental, family or superior court officers and employees or officers and employees of the judicial bureau furnish copies or certified copies of records, it may charge 25 cents a page with a minimum fee of $1.00, and $5.00 for a certified copy or for authenticated documents.
www.sec.state.vt.us /secdesk/opinions/2005/June_05.html   (4474 words)

 Chronicles of Oklahoma
It is often incorrectly stated that Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the proposed eastern terminus of this route, and it is forgotten that the selection of the route actually recommended would have benefited equally all parts of the south.
The desire to maintain the balance in the senate between free and slave states was of course a great reason for the southern objection to new territories from which slavery was excluded, for of course new territories meant new states.
It was stated in the New York Evening Post of November 15, 1853, that intrigues were on foot to keep “Nebraska out of the sisterhood of Territories, and of course out of the Union as long as possible.” Quoted by Ray, Repeal of the Missouri compromise, its origin and authorship, 181.
digital.library.okstate.edu /chronicles/v001/v001p009.html   (7897 words)

 Administrative Code Bulletin: May 17, 2000
As allowed by federal or state law, the division may permit an eligible unit of local government to waive its right to a direct allocation and request that its allocation be awarded to and expended for its benefit by a larger or contiguous unit of local government or local public planning entity.
The state JCEC may determine an amount and the purposes of JAIBG funds to be distributed through the provisions of 428—3.4(216A,232,PL93–415) and 428— 3.6(216A,232,PL93–415) and the amount of JAIBG funds to be distributed to local public planning entities through the provisions of 428—3.5(216A,232,PL93–415).
The subgrantee shall defend and hold harmless the state and any federal funding source for the state from liability arising from the subgrantee’s performance or attempted performance of their contract, and the subgrantee’s activities with subcontractors and all other third parties.
www.legis.state.ia.us /Rules/2000/Bulletin/acb000517.html   (9037 words)

 Top Ratings by State and Province
This list was automatically generated at 2006-09-11 00:48:12 from the NSA Ratings Database and the NSA Player Database.
States and provinces are listed according to the average rating of their top ten players.
Students may be listed representing either their home state/province or the state/province in which they are studying, whichever they prefer.
www.scrabble-assoc.com /ratings/bystate.html   (405 words)

 NJDARM: Homecoming for New Jersey Colonial Documents - What people are saying...
The state acquired the book, which includes documentation of the earliest government in the state, and all the maps that had been separated.
Klett said the state is preparing to display copies of the documents inside the archives building starting in October, with the original documents displayed for a day at the Morven museum near downtown Princeton Borough.
Congratulations to the State of New Jersey on your acquisitions.
www.state.nj.us /state/darm/links/homecomingsay.html   (6210 words)

 Upheaval-Chapter 7
Certainly he was a leader in the rebellion and not only was a member of the “Parliament,” but was one of the judges who was to try Miller for blasphemy and treason.
He was charged with being one of the principal leaders of the rebellion, and apparently nourished political ambitions, for it was stated he “industriously made it his business to be popular.” He was one of the members of the court named in 1677 to try Thomas Miller.
He was named as one of the principal leaders in the rebellion, and he was selected as an agent, along with George Durant, to present the case of the insurgents to the authorities in England.
www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us /SECTIONS/hp/colonial/Bookshelf/Monographs/upheaval/upheaval7.htm   (4741 words)

 Elijah List - Elijah List Words   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Finally in 1683 Islam’s throttling grasp on the nations of Europe began to be broken, with the defeat of the Ottoman forces of Kara Mustafa by John III of Poland at the Battle of Vienna.
These called for the overthrow of all Islamic leaders who were comfortable with the status quo standoff, or who had abandoned jihad in favor of accommodation with pagans or Christians.
The State of Israel is seen by most Muslims as a hated spearhead of Western forces and values in the Middle East.
www.elijahlist.com /words/display_word.html?ID=955   (15481 words)

 Gates of Vienna: The Nation-State vs Anarchy and Imperialism
The “sovereign” state is of use to such groups merely as a base of operations, as Afghanistan was and Lebanon is. They act locally but they think globally.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, that a State of War now exists between Radical Islam and the United States and is hereby formally declared.
The President is authorized and directed to employ the military forces of the United States as needed and the resources of the Government to carry on the war against Radical Islam.
gatesofvienna.blogspot.com /2006/08/nation-state-vs-anarchy-and.html   (3504 words)

Afterwards, the list of enemies expanded to include the Iroquois, Fox, Sauk, Kickapoo, Shawnee, Mascouten, Ottawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Miami, Winnebago, Menominee, Chickasaw, Quapaw, Osage, Missouri, Iowa, and Dakota.
The leader of one of the most important tribes of the French alliance, Pontiac's mother was an Ojibwe, and he was also an important member of the Metai (Grand Medicine Society), a secret religious society in most of the Great Lakes tribes.
In October, 1832 the leaders of 140 remaining Illini met with William Clark (George Rogers' kid brother) at Castor Hill (St. Louis) and in exchange for all their claims to land in Illinois and Missouri, were given 150 sections in eastern Kansas.
www.tolatsga.org /ill.html   (16946 words)

 The Ottoman Sultans of Turkey & Successors in Romania
Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly the strongest state in the region, to the chagrin of neighboring Arabs and Christians alike.
The earlier states of the Vlach speaking Romanians, Wallachia and Moldavia, continue from the past, subject to special achievements in Ottoman misrule, ultimately to unite as the modern state of România, the only country in Europe to preserve the proper name of the Roman Empire.
The rivalry of the two leaders of the revolt, Milosh Obrenovic and "Black" George Petrovic, however, led to a century of sometimes bloodly conflict between their two families, culminating in a coup in 1903 when King Alexander I was murdered.
www.friesian.com /turkia.htm   (12323 words)

 Creating A Commonwealth
The United States Constitution, federal laws, and treaties are considered to be the "supreme law of the land." The judges of every state are bound by it, regardless of anything contrary in individual state constitutions or laws.
In reference to Pennsylvania, the word "commonwealth" is synonymous with "state." The term is of English derivation and implies a special devotion of the government to the common "weal," or the welfare of its citizens.
Interestingly, the state seal of Pennsylvania does not use the term, but as a matter of tradition it is the legal designation used in referring to the state.
www.legis.state.pa.us /WU01/VC/visitor_info/creating/whole_creating.htm   (15978 words)

 The principles of Ottoman rule in the Balkans
If we make a list of the principles behind a modern Western European state, we might include nationalism and a notion that the state and the ethnic nation are ideally identical; the rule of law and the accompanying idea of a constitution; and the fundamental place of the citizens as the embodiment of the country.
The government dispensed justice, safe and secure subjects prospered, taxation flowed from their wealth, the state and its military were sustained at necessary strength, and good government was preserved to begin the cycle again.
Mulk property was exempt from state control: the state could no longer demand military service from holders of "mulk" and also found it hard to protect "rayah" living there from abuses like excess taxation.
www.lib.msu.edu /sowards/balkan/lecture3.html   (4207 words)

 The History of New York State, Book X, Chapter II
The Governor declared the county in a state of insurrection, a battalion of 300, half mounted, were sent to aid in the establishment of martial law, and continued there for several months.
Hamden was apart of Ulster County from 1683 until the formation of Delaware in 1797, and was taken from the towns Walton and Delhi, April 4, 1825.
In 1797 a State road from Cherry Valley to Jericho was opened through the town, and many of those whose names are now associated with the section came within the next few years.
www.usgennet.org /usa/ny/state/his/bk10/ch2.html   (3518 words)

 [No title]
TITLE The court correctional system of the State of Pennsylvania with a directory of judges, probation and parole officers, penal officials, state departments and state-wide agencies with delinquency programs, and institutions for custodial and protective.
TITLE Records of the Provincial Council, 1682-1776, in the Pennsylvania state archives (from record group 21) Donald H. Kent, project director; Martha L. Simonetti, assistant project director; George Dailey and George R. Beyer, editors.
TITLE The report of the Joint State Government Commission's Task Force on the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania.
www.colorado.edu /libraries/govpubs/lsca/states/pennsylvania.htm   (2258 words)

 A-Z Results - Colorado State University - Fort Collins
A-Z Results - Colorado State University - Fort Collins
State Board of Agriculture (SBA) (Colorado State University System)
If you don't know the name of the office or program, you can also search this list by entering a keyword or two.
search.colostate.edu /index.asp?page=az_results&letter=S   (169 words)

 Andrew Bostom: <i>The Legacy of Jihad</i> | Redstate
Moreover, we in the West must press our political and religious leaders to demand that such bellicose, hate-mongering “educational” practices be abolished in all Islamic nations, without exception, under threat of severe, broad ranging economic sanctions.
The debate on whether to expel Moslems who profess jihad against the United States is, IMO, correct, and I would not hesitate to do so, as I would not with any other group dedicated to the destruction of my country - and I would have quite a long list, thank you.
I am not prepared to to state that all of Islam is bad or evil.
www.redstate.com /story/2005/10/18/91033/928?7e44b8e0   (10201 words)

 LRL | Legislative Information | 78th R.S. CCRs
Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the United States House of Representatives from the State of Texas.
Relating to procedures to help ensure that certain state agency actions are consistent with the meaning and intent of applicable legislative enactments.
Relating to a statistical or demographic analysis conducted by the Texas Legislative Council for a state agency and to information collected by the council in the course of performing the analysis.
www.lrl.state.tx.us /legis/ccrs78.html   (2306 words)

 Sullivan - History of New York State 1523-1927
So, although the next Governor, Thomas Dongan, did not come until 1683, one of the important missions entrusted to him was that of bringing into being an Assembly that would be representative of all the freeholders of the province.
It was to consist of the eighteen representatives elected, in accordance with governmental decree, on September 13, 1683.
Footnote 64: In 1683, an act of the Dongan Legislature, effective November i, 1683, was passed to divide this Province and dependencies into shires and counties Twelve counties were decided upon, the name of some perhaps being suggested by Dongan.
www.courts.state.ny.us /history/elecbook/sullivan/pg4.htm   (13589 words)

 Freedom: Federalist Papers (11-20)
In a state so insignificant our commerce would be a prey to the wanton intermeddlings of all nations at war with each other; who, having nothing to fear from us, would with little scruple or remorse, supply their wants by depredations on our property as often as it fell in their way.
It is evident from the state of the country, from the habits of the people, from the experience we have had on the point itself, that it is impracticable to raise any very considerable sums by direct taxation.
The separate States or confederacies would be necessitated by mutual jealousy to avoid the temptations to that kind of trade by the lowness of their duties.
www.one-eleven.net /~jaw/federalist2.htm   (13234 words)

NRA Note: GEICO is on our list because, a few years back, an article in its policy holder magazine recommended that all firearms be removed from the home, and children should never be allowed to touch a firearm.
CeaseFire, Inc. was formed in 1995, with a stated mission to: “Reshape the gun violence debate in America.” Infused with money from Courtney Love, the widow of rock star Curt Cobain, who committed suicide, the organization signed on numerous, high-profile, celebrities, and business people, to their advisory panel.
Their stated goal is to promote “handgun-free homes and families,” by claiming that gun ownership is a public health threat.
www.sksparts.com /listofantigun.htm   (2015 words)

 PA State Archives - RG-25 - Series Descriptions - Special Commissions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Newspaper clippings covering proclamations, planning and public events related to the United States Constitution Commemoration.  Information provided is date of new clipping, descriptions of the unfolding events connected with the commemoration, names of persons involved, and occasional photographs of events or persons connected with the commemoration.
Correspondence relating to the activities of the Pennsylvania State World’s Fair Commission in dealing with contractors, exhibits, and the New York World’s Fair 1939 Incorporated.  Included are photographs and drawings of the exhibit area and financial breakdowns of expenditures.
List of the observances planned by fifteen county historical societies, list of the names and addresses of each member of the William Penn Tercentenary Committee, list of suggestions for observance to be held on William Penn Day, a distribution list for the William Penn history book, and related records.
www.phmc.state.pa.us /Bah/dam/rg/sd/r25sd2.htm   (2106 words)

 NJDARM: Proprietors and Adventurers, What people are saying...
State archivists are anxious to get hold of the 11 yellowed artifacts, including a thick book that contains the first constitution of the colony of East Jersey and details its settlement from 1682 to 1684.
The state has determined it wants 11 of these documents, which will be sold at New York’s famous auction house on June 21 by the former president of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team.
Spokespeople for acting Gov. Richard Codey and Secretary of State Regena Thomas said yesterday no decision would be made until next week on whether the state would bid for the documents and how the money would be raised if they decided to go for it.
www.state.nj.us /state/darm/links/adventurerssay.html   (9222 words)

 MLM Genealogy Lists & Downline Reports - sponsor an orphaned network marketer.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This type of list is known as a downline report or genealogy report.
Each list is on paper and will be shipped priority mail, or you can upgrade to overnite shipping for $25.
This is a list of 500,00 full records which include First and Last Name, mailing address including country, gender, IP and date/time stamp.
www.listguy.com /mlm-genealogy.html   (3351 words)

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