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Topic: List of state leaders in 1687

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  Connecticut state   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Connecticut was the fifth of the original 13 states ratifying the Constitution of the United States on January 9, 1788, and it played an important role in the development of the United States.
The state’s armaments industry was an important supplier of firearms during World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945), and the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine was launched from a Connecticut shipyard in 1954.
It established the present form of the Congress of the United States: a lower house in which the states are represented on the basis of population and an upper house in which they are represented equally.
www.theusaonline.com /states/connecticut.htm   (9557 words)

 Indiana Department of Insurance
The following is a list of upcoming CMS Open Door Forums.
Conference Leaders will be Sheila Lambowitz, Jeff Flick and Natalie Highsmith.
Conference Leaders will be Dr. Bill Rogers, Dr. Charlotte Yeh and Natalie Highsmith.
www.state.in.us /idoi/shiip/professional_trng.html   (284 words)

 Names in mechanics.
He is best known for discovering the law of hydrostatics, often called Archimedes' principle, which states that a body immersed in fluid loses weight equal to the weight of the amount of fluid it displaces.
In 1687 Hooke claimed that Newton had stolen from him a central idea of the book: that bodies attract each other with a force that varies inversely as the square of their distance.
In geometry the great discovery of the school was the hypotenuse theorem, or Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
www.ncsu.edu /ncsu/ncsu/forest_resources/wps441001/names.html   (6006 words)

  European Origin
Resistance from the state was immediate with Felix Mantz being executed by drowning at Zurich, and fellow companion Wolfgang Uliman, along with others were burned at the stake in Waldsee.
After the systematic execution of most leaders, their most inspirational figurehead was Menno Simons, a Dutch-born Catholic priest and contemporary of Zwingli, Grebel, and Mantz.
It was a logical outgrowth of a religious populace that was exhausted of both war and the insensitivity of church leadership; a clergy that physically enforced attendance at worship and obeisance before dignitaries.
www.cob-net.org /europe.htm   (8071 words)

 Welcome to the Vilna Site
The writer Narbutt, in his history of Wilna, states that as early as the reign of the Lithuanian chief Gedimin (1316-41) there was a large Jewish community in the place, and that the space occupied by the streets inhabited by Jews was about one-fifth of the area of the whole city.
Five years later (1687) the same king wrote to the commander of his army and to the governor of Wilna warning them to see that the Jews of Wilna were not molested by the non-Jewish population, and telling them that they would be held personally responsible and punished severely for any violation of this order.
It established new rules concerning the ghetto, stating that Jews need not live in a limited area of the town, as their number had greatly increased and the three narrow streets designated to house them a hundred and fifty years ago were no longer sufficient (these streets still remain under the names of Zhydu, Sv.
www.eilatgordinlevitan.com /vilna/vilna.html   (13394 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Jansenius and Jansenism
The new leader lost no time in asserting himself in startling fashion by the publication of his book "On Frequent Communion", which would have been more correctly entitled "Against Frequent Communion" but which, as it was written with skill and a great display of erudition, did not a little towards strengthening the party.
Although the Sorbonne had accepted the Bull "In eminenti", and the Archbishop of Paris had, in 1644 proscribed the work of Jansenius, it continued to be spread and recommended, on the pretext that authority had not rejected a single well-determined thesis.
For this reason Clement XI, at the request of the Kings of France and Spain, issued 16 July 1705, the Bull "Vineam Domini Sabaoth" (Enchiridion, 1350) in which he formally declared that respectful silence was not sufficient for the obedience due to the constitutions of his predecessors.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08285a.htm   (9078 words)

 104 Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the events at the refugee camps in Beirut- 8 February 1983
The position of the Phalangist leaders, as reflected in various pronouncements of these leaders, was, in general, that no unified and independent Lebanese state could be established without a solution being found to the problem of the Palestinian refugees, who, according to the Phalangists' estimates, numbered half a million people.
This dissatisfaction was expressed in various ways; and in the political echelon, as well as in the media, there was amazement that the Phalangists were not participating in the fighting, even though the war was their battle as well, and it was only right that they should be taking part in it.
As stated, participating in this consultation was the director of Military Intelligence, who in the course of the discussion stated a number of things that appear in the aforementioned record.
www.israelipalestinianprocon.org /Documentlisthtml/ispaldoc1983.html   (18745 words)

 Celebrating Arizona's Centennial: 1912-2012
Most Indian communities in the state have a museum or a heritage/cultural center that could serve as a venue for the community to show and demonstrate their participation.
State agencies, including the three universities, can play a major role in the state Centennial commemoration, and the Programs Committee will develop ways to encourage and assist these commitments.
With the expectation that many of the contributions used to achieve the state match requirements will either be earmarked or allocated to a specific legacy project, the Commission may consider financial assistance for these projects when the state appropriation of $2.5 million has been matched and is available to the Commission for use.
www.azcentennial.gov   (4264 words)

 Sullivan - History of New York State 1523-1927
South Carolina had defied, its royal Governor in 1687, refusing to pay quit-rents; Connecticut had contrived 'to hold possession of its charter, though declared non-effective by Andros, whose visit to Hartford in 1687 was especially disconcerting to himself, it seems; and everywhere the spirit of rebellion seemed'to be rising.
Such was the general state of governmental affairs at about the time Andros arrived in New York, commissioned as Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of all the English possessions ' from Nova Scotia to Delaware Bay.
After some days of pompous ceremonies in New York City, conspicuous features of which were the breaking of the seal of the province of New York and the substitution of that of the Dominion of New England, Andros crossed to the Jerseys, which were to be annexed to New York under the general plan.
www.courts.state.ny.us /history/elecbook/sullivan/pg4.htm   (13589 words)

 The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut - Bibliography 17th Century
The present state of New-England : Being a narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New-England, from the first planting thereof in the year 1607, to this present year 1677 : but cheifly of the late troubles in the two last years 1675, and 1676.
A list in another hand of deaths in Ellington, Conn. between 1717 and 1740 appears on the last two pages of the volume.
Appendix: Lists of polls for 1787, for the first society, the parish of Westchester, the Parish of New Salem and the Marlborough Society.
www.colonialwarsct.org /biblio.htm   (7489 words)

 SSC - TEKS and TAKS - TEKS - Grade 4
The student understands the causes and effects of the Texas Revolution, the Republic of Texas, and the annexation of Texas to the United States.
(E) identify leaders important to the founding of Texas as a republic and state, including Sam Houston, Mirabeaur Lamar, and Anson Jones.
The student understands how Texas, the United States, and other parts of the world are economically interdependent.
www.tea.state.tx.us /ssc/teks_and_taas/teks/teks4.htm   (1986 words)

 Irish Interlude
The historical record is far from tidy and it is impossible to list and analyze the interrelationships of all the denominations that arose in a period of intense spiritual hunger and intellectual ferment, but here are the main points.
In England, by 1687, oppressive measures had been successful in reducing Catholics to a minority position, but in Ireland, the people had no reason to acknowledge a new religious leader, and both peasants (Old Irish) and landowners (Old English) stubbornly clung to their Catholic faith.
The Brothers left for America in 1687, and while Irish history subsequent to that date is of less significance to the Harlan Family in America, than that which preceded it, it is worth tying up some loose ends and summarizing what happened over the next years.
www.harlanfamily.org /irishinterlude.htm   (6136 words)

 Eligibility Requirements
List what improvements, changes, projects, etc. you want to accomplish with the funds you are requesting from the GCCC.
List the total amount requested in each category with a detailed explanation of how the funds will be used.
List the areas of the state that will benefit from this project and the rational for choosing the service area(s).
www.nccic.org /statedata/staterfp/georgia02.html   (9753 words)

 Guide and Index to Lists of Rulers
One motivation is that history is often not taught anymore in terms of dynasties and rulers, since this is thought (by an academic elite comfortably supported by the taxpayers) to be too elitist and too removed from the life of the people.
The arrangement of these lists thus follows Bryce's principle of universalist ideology, centering on Rome but extending to similar to ideas outside of the Roman world.
The states from Mediaeval Romania, among the poorest in Europe, struggle, not just with the heritage of Communism, but with the cultural and political puzzles of their own underdevelopment.
www.friesian.com /histindx.htm   (3022 words)

 The Peloponessus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A republican confederation in northern Peloponessus, this state was actually the second Achaean League; the first collapsed after the death of Alexander the Great.
The following list of executive heads of the league contains many gaps in sequence, but should be useful in getting a sense of the leadership anyway.
This list provides a rough framework of that time, and continues with a record of the city of Argos, only a few miles distant.
www.hostkingdom.net /pelop.html   (1894 words)

 New Netherland Project Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Albany: University of the State of New York, 1932.
Albany: The University of the State of New York, 1626-1932.
Albany: University of the State of New York, 1920-1923.
www.nnp.org /project/bibliography.html   (5901 words)

 House Calendar No. 22 - March 17, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Majority of Election Law:  The benefits of a statewide voter database that can be used for comparisons with the voter rolls of other states and to discover duplicative registrations within the state would evaporate unless there is the authority and a procedure to refresh local voter checklists.
Recognizing this, the secretary of state requested that HB 1567 be filed.
  As stated in the media, same sex couples married in MA, are poised to move to NH and use the courts to get their “marriages” legally recognized in NH.
gencourt.state.nh.us /hcaljourns/calendars/2006/houcal2006_22.html   (5728 words)

 Minnesota State Register Volume 21, Issue 46
State agencies are required to publish notice of their rulemaking action in the State Register.
Outline the State goals and actions taken to prevent and reduce incidence of out-of- wedlock pregnancies with special emphasis on teen pregnancies and the numerical goals for reducing the illegitimacy ratio of the State (as defined in section 403(a)(2)(B)) for calendar years 1996 through 2005.
Such notice shall clearly state the means by which a complaint can be made to the company and shall advise the subscriber, that if after contacting the company the subscriber remains dissatisfied, he or she may contact the commission.
www.comm.media.state.mn.us /bookstore/stateregister/2147.htm   (16807 words)

 The Food Timeline history notes--state foods
Some states and cities are commonly associated with recipes (Maryland crab cakes, Boston baked beans, Philly cheese steak, New York style pizza) others are harder to connect with a particular dish.
Official state foods must be introduced by law and approved by the state legislature.
Kentucky's quaffable/edible state symbols are: milk, flberries, spotted bass, and gray squirrel.
members.aol.com /foodtimeline/statefoods.html   (16537 words)

VATICAN, January 10, 2002 (LSN.ca) - In his State of the World address yesterday, Pope John Paul II mentioned the sanctity of life and promotion of family as his top concerns.
In the address, officially called the address to the Vatican diplomatic corps, he confided a list of, as he said, "reflections which rise from my prayer as well as from the things I hear from those who visit me" and asked that the list be passed on to the governments of the world.
The Pope called the list of concerns "the great challenges lying before us" and asked that we "open our hearts and minds" to them.
www.lifesite.net /ldn/2002/jan/02011002.html   (332 words)

 Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire
Its leaders were well-known Grand Masters of Masonry, such as Franz Hartmann, Heinrich Klein, and Karl Kellner.
In his adopted state of Arkansas, Pike was well known as a practitioner of Satanism, Portraits of his later years show him wearing a symbol of the
Viewers in this state are no longer able to critically evaluate, discern, or pass judgement from their own moral database on the material being viewed.
www.conspiracyarchive.com /NWO/Freemasonry.htm   (6193 words)

 C.A.R.S. 3rd Party Postings
An AMI diploma is required, and experience as a leader in education is strongly preferred.
The group’s mandate is to work with business leaders to create strategies that will grow the financial services franchise and build long-term competitive advantage for the company.
Randstad, a global leader in staffing solutions is currently seeking a qualified inside sales rep for a foam insulation company in Plymouth Minnesota.
www.cars.csom.umn.edu /csc/3rd_party_post/list_3rd_party_post.asp   (4686 words)

 Modern Times IS Ancient History | Redstate
Such an effort would further serve to remind us that ours (the United States) is but a hiccup in the ebb and flow of this battle between ideologies; we are merely the latest inspiration.
To believe that a country, an infant by comparison, could elicit such displays of passion and angst by its mere existence is to buy-in to the self-deprecation mantra of modern liberalism hook line and sinker.
During and after a Christian counteroffensive against the Ottoman Empire from 1687 to 1690, when Albanian Catholics revolted against their Muslim overlords, the Ottoman pasha of Pec, a town in the south of present-day Yugoslavia, retaliated by forcing entire Albanian villages to accept Islam at the pain of death.
www.redstate.com /stories/featured_stories/modern_times_is_ancient_history   (11068 words)

 [No title]
The war between the states wa 2 CONC s in the making and this northernwest outpost felt the growing tensions that finally broke i 2 CONC n a civil war.
Edward is also listed in the original al 2 CONC lotment of land in the plantation and is included on the 1669 list of freemen in the town.
Stephen Tracy was on the 1633 freeman list and he served on verious public committie 2 CONC es and Juries (PCR, passim).
home.comcast.net /~bluebirdsong/chesley/chesley.ged   (6760 words)

15 Aug 1947 British India, together with acceded states, is
Secretaries of State for India (and from 1937, for Burma)(in London)
state to India in the face of tribal invasion from Pakistan
www.worldstatesmen.org /India.htm   (4354 words)

United States commissioner for the Treaty of Greenville.
Delaware leader in the Ohio country said to be seeking
listed as one of nine tribes in the British interest.
microformguides.gale.com /Data/Index/203000c.htm   (8850 words)

1968 Apr 4, Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, 39, was assassinated while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. James Earl Ray (d.1998) confessed and pleaded guilty in Mar, 1969, but later tried to recant and said he was a fall guy.
In 1997 3 Communist Party leaders, Milos Jakes, Karel Hoffmann and Joseph Lenart, were accused of conspiring with the Soviets.
1968 Black Panther leader Geronimo Pratt was accused of the murder of Carolyn Olsen during a robbery that netted $18 on a Santa Monica tennis court.
www.eleggua.com /History/1968.html   (8239 words)

It is true that many European Christians emigrated to avoid persecution and to be free to worship in their own ways in new countries.
These attacks have unfortunately coincided with a lack of prophetic leaders in the Church.
Listed in the deeds as ‘that plot of land situated on the South Side of Victoria Road and the North Side of Lowerbank Road’, our house has
www.lhsociety.org /Lancashire.html   (6869 words)

 2006 Research
RWJF research encompasses a wide variety of issues, from community initiatives to enhance access to the effectiveness of the social safety net to federal regulations and hospital policies.
Our research focuses on ensuring the problem of the uninsured remains a high policy priority for opinion leaders, and broadening their awareness of contributing factors - especially rising health care costs - and potential solutions.
Below is a list of key RWJF-funded research in this area.
www.rwjf.org /portfolios/resources/researchlist.jsp?year=2006&type=&iaid=132   (990 words)

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