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Topic: List of state leaders in 1692

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Moving to New Hampshire
The state is bordered on the north by the Canadian province of Qu├ębec, on the east by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Massachusetts, and on the west by Vermont.
While most administrative leaders are appointed by the governor, subject to the council's approval, the secretary of state and state treasurer are elected by the General Court.
The gradual movement of population to the interior of the state was reflected in a shift of the capital.
www.abcmovex.com /states/NEWHAMPSHIRE.html   (10139 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
PENNSYLVANIA, in full, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one of the Middle Atlantic states of the U.S., bounded on the N by Lake Erie and New York; on the E by New York and New Jersey; on the S by Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia; and on the W by West Virginia and Ohio.
The name of the state was probably coined by Charles II of England and combines the surname of Adm. William Penn (1621–70), the father of William Penn, to whom the king granted the colony in 1681, and sylva (Lat., “wood”).
The state is subject to influences by interior continental air masses as well as by air masses from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/states/pennsylvania.html   (5122 words)

 United States History
Led by the pro-independence leaders, they drew their support not only from the less well-to-do, but from many members of the professional class, especially lawyers, most of the planters of the Southern colonies and a number of merchants.
Other states enlarged the list of liberties to guarantee freedom of speech, of assembly and of petition, and frequently included such provisions as the right to bear arms, to a writ of habeas corpus, to inviolability of domicile and to equal protection under the law.
No state went so far as to permit universal male suffrage, and even in those states that permitted all taxpayers to vote (Delaware, North Carolina and Georgia, in addition to Pennsylvania), office-holders were required to own a certain amount of property.
www.mongabay.com /reference/country_studies/united-states/all.html   (16440 words)

 State Net - Legislative and Regulatory Information Service
States are still reluctant to buy into new systems with technology that may not be foolproof, or which may be antiquated in a couple of years, especially when they may not be getting any federal money to pay for all of it.
Unfortunately, that vagueness has also become a cost driver for the states because now we're trying to implement something that is true to the intent of the law without the tools to actually do it.
The court rejected the state's plan in part because it listed wolves as a potential nuisance that could be shot on site outside the Yellowstone National Park area.
www.statenet.com /capitol_journal/04-10-2006   (5723 words)

 Administrative Code Bulletin: May 17, 2000
As allowed by federal or state law, the division may permit an eligible unit of local government to waive its right to a direct allocation and request that its allocation be awarded to and expended for its benefit by a larger or contiguous unit of local government or local public planning entity.
The state JCEC may determine an amount and the purposes of JAIBG funds to be distributed through the provisions of 428—3.4(216A,232,PL93–415) and 428— 3.6(216A,232,PL93–415) and the amount of JAIBG funds to be distributed to local public planning entities through the provisions of 428—3.5(216A,232,PL93–415).
The subgrantee shall defend and hold harmless the state and any federal funding source for the state from liability arising from the subgrantee’s performance or attempted performance of their contract, and the subgrantee’s activities with subcontractors and all other third parties.
www.legis.state.ia.us /Rules/2000/Bulletin/acb000517.html   (9037 words)

 Top Ratings by State and Province
This list was automatically generated at 2006-09-07 15:41:27 from the NSA Ratings Database and the NSA Player Database.
States and provinces are listed according to the average rating of their top ten players.
Students may be listed representing either their home state/province or the state/province in which they are studying, whichever they prefer.
www.scrabble-assoc.com /ratings/bystate.html   (405 words)

 : kamakoti.org
Pandit Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj has stated that the temple of Kamakshi at Kanchi is famous and in that temple there is the stone icon of Sankara and that is the lace where he attained Siddhi.
The Keraliya Sankara Vijaya states that Sankara Desika staying in the Sharada Matha (The Sankaracharya Matha at Kanchi is known as Sharada Matha) and directing Suresvara to teach the Bhashyas to disciples.
The presence of a street till recently under the name of Mandana Misra Agraharam, and the presence of a stone icon of Sri Sureswaracharya inside the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sankaracharya Math (which is in daily worship) confirm the connection of Sri Sureswaracharya with Kanchi Sankar Math and his videha mukthi at Kanchi.
www.kamakoti.org /peeth/origin.html   (10247 words)

 Europe and Central Asia
Bosnian authorities at the state, entity, cantonal and municipal levels have been unable to stem the continued transit of illegal aliens, fl market commodities (especially cigarettes), and narcotics since the conclusion of the Dayton Peace Accords.
Investigations by the State Prosecutor’s Office continue into allegations of corruption, smuggling and financial crimes of a number of businessmen and politicians linked to members of HDZ party when it was previously in power in the 1990s.
Extradition between Croatia and the United States is governed by the 1902 extradition treaty between the U.S. and the Kingdom of Serbia, which applies to Croatia as a successor state.
www.state.gov /p/inl/rls/nrcrpt/2005/vol1/html/42368.htm   (17186 words)

 History & Genealogy - New Books at TSLA
Cohabitation lists of former slaves in Goochland, Hanover and Louisa
State route 12 and 112 (U.S. 41A) from the end of the new construction north of 28th Avenue to approximately 1100 feet north of State Route 12 in Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County
The general state of medical and chirurgical practice, exhibited : shewing them to be inadequate, ineffectual, absurd, and ridiculous particularly in consumptions, asthmas, nervous, gouty...
www.state.tn.us /tsla/newbooks.htm   (2514 words)

 Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Subsequent talks with a wide range of water experts confirmed that the state lacks a long-term, comprehensive water policy that would allow agencies, businesses, and other organizations to deal effectively with the various headline-making water issues of the day.
To develop and maintain the most efficient, responsive system for water monitoring, data collection, and data analysis, the report recommends that the state work in partnership with relevant state, tribal, federal, and private entities to explore options for improving coordination of water information within the state and identifying key research and monitoring needs.
Furthermore, the state should coordinate and prepare a regular "State of Wisconsin’s Waters" report to make information on Wisconsin’s waters more available and useful to educators, state legislators, local officials, and other decision-makers.
www.wisconsinacademy.org /news/releases/042203.html   (1295 words)

 NARA - NHPRC - Massachusetts
Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board, Boston, MA $100,000 for a regrant project to continue to assist local repositories, increase the accessibility of historical records, improve the documentation of Massachusetts history, develop networks that can have a long-term impact on records and the historical records community, and implement the SHRAB's 1999 strategic plan.
Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board, Boston, MA $69,302 for an 18-month, strategic planning project to consider the board's mission and goals, identify strategic issues, and involve stakeholders in developing an action agenda and plan.
Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board, Boston, MA $24,687 to analyze the current condition of historical records in the state, identify problems, frame potential solutions, and outline actions that can be taken.
www.archives.gov /nhprc/projects/states-territories/ma.html   (3191 words)

The state treasurer shall credit to and deposit in the Missouri CASA fund all moneys which may be appropriated to it by the general assembly and also any gifts, contributions, grants, bequests or other aid received from federal, private or other sources, in addition to any moneys deposited pursuant to section 488.636.
The members of the patrol shall, at the expense of the state, be furnished with the vehicles, equipment, arms, ammunition, supplies and insignia of office as the superintendent deems necessary, all of which shall remain the property of the state and be strictly accounted for by each member of the patrol.
The [state] department [of health] shall be responsible for collecting all abortion reports and complication reports and collating and evaluating all data gathered therefrom and shall annually publish a statistical report based on such data from abortions performed or induced and post-abortion care provided in the previous calendar year.
www.house.state.mo.us /bills01/senjrn/day72.htm   (7986 words)

 Bischoff has successful 2003 legislative session   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
INDIANAPOLIS -- Legislative leaders today lauded State Rep. Bob Bischoff (D-Lawrenceburg) for having a successful 2003 session of the Indiana General Assembly, noting he helped oversee the passage of initiatives that impact everything from natural resources to public safety.
HEA 1692 updates state laws covering farm mutual insurance companies, providing for both standard and extended insurance operations.
HEA 1623 is designed to improve operations at the Indiana State Fair, by revising membership of both the State Fair Commission and the board of trustees for the Center for Agriculture Science and Heritage, better known as "The Barn." Bischoff said the changes will allow for better coordination in management of fair facilities and programs.
www.state.in.us /legislative/hdpr/R68_05122003.html   (644 words)

 1692 - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
New: Biocrawler.com now with the option to add inline videos.
1689 1690 1691 - 1692 - 1693 1694 1695
You can find it there under the keyword 1692 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1692)The list of previous authors is available here: version history (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1692andaction=history).
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/1692   (299 words)

 Committee on House Administration, Minority Office :: Committee Activity :: PROVIDING FOR ACCEPTANCE OF STATUE OF ...
The collection is now finally complete, though in the future, some States may choose to replace their existing statues with different significant historical figures.
In 1998, the New Mexico legislature selected Po'Pay as a subject of the State's second statue for the National Statuary Hall Commission and created the New Mexico Statuary Hall Commission, whose members were appointed by the Governor.
While the Spanish ultimately returned in 1692 and restored control over New Mexico as a Spanish territory, their interest in and ability to disrupt the native cultures were severely diminished.
www.house.gov /list/hearing/ha31_democrats/fs_20050921_popay.html   (568 words)

 Digital History
This site, created by the Association for the Preservation of Virginian Antiquities, provides a brief history of Jamestown, a list of early settlers, and a timeline of events leading up to the settlement of Jamestown.
Documents and articles on diverse life in Indiana and the United States before the Civil War, including women’s lives, clothing medicine and disease, food, transportation, and religion.
A chronology listing important events in the history of emancipation during the Civil War.
www.digitalhistory.uh.edu /historyonline/annot_links_list.cfm   (3432 words)

 The Democratic Party
Also, states are required to adopt new Inclusion Plans for LGBT Americans, Americans with disabilities, and many others.
The state Democratic Party on Tuesday called on Republicans in South Carolina's congressional delegation to return money they received from Texas Rep. Tom DeLay's political fundraising organization and asked Rep. Joe Wilson to return contributions from a recent event DeLay attended.
As part of the Democratic Party's 50 State Strategy, organizers who were hired to work in their home states are brought to Washington for an intense seminar on the best-practices they should use as they travel around their state and work to build the Democratic Party.
www.democrats.org /a/states/south_carolina   (789 words)

 The Learning Place - Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
If you know of a Women’s History link you feel should be included in our list, please email the information and URL to us at nwhp@aol.com.
Accurate general information about the infamous Salem Village Witchcraft Trials of 1692: verbatim transcripts, map of the village, the Danvers memorial, names and quotations from the victims.
List of significant repositories for American Jewish women’s history, with information on published guides, examples of collections of oral histories and private papers, location of records of national offices of Jewish women’s organizations; historical scholarship from 1970 to the present from journals, anthologies, and monographs.
www.nwhp.org /tlp/links/links.html   (3636 words)

 Laws, Acts, and Legislation
One hundred per cent of all payments for funeral goods and services made under a preneed funeral contract shall remain intact and held in trust for the benefit of the person for whose benefit the contract is made.
Whenever the division or superintendent of real estate is referred to or designated in any statute, rule, contract, or other document, the reference or designation shall be deemed to refer to the division or superintendent of real estate and professional licensing, as the case may be.
If feasible, the classroom instruction in municipal, state, and federal civil rights law, new case law on housing discrimination, desegregation issues, and methods of eliminating the effects of prior discrimination shall be taught by a staff member of the Ohio civil rights commission who is knowledgeable with respect to those subjects.
www.legislature.state.oh.us /bills.cfm?ID=123_HB_18   (14348 words)

 SCHOOLS - Online Information article about SCHOOLS
state where the constitution was at the See also:
i7ye,uovia, leadership, from it-yo-Oat, to lead, the leadership especially of one particular state in a group of federated or loosely united states.
TARIFF (adapted in English from the French; the word comes through the Spanish tarifa, a list or schedule of prices, from the Arabic, ta'rifa, information, an inventory, 'arf, know-ledge)
encyclopedia.jrank.org /SAR_SCY/SCHOOLS.html   (5359 words)

 House Journal - Day 073
An administrative penalty under this section may be assessed by a state agency responsible for regulating the person or by the attorney general.
The lobbyist principal or a lobbyist employing another person for lobbying purposes may notify the commission that a judicial, executive or legislative lobbyist is no longer authorized to lobby for the principal or the lobbyist and should be removed from the commission's files.
The commission shall provide a report listing the total spent by a lobbyist for the month and year to any member or member-elect of the general assembly, judge or judicial officer, or any other person holding an elective office of state government on or before the twentieth day of each month.
www.house.state.mo.us /bills01/jrn01/jrn073.htm   (9265 words)

 Exhibition Object List (Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, Library of Congress Exhibition)
A sermon preached before the honorable Council, and the honorable House of Representatives, of the State of Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, at Boston, May 27, 1778
Circular to the chief executives of the states, June 11, 1783
The substance of a discourse preached in the hall of the House of Representatives of the United States, January 8, 1826
www.loc.gov /exhibits/religion/obj-list.html   (3600 words)

 Amazon.com: Working with Emotional Intelligence: Books: Daniel Goleman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Business leaders and outstanding performers are not defined by their IQs or even their job skills, but by their "emotional intelligence": a set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact, and communicate.
Analyses done by dozens of experts in 500 corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations worldwide conclude that emotional intelligence is the barometer of excellence on virtually any job.
One shocking point the author makes early in the book, states that the top 1 percent of the Emotionally Intelligent in the IT field are 1200 percent more productive.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0553104624?v=glance   (2209 words)

 [No title]
VCV 2056 Act two [videorecording] / United States Office of Education [and] Institute for Child Study, University of VCV 7479 Activating dissent [videorecording] / National Film Board of Canada ; Necessary Illusions.
VCV 884 Battle of Britain [videorecording] / United States War Department Special Services Division S.O.S. with VCV 786 Battle of China [videorecording] / produced by the War Department Signal Corps Army Service Forces VCV 4004 Battle of Iwo Jima and the A-Bomb [videorecording] / Time, Incorporated.
VCV 766 Battle of Midway [videorecording] / United States Department of the Navy.
www.lib.iup.edu /depts/media_resources/videolist.txt   (12481 words)

 CONSULS LIST   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
CONSULS Book List - 567 Records in List ------------ List Last Updated on : Thu Jun 30 15:21:43 2005
Grunebaum, James O. Albany : State University of New York Press, c2003.
Renn, Kristen A. Albany : State University of New York Press, c2004.
library.scsu.ctstateu.edu /dir05.html   (9209 words)

 Book Listings from Upper Access Books
Here is an alphabetical listing of some of the titles published by Upper Access.
According to Hill, the people running the country in 2004 are as self-righteous and inhumane as the Puritan leaders of 1692.
Obviously, state laws, municipal ordinances, and local conventions may have changed since 1989, so some of the those specific provisions are no longer current.
www.upperaccess.com /books.htm   (6984 words)

 TCHSL Consortium Holdings
This is a union list of the medical periodical holdings of the Tri-Cities Area hospital libraries.
DASH Signifies that the library has a current subscription that title.
qcom.etsu.edu /medlib/holdings/unionlist.htm   (5909 words)

 [No title]
1912 7/05/99 Medical Marijuana is `Humane' 1913 7/05/99 Draft of State's Report on MMJ Recommends Registry 1915 7/05/99 Press-Tribune Placer SWAT Terrorize Elderly Couple 1918 7/06/99 1st Person in U.S. with a License to be a Pothead!
2668 8/28/99 State Leaders Struggle to Separate Medical Pot Use 2669 8/29/99 The Plant Of Life!
Pot Advocate Offers To Drop Extradition Fight 3617 11/09/99 Crohn's On List For Medical Marijuana 3622 11/10/99 64-Year-Old Woman Pleads No Contest To Marijuana 3635 11/10/99 What Are They Smoking?
www.cannabisnews.com /news/list/medical.dat   (4823 words)

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