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Topic: List of state leaders in 1937

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  Encyclopedia: List of state leaders in 1937   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
List of the Heads of State of Afghanistan Ashvagan c1220 to mid-13thC ruled by Mongol Emperors mid-13thC to 1404 divided between local Mongol leaders 1404 to 1507 within Timurid Empire 1507 to 1709 Iranian rule The Afghan State in Qandahar Mir Veys Khan Hotak (1709-1715) Mahmud Khan...
This is a list of Prime Ministers of Poland.
Lists of state leaders by year Agustín Pedro Justo Rolón (1876 - 1943) was President of Argentina from 20 February 1932 to 20 February 1938.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-state-leaders-in-1937   (5658 words)

 Kentucky.gov: - Agency List
The State Board of Elections is responsible for overseeing and administering elections in Kentucky.
State Commission is to promote the principles of racial equality and nonviolent social change espoused by the late civil rights leader.
The Division of Water is charged with the responsibility for managing and protecting the state's waters, both on the surface in lakes, streams and rivers as well as groundwater beneath the surface of the land in the state.
www.kentucky.gov /Portal/OrgList.aspx   (9743 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
NEW YORK, one of the Middle Atlantic states of the U.S., bordered on the N by the Canadian provinces of Ontario and QuÉbec; on the E by Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; on the SE by the Atlantic Ocean; on the S by New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and on the W by Pennsylvania and Ontario.
New York was the preeminent U.S. state in commerce and manufacturing from the early 19th century until the late 1960s, when it began to be surpassed by California; in the 1990s it continued to be a leading component of the U.S. economy and remained first in many branches of economic activity.
Although not noted as a fishing state, New York ranks among the top 15 states in the U.S. in terms of the value of the annual catch, which was estimated at $51 million in the late 1980s.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/states/newyork.html   (5920 words)

 Historical Leaders in Technology Education Philosophy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether individuals recognized as leaders in industrial arts philosophy are also recognized as leaders in molding the philosophy of technology education.
In the time period 1917-1957, Warner was selected as the noted leader for technology education in both the 1983 and 1993 studies, receiving nearly the same percentage of votes (40%) in each.
In Bartow's study, the time period 1957-1985 was marked by a diffusion of votes among the top leaders, while in the present study opinions had coalesced, resulting in a shorter list.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /ejournals/JITE/v32n1/old/Kirkwood.html   (5195 words)

 World war 2 leaders
Some leaders were caught in the middle between stronger countries and were forced to take a side, while others were able to remain neutral and save their nations from the war.
Churchill is one of the main world war 2 leaders, and one of the most prominent national leaders in history.
In March 27, 1941 he was replaced in a pro-allies military coup, and ten days later the german Luftwaffe massively bombarded Belgrade, the capital of its former ally, and the german military invaded and occupied the country until the end of the war.
www.2worldwar2.com /leaders.htm   (3830 words)

 List of state leaders in 1937 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1936 state leaders - Events of 1937 - 1938 state leaders - State leaders by year
Fumimaro Konoe, Prime Minister of Japan (1937 - 1939)
Secretary of State - Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, Cardinal Secretary of State (1930-1939)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_state_leaders_in_1937   (600 words)

 List of state leaders in 1930 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
State Elder - Otto Strandman, State Elder of Estonia (1929-1931)
Minister of State -, Minister of State of Monaco (1923-1932)
Communist Party Leader - Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1922-1953)
www.hartselle.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/List_of_state_leaders_in_1930   (768 words)

1937 1938 1939 - 1940 - 1941 1942 1943
June 17 - The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fall under the occupation of the Soviet Union.
November 27 - In Romania, coup leader General Ion Antonescu's Iron Guard arrests and executes over 60 of exiled king Carol II of Romania's aides.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/1/19/1940.html   (1918 words)

 List of state leaders in 1956 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Communist Party Leader - Walter Ulbricht, General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (1950-1971)
Head of State - Council of State, Chairman - Aleksander Zawadzki (1952-1964)
Secretary of State -, Cardinal Secretary of State (1952-1961)
hartselle.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/List_of_state_leaders_in_1956   (858 words)

 Vaal Triangle Info Encylopedia - List_of_state_leaders_in_1942   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Leader - Ante Pavelić, Leader of Croatia (1941-1945)
Prime Minister - Ion Antonescu, Prime Minister of Romania and Leader of the State (1940-1944)
Secretary of State - Luigi Cardinal Maglione, Cardinal Secretary of State (1939-1944)
www.vaaltriangleinfo.co.za /wiki/index.php?title=List_of_state_leaders_in_1942   (1427 words)

The President stated on April 28 that, "absolutely, we do have political prisoners and people who are in prison for their beliefs." No accurate estimates were available regarding the number of citizens imprisoned for their political beliefs.
She was detained on a variety of charges including "acting against state security, spreading lies, membership in internal opposition groups, and defense of murders in order to stir up public opinion against the judiciary." For 23 of the 40 days of detention, Gazhi was on a hunger strike.
Jewish leaders reportedly were reluctant to draw attention to official mistreatment of their community due to fear of government reprisal.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2004/41721.htm   (15163 words)

 U.S. Dept. of State FOIA Electronic Reading Room - Search Topic Help
•Telephone transcripts of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (September 1973 to December 1976) - This is a first release of 5,770 pages of the roughly 9,600 pages of telephone transcripts that the Department of State obtained from the Library of Congress.
Most State documents from this period are already declassified and available at NARA as part of the ongoing systematic declassification review program.
The State Department produced these documents in response to inquiries by the United Nations Truth Commission for El Salvador and the U.S. Congress in 1993 - 1994.
foia.state.gov /SearchColls/colhelp.asp   (998 words)

 China (03/05)
Chinese civilization was further strengthened by the development of a Confucian state ideology and a common written language that bridged the gaps among the country's many local languages and dialects.
The State Department’s annual China human rights reports have noted China’s well-documented abuses of human rights in violation of internationally recognized norms, stemming both from the authorities’ intolerance of dissent and the inadequacy of legal safeguards for basic freedoms.
U.S. citizens who are long-term visitors or traveling in dangerous areas are encouraged to register their travel via the State Department’s travel registration web site at https://travelregistration.state.gov or at the Consular section of the U.S. embassy upon arrival in a country by filling out a short form and sending in a copy of their passports.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/18902.htm   (11645 words)

 Death Penalty Links
List of Executions in 2004 by name and state; Number of executions since 1976 by state and race; List of jurisdictions with or without death penalty; Current death row population by state and race.
List of executed prisoners since 1977 by name, date, state, method, and names of victims; Number of executions since 1977 by year and state; Texas executions by county; Upcoming executions scheduled.
Listing of the 49 women executed in the United states since 1900, by age, race, state, date of execution, and method of execution.
www.clarkprosecutor.org /html/links/dplinks.htm   (10610 words)

 Quotations that Support the Separation of State and Church
The United States of America have exhibited, perhaps, the first example of governments erected on the simple principles of nature; and if men are now sufficiently enlightened to disabuse themselves of artifice, imposture, hypocrisy, and superstition, they will consider this event as an era in their history.
Thirteen governments [of the original states] thus founded on the natural authority of the people alone, without a pretence of miracle or mystery, and which are destined to spread over the northern part of that whole quarter of the globe, are a great point gained in favor of the rights of mankind.
In each such state the people, including church members and the unchurched, were engaged in a revolution against such practices that, without prodding by the federal government, led to the complete abandonment of established churches and religious tests for holding office.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/ed_buckner/quotations.html   (18874 words)

 Narco News Deconstructs the State Dept. "Terrorist" List
The first is Washington's confusing and arbitrary definition of "terrorists," and the State Department's hodgepodge fllist of "foreign terrorist organizations." That list fails to distinguish between groups that cross international borders to do violence and those that do not.
In a hypocritical slight of hand, the list singles out governments that support "terrorist" organizations, with nary a mention of governments that themselves engage in the exact same acts of violence and brutality that define terrorism.
Among the states it listed as backing terrorist groups are newfound "allies" in today's version of the "war on terrorism." They include Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Lebanon.
www.narconews.com /war2.html   (2653 words)

 List of state leaders in 2003|2003 Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
* January 30 - Iraq disarmament crisis: The leaders of United KingdomBritain, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, and the Czech Republic release a statement, the letter of the eight, demonstrating support for the United States' plans for an 2003 invasion of Iraqinvasion of Iraq.
** In Northern Ireland, The Protestant UDA Belfast leader John Gregg is killed by a loyalist faction.
U.S. President Bush calls Monday, March 17th, the "moment of Truth", meaning that the "coalition of the willing" would make its final effort to extract a resolution from the U.N. Security Council that would give Iraq an ultimatum to disarm immediately or to be disarmed by force.
www.echostatic.com /List_of_state_leaders_in_2003|2003.html   (4082 words)

 LRL | Legislative Information | Vetoes
This list has been compiled from sources available at the Legislative Reference Library and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
The list is a work in progress; its completeness and accuracy have not been verified.
Authorizes a donation and grant to Harris County of one-half the State ad valorem taxes collected in that county for the next ten years.
www.lrl.state.tx.us /legis/vetoes/vetoesBySession.cfm?legSession=45-0   (374 words)

 Countries Go-Gu
1930) (Chief of State) 14 Jan 1986 - 14 Jan 1991 Marco Vinicio Cerezo Arévalo (b.
1937) 1909 - 1910 Francelino Pimentel 23 Oct 1910 - Aug 1913 Carlos de Almeida Pereira (b.
1937) (president of the National People's Assembly) 16 May 1984 - 7 May 1999 João Bernardo Vieira (2nd time) (s.a.) (chairman Council of State to 29 Sep 1994) 7 May 1999 - 14 May 1999 Ansumane Mané (b.
rulers.org /rulg2.html   (10475 words)

 List of state leaders in 1942   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Croatia (Axis puppet state not recognized by rest of the world, which continues to recognize the government-in-exile of Yugoslavia)
Leader - Ante Pavelic, Leader of Croatia (1941-1945)
Serbia (German-occupied puppet state; not recognized by the Allies, who continue to recognize the government-in-exile of Yugoslavia, in London)
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/L/List-of-state-leaders-in-1942.htm   (1516 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: Mainline Christian Anti-Semitism by David Meir-Levi
would be very near the bottom of the list.  Most if not all Arab countries and many Moslem ones would be at or near the top.
One good definition of anti-Semitism is taking a trait that is universal and singling out only the Jews for criticism in relation to that trait.
That is why university professors and presidents across the country have spoken out publicly against divestment, and linked it unequivocally to the presence of anti-Semitism on campuses.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=17308   (1809 words)

 The Democratic Party
I would prefer to call it "badly misinformed leadership." That tends to put more responsibility on the leader because he wouldn't be so "misinformed" if he had the leadership competence enough to run a tight ship so that people don't mislead him.
It's only beginning to dawn of many that our Republican "leaders" have sold our future down the river to the Communist Chinese and Arab oil sheiks who were more than willing to exploit their greed.
i hope the issues and concerns you list are ones she holds and not just projections of what women such as yourself think and feel.
democrats.org /a/2005/10/open_thread_116.php   (16675 words)

 Minnesota Legislative Reference Library - Senate majority and minority leaders, 1933-
Where a name or party designation is not given in the list, it was not given authoritatively in the sources so far consulted.
The position of Majority or Minority Leader, elected at the beginning of the odd year session, is usually held for the full biennium.
Note: Dean Johnson changed political parties and has been both Majority Leader and Minority Leader as a member of different parties.
www.leg.state.mn.us /lrl/histleg/smajmin.asp   (334 words)

All listings are the responsiblity of the posters; keep in mind, anyone can post anything!
Proudly watching over the end of the continent, at the spot where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse is one of the highlights of Washington’s Fort Canby State Park.
Using the time telescope, Ollie shows King his future as a civil rights leader and the worldwide significance of his work.
www.traveldrama.com /shop/washington-7.html   (3227 words)

 German History Sources
EDITOR'S NOTE: I have compiled this list of documents for use in courses on modern German history (mainly nineteenth and twentieth century).
I have tried to include a balanced selection of documents in English that are brief enough to assign for supplemental reading.
Erich Honecker, The GDR: A State of Peace and Socialism (1984)
www.csustan.edu /History/Faculty/Weikart/gerhist.htm   (1215 words)

 Continental Airlines’ Chief Gordon Bethune Heads A-List Of Leaders To Address ‘A New Definition Of Value’ At ...
In his keynote address, he will discuss the current state of affairs in the airline and travel industry and his perspective of what it takes to be successful in the industry today.
With a strong focus on education, HSMAI has become the industry champion in identifying and communicating trends in the hospitality industry, while operating as a leading voice for both hospitality and sales and marketing management disciplines.
Founded in 1937, HSMAI is an individual membership organization comprising nearly 7,000 members from 35 countries and 60 chapters worldwide.
www.hotelnewsresource.com /article552.html   (996 words)

 ipedia.com: List of state leaders in 1937 Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
ipedia.com: List of state leaders in 1937 Article
1936 state leaders - Events of 1937 - 1938 state leaders - State leaders by year See also: List of religious leaders in 1937 List of international organization leaders in 1937 Table of contents 1 Afri...
List of state leaders in 1937 Article - ipedia.com
www.ipedia.com /list_of_state_leaders_in_1937.html   (351 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Cautious Visionary: Cordell Hull and Trade Reform, 1933-1937   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
During the Paris Peace Conference, he stoutly defended Wilson's Point Three, insisting that a liberal trade regime would dampen the impulse to competition and avert a new conflagration.
Secretary of State Hull's liberalizing efforts culminated with the passage of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, authorizing the State Department to negotiate bilateral agreements reflecting his philosophy.
In a remarkable feat of diplomacy, Hull engineered 20 such agreements by 1939.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0873385969   (355 words)

 Postmodern Thought
Taccheri Louis Althusser's " Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses"
The Crisis of European Sciences (1937) (Courtesy, Virginia Tech)
The fateful separation of transcendental philosophy and psychology (1937) (Courtesy, Virginia Tech)
carbon.cudenver.edu /~mryder/itc_data/postmodern.html   (1797 words)

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