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Topic: List of state leaders in 1990

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Main Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
New York City is a city in the state of New York, and is the most populous city in the United States.
New York is today one of the world's leading business, financial and cultural centres and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the major global cities.
State police are a type of sub-national territorial police force, particularly in Australia and the United States.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia   (3733 words)

Government leaders, along with representatives from the Jewish community, the Paris and Marseille Grand Mosques, the Protestant Federation, and the French Conference of Bishops have publicly condemned racist and anti-Semitic violence.
Arnaud Mussy, the founder and spiritual head of the group Neo-Phare, was convicted in November 2004 of fraudulent abuse of the state of ignorance and the weakness of four followers.
In December 2004, the State Council banned altogether the transmission of al-Manar in the country.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/irf/2005/51552.htm   (5715 words)

 World AIDS Day
Additionally, 1990 data through August indicate that 0.1 per 1000 women bearing children in Alaska are HIV positive, as compared to 1.4 per 1000 nationwide and 7.0 per 1000 in northeastern urban centers.
Educational messages often state that a woman should leave a partner who does not accept using condoms to protect her against disease, breaking a drug habit, or being monogamous.
Again, leaving a relationship may subject a woman to abuse or deprive her and her children of economic or social support, and thus not be an option she considers viable.
www.epi.hss.state.ak.us /bulletins/docs/b1990_22.htm   (1080 words)

  1990 Global Terrorism: State-Sponsored Terrorism
State sponsorship of terrorism remains one of the most important factors in fostering international terrorism.
This list is maintained pursuant to Section 6 (j) of the Export Administration Act of 1979.
In 1990, and particularly since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Syria has attempted to minimize its public association with terrorist activities and groups in the international arena, apparently in an attempt to improve its standing with the West.
www.fas.org /irp/threat/terror_90/sponsored.html   (2717 words)

The Chinese government in 1990 intensified and institutionalized its repression of the democracy movement, now dubbed "the counterrevolutionary rebellion." In the wake of the bloody crackdown of June 4, 1989, thousands remained detained without charge, often in abysmal prison conditions and often subject to torture.
Student leaders of the movement who headed the "most wanted" lists, such as Wang Dan, Zhang Ming, Zhou Yongjun and Liu Gang, reportedly faced similar charges, and Zhang Ming and Zheng Xuguang, also student activists, were tried in mid-November, although their sentences were not announced.
The year 1990 was a bad one for human rights in China, and the Bush administration's policy of muffling human rights criticisms did not result in improvements, despite the administration's repeated promises that it would.
www.hrw.org /reports/1990/WR90/ASIA.BOU-04.htm   (7473 words)

 Sickle Cell Disease: Information for School Personnel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
It is an inherited, non-contagious hemolytic anemia (premature destruction of red blood cells with the release of hemoglobin) occurring in approximately 1 in every 400 African-American infants born in the United States each year.
Blood samples are drawn from newborns at hospitals and birth centers and submitted to the State Department of Health and Senior Services for laboratory analysis and reporting.
A list of these centers can be found in the appendix at the end of this document.
www.state.nj.us /health/fhs/sicklecell/whatis.htm   (352 words)

 List of state leaders in 1990 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lothar de Maizière, Chairman of the Council of Ministers (1990)
Merged with the Federal Republic on 3 October 1990.
Agostino Cardinal Casaroli, Cardinal Secretary of State (1979-1990)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_state_leaders_in_1990   (1775 words)

 Current Women Leaders
She is head if state in 15 countries apart from Great Britain and as Head of the Commonwealth she is the front person of the organization of many other former British colonies and territories.
She succeeded upon the abdication of her mother, Queen Juliana, and she closely follows affairs of government and maintains regular contact with ministers, state secretaries, the vice-President of the Council of State, the Queen's Commissioners in the provinces, burgomasters, and Dutch ambassadors etc. She meets the Prime Minister every Monday.
Deputy Minister 1967-72 and Cabinet Minister 1972-83 and Congress Leader and Leader of the Opposition 1979-80 in Maharastra, Deputy Chairperson of the Union Upper House, the Rajya Sabha 1986-88, Governor of Rajasthan 2004-07.
www.guide2womenleaders.com /Current-Women-Leaders.htm   (1326 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : 1990
The leaders of the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen announce the unification of their countries as the Republic of Yemen.
October 15 - Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to lessen Cold War tensions and reform his nation.
For a brief while in early 1990, Romania had a civil war in the aftermath of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the opposition was for Nicolae Ceauşescu and the Communist regime, and those for the new regime.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /topic/1990.html   (2827 words)

 Removing Syria from the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism
Syria is a charter member of the list of "state sponsors of terrorism"--appearing on the first such list in 1979--and it has kept its spot on that list ever since.
According to the State Department, the Syrian government has not been directly engaged in terrorism since it was implicated in the attempted bombing of an El Al flight in 1986.
Procedures for removal from the list of state sponsors of terrorism are specified in the Export Administration Act (EAA) of 1979, as amended.
www.ict.org.il /articles/articledet.cfm?articleid=103   (1170 words)

 South Carolina State Library - Leadership   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Following is a selective list of materials on leadership which are available at the South Carolina State Library.
State employees may request photocopy of the journal articles at 10 cents per page which can be either faxed or mailed to your agency.
State employees in the Columbia area may borrow books directly from the Library; all other state employees may request book titles through your local public or institutional library.
www.state.sc.us /scsl/pubs/ldrship.html   (382 words)

 Links to the world - legislatures
National Conference of State Legislatures -- NCSL is a source of publications, seminars, and information for lawmakers and their staffs in the fifty states.
State and Local Government on the Net -- Piper Resources has compiled entries for the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of each state government.
State Legislative Leaders Foundation -- The Foundation serves as an education resource and a forum for legislative leaders.
www.leg.state.mn.us /lrl/links/legislat.htm   (402 words)

 Dogfight looms over Air Guard units
In a case that could reshape how state and federal officials share the National Guard, the governors of Illinois and Pennsylvania are suing to stop the Pentagon from eliminating Air National Guard units in their states.
In separate lawsuits filed in July, the states contend that the Defense Department overstepped its authority when it recommended transferring the 183rd Fighter Wing out of Illinois and deactivating the 111th Fighter Wing in Pennsylvania.
Still, in the state's defense, Mazur said the case only dealt with brief periods of training, "leaving the door open" for a governor to question the use of Guard troops in extended international tours.
www.stateline.org /live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=136&languageId=1&contentId=46055   (1501 words)

 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: Preserving America's Heritage [sm]
Numerous congressional representatives and community leaders were at the event to support local projects in historic preservation.For details about the event or how to obtain photographs, contact Bruce Milhans (202) 606-8513.
All states and the U.S. Virgin Islands are now represented with Preserve America Communities.
Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair of Preserve America, announced and presented the 2007 Preserve America Presidential Awards at a White House Rose Garden ceremony.
www.achp.gov   (927 words)

 Colorado State University - Fort Collins
Included in this list are everything from state governors, heads of corporations, Olympic gold medalists, teachers, researchers, artists and many other leaders in society.
Albert C. Yates, University President from 1990 - 2003, called the 1990s "heady times for the university" as Colorado State saw many successes that decade in fulfilling its mission to serve society through teaching, research and outreach--a mission that dates back to the institution's formation in 1870 as a land-grant college.
This history dramatically charts the evolution of the institution from its humble beginnings to its current stature as leader in higher education in the state, nation and world.
welcome.colostate.edu /index.asp?url=history   (296 words)

 New York State Data Center, Empire State Development
By law, the U.S. Census Bureau must report the 2000 Census population of each block in a state to the Governor and legislative leaders for redrawing Congressional Districts by March 31, 2001.
The data presented in these reports are derived from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses of Population and Housing.
A list of revisions is available and will be updated as the Census Bureau releases new revisions for New York State.
www.empire.state.ny.us /nysdc/census2000/pl94_county.asp   (406 words)

Videos are listed with ordering information, appropriate grade level and length of show.
A Wetland is a swamp, marsh or bog.
It is a good representation of the goals and projects funded by GWEB and the commitment of the legislature to improve watershed conditions throughout the state.
www.dfw.state.or.us /springfield/videolist_alt.html   (3037 words)

 New Faces Replace Washington-Bound Governors
Their debut marks a step into the sunshine for a trio of long-serving state officials who stood in the shadows of governors who became giants in the national Republican party over the last decade.
Perry entered politics in 1984 as a state representative and became an early defector in the state's Republican revolution in 1989.
Many in the state believe that DiFrancesco is one of the few people who could maintain the balance.
www.stateline.org /live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=136&languageId=1&contentId=14215   (1647 words)

 State Government and Politics
State list of how electors are chosen, whether names appear on the ballot, and whether they are bound by law to vote for candidate receiving popular vote
States are arranged by region, sometimes in an incomprehensive manner
Updates 1990 Census on state and metropolitan area with data on various population and housing characteristics.
www.lib.umich.edu /govdocs/state.html   (3741 words)

 List of state leaders%2...
List of leaders of East Germany from after the Second World War to the state's demise in 1990.
List for various district leaders of the Land O' Lakes (LOL) district of SPEBSQSA, the barbershop harmony society.
Recognizes leaders, who through their high standards of ethics, have added to the prestige and growth of the state.
omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=List%20of%20state%20leaders%2...   (1355 words)

 Stateline.org Story
Here’s a list of Stateline.org’s news roundup sources.
Stateline.org has compiled an extensive list of state issue and state political blogs to make it convenient for you to follow different aspects of state government.
If a blog you find interesting and informative is not on our list, tell us about it by sending an email to editor@stateline.org.
stateline.org /live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=136&languageId=1&...   (197 words)

 State Library Publications List
The Texas State Library and Archives Commission produces and distributes more than 300 publications to inform and assist librarians and library users, genealogists, historians, members of state government, records managers, and the general public.
State Library publications are available in alternate format upon request.
Alphabetical lists of company commanders with muster rolls, of counties containing company commanders with muster rolls, and of Texas Confederate soldiers.
www.tsl.state.tx.us /pubs/tslpublist.html   (1172 words)

 NCDA&CS Agronomic Division - Technical Publications from January 1990 through December 1995
In: Plant analysis reference procedures for the southern region of the United States.
In: Reference soil and media diagnostic procedures for the southern region of the United States.
Raleigh (NC): North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.
www.agr.state.nc.us /agronomi/refa1990.htm   (916 words)

 Appalachian State University News
She also has balanced the responsibilities of student and athlete, lettering in track and field, and regularly making the Chancellor’s List, an honor awarded to students who receive a grade-point average of 3.85 or higher for the current semester.
She is a member of the W.H. Plemmons Fellows Program, a four-year, in-depth experience aimed at creating successful leaders.
He is a dean’s list student, and was a student employee in the Office of Admissions and the Office of General Studies.
www.acs.appstate.edu /news/releases/042806leaders.html   (751 words)

 State of Idaho, Office of Attorney General Lawrence Wasden Homepage
State of Idaho, Office of Attorney General Lawrence Wasden Homepage
The ProtecTeens video and resource kit were developed by the Attorney General and the Secretary of State.
Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and the Attorneys General of 39 states have entered into a settlement that ends the sale of candy, fruit and alcohol flavored cigarettes manufactured and sold by Reynolds.
www2.state.id.us /ag   (793 words)

 WDNR - Progress in cutting VOC emissions in Wisconsin
Changes in industry manufacturing processes, vapor recovery systems at gas stations, and reformulated gas are among the measures that have helped southeastern Wisconsin cut VOC emissions by about 105 tons per day from 1990 to 1996.
VOC emission averaged an estimated 361 tons per day in 1990, compared to 256 tons per day in 1996.
Ozone levels along the Lake Michigan shoreline dropped up to 1.3 percent annually from 1980 through 1995, noticeably improving air quality in southeastern Wisconsin, a 1997 DNR study has found.
www.dnr.state.wi.us /org/aw/air/cleanair/progress.htm   (162 words)

 U.S. Congressman José E. Serrano, Representing the 16th District of New York :: Press Release :: Serrano Statement on ...
However, I will never forget how this great American was sent to the United Nations to sell a fabrication and to convince the world that this was a just endeavor with what we all now know was deliberately falsified evidence.
The pictures associated with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are firmly etched on the minds of our next generation of youth around the world.
Although soldiers of low rank were prosecuted for these atrocities, our leaders at the top never took responsibility.
www.house.gov /list/press/ny16_serrano/060615IraqStatement.html   (940 words)

 The CoverPages
Atom, being developed as next-generation RSS, is an XML-based document format that describes lists of related information known as feeds, themselves composed of entries with an extensible set of attached metadata.
IBM, 2004 twelfth consecutive-year leader in patent awards, announced an industry-wide "patent commons" innovation initiative in which royalty-free patented technology is made available for Open Source Software development.
The requirements state that open standards should be used to ensure that the various technical components or services of an e-voting system interoperate.
xml.coverpages.org   (15865 words)

 The Democratic Party
"I commend the National Council on Disability for holding forums on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and am honored as the Chair of the Democratic Party to comment on this landmark legislation.
"Since 1990, the ADA has proven itself to be one of the most important civil rights laws in our nation's history, guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for Americans with disabilities.
While the focus was on prohibiting discrimination based on a person's disability, the spirit of the law has been one of independence, empowerment and inclusion.
www.democrats.org /a/2005/05/gov_dean_statem_5.php   (533 words)

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