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Topic: List of twin towns and sister cities

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

 Cities of the United States - The Midwest
The city of Evansville is governed by a mayor and nine-member common council, all of whom are elected to a four-year term.
The largest city in Missouri, Kansas City is the center of a bi-state Metropolitan Statistical Area composed of 15 counties: Platte, Clinton, Caldwell, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Lafayette, Cass, and Bates counties in Missouri and Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson, Franklin, Miami, and Linn counties in Kansas.
The city of Lincoln is governed by a mayor and seven-member council, all of whom are elected to four-year terms on a nonpartisan ballot.
www.city-data.com /us-cities/The-Midwest/index.html   (13746 words)

 Sister Cities International | Help   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sister city programs involve a unique kind of partnership between the three main sectors of a vibrant, productive community: local government; business; and private voluntary sectors (civil society or non-profit organizations and individual citizen volunteers).
Sister Cities International hosts a network of sister city partnerships committed to implementing the concepts of sustainable development, as outlined by the international community, in the areas of: clean water, environmental protection, good governance, health, social development, economic development, energy systems, and reconstruction.
Sister Cities International is one of a number of international organizations that utilizes the concept of town twinning to foster deeper cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation towards sustainable economic and community development.
www.supportsistercities.org /cb/sistercities/help.html   (2932 words)

 Minnesota Twins : History : Minnesota Baseball History
The Twins were underdogs again in the World Series, but they pulled off another upset, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3, to win their first world championship in baseball.
The Twins won the first game but then dropped the next four and were eliminated by the Anaheim Angels, the team that went on to win the World Series.
The Twins made it two straight division titles in 2003, although there were times over the first half of the season when it didn’t appear this would happen.
minnesota.twins.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/min/history/minnesota_baseball_history.jsp   (5886 words)

 Aichi Cities and Towns Web Listings Information | Business.com
the city roughly in the center of the 24 cities and towns in western Owari.
A list of 319 cities and towns in the United States and 398...
Aichi - City Population - Cities, Towns and Provinces - Statistics and Map
www.business.com /directory/government_and_trade/by_country/japan/regional_and_municipal_government/prefectures/chiba/cities_and_towns/weblistings.asp   (494 words)

 2003 Meeting Minutes
Several people saw this as a very attractive offer, especially since OUAC is more nearly centered in the Twin Cities metro area and would therefore be more or less equally inconvenient to everybody.
To the disappointment of some, he was reluctant to talk about the specific methods of professional arson "in a room full of writers." He did say that unless a specific city pursues a policy of rigorous prosecution, most arsonists probably get away with it.
When a national reporter comes to town to do a story on him, she disappears.
www.twincitysinc.org /minutes2003.htm   (6193 words)

 Anger erupts in Benton Harbor
Benton Harbor was once an industrial city with numerous union jobs connected to the steel industry--as well as the flagship factory of appliance maker Whirlpool.
The racial and class tensions between the two towns is an essential part of the background to last month’s rioting.
The bitterness is especially clear among African Americans, who have been hit harder because of the sluggish economy--and stand to lose even more as George W. Bush pursues his Robin Hood in reverse policies of stealing from the poor to give to the rich.
www.socialistworker.org /2003-2/459/459_06_BentonHarbor.shtml   (2203 words)

 Susanna Carr | Romance Author
Although romance novels were forbidden in her home, she usually took one from her twin sister's secret stash.
I loved researching the cities and learning about the culture, but whenever I tried to put it into a story, my characters always seemed to gravitate to small towns.
Yes, I am a twin, and that is one of the reasons I wrote The Wrong Bride.
www.susannacarr.com /susanna.htm   (1310 words)

 small towns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Those small town and rural area police chiefs need to bring together, in a spirit of community policing, parents, community leaders, county resources, politicians, students, and others, to deal forcefully with this problem.
One reason for the growth in rural drug problems, federal officials say, is that aggressive prosecution in cities has led dealers to seek safety in the farms and forests of rural counties, which have far fewer law enforcement officers.
Federal drug prosecutions have tended to focus on the largest dealers, usually in cities, and county sheriffs and small- town police forces lack the manpower or experience to combat them.
www.policetalk.com /small_towns.html   (3680 words)

 Golden Wheel network affiliates program search engine pay per click marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Towns and cities have a long history, although opinions vary on whether any...
The Cities project is an interactive programme brought to you by the United...
Close to 2000 city officials gathered at the San Diego Convention Center on September 6-9, for the League of California Cities' 108th Annual Conference.
www.golden-wheel.net /smartppc/search.php?keywords=cities   (598 words)

Kansas City and Seville, Madrid), so can SLA Units reach out to developing country librarians.
Top candidates were evaluated on a scale which indicated sharing, continuing education, ability to train and teach, networking, resourcefulness in spite of lack of opportunities and lack of travel opportunities.
Formal, semi-annual joint report from librarian in developing country and each unit's "twinning" project coordinator to full unit.
www.sla.org /chapter/cdc/manual/twinning.html   (411 words)

 George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House - Israeli Atrocities
Israeli Settlers Steal Palestinian Homes At Gunpoint - CITY OF DAVID -- The first Ruad Ajlouni knew that the Israelis were moving in was as he awoke in the early hours to find a group of armed men standing over his sleeping children.
Several hours later came the death of her sister, who was born a few minutes after they finally left the checkpoint, and who managed to reach the hospital alive.
While our cities decay and our schools lack, our hard earned tax dollars are used by the Israeli government to build these settlements, complete with swimming pools and other amenities which some Americans can only dream of.
www.nogw.com /israeliatrocities.html   (10927 words)

 MiamiHerald.com | 05/13/1996 | Dreams, loved ones lost forever
In cities and towns across the country, families wait for their loved ones to come home, where a proper burial awaits them.
With him was their two sons, 11 and 5, and Terri Rugg's twin sister, Vicki.
A list of passengers and crew aboard ValuJet Flight 592 from Miami to Atlanta, according to the airline.
www.twincities.com /mld/twincities/news/14547423.htm   (3570 words)

 List of science topics Did You Mean list of science topics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
This is a list of topics in various sciences.
List of letters used in mathematics and science
List of birds of Santa Cruz County, California
www.did-you-mean.com /List_of_science_topics.html   (229 words)

 Wisch List -- the early days | Chicago Tribune news | News columnists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In the rural town of Degonia Springs, the dead include a woman who was eight months pregnant, as well as her husband.
If the City of Chicago were nestled in the heart of the Himalayas (I'd like to see Daniel Burnham's urban plan for that one), the stories might be downright ho-hum.
It is disappointing to visit another city and see all of the same places that I see at home.
www.chicagotribune.com /news/columnists/chi-050809wischlist,0,3948484.htmlstory   (18567 words)

 City Pages - You Have Neither The Wits Nor The Patience To Read This Book
A plot is hatched by Hop: Get famous Novelist Emeritus to write for TOFO II, thus increasing its visibility and distracting the NE from finishing his own book--which, we soon see, is the very book we are reading.
Death Sentences Intellectually alert, sensuous, and humane, Carole Maso is fascinated with the frisky boundaries between language and "reality".
No part of this service may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of City Pages LLC except that an individual may download and/or forward articles via e-mail to a reasonable number of recipients for personal, non-commercial purposes.
www.citypages.com /databank/22/1093/article9946.asp   (1303 words)

 Welcome to Milford-Haven!
Small towns are havens, places where individual enterprise flourishes, where a person's word is honored, where friendships are nurtured, where details matter, where no one is anonymous, and where a person can put down roots.
Here's a picture of her October '99 visit, where and her husband Larry Norfleet were entertained by the Mayor and his wife in the Mayor's Chamber.
Located on the Canadian side of the twin cities of Sault St. Marie, Michigan, and Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Milford Haven, Ontario- like its Virginia namesake - is a small, protected body of water in one of the most pristine and "havenly" parts of the world.
www.milfordhaven.com /sistertowns.shtml   (683 words)

 Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS): 1994 Americas Award Winner -- UW-Milwaukee
The award winner and the other commended books were selected for their quality of story, cultural authenticity, and potential for classroom use.
With text in English and Spanish, this classic of Spanish literature presents a picture of life in the town of Moguer, in Andalusia, as seen through the eyes of a wandering poet and his faithful donkey.
Selections are well chosen and lyrical; this book joins the commended list, in part, because of its role in the early education of many Latin Americans.
www.uwm.edu /Dept/CLACS/outreach/list/amer94.html   (2597 words)

 [No title]
This list is current as of February 1995; however, the picture changes quickly so some newspapers may have been left out.
Subscribers will be added to a mailing list and will receive the entire text of the paper via e-mail in Unix compressed format or Dos compressed format (PKZIP), according to your needs.
List owner: Steve Outing, outings@netcom.com or owner-online-newspapers@marketplace.com --------- Online Newspaper Report Jupiter Communications Voice: 212-941-9252 Fax: 212-941-7376 A market research report on the online newspaper industry, to be available in January 1995.
www.eff.org /Net_culture/Net_info/Resources/newspapers_online.list   (9975 words)

Twin Cities Music Shows wants YOU to be on this friends list
Friday oct.6th Kansas city, MO Sunday oct 8th Colorado Springs, CO Monday oct 9th Cheyenne, WY Thursday oct 12th Minneapolis, MN Saturday oct 14th Omaha NE if you can hook some shit up i would appriciate it very much.
TCMS, hey thanks so much for the add; although I have never been to the Twin Cities, I have always had a love for the music coming from your region.
www.myspace.com /twincitiesmusicshows   (1030 words)

 Whitney Research Group - Mailing List, July 1998   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sandiford's research revealed that in 1728 Ezekie14 Whitney, by agreement with his mother and his brother and sister, established his rights to the double portion of primogeniture, as the eldest legitimate son.
The Whitney Genealogy was in error on several points pertaining to this group: Sybilla was not the only surviving child, since her brother and a sister lived to marry and have families.
The above cities are in the Southeastern part of New York State -- but it's possible that one of their children migrated to Vermont.
www.whitneygen.org /archives/mailinglist/list9807.html   (15383 words)

 Sister Cities International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Kpalime-Duga is relatively small town with a population of under 5,000 inhabitants who are predominantly peasant farmer.
The people in my community are very welcoming just as any Ghanaian is. Though a town in the Volta Region of Ghana, we have different ways of speaking the Ewe language which is perculiar to the people of the region.
History has it that the people of my town, Kpalime-Duga migrated from a town in the Republic of Togo called Kpalime.
www.sister-cities.org /icrc/cityseek/list/display?recID=48065   (259 words)

 City Pages - Best of the Twin Cities 2004
There are quaint American cities without Duluth's windblown bohemia, lakeside burghs without Duluth's severe beauty, and party towns without Duluth's excessiveness.
But combine these fascinations into one place, located less than three hours north of the Twin Cities, and you have an almost obligatory road trip for anyone interested in culture as well as nature.
The historic port city on the mouth of Lake Superior is so under-run with tourists in the off season that you can virtually count on seclusion along the beach at Park Point, a six-mile-long spit of sand and wispy grass that looks straight out of a French New Wave film.
www.citypages.com /bestof2004/citygritty/bestof2367.asp   (409 words)

 Wisconsin.gov - - Wisconsin Cities, Towns and Villages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Please note that this is only a partial list.
Some municipalities do not have official websites or have not requested to be included in this list.
If you are an official for a municipality that would like to be included, please submit the address of your website using the technical section of our feedback form.
www.wisconsin.gov /state/core/wisconsin_cities_towns_and_villages.html   (102 words)

 FILOFRANCE - French travel information, property for sale, holidays, rentals, hotels, language, weather, advice.
Select the British town or the French d├ępartement you are interested in from the pulldown list below.
For more information on twin towns in France, visit www.afccre.asso.fr/europe_du_citoyen/
If you know of a twinning that is not mentioned here, please let us know.
www.francemag.com /frmag/content/filoFrance/default.asp?id=18   (64 words)

 "ONE BOOK" READING PROMOTION PROJECTS (Center for the Book: Library of Congress)
Though we recognize that one book projects exist in schools, we are unable, at this time to include them in our listing.
We are only able to post information for one book projects that involve broad community participation of a city, town, county or region.
To submit updated information or inquire about being considered for a listing, contact the Center for the Book.
www.loc.gov /loc/cfbook/one-book.html   (9420 words)

 Native North American Orchid Reference Page
Dodge, C. Annotated list of flowering plants and ferns of Point Pelee, Ontario, and neighbouring districts.
Frei, Sister John Karen, O.P amd Dodson, C. The chemical effect of certain bark substrates on the germination of early growth of epiphytic orchids Bulletin of the Torry Botanical Club 99 (6) 301-307
Report submitted on 29 September 1989 to United States Fish and Wildlife Service, James L. Miller, Regional Listing Coordinator, Denver, Colorado, pp.
www.newnorth.net /~mruh/ref.html   (9459 words)

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