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Topic: List of typefaces

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In the News (Tue 22 May 18)

 Typeface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term typeface is often conflated with font, a term which, historically, had a number of distinct meanings prior to the advent of desktop publishing; these terms are now effectively synonymous when discussing digital typography.
As the range of typeface designs increased and requirements of publishers broadened over the centuries, fonts of specific weight (flness or lightness) and stylistic variants—most commonly regular or roman as distinct to italic, as well as condensed) have led to font families, collections of closely-related typeface designs that can include hundreds of styles.
Monospace fonts are typefaces in which every glyph is the same width (as opposed to variable-width fonts, where the "w" and "m" are wider than most letters, and the "i" is narrower).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Non-proportional_font   (2474 words)

 The Ultimate Typeface Dog Breeds Information Guide and Reference
A textualis typeface was also carved by Johannes Gutenberg when he printed his 42-line Bible, including a large number of ligatures and common abbreviations.
Schwabacher typefaces were predominant in Germany from about 1480 to 1530, and it continued to be used occasionally until the 20th century.
To demonstrate typefaces, a pangram, such as "the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog," is often used.
www.dogluvers.com /dog_breeds/Typeface   (1783 words)

 type   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Novelty typefaces can make for a unique company logo, but they should rarely be used for headlines or body copy.
For example, the typeface Times New Roman includes the regular style that you see here as well as a variety of different styles, such as bold, italic, bold and italic, caps and small caps, condensed and extended.
Some typefaces, especially some of the thousands of computer typefaces, have only one style, and sometimes that style is All Capitals, Caps and Small Caps, or Bold.
academic.wsc.edu /humanities/elfers_e/type.htm   (711 words)

 Typefaces - Typefaces For The Web - Fonts.com
The typeface is specified by giving the size and style.
Personal Preferences lists five popular typefaces selected by the The choice of the typefaces was left open; they could be serif or sans serif,
Fancy typefaces are generally not at home on the web.
xn--cgt66id1g6o8b.com /?q=typefaces   (354 words)

 creativepro.com - dot-font: The Typographic Art of Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter's typefaces, which we see every day and every where, are highlighted in the catalog to a large new exhibition of his work.
is a uniquely suitable subject for such a survey, because he has created typefaces in such a variety of styles, formats, and technical environments, and because his typefaces are so widely used in everyday reading.
Carter's own typefaces are used throughout, with various text faces used for various essays or parts of essays.
www.creativepro.com /story/feature/18099.html   (855 words)

 Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
The list of properties and their possible values is defined in this specification.
The suggested list of keyword color names is: aqua, fl, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow.
The format of an RGB value in the functional notation is 'rgb(' followed by a comma-separated list of three numerical values (either three integer values in the range of 0-255, or three percentage values in the range of 0.0% to 100.0%) followed by ')'.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-CSS1-961217   (14495 words)

 Scalable Typeface Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When you install a new scalable typeface, any running font servers that are using that directory need to be told to read the directory for the new font or fonts.
When you purchase a scalable typeface product, you receive a license agreement, outlining by who and how the typefaces in the product may be used.
The given typeface is added to or removed from the list of typefaces licensed for this device.
docs.hp.com /en/B1171-90076/ch06s08.html   (2231 words)

 7 TAC §§1.1301 and 1.1306 - 1.1309   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Because different typefaces in the same point size are not of equal size, typeface is not strictly defined but is expressed as a minimum size in the Times typeface for visual comparative purposes.
The typeface for the federal disclosure box or other disclosures required under federal law must be legible, but no minimum typeface is required.
Generally, the typeface for the remainder of the contract must be at least as large as 8pt in the Times typeface.
www.occc.state.tx.us /pages/FCbooks/oct03/1301.html   (12257 words)

 Font names/aliases
List of the main font families, with original designer, date of creation, Bitstream alias, and latest reincarnation.
List of font name equivalences for Softmaker's MegaFont XXL CD (10,000 truetype fonts), compiled by Ulrich Stiehl, accompanied by an inverted file.
List of typefaces and designers as compiled by Tim Ryan.
cg.scs.carleton.ca /~luc/fontnames.html   (3090 words)

 The new typography | clagnut/blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Those of you who read clagnut on the web site (as opposed to the RSS feed) may have noticed the appearance of a Switch Typeface widget [the widget is cross-browser, backwards & forwards compatible – but more of that in a future post].
Care needs to be taken that we only specify related typefaces, particularly in their readable dimensions such as x-height.
Clagnut uses three variations of typeface – serif for body copy, page title and supplementary titles (sidebars and forms); sans-serif for all sub-titles and supplementary text and fixed-width for code samples.
www.clagnut.com /blog/266   (1188 words)

 Font-adjust: A CSS enhancement proposal
For any element, CSS allows specification of a list of typefaces in order of preference.
The unadjusted results of font substitution are often unacceptable, and constrain the set of prudent typeface specifications in CSS to a very narrow band in the typographic spectrum: to Times, Arial/Helvetica, and perhaps to some of the fonts Microsoft has made freely available.
Exhibit a shows several typefaces as rasterized on a Macintosh at 12 point, together with their
style.cleverchimp.com /font_size/fontadjust   (640 words)

 CTAN: directory: /tex-archive/info/symbols/comprehensive
The "Document Characteristics" table at the end of the document lists the packages that were unavailable during the build.
The prebuilt symbol lists utilize 1200 DPI versions of all of the bitmapped fonts as 1200 DPI is a reasonably high printer resolution.
Note: this listing is regenerated periodically so there is a small chance that the directory has changed; to be sure, check the FTP listing.
www.ctan.org /tex-archive/info/symbols/comprehensive   (285 words)

 Choosing and Using Type - Will-Harris House
Change your typeface and you go from casual to formal, silly to serious, staid to stylish, old fashioned to modern.
Think about your reader and the feeling you want to convey, then choose a typeface that fits If you aren't sure which typefaces are appropriate, visit Esperfonto.
Esperfonto is an interactive system that helps you choose the most appropriate typeface for you particular job.
www.will-harris.com /use-type.htm   (1418 words)

 Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works, 2nd Edition - $21.00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Looking at both a typeface's basic shape and its finest details is the first step toward understanding how type works.
Choosing typefaces for a particular purpose need not be more intimidating than planning your wardrobe.
Understanding the tone, or feeling, of text is essential in determining what typeface to use, and how it might be arranged on the page.
www.informit.com /title/0201703394   (561 words)

 JeffCroft.com: Luxury Type   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Cameron starts a list of typefaces that are pretty much always a good choice.
Let us compile a list of useable typefaces that we can count on being installed at least some of the time — as well as good alternates for them that are more reliable.
List both in your font list and you cover most of your bases.
jeffcroft.com /blog/archives/000133.php   (3623 words)

 my favourite typefaces
; the staple diet of pre-war jobbing printing in Germany, and the one typeface I had from 8pt through to 96pt (plus larger sizes in wood type) in my metal typeshop (which burnt down in 1977).
The first font i bought from the Berthold foundry as brand new type; 8pt, half a minimum, which meant about 8 a, 9e, 2c, etc. 3.5kg of type which cost me half a month’s wages, except as a freelancer, I didn't earn any.
The first typeface whose design process (in 1968) i followed.
www.spiekermann.com /iblog/C61720386/E1873895065/index.html   (268 words)

 Typefaces no one gets fired for using ~ Authentic Boredom
Update: Phoebe suggests we also list the typefaces you should be fired for using.
I’m probably biased though: all these typefaces are from Dutch designers, of which the last three are former teachers or mine.
Designing a typeface is one of the most tedious, meticulous, time-consuming, and painstaking endeavors a designer can possibly embark on.
www.cameronmoll.com /archives/001168.html   (2487 words)

 Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name
Welcome to Identifont, the largest independent directory of typefaces on the Internet, with information about fonts from 370 publishers and 118 vendors.
Identify a typeface by answering a series of questions:
Look up a typeface by its name, and see a sample.
www.identifont.com   (127 words)

 | Typefaces | Typophile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This wiki category is not intended to be a comprehensive list of typefaces.
It is however a place to catalogue prominent typefaces of significant historical importance or of exemplary influence.
is Handsome a prominent typefaces of significant historical importance?
typophile.com /wiki/Typefaces   (57 words)

 Font Properties
is a prioritized list of typefaces for the element.
You can use a font name you expect to be on the user's computer, such as Courier or Helvetica, or you can use a generic font name.
In case the user doesn't have the font you've requested, always use a generic font name as the last item in the list.
www.developer.com /lang/dhtml/print.php/640281   (322 words)

 Chez Porchez   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The two modular typefaces are still done only in Illustrator and the switch need to be done pretty soon now.
The Group B was split into 3 sub groups and they presented at the end of the day their proposals, after discussion, we selected the one will be developed by the entire group.
Its probably a good book on typography, but I noted that as usual, most of typefaces to which Ellen Lupton refer are mostly, specially when she refer to “not post Swiss admited list of classics type:”
www.porchez.com /ateliertypo?pg=2   (878 words)

 Mediascape Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gather font geometry files (.pfa or.pfb) from any source into a directory, lookup that directory and select the typefaces to install.
Also launch a sampler that displays a text line in each of the selected typefaces.
A key map can also be displayed that shows the keyboard location for each character in a selected typeface.
www.mediascape.com /fontix-1.html   (87 words)

 Graphics.com: The shared resource for creative design
For example, my assignment is to create a poster for an event with Rick Valicenti and to choose any display typeface I see fit.
Scrolling through my sad little list of typefaces, Chicago looks interesting, with a bit of a technology feel...
I would simply type his name into google/yahoo/ ask jeeves, go to the numerous sites showing some of his work and pick something that he's designed and then find a similar font at one of the free font sites.
www.graphics.com /modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2014   (835 words)

 [No title]
When the user clicks on the name of a typeface, it displays some text in that typeface.
This is a quite a useful program to have, as it can assist in the selection of fonts for a program's display.
This specifies it as being able to receive events from the list component.
www.kevinboone.com /PF_FontChooser-java.html   (352 words)

 Search By Sight - ITCFonts.com
Answer the following questions from a sample of the typeface you are looking for.
You will then be shown a list of matching typefaces.
Circle is open, tail part of same stroke.
www.itcfonts.com /fonts/SearchBySight.htm?xmlurl=http://itc.identifont.co.uk/start.xml   (41 words)

 Verify All Humans!
The first thing on that list was font variation.
If you use the same font all the time, it makes it easier for attackers to defeat your system.
So, to make things a bit harder we will randomly select a font from a definable list of typefaces.
www.webmonkey.com /webmonkey/05/48/index0a_page4.html?tw=programming   (690 words)

 Typefaces -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A ''font'' (from Middle French ''fonte'', meaning "(something that has been) melt(ed)", as metal letters of a typeface were cast at a type foundry) is a set of glyphs (images) representing the characters from a particular character set in a particular typeface.
Is this article the start of a definitive list of all typefaces or if not what criteria are we using for inclusion.
Should we split this page in two, with one page containing A-M, and another containing N-Z? I think it would be a good idea...
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/152/typefaces.html   (573 words)

 QNX Developer Support
If a typeface doesn't support bold or italic at a given type size, the corresponding style becomes dimmed or unselectable.
Either choose from this list or enter the name of a module that doesn't exist (PhAB creates the module for you when you add the callback).
If the hotkey isn't found, the parent window's hotkey list is searched, and so on up the hierarchy of windows.
www.qnx.com /developers/docs/qnx_6.1_docs/photon/prog_guide/resources.html   (4557 words)

 Porchez Typofonderie [Fonts Typefaces] - Gazette
A good example is the new identity for the Centre Beaubourg which ceased to use the acclaimed logotype designed by Jean Widmer and the ‘typewriter’ custom font designed by Hans Jurg Hunziker, both created at the inception of the Centre in the early 1970s.
Here follows a more pragmatic list of regular events, news and also a list of contacts for the past year from October 2000 to August 2001.
Incomplete list of typefaces reviewed to date: Ambre Script, Anisette, ITC Cerigo, FF DIN, Mrs Eaves, Frutiger, Georgia/Verdana, ITC Legacy, ITC Stone, Optima, FF Meta, Parisine, Présence, Tarzana, etc. Étapes Graphiques has published a few articles on type designers.
www.typofonderie.com /gazette/articles/countryreport_2001   (1710 words)

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