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Topic: List of uniforms and clothing of WWII

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  Nazi Propaganda (1933-1945)
The outbreak of WWII: From the Wehrmacht's biweekly.
"The Uncertain Casualty List": On the missing at Stalingrad (February 1943).
I also keep a list of more general books on Nazism.
www.calvin.edu /academic/cas/gpa/ww2era.htm   (2329 words)

  Books on WW2 British and Commonwealth Uniforms and Equipment
Uniform information is supported by a campaign summary, infantry organisation tables, lists of arms and services and basic specifications of a number of heavy weapons.
This second of three titles devoted to the uniforms and equipment of 1939-45 describes and illustrates the tropical uniforms issued to the legendary 'Desert Rats' of 8th Army and their comrades of 1st Army.
Now they had to accommodate their professional standards to a uniform which resembled a mechanic's overalls, with a huge pocket on the front of the left thigh just where there ought to be a razor-edged crease, and without even any buttons which would take a shine.
www.reenactor.net /ww2/ww2_readlist-3brit.html   (1476 words)

 Chapter XXVI: Housing, Food, and Clothing
clothing, she asked that no further Class B clothing be issued to new recruits, and that women already in the field be given one new skirt and jacket if their entire issue had been secondhand.
Even after suitable work clothing was developed, stations in the United States were able to get it only for women whose occupational specialty number was on the approved list of "outdoor workers," or, in the case of winter clothing, if the station was located in the northern part of the United States.
The whole progress of the WAC uniform and equipment program was of considerable interest to several of the Allied nations, which desired to equip their newly organized women's forces by lend-lease arrangements for American supplies.
www.army.mil /cmh/books/wwii/Wac/ch26.htm   (10406 words)

 List of World War II military equipment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of aircraft of the Armée de l'Air, World War II
List of aircraft of the U.S. military, World War II
List of aircraft of the British, World War II
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_World_War_II_military_equipment   (197 words)

 Books on WW2 German Uniforms and Equipment
Army Panzer Uniforms in Colour by Wade Krawczyk -- The uniforms of the German tank troops -- Panzertruppe -- were probably the most dramatic of any worn by World War II combat units.
Indispensable for collectors, uniform historians and military modellers alike, this book finally resolves the confusion surrounding many of these patterns and garments, and establishes a complete and concise system of identification and terminology.
All major types of service uniform are illustrated, together with a full range of the unique camouflage clothing which was the hallmark of these much-feared divisions.Privates, NCOs, officers, infantrymen, mountain troopers, tank and assault gun crews are all vividly illustrated here as they appeared on the actual battlefield, and described in detail.
www.reenactor.net /ww2/ww2_readlist-3germ.html   (5549 words)

 US Uniforms & Equipment, Weapons
The USMC camouflage uniform is thoroughly detailed with information on the camouflage pattern creator, manufacturer of the uniforms and variants, and never before seen photographs of the camouflage parachutist jump smock.
All the uniforms, insignia, badges, weapons and equipment of the ETO are described in detail and depicted in both photographs and full color graphics.
Uniforms, Wings and Insignia of USAAF Airmen in WW II This new look at the uniforms and insignia of the USAAF during the World War II years covers a broad range of clothing, collar insignia, rank insignia, shoulder/sleeve insignia and squadron patches.
stevenbaffa.tripod.com /bluemaxmilitaria/id39.html   (3286 words)

 Vietnam Uniforms & Awards
This new, extensively researched volume is comprehensive guide to the history, development, wear, and use of uniforms and equipment during America`s involvement in the Vietnam War.
Included are insignia, headgear, camouflage uniforms, expermental items, modified items, flak, armor, boots, clothing accessories, paper items and personal items from the year 1965 to 1971, all examined in great detail.
Included are insignia, headgear, camouflage uniforms, modified items, Flak vests, boots, clothing accessories, paper items and personal items from the years 1957-1972, all examined in great detail.
stevenbaffa.tripod.com /bluemaxmilitaria/id36.html   (933 words)

 WWII British and Canadian Militaria WW2 Army Surplus
British WWII 2" HE mortar round with the last type of tail fins to be used by the military.
These are identical to the WWII produced mortar tube cleaning sets but have a 1954 date stamped on the underside of the brush where the bristles start.
WWII Leather and Canvas Pattern 1903 Water bottle Carrier that were based on the WWI Pattern and Reintroduced in WWII.
www.visualcollector.com /Tommy/TommyStuff/TommyStuff.htm   (4491 words)

Starting with the array of mounted and dismounted uniforms left over from the pre-war period, stardardization was needed to supply the huge manpower buildup of the pending global war.
Keep in mind that as new items of clothing and equipment were developed, they only slowly made their way into general use.
U.S. Soldiers Field Combat Clothing and Uniforms: World War II There were a great variety of combat field uniforms developed, issued and used by U.S. Army Infantry, Airborne, Armored and other arms and services in World War II.
www.olive-drab.com /od_soldiers_clothing_combat_ww2.php   (704 words)

 Uniforms List : Army Uniforms
Listing and brief description of the uniforms worn by American units fightingfor the British.
An illustrated discussion of Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the AmericanCivil War 1861-1865 with the text of the 1861 Uniform Regulations.
Uniforms List excludes all liability of any kind (including negligence) in respect of any third party information or other material made available on, or which can be accessed using, this Website.
uniformslist.com /armyuniforms   (873 words)

 WWII US Army Uniforms by: Shelby Stanton
Both areas were only briefly discussed in the Army's official historical studies and, despite their tremendous importance to wartime and further development of uniforms, virtually overlooked by other uniform books.
Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War, which focused on the relatively narrow subject of tropical clothing in a limited conflict.
The impact of that development during World War II on the uniforms and equipment used in Vietnam can be clearly seen.
www.goantiques.com /detail,wwii-army-uniforms,1115711.html   (396 words)

 List of uniforms and clothing of WWII Details, Meaning List of uniforms and clothing of WWII Article and Explanation ...
List of uniforms and clothing of WWII Details, Meaning List of uniforms and clothing of WWII Article and Explanation Guide
List of uniforms and clothing of WWII Guide, Meaning, Facts, Information and Description
This is an Article on List of uniforms and clothing of WWII.
www.e-paranoids.com /l/li/list_of_uniforms_and_clothing_of_wwii.html   (93 words)

I list this merchandise because I have it in stock!!!!!!!!!.
Jackets are sized in between original British WWII leanness and typical modern male obesity, with jacket waist sizes 6 inches smaller than the chest size of the jacket.
Jackets have the pleated pockets and pants have belt loops and ankle tabs of the early pattern.
www.whatpriceglory.com /ukunif.htm   (1366 words)

First Army orders were received on June 17 which listed the 81st Chemical Battalion as one of the units eligible for unit citation for extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance of duty in the initial landing on the coast of France.
Clothes were washed, movies attended, and extracurricular activities engaged in.
The mortar men looked at one another, covered with mud, wearing an assortment of uniforms, unshaven, dirty, and tired, and were reminded of the doughs in Mauldin's cartoons.
members.aol.com /wolfden46/wwii.htm   (22230 words)

 About World War Two Impressions.
Juan Carlos Gonzalez is the president and founder of WWII Impressions.
We followed the original list of materials down to the weight of canvas, type of cotton rope, gauge of steel slips, etc..
In contrast to uniforms that were issued in mass by the government, we realize you are paying for these garments with your hard earned money.
www.wwiiimpressions.com /about.htm   (1243 words)

 Uniforms: German
New uniforms and adequate protection was a must, and steel helmets appeared on the battlefield, replacing the outdated spiked helmets.
Adolf Schlicht, C,O, Uniforms and Equipment of the German Army from 1919 to 1932 For the first time this illustrated volume of 464 pages describes and shows in minute detail the entire clothing and equipment of the German Army from 1919 to 1932.
During the experimental phase of the Provisional Reichswehr 1919/1920, an entirely new course was taken in the design of uniforms, but with the establishment of the final Reichswehr in 1920 uniforms received their last appearance with a return to more traditional designs.
www.aberdeenbookstore.com /uniforms_german.htm   (12962 words)

 WWII: Mobilization
The plans showed familiarity with the tools for wartime economic control, from preference lists and priorities for facilities and commodities, to control of foreign trade, and as a last resort, to the establishment of government corporations, price controls, and seizures.
As such, the board drew up lists of critical materials, studied raw material needs, and eventually obtained modest appropriations for importing and stockpiling critical materials.
The resultant plan, developed mainly by Maj. Albert C. Wedemeyer, rested on a calculation of the number of troops who would be available and the strategic assumption that the major effort would be in Europe, with 1 July 1943 set as the date at which maximum strength would be reached.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/documents/mobpam.htm   (6790 words)

 State: Gang of WWII spies faced tribunal justice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Lloyd Cutler, a Washington attorney and a former counsel to Presidents Carter and Clinton, was the youngest member of the prosecution team during the tribunal.
All the men wore complete or partial German naval uniforms when they landed to ensure they were treated as prisoners of war rather than spies if they were captured.
They changed into civilian clothing after landing, burying their uniforms and boxes of sabotage equipment in the sand.
www.sptimes.com /News/121701/news_pf/State/Gang_of_WWII_spies_fa.shtml   (1138 words)

 Uniforms List : Uniforms
Uniforms, company logo, formal and career apparel, theme shirts, aprons, chefapparel, hospital and lab wear.
Uniforms for students attending public, parochial and private schools that includesjumpers, slacks and shirts.
Provides uniforms and formal wear to high school and college marching bands, drumcorps, drum majors, concert bands and color guard.
uniformslist.com   (720 words)

 Military List : Military Uniforms
C and#038; D Jarnagin Company, Civil War uniforms and civilian clothing and...
Imperial Military Uniforms There are several basic types of uniform in the Imperial Forces and related organisations.
Military List excludes all liability of any kind (including negligence) in respect of any third party information or other material made available on, or which can be accessed using, this Website.
www.military-list.com /militaryuniforms/index.php   (912 words)

 9SS Vendors and Links
Your Third Reich Headquarters of WWII military history reproductions of memorabilia and regalia.
A great collection of the uniforms, field equipment, weapons and other types of memorabilia relating to the German Wehrmacht.
The Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor was established in 1949 to preserve historical materials relating to Mechanized Cavalry and Armor, including some excellent WWII vehicles.
www.9sshohenstaufen.com /Vendor_List.html   (1673 words)

 RZM.com- Your online source for WWII books & more!
This spectacular work is a heavily documented record of all major clothing articles of the Waffen-SS.
Original and extremely rare SS uniforms of various types are carefully photographed and presented here.
Included are many striking and exquisite uniforms worn by such men as Himmler, Dietrich, Ribbentrop (father and son), Wolff, Demelhuber, and many others.
www.rzm.com /books/schiffer/uniformsofwss2.cfm   (257 words)

 WWII General II
Among the unsung heroes of WWII were these normal men who completed their missions day after day, over 400 b/w and color photos, color aircraft profiles.
The enthusiast will find excitement in knowing what uniforms were worn by the men, their insignia and examples of flying kit.
It presents a chronological listing of the 479th Fighter Group’s activities during the World War II era, from its beginnings until its deactivation.
www.aberdeenbookstore.com /wwii_general_ii.htm   (14970 words)

 The Costumer's Manifesto: Costume Sites on the WWW #5:  WWII Resources
Canadian Uniforms of the Second World War Broken Link can be found at The Canadian War Museum, and other war museums also have large numbers of images that are useful for this era.
Reenactors keep a number of companies in business reproducing WWII uniforms, including Lost Battalions http://www.lostbattalions.com Castle Keep [this site no longer online] and World War Two Impressions http://www.wgn.net/~ww2imp More are listed at my own Military Costume and Armor Links http://www.costumes.org/pages/militaryuniforms.htm you can also find many dealers in vintage uniforms and insignia listed here.
Uniformed prisoners with triangular identifying badges are shown here: http://www.ushmm.org/outreach/76278.htm Two concentration camp badges bearing purple triangles worn by Jehovah's Witnesses are here: http://www.ushmm.org/uia-cgi/uia_doc/photos/4207?hr=null A uniform jacket worn by another prisoner is here: http://www.ushmm.org/uia-cgi/uia_doc/photos/4204?hr=null And at this site is a large database of prisoner images: http://www.ushmm.org/uia-cgi/uia_query/photos?hr=nullandquery=kw110035
www.costumes.org /computer/1pages/CostumeSites5.htm   (972 words)

 List of uniforms and clothing of WWII in TutorGig Encyclopedia
List of uniforms and clothing of WWII in TutorGig Encyclopedia
Related Links in List of uniforms and clothing of WWII
Search for List of uniforms and clothing of WWII in Open Directory
www.tutorgig.com /ed/List_of_uniforms_and_clothing_of_WWII   (205 words)

 List of uniforms and clothing of WWII - Definition, explanation
List of uniforms and clothing of WWII - Definition, explanation
This page is a categorised list of items related to uniforms and clothing associated with the Second World War.
amazon.com books on 'List of uniforms and clothing of WWII':
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/l/li/list_of_uniforms_and_clothing_of_wwii.php   (128 words)

 3rd Parachute Brigade WWII British & Canadian Reenactors - Gear List
It will take time and effort to acquire all the items on the list, so members have a year to complete their uniform and gear.
For pictures or details on any of the items see our Uniforms and Equipment pages.
Most items on this list are easily obtained from the vendors on our vendor links page or from within the unit.
www.6th-airborne.org /equip_list.html   (707 words)

Includes a pictorial review, insignia, lists Outstanding Service Awards, Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Purple Heart and other medal recipients, plus members of each regiment, battalion and company, association past presidents and roster.
Most unique feature: lists every battalion, regiment, special troop, command, artillery, and parachute unit within the 13th.
Activated in 1942, this division has a fascinating story included here with hundreds of photos, compelling personal accounts of combat in WWII and biographical profiles of the veterans compliment the text.
www.civilwarmall.com /bookseller/files/wwiiAF.htm   (14081 words)

 World War II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Role of French Banks During WWII and its Aftermath
Polish Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht and Auxiliary Forces during WWII
Pearl: list of all civilians and military personnel killed
members.aol.com /TeacherNet/WWII.html   (2533 words)

 The Costumer's Manifesto:    Military Costume and Armor Links
Dress Worn at Court, London, 1912 (Regulations for uniforms for military, government officials, and civilian ladies and gentlemen appearing at the English Court).
C and D Jarnagin Company, Civil War uniforms and civilian clothing and equipment, French and Indian War Uniforms and equipment, Revolutionary War Uniforms and equipment, War of 1812 Uniforms and equipment, Mexican War Uniforms and equipment
World War Two Impressions, USA, Quality replica uniforms from WWII.
www.costumes.org /history/100pages/militaryuniforms.htm   (2167 words)

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