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Topic: List of voting systems topics

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  Preferential voting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Preferential voting (or preference voting) is a type of ballot structure used in several electoral systems in which voters rank a list or group of candidates in order of preference.
Votes allocated to a candidate that is to be excluded from the election counting process are redistributed and allocated to the subsequent continuing candidate in order of the voter's indicated preference.
In multiple-winner elections the preferential ballot is used in the voting system known as the Single Transferable Vote (STV), a form of proportional representation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Preferential_voting   (1061 words)

This voting system is the one in which each voter casts a single vote for the candidate they wish to elect and this was proved in 1952 by Kenneth May.
Although Llull's system certainly satisfies the property that everyone would agree that the person elected was fairly elected, there is the problem that an election based on these principles may not result in a winner at all.
There was a vigorous argument between the two mathematicians as to which of the two voting systems was the best but of course since both systems had their strengths and weaknesses, such an argument was bound to be inconclusive.
www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk /~history/HistTopics/Voting.html   (2066 words)

 TimesRoman-Roy Saltman REPORT88
A revised statute on the use of electronic voting systems was passed by the Texas legislature and was approved in June, 1987 [23].
If all the mechanical connections are fully operational during the voting period, and the counters are initially set to zero, the position of each counter at the end of the voting period indicates the number of votes that were cast on the lever that drives it.
Voting systems based on punch card ballots began to be used in the middle 1960s, and received considerable application in the western part of the U.S. by 1972.
www.itl.nist.gov /lab/specpubs/500-158.htm   (13584 words)

 Life With Alacrity: Systems for Collective Choice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Many other types of voting systems are possible, most of which allow voters to select multiple candidates at the same time.
That's because every voting system ultimately has some flaw in it, as is evidenced by the fact that given the same conditions the different systems will often declare different winners.
Polling systems not directly related to selection systems are covered later, as subjective rating systems, since they tend to have issues very different from other polling systems, as their goal isn't to try and match the "true" number of an actual vote.
www.lifewithalacrity.com /2005/12/systems_for_col.html   (4710 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Politics: Campaigns and Elections: Voting Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Approval Voting - A voting procedure in which voters can vote for, or approve of, as many candidates as they wish.
Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project - Project set up to evaluate the current state and reliability of U.S. voting systems, and to propose specific uniform requirements and guidelines for U.S. voting systems.
The Immigrant Voting Project - Promotes discussion of immigrant voting rights (also known as resident voting, alien suffrage, and non-citizen voting) as a sensible policy to strengthen democracy by encouraging citizenship, community building, and government accountability.
dmoz.org /Society/Politics/Campaigns_and_Elections/Voting_Systems   (797 words)

 Accurate Democracy Voting Rules
Our defective voting rules come from the failure to realize there are different types of election which require different methods of voting.
What is needed is not a system of dividing the voters into winners and losers but a system of condensing them, in the right proportions, into their chosen leaders.
To win by the voting rule explained next, candidates must have broad appeal and views near the middle of the electorate -- and correspondingly near the middle of a council proportional to the electorate.
www.accuratedemocracy.com   (1176 words)

 Voting Technology
One system might be more affordable, but less accessible to members of the disabled community; certain election procedures might make the systems easier to use, but they compromise security.
Included in the report is an executive summary of the Brennan Center’s June 2006 analysis of voting system security and the August 2006 analysis of voting system usability.
The Brennan Center analysis of cost is in part based upon a review of voting system contracts provided by jurisdictions around the country and a cost calculator.
www.brennancenter.org /programs/dem_vr_hava_votingsystems.html   (652 words)

 EAC - Executive Director   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Voting age population proportion defined.--The term ``voting age population proportion'' means, with respect to a State, the amount equal to the quotient of--
List of local election officials.--Each State's local election officials, including the local election officials of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, shall select (under a process supervised by the chief election official of the State) a representative local election official from the State for purposes of paragraph (1)(B).
In general.--The Commission shall vote on the accreditation of any laboratory under this section, taking into consideration the list submitted under paragraph (1), and no laboratory may be accredited for purposes of this section unless its accreditation is approved by a vote of the Commission.
www.eac.gov /law_ext.asp   (11172 words)

 FCW.com News - Editorial: E-voting: The need for paper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Help America Vote Act of 2002 pushed states to undertake what most consider to be the largest overhaul of voting equipment in the country’s history.
Electronic voting systems have not moved us closer to the goal of improving the public’s faith in fair and accurate elections.
The goal — as lofty as it sounds — is to create a system that enhances people’s confidence that their voice is being heard and reassures their faith in democracy.
www.fcw.com /article96664-11-06-06-Print   (553 words)

 Organic Groups List Manager: An integrated mailing list for organic groups | drupal.org
The organic groups list manager (OG2List) module allows groups of users to have a mailing list managed as part of their organic group, a collection of users with common interests and shared content.
Mail on the mailing list is archived in a forum and groups members can respond by email or they can respond in forums directly.
Mailing list are one of the most effective and popular methods for group collaboration using the Internet.
drupal.org /handbook/modules/og2list   (577 words)

 Diebold troubled by e-voting security
In Florida, researchers allied with the Black Box Voting project were invited to test the security of the systems there and found that a poll worker could use a pre-modified memory card to change the vote tally undetectably.
Despite avoiding critical missteps in the last major election, electronic voting system continue to be under intense scrutiny in regards to their security.
Computer scientists have questioned both the reliability and security of the systems, as well as pointing out that the confusing and secretive certification process made testing of the systems is essentially meaningless.
www.securityfocus.com /brief/81?ref=rss   (240 words)

 Representative Rush Holt - Voting
Votes are valuable, and each voter should have the knowledge—and the confidence—that his or her vote was recorded and counted as intended.
The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office confirmed the risks associated with unauditable electronic voting machines, and the bipartisan Commission On Federal Election Reform explicitly endorsed the requirement for voter-verified paper records, each in reports issued in September 2005.
For our system to work, every voter must have access, and all voters must leave the polling location confident that their votes will be counted as they intended.
holt.house.gov /voting.shtml   (1110 words)

 Cover Pages: Election Markup Language (EML)
The relating document entitled EML v4.0d Schema Descriptions' lists the schemas and schema descriptions to be used in conjunction with this specification." See the file listing for contents of the ZIP distribution file.
Voting is not compulsory in the UK (as it is in some countries).
In order to ensure the integrity of the electoral processes and to gain the trust of citizens, it says that e-voting systems should be based on open standards, have all their components disclosed, allow end-to-end auditing, and be certified by the relevant authorities.
xml.coverpages.org /eml.html   (4273 words)

 EAC issues guide for certifying voting systems
The 67-page document spells out procedures for certifying systems under its voluntary standards for electronic voting systems.
EAC has produced its own Voluntary Voting System Guidelines and is establishing the program for testing and certification.
Voting system manufacturers participating in the program will register with EAC and submit systems for testing, and lab results will be analyzed by EAC.
www.gcn.com /online/vol1_no1/42188-1.html   (285 words)

 Voting Methods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
This introduction to voting methods is intended to be readable by someone who is totally new to the field.
A new voting method that allows voters to both rank and rate the candidates, and thus to indicate which of their preferences are stronger than others.
A proposal for a multiple-round voting procedure using Condorcet's method, for use primarily for voting in relatively small groups, such as voting within a legislature or council.
fc.antioch.edu /~jarmyta@antioch-college.edu/voting.htm   (744 words)

 E-voting worries again surface before elections
The column states the commission's position that the U.S. election system is sound and well guarded by the efforts of poll workers and election administrators.
Security researchers, however, have argued that electronic voting systems--specifically the touchscreen systems that will be used by nearly four of every ten voters in the midterm election--have significant vulnerabilities, cannot be meaningfully audited and are difficult to trust do to a closed certification system.
Major flaws have been identified in several types of voting systems, among them--perhaps most famously--are those manufactured by a subsidiary of cash-machine maker Diebold.
www.securityfocus.com /brief/343   (269 words)

 InfoWorld Tech Watch | InfoWorld | The government's plan for e-voting security? Trust! | June 16, 2006 11:08 AM | By ...
With no official framework to refer to, and no consistency in voting technology or procedure from county to county, let alone state to state, how can a "Quick Start" guide be anything more than a vague list of suggestions addressing a hypothetical situation.
As the GAO has noted, the Federal governments security standards for voting systems are entirely voluntary, and have "vague and incomplete security provisions," to boot.
Electronic voting machines can be programmed to record a vote for one candidate and give a paper receipt or print out showing a vote for the other candidate.
weblog.infoworld.com /techwatch/archives/006793.html   (1142 words)

 Governor others denounce state’s electronic systems
Problems with the systems in 2004 and again in September’s primary election prompted Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R) to call on voters to consider using absentee ballots rather than the state’s AccuVote-TS Model ES-2000.
But state voting officials point to progressive upgrades in system security and election procedures designed to safeguard voting machines and the associated poll books.
Goldstein said the Diebold systems had dramatically improved the voter’s ability to use voting systems easily, and for the first time allowed blind voters to cast their ballots in secret without assistance.
www.gcn.com /print/25_31/42355-1.html   (476 words)

 Statewide Databases of Registered Voters
Last year USACM formed a committee of experts to provide states with guidance on implementing the statewide voter-registration databases mandated by the Help America Vote Act, a federal law passed in the wake of the controversial 2000 Presidential Election.
They must ensure that the voters' information is accurately recorded and maintained, that the system is transparent while voter information is kept private and secure from unauthorized access, and that poll workers can access this information on Election Day to determine whether or not any given voter is eligible.
A well-managed voter registration system is vital for ensuring public confidence in elections.
www.acm.org /usacm/VRD   (1552 words)

 Presidential Election Ballot - Topics in Usability
A description of two studies of voting systems in Franklin County, Ohio.
Robert Sinclair of the University of Alberta and colleagues report in a Brief Communication this week that some Canadian shoppers made a crucial mistake in simulated voting, for a Canadian prime minister, of exactly the type that may have given Pat Buchanan votes intended for Al Gore.
What was going on in my mind was somehow my right to vote had been taken away from me," said Lillian Gaines, 67, one of three residents who filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Palm Beach County Circuit Court seeking a new election.
www.stcsig.org /usability/topics/ballot   (2167 words)

 1. Voting and Elections: Introduction
Dodgson was a professional mathematician at Oxford, in addition to being the author of Alice in Wonderland.
Duncan Black was an economist who revived interest in using mathematical tools to study voting systems.
If one is to do a mathematical analysis of any subject, one has to carefully examine phenomena related to what one is investigating and make simplifying assumptions, to construct what today are called mathematical models.
www.ams.org /featurecolumn/archive/voting-introduction.html   (481 words)

 How To Vote On An Electronic Voting Machine - Voting Machines ProCon.org
The majority of electronic voting machines in use today are manufactured by one of four companies: Diebold Election Systems; Election Systems and Software (ESandS); Hart InterCivic; and Sequoia Voting Systems.
If you want to vote for a race that was left blank or not fully voted, or change your vote for any race, just touch that race on the screen and you will be taken back to the proper page to make or change your selection.
After the voter has voted in the last contest on the ballot, a Ballot Summary screen will appear listing all the choices made and lets the voter know if they have missed voting in any race.
www.votingmachinesprocon.org /howtouse.htm   (1152 words)

 Classroom Response Systems — UMPERG
Some additional names for this class of system (or for subsets of the class) are classroom communication system (CCS), audience response system (ARS), voting machine system, audience feedback system, and — most ambitiously — CATAALYST system (for "Classroom Aggregation Technology for Activating and Assessing Learning and Your Students' Thinking").
Transforming student learning with a classroom communication system: A research bulletin we wrote for the Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR).
CMS — Open Source Content Management System is Copyright © 2000-2007 by the Plone Foundation et al.
umperg.physics.umass.edu /topics/crs   (339 words)

 CSTB: Computer Science and Telecommunications Board
Composed of leaders in information technology and complementary fields from industry and academia, CSTB is unique in its scope and its interdisciplinary approach to technical, economic, social, and policy issues.
January 17: CSTB's Committee on Advancing Software-Intensive Systems Producibility will be hosting a workshop on Uncertainty At Scale in the Lecture Room at the National Academies in Washington D.C. Please contact Margaret Huynh (mhuynh at nas.edu) if you are interested in attending.
Please combine ideas about topics and scope with pointers to potential sponsors and relay to cstb at nas.edu, ideally with some indication of who you are.
www7.nationalacademies.org /cstb   (853 words)

 Verified Voting Foundation : Related Voting Topics
Implicit in that right is the notion that that vote be private, that vote be secure, and that vote be counted as it was intended when it was cast by the voter.
In an effort to provide more comprehensive coverage on this issue we are providing a listing of "Related Voting News".
MIAMI A civil rights group is asking a court to step in and help former felons in Florida get their voting rights back before the November election.
verifiedvotingfoundation.org /section.php?id=28   (582 words)

 CDC2000 Markov Decision Processes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
These systems are composed of a set of m subchains that are weakly coupled.
Under the single condition that initial distribution and transition probabilities are nonatomic, we prove that the performance space coincides with that generated by nonrandomized Markov policies.
In particular, we study the asymptotic properties of the underlying system for sufficiently small epsilon.
www.mm.anadolu.edu.tr /ieeecss/39cdc/CD00S114.HTM   (996 words)

 A List Apart: Articles: Community Creators, Secure Your Code!
Personalization is a great feature—it allows users to make their personal pages come to life by adding colors, pictures, and even sound—but as with any user input, it is a security threat if not properly sanitized.
Execute an action whenever a user enters the attacker’s page, such as voting for the attacker in a poll or adding the attacker to a buddy or “trusted” list.
Niklas Bivald is a Swedish student who spends his time studying, making websites and e-commerce systems and keeping a bunch of projects up and running.
www.alistapart.com /articles/secureyourcode   (1033 words)

 Ohio Vigilance Main Page
Last election we were able to report about some very serious issues (people waiting in lines for hours, voting machine malfunctions, memory card problems) only because voters called us an alerted us about them.
Though 92% of the American people distrust electronic voting and want to "see" their votes counted, CCBOE says "no verification allowed." To know more, click here.
GAO Report on Electronic Voting (10/21/05) : "The GAO report found flaws in security, access, and hardware controls, as well as weak security management practices by voting machine vendors.
www.ohiovigilance.org   (1146 words)

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