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Topic: List of wars before 1000

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  List of wars before 1000: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The trojan war was a war waged, according to legend, against the city of troy in asia minor by the armies of greece, following the kidnapping (or elopement)...
The lamian war (323 bc - 322 bc) was a war in greece between athens and her allies in central and northern greece and macedonia....
The jugurthine war (122-105 bc) was fought between the roman republic and jugurtha, the renegade king of the african client state of numidia....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_wars_before_1000.htm   (2477 words)

 List of wars before 1000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of wars - List of wars before 1000 - List of wars 1000-1499 - List of wars 1500-1799 - List of wars 1800-1899 - List of wars 1900-1944 - List of wars 1945-1989 - List of wars 1990-2002- List of wars 2003-current - Ongoing wars
58 BC - 50 BC Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars
161 - 166 Parthian war of Lucius Verus
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_wars_before_1000   (614 words)

But again history proves that it is only a matter of time before the aggrieved ethnic minorities take up arms to face such injustice in a classical guerrilla war that on for years with even heavier price paid by the population, the wild life and the environment.
Few months before the 1964 Arab Summit, Israel built a giant pumping station on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee and began to siphon water into systems of pipes and canals known as the national water carrier, all the way to the Negav Desert.
Before the six day war, Israel controlled less than 10 Kilometre or 6.25 Miles only of the Yarmuk river, now it has a de-facto control that stops Syria and Jordan from diverting the headwaters if they chose to.
www.mideastnews.com /WaterWars.htm   (5943 words)

 Intelligent Dance Music Mailing List
The IDM list was originally created in August of 1993 for the discussion of music relating to Aphex Twin and Warp's early "Artificial Intelligence" compilations.
Since that time, both the list and the range of music that is discussed on it have grown considerably.
Any other classifieds, including long sale lists, should be announced as briefly as possible, with an invitation for interested parties to email you directly or visit a web location to receive the full information.
music.hyperreal.org /lists/idm   (413 words)

 STAR WARS: Astrophysical Concerns
Most of the action in the STAR WARS trilogy and spin-off fiction necessarily takes place in remote regions on the fringes of the Empire, where the guerilla forces of the Rebel Alliance could move and operate with relative impunity.
Before proposing constraints on possible answers to the problem, it is first necessary to briefly defend the existence of the issue.
The field may be perturbed by the gravity of a large celestial body in another appropriately close heliocentric orbit; such a sheperd planet or star might be the cause of the asteroids' high mass concentration as well as stirring the swarm velocities.
www.theforce.net /swtc/astro.html   (11199 words)

 History of Iran: The Persian Wars
Some Greek cities, such as Thebes, capitulated before the Persian invaders, but others, among which were the leading cities of Athens and Sparta, remained convinced that with courage and careful rational planning they had a chance of preserving their independence.
The testimony of Herodotos is dismissed on account of his prelogical mentality, but there remains to be explained how a man with such a mind could invent a detailed presentation of a military plan of action that is perfectly rational and would satisfy any expert of logistics.
Supply dumps for food and fodder were established to the north of the Greek mainland long before the beginning of the operations; "for the dumps the most convenient sites were chosen after a survey, the provisions being brought from many different parts of Asia by a relay of transport ships and ferry barges" (VII 25).
www.iranchamber.com /history/articles/persian_wars5.php   (3702 words)

 Hungary and the limits of Habsburg authority
The Catholic Church and the Habsburgs were allies, an arrangement dating from the Reformation, the Counter Reformation and the Thirty Years War.
In its struggles with Magyar nobles, the Habsburgs established a pattern: in times of foreign war the crown conceded rights to the nobility, and in times of peace tried to take them away, often triggering revolts.
When Austria went to war with France in 1703, the nobles revolted and forced Emperor Charles V to restore the old system of noble privileges, through a treaty called the Peace of Szatmar of 1711.
www.lib.msu.edu /sowards/balkan/lecture4.html   (4059 words)

 wiki/List of treaties Definition / wiki/List of treaties Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is a chronological list of international treatiesA treaty is a binding agreement under international law concluded by subjects of international law, namely states and international organizations.
The war, which eventually widened far beyond British North America, resulted in the overthrow of British rule in the thirteen colonies and the establishment of the United States of America....
As a result of the war, the eastern third of Sweden was established as the semi-autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland, according to the Finns in personal union with Imperial Russia.
www.elresearch.com /wiki/List_of_treaties   (14013 words)

 About Topics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is a list of Swedish regiments and other military units (divisions, brigades, battalions, companies) that has existed since the 16th century, most formations has c...
This List of universities and colleges in Puerto Rico includes colleges and universities in Puerto Rico that grant bachelor's degrees and/or post-graduate master's and...
Wars in Ancient history Ancient era BC 1600 BC - Hyksos conquest of Egypt 1200 BC - Trojan War...
www.info-pedia.net /about/index_29.html   (1399 words)

 The MadCow Morning News
Three months before the 9/11 attack Hammoud had already shown his true colors, it developed, boasting to an undercover agent that he shipped machine guns to Hezbollah and negotiated arms deals in Lebanon, where he said he knew arms dealers.
Even before 9/11, even in Florida, it was considered a faux pas to bring your personal armory onto airplanes.
And all of this before he got popped in a big bust in October of 1998, where he was charged with trafficking over 150 kilos of cocaine.
www.madcowprod.com /indexbbb.html   (1752 words)

 SWIP-L   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The list was started in January, 1992, by and for members of SWIP, and now has over 1000 subscribers, including both SWIP members and others interested in feminist philosophy.
The messages on this list are often informational in nature: calls for papers in feminist philosophy, announcements of SWIP meetings and other conferences, requests for references or information, etc. There are, however, frequent substantive discussions exploring a wide variety of topics--many of them controversial--within feminist philosophy.
However, this list is NOT an appropriate place to debate either male/female issues in general or more broadly based philosophical questions, and it is not a forum for questioning or defending the merits of feminism, feminist theory, or feminist philosophy.
www.uh.edu /~cfreelan/SWIP/SWIP-L.html   (472 words)

 Membership Requirements
The works must be print- or electronic- prose fiction or drama in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or horror, in the English language and be published in the qualified professional venues as described below.
If you wish to use a market not listed, first seek to get the market listed then send in your application.
No judgment as to the quality of these markets as publishing venues is in any way expressed or implied by their inclusion on this list.
www.sfwa.org /org/qualify.htm   (1195 words)

 Sideshow Collectibles.com - Star Wars 1:4 Scale Figures - Luke Skywalker
This museum quality mixed-media figure is composed of polystone and metal, and features expertly tailored clothing, including the young moisture farmer's poncho, floppy hat and goggles.
Before he was the last of the Jedi Knights, young Luke Skywalker was a kid with dreams of adventure and excitement.
Standing on a sandy bluff overlooking his adopted homeworld of Tattooine, young Skywalker looks off into the setting suns with dreams of a better tomorrow, which unbeknownst to him includes a bar full of aliens and the infiltration of the Empire's supreme weapon, the Death Star.
www.sideshowtoy.com /cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=71161   (433 words)

 Spain: History
Another result of the war was that Catalonia, Valencia, and Aragón, which had opposed Philip, lost their political autonomy.
The short-lived first Spanish republic (1873–74) was torn by another Carlist War (1872–76) and by the cantonalist movement in the south, notably in Cartagena, which attempted to establish authorities independent of the central government.
The United Nations, refusing to recognize the constitutionality of the Franco regime, urged its members in 1946 to break diplomatic relations with Spain; this resolution was not rescinded until 1950.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0861231.html   (4273 words)

 Good Experience Games - good games, fun games
Intriguing sequel to Hapland and Hapland 2, both listed here on 13 July 05.
(List) A selection of "only the best free online games for all the family." También en español.
A bit clunky with arrow keys instead of the trackball, but then it's not as hard as MM was.
www.goodexperience.com /games   (2279 words)

 Myths & Facts - Israel’s Roots
The second king, David, established Jerusalem as the capital around 1000 B.C.E. David's son, Solomon built the Temple soon thereafter and consolidated the military, administrative and religious functions of the kingdom.
Palestinian Arab nationalism is largely a post-World War I phenomenon that did not become a significant political movement until after the 1967 Six-Day War and Israel's capture of the West Bank.
In testimony before the Anglo-American Committee in 1946, for example, they claimed a connection to Palestine of more than 1,000 years, dating back no further than the conquest of Muhammad's followers in the 7th century.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/myths/mf1.html   (5250 words)

 Freer Peninsular War Letters- Freer Genealogy Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Your account of my sisters distress respecting William's imprudences has grieved me much as I fear it will be difficult for her to recover the shock, but for him the way is easy to regain the esteem of his true friends and the affection.
Edward simply says: "The enemy before 8 o'clock were beat from every part of their position with great loss", which he proceeds to enumerate-Marmont's right arm, Bonet wounded, 17 guns, 2 eagles, 4 standards and 6,000 men taken.
The war in the spring of 1814 had many features in common with that of the spring of 1945.
home.cc.umanitoba.ca /~sfreer/freerwar.html   (14659 words)

 Iraq Coalition Casualties
An Incomplete List of Contractors Killed in Iraq
The governor of the southern Iraqi province of Basra has suspended the city's police chief after accusing him of links to groups involved in terrorism.
Taking issue with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the State Department said Friday the United States is not obliged under the Geneva conventions to give the committee access to all prisoners under U.S. jurisdiction.
icasualties.org /oif   (1075 words)

 World War links
American Ex - Prisoners of War - a congresionally chartered non-profit organization The American Ex-Prisoners of War organization is a national organization for American citizens who were captured by the enemy.
During the war years of 1941-1943, Seuss served as editorial cartoonist for the New York newspaper "PM," and his patriotic "war bond" cartoons appeared in many other newspapers as well.
Oryoku Maru Story - World War II - The Oryoku Maru Story and a searchable list of POWs who were aboard the ship that left the Phillipines filled with US POW traveling to Japan.
killeenroos.com /link/war.htm   (2705 words)

 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Walkthrough - IGN FAQs
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of.
Repair is needed for breaking down items, as has been noted before, only the Exile's skill is used when breaking down items, regardless of who uses the workbench.
In the "security" room (the one before the three droids, where you will likely level up), use the Security Station and watch the holovid where he tells you how to override the comm station.
faqs.ign.com /articles/578/578849p1.html   (14315 words)

 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Before the Gulf War, the best intelligence indicated that Iraq was eight to 10 years away from developing a nuclear weapon; after the war, international inspectors learned that the regime had been much closer.
And just because it happened on the eve of the war, that proves what the president is saying about in the months leading up to the war, that the real cause of insecurity and the threat the Iraq presented was that they had weapons of mass destruction.
GWEN IFILL: And what you said, going into the war, using very stark language, I believe you were the one who said that you couldn't afford to stand by and watch a, looking for a smoking gun which could become a mushroom cloud.
www.carnegieendowment.org /static/npp/bush_admin_quotes.cfm   (13344 words)

 Left I on the News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The current list of nominated songs appears below; for the rules of the process and previous comments (including songs I haven't yet decided on whether or not to add to the list of nominees), see the original post.
Songs listed in alphabetical order so as not to reveal my own prejudices (other than in the inclusion of these songs, but I'm sure there are many important songs I've missed).
But when they were simply asked to name their top issue without the assistance of a list to influence their choices, Iraq was picked by 27 percent, the economy by 14 percent and moral values tied with terrorism at only 9 percent.
lefti.blogspot.com /2004_11_01_lefti_archive.html   (12168 words)

 TED Blog: Confidence in numbers
The Google citation list for "donor fatigue" is mushrooming, and the piece about this from the Chronicle of Philanthropy is getting more press.
With your $1000 pledge, I, in turn, pledge to share my wisdom and many years of experience in recycling into a productive, hands-on instructional class for art teachers.
Before the envelope is unsealed, I’d like to thank you all for the chance (and the encouragement) to air my idea.
tedblog.typepad.com /tedblog/2005/10/confidence_in_n.html   (8402 words)

 Global Exchange : "Most Wanted" Corporate Human Rights Violators of 2005
This list of "MOST WANTED" corporate criminals gives you information about the abusive behavior of this year's top fourteen worst corporations, tells you who is responsible, and how to connect with and support people who are doing something about it.
It has fueled wars for oil, such as the war in Iraq, which has so far caused the deaths of more than 2,100 US troops and an estimated 27,000 to 100,000 Iraqis.
These war profiteers—the makers of the Trident missile; aircraft like the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F/A-22 and the C-130 Hercules, as well as high tech space based military components like the DSCS-3 satellite—have a profound and illegitimate influence our country's international policy decisions.
www.globalexchange.org /getInvolved/corporateHRviolators.html   (5298 words)

 Gamasutra - Features - "Social Game, not Social Life? ArenaNet on Guild Wars and the "Casual" ...
As Guild Wars makes its way through its last few tests before release, Gamasutra had the chance to probe ArenaNet's vision of the MMOGs' future and failings with producer Jeff Strain, and explore that fine line between social gaming and social life.
With the game linking up opponents in Player Versus Player modes and having hub areas to gather a party before moving to instanced areas for the actual quests, a small population won't get diffused over a large area.
GS: The criticism people have thrown at Guild Wars is that it seems to have thrown away the whole idea of a virtual world, which was part of the “vision” of the online living world.
www.gamasutra.com /features/20050330/gillen_01.shtml   (1990 words)

 the original webring
The Spam Having IP Traceability™ List is a free tool to help protect your computer from outside invasion by filtering, deleting, and/or sorting unwanted E-mail.
The short stories (myths, fables, fairy tales), poems (Christianity, nature wonders), and the gripping, never before told autobiography by miracle survivor Shirley Cheng are inspirational.
Lists over 400 non-commercial, fan-made sites dedicated to over 200 current and former Major or Negro League professional baseball players.
v.webring.com /hub?ring=default   (2571 words)

 Laser hair removal information South Carolina, before and after photos, links to machines starting from $999.99
Laser hair removal may sound like something out of star wars but, believe me, its the greatest beauty breakthrough since the invention of the blow-dryer.
The area may become slightly red and may last from a few minutes to several days depending on the area and skin sensitivity.
If you are tan or have a darker skin type, a bleaching cream should be started 4-6 weeks before treatment for our melanin absorption lasers.
www.global-electrolysis-supply.com /laser_south_carolina.htm   (1361 words)

 Italian Peninsula, 1000 B.C.-1 A.D. | Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Political rivalries in the first century B.C., however, lead to civil wars and the eventual collapse of the Republic.
• 200–196 B.C. Rome enters the Second Macedonian War, which ends with the victory of Flamininus at Cynoscephalae.
The population is sold into slavery and Carthaginian territory becomes a Roman province.
www.metmuseum.org /toah/ht/04/eust/ht04eust.htm   (1389 words)

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