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Topic: List of weapons

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Wood Weapons List
This is the list of all weapons that can be forged with the carpentry skill alone and that are made completely of wood.
Boards for these weapons can be obtained for 7 gold at lextor's shop, 1w of the guild join room, or in forests on the world map using the lumberjack skill.
Listed to the left is the weapon type and to the right the weapon skill required to wield the weapon effectively.
www.angelfire.com /pa5/merchants/woodweapons.html   (170 words)

 Weapons and international humanitarian law
Weapons which violate the "dictates of the public conscience" may also be prohibited on that basis alone.
Specific treaties prohibit or restrict the use of certain weapons such as biological, chemical, blinding laser or incendiary weapons or bullets which explode or flatten easily in the human body.
Weapons are an integral feature of every armed conflict and conventional weapons will always remain the arms the most used.
www.icrc.org /web/eng/siteeng0.nsf/iwpList2/Humanitarian_law:Weapons?OpenDocument   (727 words)

 Shacknews - It gets you chicks
While still a very imprecise long range weapon, it’s a MUST against small and medium sized, close range enemies.
The BoneSlasher is the weapon of choice when you are pushed against a wall or surrounded by close range enemies.
Due to the efficient internal workings of the generator, it is possible to shoot smaller units of energy giving this weapon a decent rate of fire.
www.shacknews.com /docs/press/091505_serioussam2_weapons.x   (880 words)

 Weapons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Ranged weapons can be used in the first 3 rounds of a battle (ranged combat), and come in three different varieties: slings, bows, and crossbows.
The penalties to ranged weapons used during melee combat are 80% for Slings, 60% for Bows and 40% for Crossbows.
The weapon allowance is calculated on a per-character basis, not per-minion or per-weapon (e.g.
www.carnageblender.com /wiki/Weapons   (473 words)

 Greywolf's 'Deadlands: Weird Wars' Weapons List
Items listed in BOLDFACE are only available during play to characters who have at least 2 in streetwise, or who have appropriate (probably military or covert) connections in their backgrounds, at the Marshal's discretion, either because the items are illegal, or else just not easily found without connections (hence streetwise).
* Guns with calibers listed in millimeters (mm) are typically not found in the USA or CSA, or in the realm of influence of the "British Empire"...
Also, when attacking with a burst fire weapon such as the gatling pistol, rather than rolling separately for each shot, there is just one roll for each burst of three shots.
greywolf.critter.net /weirdwars/equipment/weapons.htm   (1457 words)

 The Reality-Based Community: The asssault weapons ban, crime control, and politics
Matt Yglesias thinks the assault weapons ban is silly, bad politics, and irrelevant to crime control.
He goes on to say that "gun control" focused on weapons, rather than on individuals, is likely to be a mistake both substantively and politically.
While having only a finite list of weapons, rather than a set of criteria, reduces the value of an "assault weapons" ban, it's not clear that it reduces that value to zero.
www.samefacts.com /archives/crime_control_/2004/07/the_asssault_weapons_ban_crime_control_and_politics.php   (709 words)

 GTA San Andreas : Weapons
Below you will find a list of each weapon and item in the game broken up by category to help you decide which is best for the job.
Originally intended to be target/sport pistol, players will use this weapon for the immense stopping power the handgun’s.50 caliber rounds deliver to a target—stopping assailants in their tracks, usually with one well placed shot.
Sure, they're about as ineffective a weapon as one could expect, but the humiliation factor of being smacked in the face with a boquet of flowers is surely astronomical.
www.gtasanandreas.net /weapons   (5396 words)

 US is top purveyor on weapons sales list - The Boston Globe
WASHINGTON -- The United States last year provided nearly half of the weapons sold to militaries in the developing world, as major arms sales to the most unstable regions -- many already engaged in conflict -- grew to the highest level in eight years, new US government figures show.
According to the annual assessment, the United States supplied $8.1 billion worth of weapons to developing countries in 2005 -- 45.8 percent of the total and far more than second-ranked Russia with 15 percent and Britain with a little more than 13 percent.
In addition to weapons already delivered, new contracts for future weapons deliveries topped $44 billion last year -- the highest overall since 1998, according to the report.
www.boston.com /news/world/articles/2006/11/13/us_is_top_purveyor_on_weapons_sales_list   (1181 words)

 List of weapons that don't exist, and shouldn't - Uncyclopedia
This is a list of a few weapons that have never been created, or they may have, but nevertheless should not exist.
During the last nine years it has managed to mire the United Kingdom in at least two unwinnable wars, spend billions on useless IT projects and is planning to enslave all UK citizens with I.D cards which will be implanted within the frontal lobes and enable wide spread mind-control of the population.
To date no known anti-Blair weapon has proved in the least votable for, the latest under development, a self-fellating, smarm offensive weapon codenamed 'Call me Dave' is said to bear a remarkable resembelance to the T. Blair round and does not inspire confidence.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/List_of_weapons_that_don't_exist,_and_shouldn't   (1389 words)

 DoK: Weapons List
When two opponents use melee weapons that have significantly different reach, I will attribute a 1-pt or 2-pts difference in difficulty, depending on the difference; e.g., Yoko with a tanto against Shinsuke with a no-dachi will suffer a -2 Outcome when she attacks or dodges.
Note that the chain weapons (kusari-gama, kyotetsu-shoge, and manriki-gusari) can be thrown while holding on to one end; this is normally the case when performing an entangling manoeuvre.
Whenever a chain of sufficient length is added to a hand-to-hand weapon, an Entangling Manoeuvre becomes possible as per the chain weapons (kusari-gama, kyotetsu-shoge, and manriki-gusari) under Thrown Weapons, at a shot cost of 3.
www.tlucretius.net /DoK/Weapons.htm   (2763 words)

 List of weapons - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Across the galaxy, an intricate arsenal of different weapons formed its history, whose uses and powers range from interpersonal combat to destroying entire space stations or even planets and solar systems in single sweeps.
The ray gun was the most common weapon in the galaxy, although the lasers were actually high power plasma weapons.
The blasters operated off of a Tibanna gas cartridge and a power pack, with the weapon magnetically 'bottling' the Tibanna gas and then exciting it as it was fired.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/List_of_weapons   (289 words)

 - Germany - War Weapons List
All apparatus, parts, equipment, installations, substances and organisms, which are used for civilian purposes or for scientific, medical and industrial research in the fields of pure and applied science shall be excluded from this definition.
Any weapon which contains, or is designed to contain or utilize, nuclear fuel or radioactive isotopes and which is capable of mass destruction, mass injury or mass poisoning.
Ammunition for the weapons listed in number 29, subparagraphs a), c) and d), except cartdrige ammunition having a soft core projectile with full casing, if the projectile does not contain any accessoires, particularly a flare, incendiary or explosive charge, and where cartridge ammunition of the same caliber is used for hunting and sporting purposes
www.sipri.org /contents/expcon/frg_munlist.html   (1198 words)

 Martial Art Styles of the World ...
Many of these weapons are centuries old, but are still practiced today by various martial artists around the world.
Today the number and scope of Chinese weapons is truly mind-boggling; as well, the most colorful names in all martial arts nomenclature have been attached to them.
Weapons are then categorized in alphabetical order under the art in which they are practiced.
www.martialinfo.com /Styles/weapons_list.asp   (446 words)

 Welcome to WorkingForChange
It's the United States whose weapons are sold to one or more sides of virtually every one of the five dozen or so wars now raging in the world.
It's the United States with the oldest and biggest nuclear weapons program in the world, the U.S. alone that has proudly used such weapons on civilian populations, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
It's the U.S. whose weapons are now the weapons of choice for everyone from mentally disturbed serial killers to jungle guerrillas to kleptocratic dictators the world around.
www.workingforchange.com /printitem.cfm?itemid=14210?   (1115 words)

 Aria Weapons List
Pictured, starting from the upper-left and moving clockwise, are Vjaya, a very powerful lightning sword; the Hrunting, the poison sword that you'll find fairly early in the game; the Balmung, the most powerful sword of this variety, and your pathetic pocket knife that you start the game out with.
Many of the weapons you'll find are "slashing" weapons - that is, instead of striking striaght forward, you'll swing your weapon at an arc.
However, the more powerful swords are some of the best weapons in the games.
castlevania.classicgaming.gamespy.com /Arsenal/arialist.html   (331 words)

 IGN: The Weapons of Lost Planet
You can only carry two weapons at a time in addition to one set of grenades, so knowing the arsenal inside and out is the key to outfitting yourself properly.
When this weapon appears, the ammunition is plentiful enough for it to be a great choice.
This is your standard automatic weapon that you'll be equipped with at the beginning of the story mode and each time you spawn in a multiplayer match.
xbox360.ign.com /articles/749/749600p1.html   (630 words)

 Full List Of US Weapons Suppliers To Iraq
Substantial construction units for the Iraqi nuclear weapon and rocket programs were supplied with permission of the government in Washington.
K = conventional weapons, military logistics, supplies at the Iraqi Defense Ministry and the building of military plants.
After the list of US firms are these remarks: "In addition to these 24 companies home-based in the USA are 50 subsidiaries of foreign enterprises which conducted their arms business with Iraq from within the US.
www.rense.com /general32/suppe.htm   (540 words)

 Specialist Games Forum - Leaders and special weapons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The house gang leaders have access to special weapons naturally (so in a sense I suppose they have the specialist skill).
A: In general, any gang that has a specialized weapons list will be limited to that list of weapons.
Since this is unclear at the moment, what should be done is this: per the 2005 NRC findings the Skavvies use their weapons list as a HWL, so the only way for a Skavvy gang to use a standard special weapon, say a flamer, is for someone in the gang to get Specialist.
www.specialist-games.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4844   (446 words)

 Shacknews - It gets you chicks
All weapons featured in Chaser benefit from significant research, detailed animation and the custom built game engines ability to handle metallic objects and reflective surfaces to create a benchmark experience in gameplay.
Therefore, should a player kill an enemy when they have fired all but one bullet from their weapon, then the player will only be able to pick up one bullet.
AKS 74UN: A world-famous weapon from the Kalashnikov family of assault rifles, tremendously reliable and capable of devastating effect on its target.
www.shacknews.com /docs/press/022103_chaser_weapons.x   (682 words)

 Iraq Turns Over Weapons List
Iraq delivered its declaration of weapons activity to the United Nations and said it had no weapons of mass destruction.
Today Iraq delivered its list of weapons declarations and said it had no weapons of mass destruction.
The list per UN Resolution 1441 was delivered on Day 341, where 41 stands for happiness.
www.biblenews1.com /history2/20021207.htm   (630 words)

 Blood 2: The Chosen
With weapons that allow you to shoot, pierce, burn, electrify, rip, explode, rend and literally tear your enemy apart, you will find that Blood 2 has more ways to kill and be killed than any other 3D action game out there!
This versatile weapon couples accuracy, a high rate of fire, and good damage into a lethal combination.
It is a medium-sized weapon, and requires some skill to use effectively.
www.the-chosen.com /weapons   (208 words)

 Why We Went to War
Were it not for the 1995 defection of senior Iraqi officials, the U.N. would never have made the further discovery that Iraq had manufactured and equipped weapons with the deadly chemical nerve agent VX and had an extensive biological warfare program.
Again, this list of weapons of mass destruction is not what the Iraqi government was suspected of producing.
And it is this list of weapons--not any CIA analysis under either the Clinton or Bush administrations--that has been at the heart of the Iraq crisis.
www.weeklystandard.com /Content/Public/Articles/000/000/003/236jmcbd.asp?pg=1   (611 words)

 MILNET: Weapons
Weapons used by the military range from the hand held to warships, warplanes, and launch vehicles.
While the list of weapons is basicaly endless, we have tried to categorize the types of weapons available to a modern day fighting force, with the intent to give the reader a feeling for the range and diversity.
Note however that open source information on weapons is known to be victim of disinformation, so bear this in mind when reviewing specifications.
www.milnet.com /weapons.htm   (214 words)

 Transformers RPG Weapons List
There are many weapons in The Transformers RPG.The weapons can be placed into two categories.
The base damage table for melee is shown in figure 1-a and figure 1-b is for ranged weapons.
The following table has a list of weapons that are available in The Transformers RPG.
www.members.aol.com /deepthund/weapons.htm   (111 words)

 TamilNet: Tigers list captured weapons
The Radio said that 37 Tiger fighters were killed in the attack and the radio gave the names of 34, remaining three are to be announced this evening, said the radio.
The following is the list of weapons, which according to the VOT, the LTTE captured from the Sri Lankan Army on Thursday.
The VOT said the heavy weapons were also captured, but did not specify the details.
www.tamilnet.com /art.html?catid=13&artid=428   (197 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Weapon Killer)
includes the list of weapons systems found in this message and citations that purportedly support the claim that Senator Kerry voted to kill each one.
But all the citations stem from votes on three Congressional bills, none of which were about a specific weapons system or group of weapons systems.
The inclusion of some of the items listed here is all the more ridiculous given that they were weapons systems that a previous Republican administration advocated eliminating.
www.snopes.com /politics/kerry/weapons.asp   (786 words)

Here is a list of all the weapons and wich class can use them.
The weapons range from Swords and Daggers to Magic Staves and Soori's.
There is a long list of weapons, so click the type and learn all about them!
www.geocities.com /dastreekster/Weapons.html   (96 words)

Check the "Weapons list section" just under the GRAW weapon list.
Ship list, achievements, and map details of December 27, 2006.
Listing of the maps including nebula types, sizes, and other pertinient info.
www.ick.bz   (452 words)

 fullyGeek.com » Blog Archive » List of weapons that don’t exist, but should
List of weapons that don’t exist, but should
Every weapon ever made can be simplified into one of these three categories.
This list attempts to describe various weapons that don’t exist, but should, or may in an alternate universe.
fullygeek.com /2006/12/list-of-weapons-that-dont-exist-but-should   (233 words)

 U.S. Nuclear Weapons
All U.S. nuclear weapons (missile warheads, free-fall bombs, artillery shells, etc.) are numbered in a single, consecutive series.
When designating nuclear weapons, a variety of prefixes and suffixes are used with the numbers.
For each weapon, the developing laboratory (LANL = Los Alamos National Laboratory, LLNL = Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), the approximate yield(s) and the delivery platforms (carrier aircraft for bombs, missiles for warheads) are listed.
www.designation-systems.net /usmilav/nuke.html   (937 words)

 TamilNet: Jaffna court seeks EPDP's weapons list
Manipallavarajan, to appear in court on Monday, 10 May with the list of weapons the paramilitary group had in its possession when the journalist, Mylvaganam Nimalarajan, was murdered.
The court also directed Police to instruct Mr.Manipallavarajan to submit lists of arms that were in the paramilitary group's possession after it handed over part of its weapons to the Sri Lanka army under the terms of the cease-fire agreement between Colombo and the Liberation Tigers and those that it had before the handover.
The magistrate directed Police to find the whereabouts of the EPDP cadre, Ketheeswaran Jegan, through the Divisional Secretary of the Delft Island (Neduntheevu), arrest him and to produce him in court at the next hearing on Monday when he (the magistrate) was informed that the suspect was absconding.
www.tamilnet.com /art.html?catid=13&artid=7037   (581 words)

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