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Topic: Lists of articles by category

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Category:Lists - SourceWatch
It is based on the List of lists.
List of organisations mentioned in the interests of MPs researchers
List of political organisations in the United Kingdom
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Category:Lists   (65 words)

  Lists of articles by category
List of myrmecology topics (the study of ants)
List of mathematical topics (0-9), (A-C), (D-F), (G-I), (J-L), (M-O), (P-R), (S-U), (V-Z), List of lists
Lists of country-related topics (A list of lists by country)
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/l/li/lists_of_articles_by_category.html   (286 words)

 Category:Lists - Heroes Wiki
List of articles related to Chandra Suresh's research
List of articles related to the Group of Twelve
List of articles related to the Linderman Group
heroeswiki.com /Category:Lists   (46 words)

 Category:Lists - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
Various lists of things go into this category.
List of furs who were married at a furry con
Wikia® is a registered service mark of Wikia, Inc. All rights reserved.
furry.wikia.com /wiki/Category:Lists   (101 words)

 Category:Lists - dKosopedia
List of U.S. combat veterans involved in U.S. politics
List of excuses neocon pundits present for the Plame Affair
List of people subpoenaed in the plame investigation
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Category:Lists   (48 words)

 Power Reporting:
Browse encyclopedia articles in all areas of topics within earth & environment, history, literature & arts, health & medicine, people, philosophy & religion, places, plants & animals, science & technology, social science & law, and sports & everyday life.
Provides listings of sexual violence centers in every county, information on experts, and an extensive library, knowledge of current laws and legislation.
Lists main number for and links to many government agencies and their directories, plus has a section with congressional phone numbers.
www.powerreporting.com   (2147 words)

 Category:Lists - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
List of animals that don't exist, but should
List of racial slurs that don't exist and that's good
List of weapons that don't exist, and shouldn't
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Category:Lists   (260 words)

 Textpattern Resources v2: lists
In article list mode, it takes a comma separated list of page numbers and compares it to the current page.
chh_related_articles is an enhanced version of txp:related_articles that can determine “relatedness” not just by comparing article categories, but also via keywords, authors, and/or custom fields, and by mapping values between any of these fields.
Generates a definition list of your installed plugins instead of a table.
textpattern.org /category/lists   (302 words)

 lists.evolt.org - Workers of the Web, evolt!
Pick and choose which lists you want to be involved in.
Dedicated to making evolt.org a better place, discussions on this list include how to make thelist more useful to all members, improvements for the web site, how evolt.org should be structured, etc. Both short-term and long-term plans for evolt.org are discussed.
The Tip Harvester collects the helpful tips from thelist that fellow evolters include in their mailing list posts to pay for off-topic posts.
lists.evolt.org   (313 words)

 ICv2 News - Wal-Mart's Toy Category Kill Shot Redux
Wal-Mart's scorched earth strategy is similar to the one the category-killer employed in 2003 (see "Wal-Mart Applying Toy Category Kill Shot"), although in 2003 Wal-Mart waited until November 19th to announce its price cuts.
While Wal-Mart's announced price cuts only affect a little more than 100 items now, the giant retailer is known for cherry-picking categories and just carrying the best-selling items, and the Bentonville behemoth can do a lot of damage by grabbing a bigger share of sales of the top toy releases.
The kind of brutal price competition that Wal-Mart unleashed this week will certainly lead its competitors to petition suppliers to create more "exclusive" merchandise items that will insulate them to a degree from price competition, although the die is undoubtedly already cast for this holiday season.
www.icv2.com /articles/home/9504.html   (439 words)

 Using Lists to Create Collapsible Navigation Bars
The Quick Launch navigation bar is created by inserting a Web Part view of the list into the page, then grouping and sorting the list, and then converting it to an XSLT view so that formatting of the list can be perfected.
Here are the steps we took to create the collapsible navigation list shown in the example section.
Tip: If you want to create the list from one of the list templates, start with a Links list, then rename the Links field to Resources, then add a field called Category, and then delete the Notes field.
www.sharepointcustomization.com /wss/articles/lists-navigation.htm   (753 words)

 The Chronicle: RSS Feeds
Chronicle Careers offers dozens of RSS feeds, based on position categories (such as Deans or History).
The following is a partial list of common desktop feed readers.
Typically RSS feeds consist of headlines and short summaries of new articles, blog entries or search results, though some Web sites and blogs offer the full text of articles or blog entries as feeds.
www.chronicle.com /help/rss.htm   (652 words)

 Category:Lists - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
From Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference.
A category designed to list all lists, list categories, and reference tables on Memory Alpha.
Vote for Wikia to be a Webware 100!
memory-alpha.org /en/index.php?title=Category:Lists&from=Z   (59 words)

 PAG - Grocery Industry Articles and Links
Category Management - a number of articles by Win Weber - a must read.
List of articles by Jon Schreibfeder on Inventory and related issues.
Attention Shoppers - article by Penelope Patsuris of Forbes is very interesting and covers new alliances between fmcg manufacturers and grocery e-tailers.
www.pag.com.au /links.html   (1180 words)

 Category:Lists - Teletraan-1: The Transformers Wiki - a Wikia wiki
An alphabetical listing of lists used within this wiki.
List of humans from Generation 1 and 2
Wikians may apply now for funding to attend Wikimania 2007 in Taipei.
transformers.wikia.com /wiki/Category:Lists   (68 words)

 Textpattern Resources v2: rss_unlimited_categories   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The rss_unlimited_categories plugin enables you to assign an unlimited number of categories to an article so that you’re not limited to the default number allowed by Textpattern (2).
This is a replacement for the standard Textpattern article list tags.
All of the tags use the new category table created by this plugin instead of the standard Textpattern category 1 and 2 fields.
www.textpattern.org /plugins/534   (418 words)

 ICv2 News - ICv2's Top Ten Most Powerful
To arrive at this list ICv2 interviewed key players from all elements of the industry including the publishers, distributors, and retailers.
We asked our interview subjects to concentrate on the American side of the market and to look for those key figures who had influence not only over the actions of their own companies, but also over others not in their control.
The article provides the reasons (gleaned from our interviews) why each person ended up on the list, and also lists the next ten runners up (presented in alphabetical order).
www.icv2.com /articles/news/9478.html   (387 words)

 Category:Articles needing work - YPPedia
The correct way to add things to the page is to use a category tag.
Please see the style guide for the appropriate category tags and how to use them.
This category lists articles that need a variety of editing work.
yppedia.puzzlepirates.com /Category:Articles_needing_work   (80 words)

 :: Institute for International Law and Public Policy :: Programs : 2005 U.S.-China Roundtable   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The categories are loosely based on the scholars research proposals.
Some articles may appear in two locations when appropriate.
The first link on each category page is a file which lists the articles in the category as well as a brief summary of each article.
www.temple.edu /iilpp/PrivateRoundtableResearch.htm   (128 words)

 pMachine Community Forums | Long category archive list   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I’ve created a page for each category on our site, but some of the lists are very long (over 1,000 entries in total).
There is no pagination of the Category Archive tag, if that’s what you’re asking.
You could easily add the category id dynmically via the url and run all of your cat archives off of one template.
www.pmachine.com /forums/viewpost/57798   (395 words)

 quicksilver | 43 Folders
Being able to interact with Actiontastic, without interrupting my current workflow, is a huge plus.>>Syncing to my iPod is obviously another big feature for me. At the click of a button, all of your Projects and Context Lists are sent to your Notes folder, making it easy to review them anywhere you happen to be.
For you plain text nerds, Nick Fagerlund has developed a nifty little Ruby script for managing your lists of tasks or what have you.
You are currently browsing the archives for the quicksilver category.
www.43folders.com /category/quicksilver   (1115 words)

 Web Marketing Today -- E-Commerce, E-Mail, Internet Marketing, and Ecommerce - Wilson Internet
privacy and never sell or rent our subscriber lists.
Here's a selective and searchable database of article and resource links to help your research and keep you up-to-date in the field.
articles and resources about every imaginable aspect of e-commerce and Internet Marketing.
www.wilsonweb.com   (757 words)

 Category:InUse - NewMars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This category lists articles that are in use.
Please don't keep the article in this state for more than 30 minutes or so.
This page was last modified 31 January 2006 22:02.
www.newmars.com /wiki/index.php/Category:InUse   (50 words)

 Category:Coming Soon - WoWWiki
This category lists articles which detail upcoming, confirmed content in World of Warcraft.
For possible, unconfirmed additions, consult the Rumors category.
This page was last modified 07:30, 27 September 2006.
www.wowwiki.com /Category:Coming_Soon   (39 words)

 lists of articles by category | drupal.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
How do i seperate a list of articles categorized by the same thing into their own page?
You can to it by linking to an address based upon the taxonomy term.
Go to the categories page, navigate to the listing of terms that contain the term you are interested in and hover over that term.
drupal.org /node/53763   (202 words)

 Category:Wookieepedia featured articles - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Category:Wookieepedia featured articles - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
This category lists articles selected as Featured articles.
Wikia is a service mark of Wikia, Inc. All rights reserved.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Category:Wookieepedia_featured_articles   (58 words)

 Category:Top 10 - ValueWiki
ValueWiki lets you rank Stocks, Articles, and any topic you like.
To learn how to create your own Top 10 List, click here.
These can't be voted on, but users can discuss and edit their content.
www.valuewiki.com /w/Category:Top_10   (88 words)

 Articles Category: Suvs - Post Articles Free Content Article Directory
And now, as part of the series of updates and upgrades that it received, the Range Rover is yet set to still remain in its position at the top.
The lists of changes were done for the 2007 model year Range Rover.
By using our service you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
www.postarticles.com /Category/SUVs/368   (1227 words)

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