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Topic: Litha

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  Litha-Paint (Beta)
The new application YouDraw is built using Litha technology and it would be hosted on YouOS.
Simple example of Litha's canvas usage by 3-rd party site from other domain name you can find here.
Litha still doesn't make money (because of free registration and lack of adv), so contribution is highly appreciated.
www.litha-paint.blogspot.com   (508 words)

Because of the energy and power attributed to this, Litha is the time when magick is at its most powerful.
Litha is one of the four lesser sabbats.
Litha is a time for parties,music,dance and bonfires,all to honour the sun God and encourage it to reach its fullest potential.
www.geocities.com /nswiccans/lithaindex.html   (347 words)

 Byzant Scriptorium - The Pagan Festival of Litha
Litha is the solar festival that marks the longest day of the year, with the sun rising and setting at its most northerly points.
Litha is a fairly modern term for the summer solstice, and it may be derived from an Anglo-Saxon word for 'moon' that referred to the sixth and seventh months of the year.
Litha honors the apex of Light, sometimes symbolized in the crowning of the Oak King, God of the waxing year.
www.byzant.com /festivals/litha.asp   (467 words)

 Litha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Litha is celebrated around December 21st-23rd, or when the sun enters Capriorn.
At Litha, the tale of the Oak and Holly King, the light and dark lords, is told.
Litha is considered one of the best times to perform magicks of all kinds and is considered a time of great magickal power.
www.janih.com /lady/sabbats/litha.html   (563 words)

 HallsOfAvalon.com wiccan/pagan/druid/celtic resource page, Astrology, Book of Shadows, Moon Phases, Chat
Litha is one of the fire festivals and occurs on the longest day of the year.
Litha's name, depending which author you read, has its roots in Greco-Roman, (McCoy, page 149) or according to Our Lady of the Prairie Coven, Litha means opposite of Yule.
Litha's celebrations are as varied as the authors who write them are.
www.hallsofavalon.com /Litha.htm   (1021 words)

 Litha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Litha, the entire light half of the year, is centered upon Midsummer, with which it is easily identified, so that the summer solstice holiday is often referred to as Litha, especially in the recreated calendar used in the revived Germanic religion of Asatru.
It is widely asserted that, in the pre-Christian Germanic calendar, the solstice was referred to as "Litha", a term especially endorsed by contemporary neopagans, but the term is specifically Anglo-Saxon.
The only reference for the Anglo-Saxon calendar we have is Bede's De tempore rationum, written from a Christian perspective in the 8th century.
www.leessummit.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Litha   (235 words)

Litha (pronounced "LITH-ah") is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats and is usually celebrated on June 21st, but varies somewhat from the 20th to the 23rd, dependant upon the Earth's rotation around the Sun (check the calendar).
The Litha Sabbat is a time to celebrate both work and leisure, it is a time for children and childlike play.
Ritual actions for Litha might include placing a flower-ringed cauldron upon your altar, plunging of the sword (or athame) into the cauldron, balefire leaping (outdoors) and the gathering and drying of herbs.
citadelofthedragons.tripod.com /Litha.html   (2247 words)

 Litha @ www.ezboard.com
Litha has challenged you to create an original work or literature that shall be preserved for all time.
The character profiles that have gone through the process of being accepted into Litha are posted here for player use and GG reference.
The harsh, dezert like wilds that slice like an ugly scarr through Litha, separating the terrain of the Tien-Hou and the lands of the neutral and the Resistance is a formidable place to wander through.
p207.ezboard.com /blitha   (1886 words)

 Wheel of the Year 101: Litha/Summer Solstice
Litha, also known as Midsummer and the Summer Solstice, is the fourth Sabbat of the year (starting with Imbolc).
Litha also marks the end of the time when the veil between the Faerie world and our world is thin.
Litha is our time to eat, drink, and be merry before the light is stolen from us again.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/5150/109381   (585 words)

 Litha Introduction - A Pagan's Ritual Planner version 0.08
Summer Solstice, or Litha as it is also called, occurs on or about the 21st of June, when the Sun enters zero degrees Cancer.
Since the Sun at Litha is entering Cancer, a water sign, this holiday is one of the best ones for gathering your magickal water which will be used on your altar and in your spells for the coming year.
There are many songs associated with Litha, or the Summer Solstice, and chants dealing with the ocean and the ebb and flow of the year are especially appropriate.
www.ladybridget.com /r/juni001.html   (1138 words)

 Guardian-Issue3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Litha never thought she would follow a sorcerer’s apprentice into a sorcerer’s chamber.
Litha quizzically eyed Ylior and then the orb in the sky.
Litha recovered herself and glanced at the tree.
home.att.net /~fae/Guardian/Issue3.htm   (1292 words)

 ----Litha Hill-Design----
This is one of Litha Hill's feature gardens; a personalized herbal interpretation of you using Herbal Lore and Celtic Legend.
Litha Hill Interpretive Gardens include plant markers to identify the herbs and their association to you.
Litha Hill Theme Gardens include plant markers that denote the name of the herb and its association with the garden’s theme.
www.lithahillherbsandflora.com /litha2.htm   (2337 words)

 Litha: History and associations
Litha is the Wiccan Sabbat that marks the Summer Solstice and usually occurs around June 21.
Litha marks the longest day of the year, the day when the sun reaches its apex and is aspected to zero degrees Cancer.
Litha marks the first of three harvest celebrations.
www.bewitchingways.com /wicca/year/Litha.htm   (578 words)

 Blessed Litha!!!!!!!!
Litha is usually celebrated on June 21st, but varies somewhat from the 20th to the 23rd, dependant upon the Earth's rotation around the Sun.
The Litha rites of the ancients were boisterous communal festivities with morris dancing, singing, storytelling, pageantry and feasting taking place by the village bonfire and torch lit processions through the villages after dark.
Although Litha may seem at first glance to be a masculine observance and one which focuses on Lugh, the day is also dedicated to the Goddess, and Her flowers are the white blossoms of the elder.
twopagans.com /holiday/Litha.html   (1108 words)

 Summer Solstice - Litha
On the darker side, Litha is when the dual nature of the God battles.
Cancer is the sign of the crab, but it is also the sign of the dark devouring mother, the dark Goddess, taking the defeated, and some say slain king, into her arms to the Underworld to await rebirth.
Six months from Litha, at the Winter solstice, the two battle again, with the Oak King as the foregone winner being the reborn Oak King.
members.aol.com /torcboy/summersolstice.htm   (655 words)

 Litha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Although the name Litha is not well attested, it may come from Saxon tradition -- the opposite of Yule.
The alternative fixed calendar date of June 25 (Old Litha) is sometimes employed by Covens.
The name Beltane is sometimes incorrectly assigned to this holiday by some modern traditions of Wicca, even though Beltane is the Gaelic word for May.
www.wicca.com /celtic/akasha/litha.htm   (250 words)

 LITHA'S CROSSING<P> Ritual Leader: Red Deer<P>
Litha will definitely be missed by those of us who gained so much knowledge from her while she was with us.
Goddess of the Light, take the hand of our sister Litha and guide her spirit to the place she will call home within your arms.
Litha was proud of you and loves you dearly.
www.unc.edu /home/reddeer/index/00_litha.html   (1240 words)

The Litha meditation is changed each year to suit the configuration of the Moon and planets on the night in question.
Litha: like all the Solar Festivals, Litha was a time of great importance in ancient times to a people who needed to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
Nowadays we can feed ourselves, we can protect ourselves from the elements, almost without reference to the time of year or what the weather is doing.
www.sinfin.net /meditation/litha.html   (1493 words)

 Litha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Many practices associated with may day were also done at Litha, especially driving cattle thorough bonfires, in some areas the maypole dance was performed at this time.
Like Samhain Litha is another day when the boundaries between the worlds are thin, when mortals had strange experiences, when fairies trooped across the land.
This is because Litha is the intercalary or "extra" month of the Anglo Saxon Calendar, added every other year to bring the solar months back in line with the solar year, because of this Litha is also a time of divination, particularly with Diviner eggs and Destiny cakes.
www.happynakedpagans.com /litha.htm   (278 words)

 Litha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Litha is the longest day of the year.
The Oak King and Holly King battle is reprised, but this time, the Oak King is overcome by the Holly King, reigning until Yule.
Animal blessings are popular at Litha celebrations, especially those designed for protection of familiars.
www.angelfire.com /indie/pentaclesforpyros/litha.html   (146 words)

 Litha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Litha (Lithas, Midsummer, Alban Heruin) takes place on the summer solstice (on or around June 21), when the sun is at its northernmost point from the equator.
Within Wicca Litha is the time of the Sun God's greatest power, a time of triumph for Sun and vegetation, a time for celebrating life.
One of the Quarter Days, Litha marks the midpoint of the Tide of Activation (Beltaine-Lughnasadh), when the energy is positive and is inclined towards the earth and material things.
home.pacifier.com /~winnett/Pagan/litha.htm   (650 words)

Litha, or Mid-Summer is the holiday that is seen as the peak of the power of the God of
This representation of the God is often known as the Oak King.
The Oak King is born at Yule, the Winter Solstice.
www.tasher.net /litha.htm   (271 words)

 Thank You and Happy Solar Return Litha - MysticWicks Online Pagan Community and Pagan Forums
I've been reading the board all day (and I do mean all day) mostly here in the astrology section, from the very first posts to the last and found this astrology section to be incredibly interesting, thought provoking and chockful of data.
It is apparent that this place was built with the heartfelt premise of perfect love and perfect trust.
Litha, please accept my wishes for a most happy auspicious Solar Return.
www.mysticwicks.com /showthread.php?t=12367   (213 words)

 The Guide, Issue Two — Litha: What is it? - www.ezboard.com
They are the people who have dedicated their time to Litha and work with you as you play.
Yes, folks, that means that no two line posts will be found in Litha, we support only high quality writing, and by doing so we hope to encourage the most intricately designed of players who can add to Litha.
We have diversity, not every culture is alike in Litha and it is up to you, as the player, what you find the most fitting.
p207.ezboard.com /flithafrm1.showMessage?topicID=3.topic   (836 words)

Litha is practically the classic time two perform magick of all kinds.
Fresh fruits are standard fair for Litha, such as summer squash, lemons and oranges.
Mix the margarine, peanut butter, and powdered sugar together in a large mixing bowl.
www.angelfire.com /on/wicca/Litha.html   (274 words)

 WICCA 101: Basic Information on Wicca<P> Class Facilitator: Litha<P>
Litha, is it unfair for a coven to only honor one goddess?
Litha when the craft came from the old country to the new world was there an infusion of Native American spirituality..
Litha, this has been enlightening, but I must take my leave.
www.unc.edu /home/reddeer/classlog/lthcls01.html   (2311 words)

Litha is also known as Midsummer, Midsummer's Eve, St. John's Eve, and Alban Hefin.
It could also be argued that a Coven's claim to antiquity might be judged by what name it gives the holidays.
(Incidentally, the name 'Litha' for the holiday is a modern usage, possibly based on a Saxon word that means the opposite of Yule.
www.asiya.org /sabbats/litha.html   (1850 words)

 Midsummer (Litha)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Summer Solstice is the time when the sun begins to wane and the journey into the harvest season has begun.This is the time of the first of three annual harvests.
Litha means "light" and at this time we celebrate the Sun in it's full radiance with symbols of the Sun, with bright colors, and with bonfires.
Gaia, Litha, Vivian, Brighid, Cerridwen, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Oshun, Aine, Frigga, Freya.
www.dreamcatcher.net /moonwise/litha.html   (1528 words)

 Litha Ritual - A Pagan's Ritual Planner version 0.08
This is instead an outline of what our coven does at Litha, which we celebrate at the beach at sunrise on the morning of the Summer Solstice.
Litha is always an open invitation to the whole community.
Next we go down to the Sea individually to get wet initially, and to commune with the Gods, Goddesses, and the incredible energy of the Sea itself, to cleanse our auras, our spirits, and to feel the impact of the Sea stretching out to the horizon.
www.ladybridget.com /r/junr001.html   (1722 words)

 Litha-Paint (Beta) - The web drawing service
Litha-Paint is a free web based drawing service that expresses our vision of rich applications that run inside browser and built upon coarse grained components.
11.06.2007 One of the applications of Webdesk - wDraw has been built using Litha technology.
From this moment, any javascript developer can make its own vector graphic editor in a couple of days.
litha-paint.com   (200 words)

Just as the light or waxing half of the year began at the Winter Solstice with the longest night, the dark or waning half of the year begins now at the Summer Solstice with the longest day.
The Summer Soltice name of 'Litha' is a modern usage, based on a Saxon word that means the opposite of Yule (Winter solstice).
The month of June was perhaps named after the Roman Junius Brutus or in honor of the goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno.
geocities.com /sophialinus/Litha.html   (295 words)

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