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Topic: Little Joe 5B

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In the News (Fri 19 Oct 18)

 Space Medicine In Project Mercury, CH7-7
On December 4, 19591 Little Joe 3 was also fired from Wallops Station to check high-altitude performance of the escape system, with rhesus monkey Sam used as a test subject.
Little Joe 5, also unsuccessful, was fired from Wallops Station on November 8, 1960.
Little Joe 5B was fired on April 28, 1961, and represented the third attempt to check the escape system under the worst possible conditions.
www.hq.nasa.gov /pao/History/SP-4003/ch7-7.htm   (566 words)

 Little Joe
When Project Mecury began in October 1958, the purposeof the Little Joe phase was to propel a full-scale, full-weight developmental version of the manned spacecraft to some of the flight conditions that would be encountered during exit from the atmosphere on an orbital mission.
The Little Joe launch vehicle was 48 feet in height, weighed (at maximum) 41,330 pounds, was 6.66 feet in diameter, consisted of four Pollux and four Recruit clustered, solid-fuel rockets, could develop a thrust of 250,000 pounds, and could lift a maximum payload of 3,942 pounds.
The purpose of the instrumentation was to obtain measurement of the vibration and sound environment encountered on the capsule during the firing of the Grand Central abort rocket.
www.astronautix.com /lvs/litlejoe.htm   (2699 words)

 Little Joe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Little Joe was a booster rocket used in the United States space flight program, as well as the name of a subprogram within Project Mercury comprising test flights using that booster.
The designers made the Little Joe booster assembly to approximate the same performance that the Army's Redstone booster would have with the capsule payload.
So the official designation for the first Little Joe flight was "LJ-1." Flights did not occur in numeric sequence as the project scheduling was adapted as it progressed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Little_Joe   (1389 words)

 GPN-2002-000041 - Little Joe 5B High-Q-Abort Test
The Little Joe rocket booster was developed as a cheaper, smaller, and more functional alternative to the Redstone rockets.
Little Joe could be produced at one-fifth the cost of Redstone rockets and still have enough power to carry a capsule payload.
Seven unmanned Little Joe rockets were launched at Wallops Island, Virginia, from August 1959 to April 1961.
grin.hq.nasa.gov /ABSTRACTS/GPN-2002-000041.html   (90 words)

 Welcome To Spacecraft Films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
From a stunning new documentary to footage of development, training of the original 7 astronauts, Little Joe, development and primate flights, plus coverage of each mission including preparation, ingress, launch, onboards and recovery, this special 6-DVD set is packed with rare material.
LITTLE JOE 1A - 11/4/1959 - Maximum dynamic pressure abort, same as Little Joe 1.
LITTLE JOE 2 - 12/4/1959 - Rhesus Monkey aboard.
www.spacecraftfilms.com /mercury.htm   (2161 words)

 Project Mercury Encyclopedia Article @ LaunchBase.com (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Little Joe was used to test the escape tower and abort procedures.
Little Joe was a solid-propellant booster designed specially for the Mercury program.
Sam, a Rhesus macaque, launched December 4, 1959 on Little Joe 2 to 85 km altitude.
www.launchbase.com /encyclopedia/Project_Mercury   (1999 words)

 Mercury Spacecraft Reference
Little Joe was built by North American Aviation.
Little Joe I test vehicle on display at Wallops Island.
Little Joe I test vehicle on display at White Sands Missle Range.
www.angelfire.com /tx/mercuryredstone   (747 words)

 BTLB Online - Chapter 16
Joe is a useful addition to the stable of Linux editors for one reason: the keymap.
Joe is not included in the current OpenLinux distribution package, but we put this lack to use in the following section by showing you how to download the requisite file and compile the program.
Joe is a small footprint (memory and CPU) program, without many of the extended features of the vim and Emacs editors.
linuxbook.orbdesigns.com /ch16/btlb_c16.html   (7422 words)

 Training Bible Studies with Joe Friel
Joe Friel is author of the successful "Training Bible" series of books,  a regular columnist for VeloNews and Inside Triathlon and the founder of www.ultrafit.com.
I can get my heart rate down in less than a minute but by then there is little hope of getting back up in the group.
Joe Friel is the author of the "Training Bible" series of books and offers coaching services and a free, monthly newsletter at www.ultrafit.com.
www.velonews.com /train/articles/1951.0.html   (867 words)

 Hit and Run   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Comment by: Morat20 at August 13, 2006 03:16 PM Joe Lieberman is the most Republicratic member of the Senate.
If anything, I expect his lead to grow a little by the next poll, because a few might've been deterred from naming a "3rd" candidate as their preference, but won't now that he's 1st.
I stated that he was Republicratic inasmuch as he encourages the tendency for there to be little appreciable difference between Republicans and Democrats--especially in the Democrats' failure to have a foreign policy that even constitutes an opposition agenda.
www.reason.com /hitandrun/2006/08/joe_lieberman_t.shtml   (2062 words)

 Joe’s Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
There’s also very little discussion about what goes on the TV or even when it goes on.
I did have a little nag on my mind that it was still gribby in one particular area that I was nervous about taking apart.
I remembered from many total reel breakdowns, that one area in particular was loaded with little, tiny, teeny weenie, spring loaded parts.
www.carbonefamily.com /joesblog   (6114 words)

 Little Joe 5 information information - Search.com
Little Joe 5 prepared for launch, Wallops Is., VA. (NASA)
Little Joe 5 was an unmanned Launch Escape System test of the Mercury spacecraft, conducted as part of the U.S. Mercury program.
The Little Joe 2 flew to an apogee of 10.1 miles (16.2 km) and a range of 13 miles (20.9 km).
search.com.com /reference/Little_Joe_5   (151 words)

 SPACE MEDICINE IN PROJECT MERCURY - Chapter 7   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
On December 11, 1959, a little more than a week after Dr. Knauf was officially designated the Assistant for Bioastronautics for DOD support of Project Mercury, the STG aeromedical team met with DOD representatives, including him, to brief them on the medical requirements for Project Mercury.
The medical monitors, it was reiterated, would preserve the health of the pilot by giving remedial advice during the flight, evaluating the current medical status of the pilot, and relating spacecraft data on physiological data with the mission.
On December 4, 1959, Little Joe 3 was also fired from Wallops Station to check high-altitude performance of the escape system, with rhesus monkey Sam used as a test subject.
lsda.jsc.nasa.gov /books/mercury/ch07.htm   (6533 words)

 This New Ocean - Ch10-9
Before the official investigation board could complete its report two months later, however, a significant piece of the MA-3 autopilot, the programmer, was found buried in the mud near the beach, thereby leading to the corroboration of one of the prime hypotheses for this failure.
Meanwhile, back at Wallops Island, the seventh and last booster in the Little Joe series was fitted with capsule No. 14 and made ready for a repeat of LJ-5 and LJ-5A in hopes that the third try would be charmed.
The preflight documentation was virtually identical to that of the previous Little Joe flight, as was the refurbished spacecraft.
www.hq.nasa.gov /office/pao/History/SP-4201/ch10-9.htm   (1714 words)

 Project Mercury   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Little Joe 2 - December 4, 1959 - carried Sam the monkey to 85 kilometres in altitude
Little Joe 1B - January 21, 1960 - carried Miss Sam the monkey to 9.3 statute miles (15 kilometres) in altitude
Little Joe 5A - March 18, 1961 - test of the launch escape system during the most severe conditions of a launch
project-mercury.iqnaut.net   (1920 words)

 Joe Cocker Forum - "Heart & Soul Tour 05" - reviews, setlists, news
Joe Cocker has tagged a couple of A Day On The Green gigs onto his forthcoming Australian tour.
Bridge 8 euro gone and 8 to etare of return why there is this tax you go to the casello freeway is say the pon to you more ahead I make two risate......
This time there was no intro ("with a little help mix") the band came out and started to play "Chain of fools".
www.cocker.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=227&whichpage=12   (1069 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
It was decided that Ella would front the orchestra even though she had little to do with the repertoire or hiring or firing the musicians.
She retained her popularity and when she broke up the band in 1941 and went solo, it was not long before her Decca recordings contained more than their share of hits.
Her voice began to fade during this era and by the 1980s her decline due to age was quite noticeable.
www.ddg.com /LIS/InfoDesignF96/Ismael/jazz/ella/eplace.html   (844 words)

 Little Joe 5A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Little Joe 5A was an unmanned Launch Escape System test of the Mercury spacecraft, conducted as part of the U.S. Mercury program.
The Little Joe 5A flew to an apogee of 7.7 miles (12 km) and a range of 18 miles (29 km).
Mercury spacecraft # 14 used in the Little Joe 5A mission, is currently displayed at the Virginia Air and Space Center, Hampton, VA.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Little_Joe_5A   (175 words)

 19612   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Final NASA report on the study proposed for Saturn for use as Dyna-Soar booster was presented to the Air Force.
A preliminary study of a fin-stabilized solid-fuel rocket booster, the Little Joe Senior, was completed by members of STG.
The booster would be capable of propelling a full-size Apollo reentry spacecraft to velocities sufficient to match critical portions of the Saturn trajectory.
www.friends-partners.org /oldfriends/mwade/chrono/19612.htm   (4082 words)

 joehaynes.org : Life, Liberty, & Property   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
True individualists will want to be judged not by the genes and chromosomes from which they are made but by what they make of their own character and soul.
Political correctness is breaking the hearts of thousands of little girls -- and their daddies are having a hard time explaining why multicultural hypersensitivity is more important than their daughters' innocent fun.
Joe Friday, Keltner's good friend, fishing partner and hunting guide, spoke to YMCA members in Missouri about American Indian culture and the importance of the father's character-shaping role.
www.joehaynes.org /articles.htm   (12950 words)

 Chronology of the Moon Race
28: The Little Joe II rocket launches a mockup of the Apollo spacecraft and its escape system to the altitude of 7,320 meters from White Sands, NM, reaching the speed of 1.1 Mach and the range of 15 kilometers.
May 13: The Little Joe II rocket launches the mockup of the Apollo spacecraft and its escape system LES from White Sands, NM.
The Little Joe II rocket launches the mockup of the Apollo spacecraft and its escape system LES from White Sands, NM.
www.russianspaceweb.com /chronology_moon_race.html   (3504 words)

 5b. Leeds Castle
Following his father's example in a similar situation forty years before, he countered on Virginia by filing with the Crown a memorial of his own, praying that the bounds of the proprietary be established; and so precipitated the notable cause of Fairfax v.
There were other gentlemen in Virginia who shared his views in that respect and did not consider themselves the less good Virginians because they did so.
Little did the old gentleman expect that be was educating a youth who should one day dismember the British Empire and break his own heart, which truly came to pass.
gen.culpepper.com /historical/nneck/5b-leeds.htm   (2725 words)

 StarBulletin.com | News | /2006/02/07/
The night before Lum was to be sworn in, Gonsalves sent an e-mail to a friend in the Kauai prosecutor's office, saying, "Tomorrow is the swearing-in for Hop Sing and Little Joe.
"Little Joe" was also a character on "Bonanza." The comment refers to KPD Deputy Chief Ron Venneman.
The e-mail, which also contained a poem and a picture of a little girl in prayer, was later forwarded and widely distributed.
starbulletin.com /2006/02/07/news/story05.html   (858 words)

 Active.com - Time by training region
A bicycle road race is often determined by who has the most power in a sprint lasting only a few seconds.
But in an Ironman-distance race such power has little or nothing to do with outcomes.
There it is the highest average power or pace one can maintain for several hours -- a relatively low number by all standards.
www.active.com /story.cfm?story_id=12183&sidebar=26&category=triathlon   (487 words)

 WhoWon.com ... The Internet Source for Motorsports News and Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Ron Little of Dover added to his championship season by capturing his fourth 20-lap Late Model win of the season, while Tim Fedder of Newport won his third 20-lap Street Stock main event.
With five laps remaining, Little made the winning pass by Reed using the inside lane on the frontstretch.
At the checkered flag, Little was victorious over Wrightstone, Scott McCann, Bud Barton and John Ebersole.
www.whowon.com /Results.asp?TrackID=791&StoryID=12359   (747 words)

 The Story of Reo Joe
Nevertheless, the maps are striking because they reveal very little segregation on the basis of class and ethnicity.
Maps 1 and Maps 5a, 5b, and 5c use a subset of those Reo workers with some occupation in the company listed.
For example, a man who said he worked in the ‘auto factory' could, in theory, be in any category.
www.matrix.msu.edu /~webdev/reojoe/maps.html   (463 words)

 Illegal Immigration VS Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
As it happens, the person who allegedly did this to Little Joe returned to town and the police officer who found out who this guy is, got a signed confession from him.
Anyone who doesn't believe this little pup was being tortured while this man repeatedly cut away at his ears needs only to look at these pictures and mentally listen to the screams of pain and terror that Little Joe must have cried out while he was being mutilated.
Thank you for your interest in Little Joe and for seeing justice enacted for the torture and mutilation done to him.
alipac.us /ftopicp-94696-.html94696   (1327 words)

 Endurance Factor | Introduction to Heart Rate Training
Workouts at this intensity are also effective for increasing lactate tolerance, the ability of the muscle to continue to produce speed and power effectively despite the accumulation of acid.
Zone 5b : Aerobic Capacity Training: In zone 5b, lactic acid builds up quickly, so this intensity cannot be sustained for long periods.
• Interval Training, zone 5b efforts of one to three minutes followed by short periods of low level exercise which allow only partial recovery from the repetition.
www.endurancefactor.com /article-zone.htm   (1309 words)

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