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  Livy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Livy was a native of Padua on the Po River in northern Italy.
He wrote in a mixture of annual chronology and narrative—often having to interrupt a story to announce the elections of new consuls as this was the way that the Romans kept track of the years.
Livy's work was originally composed of 142 books, of which only 35 are extant; these are 1-10, and 21-45 (with major lacunae in 40-45).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Livy   (552 words)

Ronald Syme, "Livy and Augustus," HSPh 64 (1959) 27-87.
P.G. Walsh, "Livy and Stoicism," AJPh 79 (1958) 355-75.
R.M. Ogilvie, "Livy, Licinius Macer and the Libri Lintei," JRS 48 (1958) 40-46.
ccwf.cc.utexas.edu /~tjmoore/livybib.html   (1033 words)

 Livy - Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Livy began by composing and publishing in units of five books, the length of which was determined by the size of the ancient papyrus roll.
In his letters the statesman Pliny the Younger records that Livy was tempted to abandon the enterprise but found that the task had become too fascinating to give it up; he also mentions a citizen of Cádiz who came all the way to Rome for the sole satisfaction of gazing at the great historian.
Livy evolved a varied and flexible style that the ancient critic Quintilian characterized as a "milky richness." It is recorded that the audiences who went to his recitations were impressed by his nobility of character and his eloquence.
www.barca.fsnet.co.uk /livy.htm   (446 words)

Livy was acquainted with the emperor Augustus, but scholars debate the extent to which they shared common goals.
Above all, in considering Livy's choice of sources, one should remember that he is not an original researcher; his aim was to encase reliable facts ascertained by others in a worthy literary framework.
Livy as a Historian: Contra Collingwood (Luce 1977: 238)
academic.reed.edu /humanities/110Tech/Livy.html   (1245 words)

 Structuring Roman History: the Consular Year and the Roman Historical Tradition
[1] Livy, it is held, organizes his annual narratives on a standard pattern structured round the consuls' movements, with a central section of external events sandwiched between opening and closing domestic sections, and these domestic sections include detailed accounts of various recurrent topics, some of a ceremonial character.
Livy, it is supposed, took the pattern over from his annalistic predecessors, and it has usually been thought that it derived ultimately from the Annales Maximi, the record of events kept by the pontifex maximus.
Livy himself evidently consulted only earlier historical writers, but the chronological structure and the wealth of domestic detail which he provides for the Middle Republic must derive ultimately from archival sources, exploited by one or more annalistic intermediaries and with a good deal of distortion and invention creeping in in the process.
www.dur.ac.uk /Classics/histos/1997/rich1.html   (13481 words)

 Livy: Biography of Livy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Roman history of Livy is one of the greatest masterpieces of Latin, or of human composition.
In classing Livy in his proper place among the great historians of the ancient and modern world, we must not think of him as a critical antiquarian writer - a writer of scrupluously calm judgment and diligent research.
He is preeminently a man of beautiful genius, with an unrivalled talent for narration, who takes up the history of his country in the spirit of an artist, makes a free use of the materials lying handiest, for the creation of a work full of grace, color, harmony, and a dignified ease.
www.sacklunch.net /biography/L/Livy.html   (342 words)

 Attalus I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to Livy, Attalus received the delegation warmly, "and conducted them to Pessinus in Phrygia" where he "handed over to them the sacred stone which the natives declared to be "the Mother of the Gods," and bade them carry it to Rome".
Livy, History of Rome, Rev. Canon Roberts (translator), Ernest Rhys (Ed.); (1905) London: J. Dent and Sons, Ltd.  
Livy 33.21-22 says that Attalus died in the consulship of Cornelius and Minucius (197 BCE) at the age of 72, having reigned 44 years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Attalus_I   (2873 words)

 Livy. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Livy’s history reflects his admiration for the civilization of early Rome, and his belief that the importance of history was its applicability to contemporary life.
Livy’s accuracy is often questionable; he ignored certain sources and had little practical knowledge of military affairs or the workings of politics.
His reputation and popularity are based on his elegant portraits of historical figures, his vivid depictions of events, his freedom of expression, and his masterly style (developed from Cicero).
www.bartleby.com /65/li/Livy.html   (294 words)

 CLAS 102.01 Roman Lit.: Livy
Livy 21.6-13 The action of the attack/ siege of Saguntum is periodically broken with accounts of the Roman senate and envoys and takes of native Spanish peace brokers (21.6 middle, 21.9 end, 21.12).
Livy 22.50 Note that the heroics of a small band of survivors gets almost the same about of space devoted to them as the battle of Cannae itself, where tens of thousands were slaughtered.
Livy 22.57-61 Clearly for Livy and the Romans, the affair of the prisoners after Cannae is at least as important as the battle itself.
mywebpages.comcast.net /pythian/courses/roman/livy.html   (1843 words)

 [No title]
Three of the four sections ("Livy: Life and Works," "Livian Historiography," "Language and Style") are devoted to a general introduction to Livy as a man, as a historian, and as a writer.
She characterizes Livy's narrative as one which moves between res internae and res externae within the larger structure of the year, marked by the elections of magistrates.
Livy very carefully presents her as struggling with her desire to have what her sister has and her knowledge that publishing this desire would be contrary to her duty as a sister and wife.
www.infomotions.com /serials/bmcr/bmcr-9508-mcclain-livy.txt   (1987 words)

 Livy Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Livy's task was made the more difficult because of a lack of historical data prior to the sacking of Rome in 390 BC by the Gauls.
Livy wrote the majority of his works under Augustus, but is often identified with an attachment to the Roman Republic and a desire for its restoration.
Since we lack the later books discussing the end of the Republic and the rise of Augustus, this is a moot point.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/l/li/livy.html   (220 words)

 Therapy for the TMoOD and Skeet Ulrich addicted fans: Livy's Assurance
Livy was a little embarrassed and opened her eyes to see the satisfaction in Ray's eyes from her response.
Livy heard him before she drifted off to lose herself in the lust of her husband and the need to be with him.
Livy moved Ray to her face and spread her legs as a sign to Ray that she was ready.
tmoodaddicts.blogspot.com /2005/03/livys-assurance.html   (1765 words)

 Livy 1: Life
It makes Livy a near contemporary of the Roman politician Octavian, who was born in 63, became sole ruler of the Roman empire in 31, accepted the surname Augustus in 27, and died in 14 CE.
That Livy was born in Patavium (modern Padua) is clear from Quintilian, the author of a nice book on the education of orators, who recorded that Livy never lost his Patavian accent.
Livy, certainly, is most emphatic that this really happened.
www.livius.org /li-ln/livy/livy.htm   (1034 words)

 Dio Cassius on Scipio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Livy (29.19.4) tells us that Scipio was the object of savage attacks by some of the leading senators.
It is clear that though Livy used Polybius for a portion of his account of the trials of the Scipios, he obviously had a fascination for the version of Antias, even though time and time again he emphatically pointed out the undependable nature of the material.
Antias is mentioned by Livy (38.50.4) as a source for some of the old political problems of Scipio, including the Pleminius scandal.
www.barca.fsnet.co.uk /scipio-africanus-return-spain.htm   (1576 words)

 Harvard University Press: History of Rome, I, Books 1-2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Livy (Titus Livius), the great Roman historian, was born at or near Patavium (Padua) in 64 or 59 BC; he may have lived mostly in Rome but died at Patavium, in AD 12 or 17.
Livy's only extant work is part of his history of Rome from the foundation of the city to 9 BC.
In splendid style Livy, a man of wide sympathies and proud of Rome's past, presented an uncritical but clear and living narrative of the rise of Rome to greatness.
www.hup.harvard.edu /catalog/L114.html   (197 words)

 Livy Book One   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Livy began writing about 29 BC, when, after decades of bloody civil war, Octavian/Augustus, (later known as the first emperor), had just begun to consolidate his reign.
Livy claims that he proposes neither to affirm nor refute traditional tales about the very earliest events which took place before Rome was even founded (p.33).
Livy's Book One contains many instances of augury, the religious practice of divining the will of the gods by interpreting various signs, especially by taking auspices, literally observing the behavior of birds.
www.cofc.edu /~fennoj/RomCiv/Livy1.htm   (1789 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 95.09.13
In "Livy: Life and Works" Kraus brings together the external information about Livy -- the inscriptions at Padua and the mentions of him in the works of Seneca, Quintilian, and Suetonius -- with the glimpses of himself that Livy offers in the praefatio and throughout the historical narrative.
On the whole, Kraus compares Livy's narrative to a funeral procession in that many generations, many periods of the past come together as family members don the ancestral masks.
Livy's use of Sextilis has nothing to do with avoiding anachronism -- it is the proper name of the month at the time of composition.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/1995/95.09.13.html   (2048 words)

 Therapy for the TMoOD and Skeet Ulrich addicted fans
Martha selected several blouses for Livy to try on and they both agreed that a pale pink one complimented both the jumper and Livy’s coloring to a T. It tied in a loose bow at the neckline, and Livy knew that a pearl pin her mother had given her would be the perfect accessory.
Livy didn’t really mind as she was so happy to be back in the hustle and bustle of this house with its cozy warm fires and wonderful kitchen smells.
Livy was trying to find a way to fit in here, to keep some of what she loved – in this case, discovering artifacts – a part of her life and he’d tossed them in the fire.
tmoodaddicts.blogspot.com   (10684 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2001.04.10
Although Livy demonstrates throughout his narrative that he is quite willing to criticize his sources openly, he can also make his own view quite clear without such pointed statements.
Livy says that the guardians, whom he does not identify but who may have been male paternal relatives, died.
Livy specifically mentions that Rutilius' knowledge about the impending exposure of his mismanagement was the impetus for coercing Aebutius to become initiated in the cult (39.9).
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/2001/2001-04-10.html   (1648 words)

Yves Montand - Yves Montand (Ivo Livi) actor, singer Born: 10/13/1921 Birthplace: Monsummano Alto, Italy A protege...
Castigating Livy: the rape of Lucretia and 'The Old Arcadia.'
Shoot the philosopher The French philosopher and media darling Bernard-Henri LIvy might not be to everyone's taste, says George Walden, but he doesn't deserve this biographical assassination
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0830050.html   (347 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Discourses on Livy (Oxford World's Classics): Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
IDiscourses on Livy (1531) is as essential to an understanding of Machiavelli as his famous treatise, The Prince.
Machiavelli's close analysis of Livy's history of Rome led him to advance his most original and outspoken view of politics - the belief that a healthy body politic was characterized by social friction and conflict rather than by rigid stability.
His discussion of conspiracies in "Discourses on Livy" is one of the most sophisticated treatments of archetypal political upheaval every written.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0192804731   (714 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The War with Hannibal: The History of Rome from Its Foundation: The War with Hannibal Bks.21-30 (Classics ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In The War with Hannibal, Livy (59 BC AD 17) chronicles the events of the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage, until the Battle of Zama in 202 BC.
Yet it is also the clash of personalities that fascinates Livy, from great debates in the Senate to the historic meeting between Scipio and Hannibal before the decisive battle.
Livy never hesitates to introduce both intense drama and moral lessons into his work, and here he brings a turbulent episode in history powerfully to life.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/014044145X   (804 words)

 Malaspina Great Books - Livy (59 BCE)
A native of Padua on the Po River in northern Italy, Titus Livius (in English-speaking countries, "Livy"), wrote a monumental history of Rome from its founding in 753 B.C. The book's title, Ab Urbe Condita ("From the Founding of the City"), makes Livy's ambition clear, but not his method.
Livy was at least acquainted with Augustus,; but is often identified with an attachment to the Roman Republic and a desire for its restoration.
The result is an integrated multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary database built upon the framework of a Great Books Core List developed by Mortimer Adler (1902-2001) nearly 50 years ago.
www.malaspina.org /home.asp?topic=./search/details&lastpage=./search/results&ID=66   (365 words)

Livy was and is handled by her co-owner Jeff Pyle.
Livy finished her AKC Championship earlier this year at the Detroit KC show under Judge Chris Walkowicz.
Livy is what you would call a once in a life time dog.
www.willimarshepherds.com /livy.htm   (290 words)

 Livy --  Encyclopædia Britannica
One view, elaborated separately in works by the political theorists J.G.A. Pocock and Quentin Skinner in the 1970s, stresses the work's republicanism and locates Machiavelli in a republican tradition that starts with Aristotle (384–322 BC) and continues through the organization of the medieval...
They are the histories of Livy and the...
Covers Herodotus and Livy's descriptions of the Etruscans, republican institutions, war with Carthage, Augustus, the Julio-Claudian dynasty, law, art and architecture, literature, and slavery.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9048612   (765 words)

 Women in Roman myth and early history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Moses, Diana C. (1993), "Livy’s Lucretia and the validity of coerced consent in Roman law", in A. Laiou (ed.), Coercion and Consent to Sex and Marriage in Ancient and Medieval Societies (Washington: Dumbarton Oaks), pp.39-82.
Livy emphasizes their courage, and makes them active peacemakers rather than passive victims.
Livy says she was motivated by gold, Propertius says by love.
www.lamp.ac.uk /~noy/roman1.htm   (2124 words)

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