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  Ljubljana Life | Ljubljana Travel Guide | Ljubljana Hotels Apartments Pubs Bars Restaurants and Map | Slovenia
Ljubljana, with around 280,000 inhabitants, most certainly ranks among the smaller European capitals, but we are convinced that it has a lot to make even the biggest and brightest cities of the continent jealous.
Around one tenth of Ljubljana's population are students, which gives the place a young and lively character - and also ensures that there is no shortage of pubs, restaurants, and other places of entertainment for you to wile away your evening.
Ljubljana is a colourful and vibrant place that challenges anyone not to fall in love with it and with our knowledge - and your thirst for discovery - you're time here is sure to be filled with the best possible experiences.
www.ljubljana-life.com   (494 words)

Welcome to Ljubljana, a city of culture and rich historical legacy.
Ljubljana offers all the friendliness of a small town and at the same time everything that a capital should offer.
Ljubljana is a very special city full of pleasant picturesque places where a visitor can expect many nice little surprises.
www.ljubljana-tourism.si   (193 words)

  University of Ljubljana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The University of Ljubljana (in Slovenian, Univerza v Ljubljani; in Latin, Universitas Labacensis) is the first and the largest university in Slovenia; with 56,000 enrolled students.
The University of Ljubljana is famous for the quality of its study courses both in the humanities, and in scientific and technological fields, as well as in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.
The University of Ljubljana practices basic, applied and development research, striving for excellence and quality of the highest standard in all fields of science and arts, such as the humanities, social sciences, linguistics, arts, medicine, natural sciences and technology.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_Ljubljana   (611 words)

 Ljubljana Through the History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ljubljana is first mentioned in written sources from 1144, its historical rise beginning in the 13th century when it became the Capital of the Province of Carniola.
Ljubljana has twice experienced earthquakes: the first in 1511 and the second in 1895, when almost the whole town was destroyed in the natural catastrophe.
Ljubljana is today the capital city of the independent state of Slovenia, the heart of the political, economic, cultural and scientific life of the Slovenian nation.
www.ijs.si /slo/ljubljana/ljubljana-history.html   (401 words)

 Slovenia - Official Travel Guide \ Lively Ljubljana |
Ljubljana with about 276,000 inhabitants, is considered a city which suits everyone from its inhabitants to its numerous visitors as well.
In Ljubljana the remainders of all the five milleniums of its history are preserved, among these is the legacy of the Roman town of Emona and the Old Town with its medieval castle, Reneissance and Baroque facades, ornamented portals and uneven roofs.
Ljubljana is a city of culture, home of many theatres, museums and galleries and it also boasts one of the oldest philharmonic academy in the world.
www.slovenia.info /?lively_ljubljana=2   (529 words)

 AllRefer.com - Ljubljana, Former Yugoslavia (Former Yugoslavian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Known as Emona in Roman times, Ljubljana passed in 1277 to the Hapsburgs and became the chief city of the Austrian province of Carniola.
The city was held briefly by the French during the Napoleonic Wars; it passed to Yugoslavia in 1919 and was made the capital of Slovenia in 1946.
Ljubljana was the center of the Slovene national movement in the 19th cent.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/Ljubljan.html   (264 words)

With its 280.000 inhabitants, Ljubljana most certainly ranks among the smaller European capitals, but we are convinced that many bigger cities could be envious of all that it has, and many who would not.
Ljubljana did not become a capital overnight, it prepared for this for centuries.
If you set off towards Krizanke, the seat of the Ljubljana Festival, you will pass by the City Museum, which is only one of the many in Ljubljana, as there is practically no field for which the capital would not have its own museum.
www.ijs.si /slo/ljubljana   (460 words)

 Tehnology park Ljubljana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In fulfilling its mission Ljubljana Technology Park provides support to technology companies by incorporating them into a favourable environment and assisting them in the development of new technologies, products and services and in accessing the marketplace.
Ljubljana is a university town with twenty faculties and three high schools, annually attended by more than 58.000 students, the future experts in various fields of knowledge.
The innovative atmosphere is the major reason why Ljubljana is one of the fastest growing capitals of all EU new Member States.
www.tp-lj.si /documents/english/mission.htm   (858 words)

 Monroe's Talkabout the World - 47th Edition - Ljubljana, Slovenia
The fairy tale city of Ljubljana, the capital of the former Yugoslavian Republic in Slovenia.
As soon as I arrived into Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and the friendliness of the people.
Ljubljana is the home to world-record holder Slovenian marathon swimmer Martin Strel who had completed his 56-day, 1773-mile marathon swim down the Danube River in August 2000.
www.talkabouttheworld.com /edition_47   (1210 words)

 In Ljubljana, the Old Europe and the New Are Still in Balance - New York Times
FROM the 16th-century fortress walls atop Castle Hill, the view of Ljubljana is exquisite: waves of red-tiled roofs, turquoise domes, spires and, here and there, lacy bridges spanning the green Ljubljanica River, stitching the two sides of Slovenia's capital city together.
All this is precisely why Ljubljana is generating such excitement: the juxtaposition of old and new that, at the moment anyway, seems to be in a perfect, if precarious, balance.
But Ljubljana's international exposure surged in the spring of 2004 when Slovenia was admitted to the European Union and EasyJet, a budget airline based in Britain, began flying here - making the comfortable city center feel, at times, like a marvelously priced London suburb.
www.nytimes.com /2005/07/31/travel/31ljubljana.html?ex=1280462400&en=9fcfa4cfe381b289&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (893 words)

 TakingITGlobal - Panorama - Ljubljana - Our Capital
Our capital city Ljubljana is located in the center of Slovenia, it lays in the Ljubljana basin, and is surrounded by the Kamnik Alps in the north and the Ljubljana marshlands in the south.
Ljubljana also has some of the biggest buildings in Europe, like an optical center, a huge shopping center, and a water park, which will be probably be finished later this year.
The winters in Ljubljana are very special; each building in the center of the town has their lights up and there are many Christmas trees and everything is beautifully decorated, including the banks of Ljubljanica.
www.takingitglobal.org /express/panorama/article.html?ContentID=3830   (508 words)

About Ljubljana and Its Location Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a dynamic Central European city lying at an altitude of 298 m above sea level in a broad basin between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.
City of Culture Legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by the Greek mythological hero Jason and his companions, the Argonauts.
A City That Surprises Ljubljana is a vibrant city full of surprises, characterised by a unique fusion of complementing contrasts.
www.ljubljana.si /en/ljubljana   (78 words)

 Ljubljana - calling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
There are many restaurants to visit and enjoy the delicacies of Slovenian and international cuisine, from home-made buckwheat mash (žganci), delicious štruklji and Ljubljana steak, to Mediterranean specialities, pasta in a thousand different ways, shark dishes and other delicacies from almost any part of the world.
Ljubljana is a city with a rich culinary history.
Mix two eggs, flour and water to make dough, which should be a little softer than dough for noodles, and role it out into a square sheet.
www.ljubljana-calling.com /ENG/inCallingRestavracije.htm   (155 words)

 Ljubljana - National Parks International Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is in the centre of the country, only an hour’s drive...
Ljubljana is a lively cultural, scientific and commercial centre.
Ljubljana for those you have never heard of it is the capital city of Slovenia, now in the EU.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /national-parks-international/ljubljana   (310 words)

 STG:Ljubljana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ljubljana's coach and bus station is right over the road from the train station (note to those running British public transport; this is called "integrated transport" and is a good idea.
Ljubljana is so small that you'd have to be trying particularly hard to get lost anywhere near the town centre, especially when sober.
Actually, this columns not even the original; the original was made out of wood (if the citizens of Ljubljana were that thankful they should have made it out of gold), which was subsequently changed to stone, and then finally moved to the City Museum and a replica put in its place.
www.geocities.com /stevestravelguides/ljubljana.htm   (5076 words)

 Ljubljana Hotels and Travel
Brno - Gdansk - Chisinau - Innsbruck - Krakow - Ljubljana - Sofia - Tallinn - Tirana - Vienna - Zagreb
The area of Ljubljana was first settled in ancient times by Romans and later the Slavs made this beatiful country to their home.
The Tivoli in Ljubljana is totally different from the one in Copenhagen.
www.ljubljanatravel.com   (655 words)

 Ljubljana 03 - Methodology and Statistics
The conference Methodology and Statistics is organized by CMI - Center of Methodology and Informatics, Institute of Social Sciences at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and Statistical Society of Slovenia in cooperation with: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.
All conferences were organized by methodologists and statisticians of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, under the sponsorship of the Statistical Society of Slovenia.
The organizer has made a reservation for several rooms in the Hotel Turist in the center of Ljubljana (when reserving mention that you are a participant of the statistical conference).
vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si /trubar/preddvor/2003   (740 words)

 Ljubljana 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
My girlfriend and I were in Ljubljana for a few hours on May 22, 2004, in connection with the Women's Handball European Champions League final in the evening.
We arrived in bus, together with 195 other Slagelse FH fans, early in the morning, had some breakfast outside the Kodeljevo sports hall, where the game were to take place in the evening, and then Louise and I walked in towards the center of the city.
The only map we had was a print from the Internet (From Ljubljana Tourist Information), and it wasn't very detailed outside the city center.
www.fzc.dk /thomas/Ljubljana2004.asp   (530 words)

 Ljubljana 01 - Methodology and Statistics
The annual meetings of methodologists and statisticians of the former Yugoslavia were established in 1982 and were organized at Bled till 1991.
After 1991 the organizers of the meetings, methodologists and statisticians at Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, continue to organize these traditional meetings in Preddvor under the sponsorship of the Statistical Society of Slovenia.
In 2001 the meeting will be held for the first time in Ljubljana, at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si /trubar/preddvor/2001   (1044 words)

 General Tours - Ljubljana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Republic of Slovenia is at the very heart of Central Europe.
After arriving in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, we’ll enjoy a privately-guided tour of the city that is filled with churches and fin-de-siecle palaces — reminders of the town’s baroque Austro-Hungarian days.
Ljubljana’s castle and Roman ruins speak of even earlier rulers.
www.generaltours.com /tour.php?tour_seq=1927   (114 words)

 Ljubljana Life Magazine
Ljubljana has dozens upon dozens of cafes and bars, ranging from laid-back lounges to raucous student dives.
Eating in a Ljubljana restaurant is almost like getting a geography lesson.
Founded by the Romans, inhabited or invaded over the centuries by diverse peoples, Ljubljana's rich historical legacy was re-energized by early modern architecture and Slovenian independence.
geocities.com /ljubljanalife   (466 words)

 Nacionalno Turistično Združenje - National Tourist Association [Ljubljana]
For the people of Ljubljana culture is a way of living and thinking and is very much a part of everyday life.
Over 10,000 cultural events take place in the city every year, among which there are 10 international festivals, allowing both the inhabitants of Ljubljana and its visitors to admire artists from different fields - from music, theatre and fine arts to the alternative and avantgarde.
There are hotels Lev*****, Slon****, Union****, Astral**** that have near also the Casino Ljubljana, City Hotel Ljubljana***, M – Hotel***, and pensions Tavčar***, Lieber***, Mrak***, Janežič***, Zbilje*** and Pension Pri Spornu***.
www.ntz-nta.si /en/content.asp?id=2581   (225 words)

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