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Topic: Llandrindod Wells

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In the News (Fri 22 Jun 18)

  LLANDRINDOD - LoveToKnow Article on LLANDRINDOD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
, or LLANDRINDOD WELLS, a market town, urban district and health-resort of Radnorshire, Wales, situated in a lofty and exposed district near the river Ithon, a tributary of the Wye.
Llandrindod is a station on the Mid-Wales section of the London and North-Western railway.
According to a treatise published by a German physician, Dr Wessel Linden, in 1754, the saline springs at Ffynon-llwyn-y-gog (the well in the cuckoos grove) in the present parish of Liandrindod had acquired more than a local reputation as early as the year 1696.
1911encyclopedia.org /L/LL/LLANDRINDOD.htm   (180 words)

 Llandrindod Wells - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Llandrindod Wells (Welsh: Llandrindod), known locally as "Llandod", is a town in mid Wales.
It grew as a spa town in the 19th century, when it became very popular with visitors after the town was linked to the railway network.
Llandrindod is home to a museum, a grotto and the National Cycle Exhibition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Llandrindod_Wells   (154 words)

 Welcome to Llandrindod Wells
Although the health-giving benefits of the many types of waters coming from local springs were well known to the Romans, it was not until the end of the 17th Century that the saline springs were mentioned in local reports from the area.
It was no surprise, therefore, that the town began to grow, albeit slowly at first, with speculators seeing the potential for the town's development afforded by good rail access, a bountiful supply of building land and the variety of medicinal and health-giving waters freely available in the town.
Fortunately, the council and townspeople of Llandrindod Wells were not content to see the town free-fall into obscurity, and instead seized the opportunity to consolidate its role as an administrative centre, as well as establishing a light industrial base in the town.
www.llandrindod-wells.com   (1085 words)

 Fishing Wales: Llandrindod Wells Lake
Once the Mecca of Welsh carp anglers, the lake at Llandrindod Wells was in sad decline some years ago, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Lakeside AA it is now well on its way back to its former glory.
Llandrindod Wells stands 3 miles south of the intersection of the A483 and the A44 in mid-Wales.
The lake is well sign-posted from the town centre.
www.fishing.visitwales.com /fe?n1=135&n2=140&n3=212   (255 words)

 Greylands - accommodation in Llandrindod Wells
Transport is served well within the town with rail links to Sansea and Shrewsbury on the Heart of Wales line.
Whatever time you visit our town you will find Llandrindod is a ray of sunshine, there is always something to see or do and the people of Llandrindod Wells guarantee everyone a warm welcome.
Llandrindod Lake - The lake with it's surrounding park and children's play area is only a few minutes walk from the centre of town and is well worth a visit.
www.greylandsguesthouse.co.uk /attractions.htm   (639 words)

 Llandrindod Wells --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Henry Wells was born on Dec. 12, 1805, in Thetford, Vt. In 1844 he and William G. Fargo organized their first express service to run from Buffalo, N.Y., to Detroit, Mich. In 1850 Wells, Fargo, and John Butterfield formed the American Express Company with Wells as president.
Wells was a consummate showman who knew how to give his audience a good show, using soaring licks, down-home boogie, and gut-wrenching emotion...
Wells, who was 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall and weighed 160 pounds (73 kilograms), got his nickname of El Diablo,...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9048627   (806 words)

 Llandrindod Wells: Touring Wales on Britannia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Right in the heart of mid-Wales, the town of Llandrindod is a town of parks, for greenery is everywhere in this former spa.
The Romans probably knew of the saline, chalybeate and sulphur springs in the area, but though the healing waters were rediscovered here in the 17th century, visitors in droves did not appear until the middle of the 19th.
The railway came to Llandrindod in 1866, bringing people from all parts of Britain to sample the waters in the Pump Room and other venues where waters from the sulphur springs were dispensed.
www.britannia.com /tours/wales/llandrindod.html   (337 words)

 Spa Towns: Llandrindod Wells: Llandrindod Wells
In the heart of mid Wales is the picturesque Spa town of Llandrindod Wells, the County Town of Powys.
Llandrindod is situated in a beautiful part of Wales, a refreshing region in which you can savour the atmosphere of traditional market towns, go walking along ancient pathways, enjoy the pleasures of touring peaceful roads and at the end of the day find a good choice of country house hotel, cottage, cosy inn or farmhouse.
The Spa Centre is managed by the Llandrindod Wells Spa Town Trust which aims to preserve the historic site by creating a modern hydrotherapy centre, together with facilities for a range of complementary medicines.
www.finewaters.com /Water_Wellness/British_Spa_Towns/Ll_rindod_Wells.asp   (399 words)

 Leisure Page
As well as the first team there are reserves and youth teams, plus under 15, under 14 and under 11teams.
They are open to visitors throughout the year, with tickets obtainable from the indoor bowling centre during the day and from the tennis club at evenings and weekends.
There are four further courts at Llandrindod Wells High School in Dyffryn Road, which can be hired through the Sports Centre.
www.llandrindod.co.uk /HTML/Leisure.htm   (841 words)

 Llandrindod Wells a Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Church.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Llandrindod Wells a Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Church.
The church is in the centre of Llandrindod Wells town just to the West of the A483, turn left into a one wway street, opposite the Metropol Hotel.
Contact details of the cleric responsible for this church are in the Church in Wales on-line data base.
www.churchinwales.org.uk /swanbrec/churches/maelien/5543.html   (206 words)

 Llandrindod Wells the old parish church a Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Church.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Llandrindod Wells the old parish church a Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Church.
After a strange episode in the course of which the Archdeacon had Llandrindod and Cefnllys churches unroofed to force people to attend the town church, it was rebuilt in 1894.
As you come into Llandrindod Wells from the South on the A483 you will see signs directing you to the Lake on your East or right.
www.churchinwales.org.uk /swanbrec/churches/maelien/5542.html   (185 words)

 BBC - Mid Wales Llandrindod Wells - Llandoddies
The thought process behind the idea was to create an "elf" like creature for the town, which would appeal to the younger generation and would in a fun way teach them about the area and the local history.
Llandrindod is a town that in many ways takes itself very serious and I felt that a Llandoddie would put a smile on people's faces and could explore the lighter side of the towns heritage.
As a consequence of the storms of October 2002 and after assessments originally undertaken in 1999, it was determined that a splendid and significant oak tree located to the south of the restaurant at The Lake Park, was deemed unsafe and of immediate danger to the public using the footpath.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/mid/sites/llandrindod_wells/pages/llandoddies.shtml   (700 words)

 LLANDRINDOD, or LLANDR... - Online Information article about LLANDRINDOD, or LLANDR...
Llandrindod is a station on the See also:
Gagu, a ruler of the land of Sahi, N. of Assyria, or with Gyges, Ass.
O.E. gr(efa, brushwood, later" greave "; the word does not appear in any other Teutonic language, and the New English Dictionary finds no Indo-European root to which it can be referred; Skeat considers it connected with " grave," to
encyclopedia.jrank.org /LEO_LOB/LLANDRINDOD_or_LLANDRINDOD_WELL.html   (414 words)

 BBC NEWS | Wales | Mid Wales | Worries over out-of-hours GPs
Derek Law, mayor of Llandrindod Wells, said one patient using the new scheme had had to wait three-and-a-half hours for an ambulance.
The Shropdoc scheme in Radnorshire is staffed by GPs from Rhayader, Llandrindod Wells, Builth Wells Hay-on-Wye and Talgarth on a rota basis.
The meeting has called by the League of Friends of Llandrindod Wells and will be at the town's Metropole Hotel at 1430 GMT on Monday.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/click/rss/0.91/public/-/1/hi/wales/mid/3500851.stm   (564 words)

 BBC - Mid Wales Webguide - Llandrindod Wells
Here are some of the main websites covering the Llandrindod Wells area.
Llandrindod Wells is famous for its Victorian Festival and the design of this website echoes the glory of those bygone days.
The website for Llandrindod Wells Sports centre is easy to navigate and provides all the ususal information as to centre facilities, programme, and prices.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/mid/webguide/pages/llandrindod_wells.shtml   (443 words)

 Heart of Wales Line
Left: This was a 4-car formation of 2x101 power twins which hit a farm tractor at speed on a crossing about one mile north of Llandrindod Wells while travelling south on a summer Saturday afternoon in the late 1980s.
Left: a southbound service exchanging tokens at Llandrindod wells signal box (which has since been moved to the southbound platform as a visitor centre).
Right: a northbound service taken on 26 May 1989 approaching Llandrindod Wells signal box - this unit is believed to be one of the single engine Class 111s, bearing the 'METROTRAIN' plus logo E prefixed numbers.
www.railcar.co.uk /Gallery/Heart.htm   (528 words)

 Llanyre Community Council Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The area is to the West of Llandrindod Wells and consists of a mainly rural area in the upper reaches of the Wye Valley.
Newbridge is on the A470 trunk road between Builth Wells and Rhayader, 5 miles from Llandrindod Wells.
Further education is available in Llandrindod Wells, Newtown, Brecon and Hereford with universities in Aberystwyth and Cardiff.
community-councils.powys.org.uk /llanyre   (442 words)

 uk golf online - Llandrindod Wells Golf Club - golf in wales - uk golf clubs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In 1905 a group of local businessmen had the foresight to establish an 18-hole golf course on land overlooking the spa town of Llandrindod Wells to service the needs of the thousands of visitors that flocked to the town to “take the waters”.
The course was designed by six times open champion Harry Vardon, and altered some years later by James Braid, to produce, essentially, the superb course of 18 challenging holes, almost 5800 yards in length (par 69), that you see today.
Steeped in history, Llandrindod Wells is a wonderful place to stay and we have links to a selection of Wales Tourist Approved Hotels and Guesthouses close to the course.
www.lwgc.co.uk /intro.html   (355 words)

 Attractions in Mid Wales - Neuadd Farm holidays, Llandrindod Wells
A few minutes' drive from Neuadd Farm is Llandrindod Wells, a Victorian Spa town with a picturesque lake, now the county town of Powys.
Builth Wells, a few miles south of Llandrindod Wells, is set in the Wye Valley and is home to the annual Royal Welsh Show.
This hardy and quite prolific breed are all descended from a group of just 10 ewes and two rams which were the only survivors of the original flock, in 1970.
www.neuaddfarm.co.uk /Pages/mid_wales.html   (517 words)

 Pines Caravan Holiday Accommodation, Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales - caravan holidays in Wales   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Pine Lodge, Doldowlod, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales LD1 6NN.
Coarse fishing in the lake at Llandrindod Wells.
Details of most activities are available from reception or the local tourist information offices at Builth Wells, Llandrindod Wells and Rhayader.
www.pinescaravanpark.co.uk /Pages/about_the_pines.html   (256 words)

 Llandrindod Wells Rugby Home Page
Llandrindod hammer Llanidloes 2nds 43-3 in fast paced League match.
The Club was formed in 1972, and currently plays in the 'Cambrian Training Company' League which covers the areas of Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire within the county of Powys.
Though based in the small country town of Llandrindod Wells, the club draws from a catchment area as far as Rhayader and Builth Wells and in the past it has attracted a number of overseas players who have come to work in the town.
www.llandrindod-rugby.org.uk   (260 words)

 Mid Wales (Llandrindod Wells) - Private Tcl/Tk training course - Quotation
This is a quotation for a private course to be held at your office or a nearby suitable location in Mid Wales (Llandrindod Wells).
This quotation applies to Tcl/Tk training courses in Mid Wales (Llandrindod Wells) and Brecon.
WELL HOUSE CONSULTANTS LTD • 404, The Spa • Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6QL • United Kingdom
www.wellho.net /quote/LD_tcl.html   (231 words)

 Holiday cottage in Mid Wales | Gaer Cottage,Llandrindod Wells
Set in a beautiful, remote valley between the spa towns of Llandrindod Wells and Builth Wells, and close to the village of Hundred House.
The old market towns of Llandrindod Wells and Builth Wells are within short driving distance.
Gaer Farm is an ideal base for exploring the lovely surrounding of mid-Wales, the border to England and Elan Valley.
www.gaercottage.co.uk   (363 words)

 All Sites in Llandrindod Wells   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Wales / Mid Wales / Powys / Llandrindod Wells
Wayfarers is a company operating from Llandrindod Wells, an attractive mid-Wales town.
Initially concerned with outdoor leisure, specialist clothing, tents and camping equipment, the company has progressively expanded and now includes the sale and servicing of caravans and their spares and accessories including awnings.
www.midwalesindex.co.uk /pages/803.html   (618 words)

 Bed & Breakfast Llandrindod Wells Mid Wales | Radnor Farm and Country Holidays   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This part of Mid Wales is known as Kite Country and Upper Gilwern is situated at the heart of it.
Located in the hills between the Victorian Spa town of Llandrindod Wells and the riverside market town of Builth Wells, we are ideally placed as a base for touring this area of outstanding natural beauty.
For those enjoying outdoor pursuits, the area offers excellent bird watching - including the rare red kite, buzzards and hunting kestrels - as well as walking, cycling and riding in complete safety, well away from the noise of traffic and the intrusions of modern life.
www.farmbreaks.org.uk /Pages/accommodation.cfm?i=2067   (403 words)

 The Commodore Hotel Llandrindod Wells
the centre of the Victorian Spa Town of Llandrindod Wells.
Privately owned by the Baverstocks, a 7th generation hoteliers family, Managing Director Ian and Commercial Director Fiona Baverstock together with their friendly and helpful staff seek to maintain the traditional hospitality for which this area is renowned, thereby making sure your stay will be a pleasant and memorable experience.
Its prominent setting, comfortable rooms, exceptional facilities including 5 well appointed conference rooms ensure you a truly Welsh welcome, or to use a Welsh phrase: "am groeso cynnes, dewch i'r bryniau" (for a warm welcome, come to the hillsides).
www.hotelcommodore.co.uk   (126 words)

 Stable Cottage: A holiday cottage at Llanbadarn Fynydd near Llandrindod Wells
Comfortable and well equipped, this single storey dwelling has been converted from the hayloft and groom's quarters.
In its own private setting, it is surrounded by a lovely garden, with views over the countryside of the Ithon Valley.
There is a badminton court at the village hall, a couple of minute's walk away.
www.cottageguide.co.uk /thestablecottage   (314 words)

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