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Topic: Lo-fi music

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

 Lo-Fi Revolution
This revolution is made up of Artists and Bands who are appalled at how the music industry is ruining music and stifling creativity.
"Rednail Music" This is the home of Bunk Nesbit, and the 75 different bands he plays in!
As a result, we are by-passing the recording /record company/radio/video industry by recording our music ourselves, at home, on cheap recording equipment ranging from crappy little cassette players & boom boxes up to 4 or 8 track recording equipment.
www.geocities.com /creaturesofhab/Rev.html

 BaylorFans.com Message Boards - Favorite indie/punk/lo-fi bands?
I never listen to music on the radio anymore, but I've been listening to lots of indie music of late.
Bands include Spoon (from Austin!), Pavement, Sonic Youth (long time fav), Sixteen Horspower, Wilco, Waco Bros., etc.
They are still pretty active and have more music than the one hit played on the radio back in 98.
www.baylorfans.com /forums/showthread.php?threadid=18444%26goto=newpost

 Lo-Fi Entertainment
He has promoted hundreds of events at the most prestigious nightclubs, managed, booked and produced bands, worked as a DJ, planned parties and weddings, released several CDs on his own music label, published the magazines "Lo-Fi" and "Cool Culture," and hosted and produced his own cable television series, "Retro TV."
Sobel's love of retro music led him to spearhead the swing music revival in New York City.
lofientertainment.com /i_Corporate.html

 The Lo-Fi Threat
The biggest threats facing the rise of surf music are the proliferation of cover bands, the invasion of the no lyrics=surf bands, and lo-fi.
The no lyrics=surf bands are more dangerous because their product will be bought by folks getting their feet wet for the first time, and the resultant boredom in listening to melody-free backtracks will turn them off forever.
Bands would do themselves, the music, and us all a favor if they waited until they were really ready to record before doing so, and release only the best tracks they can muster, instead of the cheapest.
www.spies.com /~reverb/columns/lofi/lofi.html

Welcome to the official web site for the Duluth band Low
As always, the best way to stay on top of news about the band and to discuss their music (and related music) is to subscribe to Eric Lyman's mailing list.
Combined with a DVD that includes 11 Low videos, live footage and a series of documentaries, along with notes and images in a 32-page booklet compiled by the band, this box set truly encapsulates all that is Low.

 Lo-Fi biografi
Founded in early 1998 after several years of working with various bands on the Icelandic music scene, Lo-Fi completed his first album titled "Nano" later that year.
All music and lyrics on the album were written by Lo-Fi and it was recorded and produced entirely at his home studio.
Lo-Fi (Fridgeir Eyjolfsson) is a one-man Icelandic trip-hop band.
www.etoile-polaire.com /nano/biography.htm

 lo-fi - lo(w) fidelity, initially used to describe recording quality, later a genre referring to a breed of underground indie rockers (English translations)
During the late '80s and early '90s, lo fidelity became not only a description of the recording quality of a particular album, but it also became a genre onto itself.
Often, these lo-fi bands fluctuated from simple pop and rock songs to free-form song structures to pure noise and arty experimentalism.
Most of this music grew out of the American underground of the '80s, including bands like R.E.M., as well as a handful of British post-punk bands and New Zealand bands like the Chills and the Clean.
www.proz.com /kudoz/631354

With complex guitar lines, harmonic distortion and relentless rhythms, they create the soundscape of sonic explosion that made them one of hardcore's greatest bands.
Adamantly challenging conventional thought and opening the floodgates to positive self-realization, Snapcase have promoted free thinking through communication and the unrelenting quest for change over the last decade.
As one of the most progressive and influential bands in independent music, Snapcase have been on a dedicated mission to combine intellectual theory with aggressive music - the foundation of their career.
www.victoryrecords.com /snapcase.html

 Amazon.com: Music / Indie Music / Alternative Rock / Indie & Lo Fi
Amazon.com: Music / Indie Music / Alternative Rock / Indie & Lo Fi
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/520094/ref=br_dp__2

 Lo-Fi Pop Underground
Welcome to the new look Lo-Fi Pop Underground
Plus where to go in the West Midlands for good indie/alternative music and also Velvetina Starlet the sister paper based zine to the pop underground.
For the latest news, reviews, festivals, fanzines, links, photos and information on all the best bands like Gorkys, Brassy, Twist, Kenickie, Chicks, Atom and his Package and Vyvyan and all the new bands as well.

 Amazon.com: Travel / Bargains / Music / Alternative Rock / Indie & Lo Fi
Amazon.com: Travel / Bargains / Music / Alternative Rock / Indie & Lo Fi
It is both dark and light, organic and refined, masculine and feminine.
Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard partners with Pieter Bourke, formerly of Aussie band Eden, to create this compositional dance of partnership that is classical, ancient, and thoroughly modern....
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/884548

 euRoClAsh: the gr8 encyclopedia of ELECTRO NU WAVE
it's hard to find material suited to our purposes from these bands, but something new could be coming from this direction.
only the music counts, i don't care if it's a chartbreaker or a garage band.
the name of the band is quaint, because the famous italian singer of the 70s, mina, is still active at the top of the charts in italy.

 Ten Story Love - Music for Power-Pop Lovers and Disenfranchised Old Farts
Songwriting is still the focus-- fully-amped songs with meaty hooks and tasty melodies.
Ever the perfectionists, the band has scrapped all the tracks recorded for their next album and will be recorded new versions throughout the winter and spring of 2004.
After composing a few tunes, the answer was a resounding "YES!", and the band was formed in earnest.

 "The Club is Open:" Robert Pollard and the Social Function of Popular Music
Another interesting aspect of the bandís current marketing status is Nadineís regular participation on the Postal Blowfish mailing list, informing the die-hard how the marketing effort is going (in very specific terms of what radio stations in what parts of the country are playing singles, etc.) and letting them know how they can help.
This solo/band split also became a problem with the bandís label, Matador, who thought flooding the market with Bobís music could alienate fans who are trying to keep up, at the same time dilute the buying power of the potentially wider popular music audience.
I used to love to find bootlegs of old Ď60s bands that were just outtakes and unreleased songs.
www.unm.edu /~zurn/bob/bobpaper.htm

 Rock Music ::: jahsonic.com
Rock musicians were early adopters of hippie fashion and introduced such styles as the Nehru jacket; bands such as the Beatles had custom-made clothing that influenced much of '60s style.
Keith creates the music to which Mick moves, and while the heaviest impact of the group is undeniably audiovisual, the sound alone has made the Rolling Stones the only white band played in a number of otherwise exclusively "black music" disc-jockey programs around the country.
More significantly, he had recently formed the ground-breaking rock band, Living Colour, an all-black heavy rock band that would eventually score a string of minor hits on rock radio.
www.jahsonic.com /Rock.html

 dmusic.com Your Digital Music Oasis
MIDRIFF MAKE MUSICOZ TOP TEN- Sydney, Australia band Midriff have been announced as finalists in MusicOz 2004.
Because this is The Flower Kings, one of the most captivating and entrancing progressive rock bands in the world, let me rephrase that, consistently one of the best bands in the world.
MusicOz is an Australian national independent band search staged annually.

 IUMA: Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent - new free mp3 music files, mp3 downloads, mp3 tracks, mp3 players, search engine, cds, software and hardware at IUMA
IUMA: Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent - new free mp3 music files, mp3 downloads, mp3 tracks, mp3 players, search engine, cds, software and hardware at IUMA
This IUMA band is signed to an indie label and has the following to offer: a full-length album of major label production quality, album distribution, a video, merchandise, a clothing sponsorship, a touring vehicle, and gigs to boot.
The established, touring band " Griswald " is holding auditions for a singer starting immediately!

 home hebrew
Lo Fi Let You Go Lo Fi Live Intro
Lo Fi The Girl That Rocked My World
The Second Part Are bands doing Live version off songs from other bands of Fast Music.
www.fastmusic.co.il /htmleng/artists/osef.htm

 [ compilation / split ] titles at Aquarius Records
Anyway, Gold is an album of mostly instrumentals, a post-rock/prog/cock-rock concoction that finds the common ground betwixt the two parent bands and that means a lot of Thin Lizzy and a little bit of Kraftwerk/video game music, plus some of the Krautrocky psychedelia of Tim Green's Concentrick project as well...
The record exploits all of the trippy tropes of the times, from Eastern-raga modes to LSD-inspired lyrics.
Legendary krautrock band Faust's 30th anniversary is being celebrated with not free pinball and fireworks, but remixes...
www.aquariusrecords.org /cat/compilationsplit3.html

 Amazon.co.uk: Music / Styles / Indie / Lo-Fi
With a production in thrall to Phil Spector and early Brian Wilson, Stephen Merritt's first two Magnetic Fields album already show him as an accomplished songwriter.
Given that they've released approximately eleventy grillion albums so far, any compilation album was going to have to be a severely compromised affair, but this'll do the job...
A huge influence on the 90s indie scene, there are so many bands who owe a debt to Pavement just as Pavement do to The Fall.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/886118

Over Giver Music has signed Fail To Follow and will be releasing their full length, "For The Dead The Dying And Those Still Fighting" You can get pre-sales info
www.failtofollow.com   (127 words)

 The Circuit 11-11-04 ad for Utahbands.com
Bands that we are inspired by are At the drive in, The Mars Volta, Zeppelin, and music like it.
Band list: Kittie, Otep, Crisis, Jesus Rides a Ricksha, Dedlock, Hatepiece.
Looking for bassist and drummer to complete a band.
www.fungusent.com /index.php?sort=Band   (127 words)

 Forums » New Zealand Music » NZ is best at........................ - NZMusic.com
For what it's worth I think a lot of early NZ music fits the lo-fi genre, but we are see recent cross-overs with new and old bands still generating this quality.
Is it really a question of Does NZ have a genre we are best at ie in your case low fi, or will you happen to go and see another live band/act next week, next month that is completely different to what you have recently seen.
After watching a couple of bands down at me local last night, I started thinking about which genre we are best at.
www.nzmusic.com /topic.cfm?i=6729&show=latest   (127 words)

is a Los Angeles based pop band that Reb and I have loved for several years even though the just released their first album in 2002.
is an Icelandic band that lies somewhere between electronica and chamber music.
We hightly recommend this band to anyone wanting to get up and boogie down.
www.ciiic.com /bands.html   (127 words)

 solar penguin content
In addition to writing and recording their own music, The Lo-Fi’s produce remix’s for other bands including The Charlatans, Alpinestars, and Vivian Green.
The Lo-Fi’s as a band have sold over a million records worldwide.
The 2nd LP, “Don’t Be Afraid of Love” was recorded in the bands own self-built studios in Brighton.
www.marschmellows.de /engl/lfa_dj_engl.shtml   (127 words)

THE UNSPEAKABLE TURKS - "A twisted juggernaut of lo fi melancholia occasionally interrupted by the slightest paint scrape of hope."
LIFESTYLELAND - "The official website of Boston's new wave sex gods - Lifestyle".
She also has some folky songs which are really superb!
www.blissaquamarine.net /links.html   (3178 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Lowercase: biography, discography, reviews, links
Lowercase is a guitar-drums duo (Imaad Wasif and Brian Girgus) from San Francisco (via Palm Desert) that plays a weird hybrid of lo-fi pop, post-rock and slo-core, a veritable summa of 1990s alternative rock dialects.
Lowercase e’ un duo chitarra-batteria di San Francisco (via Palm Desert) che suona uno strano ibrido di pop lo-fi, post-rock e slo-core, un’autentico riassunto dei linguaggi del rock alternativo degli anni 90.
Lowercase (the founding duo with yet another bassist) borrows stylistic elements from early Sonic Youth and early Swans to concoct dark, menacing, desperate pieces (The Going Away Present, Floodlit, Glisten to the Pink).
www.scaruffi.com /vol5/lowercas.html   (3178 words)

 Amazon.co.uk Hot 100 Music Albums
All Music Guide calls it: "A striking collection of hushed and autumnal indie pop bedroom songs that reside on the hi-fi end of the lo-fi spectrum." Veneer is the debut album by Swedish-born minstrel José González…already a certified quiet-is-the-new-loud legend in his native Sweden....
Apparently there's nothing in Kabbalah that disallows sweaty, head-spinningly good dance music, because here comes a flame-haired Madonna hawking a dozen songs' worth: Confessions on a Dance Floor darts seamlessly from Madge's early days, when she emerged as the genre's enduring darling, through the...
You Could Have it So Much Better, the second album from Mercury Music Prize winners Franz Ferdinand is pretty much everything a band’s second record should be: an assured, endearingly cocky return that builds on the strengths of its predecessor, and importantly, brings a few more tricks to the...
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/tg/stores/static/-/music/amazon-chart   (1303 words)

 pastemusic.com: go beyond pop culture - cds, online radio & free mp3
Whether bringing chamber music to indie kids or introducing post-rock to concert snobs, Clogs' fourth album, Lantern, is intricate and atmospheric.
With odes to snowboarding and meteors, the youthful energy of Summerlin's music is sure to find its way into the hearts of the hippest of teens and thirtysomethings that have yet to grow up.
His debut album, Veneer, is a striking collection of hushed and autumnal indie pop bedroom songs that reside on the hi-fi end of the lo-fi spectrum.
www.pastestore.com   (1939 words)

Techno, depending on whom one asks, has existed for approximately ten yearsit is not new music when compared with some music genres of the '90s: Lo-fi, Neo-Lounge, and Grunge, but it is music which has diversified and evolved considerably since its beginnings in the mid '80's.
Techno is, finally, a thoroughly mediated music, from its continually recombinant musical genres and its constant (re)generation of new categories, labels, and self- definitions, to its circular processes of both resistance and acceptance.
Listening to Techno music, attending clubs and raves, and discussing the nature of rave culture via the WWW are all leisure activities which are, for the most part, engaged in by individuals who live in industrialized nations and who have a surplus of both time and money.
music.hyperreal.org /library/fewerchur.txt   (3385 words)

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