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Topic: Load (album)

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  Porta photo album generator
Giambattista della Porta (1535-1615) was the first to add a convex lens to the camera obscura.
Making a photo album requires you to locate an image directory.
Pressing enter starts album generation and shortly after is the result shown in your browser.
www.stegmann.dk /mikkel/porta   (530 words)

  Load - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The structural load or forces (weights, wind or water pressure, earthquake shocks,.etc..) applied to a structure.
External electric load, a device connected to the output of a circuit
Load (computing), a measure of how much processing a computer performs
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Load   (120 words)

 Load (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Load is the sixth album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released in 1996.
Adding to this was a series of "Calvin Klein"-style photographs in the album's booklet, showing the band swilling brandy and smoking cigars while fashionably dressed, all in a dramatic departure from their usual street image.
While this album stands as the symbolic point of departure from Metallica's roots, and will forever be the album that "killed" the band in the eyes of many fans, it also simultaneously forged a replacement fan base that has been just as faithful (or fanatical) in the years since.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Load_(album)   (714 words)

 topfive_reviews: Album Review: Metallica - Load
Load is a dark album, one that owes plenty of influence to melancholic Southern rock, blues, and even a little country...
That seems like enough flaws to drag the album down to a low score, but considering the CD is packed to the absolute limit without the potential risk of skipping (seventy-eight minutes and fifty seven seconds), there's more than enough time to make up for it...
Load doesn't suck because of Metallica's fashion or legal issues, Load sucks because of James Hetfield's voice.
community.livejournal.com /topfive_reviews/299157.html   (1386 words)

 Load by Metallica CD
LOAD may seem like a departure from the Metallica "norm," but it's actually what the band has been doing all along: writing well-crafted songs without a regard for what others think.
The one song on a later album of theres i actually liked is overkill on garage inc, but apart from that, its all bad, now its the kind of thing kids will watch on mtv and think theyre metal heads for.
Load is an appropriate title for this album because it's a "load" of s**t.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/1095966/a/Load.htm   (583 words)

 Metallica - Satan Stole My Teddybear
The album opens with what sounds like twelve-string guitars backed with a bass and what might be a harpsichord engaging in a baroque showpiece...which erupts into a messy, almost incoherent piece of thrash-metal.
The tracks were generally composed in the same period of time, the feel of the albums is similar, and that way, all the damn filler material would not be needed.
If Load and Reload were released as a double album with the filler material slashed and replaced by a few good metal songs, I'd give it a higher rating than I'd give either album as it exists on its own.
www.ssmt-reviews.com /db/searchrev.php?artistID=730&showReview=true   (5062 words)

 Youngmanridge.com - Metallica's "ReLoad" Reviewed
Load was pretty decent as well, though I could have done without some of the songs.
I really think the double album thing with Load would have made this album better, partly because it would have never seen the light of day as a separate release.
And I have to say that this album, which was, let’s face it, a selection of B-SIDES, had one great monumental moment for me, and it stemmed from my intoxication and the poor lighting in my bedroom.
www.youngmanridge.com /pop/music/reload/reloadreview.htm   (1214 words)

 Alcohollica - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Alcohollica
The band's debut album, Kill 'Em All (1983), was followed by Ride the Lightning (1984), but the band's break through album was Master of Puppets (1986).
The success of this album was marred by the death of Burton in a tour bus crash; he was replaced on the bass guitar by Jason Newsted (1963– ).
The 1996 album Load was met with a mixed reception, as the band moved into a more alternative style of rock.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Alcohollica   (198 words)

 JD's Rants   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With as much difference each Metallica album had been from one another, an album like Metallica was almost as direct reaction to the others instead of trying to follow a formula for success.
Whereas on previous albums the first song through the last song were pretty much conceived in on those terms, the new stuff flowed out.
Perhaps it was the five years of living with the Black album that allowed the band to relax the parts of them that did not always allow parts of the Black album to gel that way.
members.aol.com /JDROPP/JDRants.html   (2979 words)

 ---the USA is A Monster, USAISAMONSTER -----
LOAD 076 dbl-LP/CD When a record drops from the sky this fully formed and perfect, workers look up from the assembly line and smile.
Conceived of as a double-LP, this record shakes furiously and lies down gently as it was recorded on mountain tops and a riot torn Michigan town.
LOAD 056 LP/CD the USAISAMONSTER is a brilliantly fried two-piece guitar and drums band of sun spotters hailing from Brooklyn, NY.
www.loadrecords.com /bands/usaisamonster.html   (331 words)

 MP3 Download. Music News updated daily.
Packed with disgust, nihilism and raw guitar, the Pistols'only studio album sounds like a rejection of everything that is Rock and Roll, and the World Self, had to offer.
"Submission" was taken from the original track list when the album was mistakenly released a week earlier than planned, so that at the insistence of the band, the first 50000 copies contain a one-sided 7 "with the song.
It is 30 years since the first and only album, "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols", but Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook are always ready for the studio Undercover.
mp3loads.org   (1794 words)

 Metallica   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The album saw the band strip down its lengthy compositions in favor of short bursts of song.
After the album's release, Metallica began a tour, spanning almost two years, that ended with them clearly on top of the metal heap in the eyes of fans and the music press.
The well-received Load album (1996) was a little too alternative for some of the group's most ardent metal fans.
www.80smusiccentral.com /metallic.html   (432 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Among the bands that have received the Bob Rock Treatment are Metallica (the self-titled Black Album and Load), the Cult (Sonic Temple, The Cult), Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood, three tracks on Decade of Decadence: Greatest Hits, Motley Crue) and Bon Jovi (Keep the Faith), for starters.
Perhaps the album is more than an indirect result of the environment in which it was put together.
I think the thing I've brought to the table on both The Black Album and even more on Load, and hopefully on this one, is just opening their eyes to things like that.
cryoem.berkeley.edu /~nieder/leppard/interviews/bobrockinfo1.txt   (4690 words)

 Inter Sandman Metallica News!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Load contained the "most finished" songs of a mammoth 30 song session..
The title Load is meant to be ambiguous, leaving the album title open to many possibilities and interpretations.
Load was released after a contract dispute with Elektra.
www.intersandman.com /ISload.html   (292 words)

I'm usually remembering albums by color and texture for some reason (another reason why I never needed to take drugs, Starbucks nonwithstanding).
I've always envisioned Load as a crash-course of colors, so that's what I tried to paint.
Metallica's Load album is what, back in the '70s, they called a "rock album." It ran the spectrum: pop, metal, blues, country.
www.danielthomas.org /gallery/waters/load.htm   (233 words)

 Electronic Photo Album Dialog
The Electronic Photo Album is a complete application which is built in to the Photomazing software suite.
Album Title - add a descriptive title to be stored with your photo album.
This will be used as your album preview as you browse through your photo albums.
www.ob1gui.com /PhotoAlbum/PhotoAlbum.htm   (503 words)

 Metallica dictionary
The songs on this album where chosen because they could be arranged for the cellos, so songs with fast guitar solos weren't selected.
It was done by mixing bovine blood and the artist's own semen between two sheets of plexiglass(on load) an d on reload it was pis and blood.
Using this as bait, he talked James into recording a song for the album, and the rest is history.
www.geocities.com /SunsetStrip/Backstage/4777/dictiona.htm   (1184 words)

 INTER SANDMAN - metallica fansite   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I've recently "rediscovered" Load, and the album, to my ears is as strong as anything they've done.
I agree with JD on the Load album.
Had Load been recorded by someone other than metallica, it may likely have been considered a classic hard rock record(yes, reload was not as strong on the whole).
www.intersandman.com /gm/archives/00000582.htm   (2429 words)

 Mxtabs - Metallica - Album:Load Guitar Tabs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The goal of Mxtabs is to provide a valuable resource for musicians who want to further their instrument skills.
We do not seek to violate copyrights, and we encourage that you purchase the artist's album and official sheet music.
This is the first time I have ever done tab so bear with me. This song and the rest of the album is in E flat.
www.mxtabs.net /tabs.php?path=Guitar,m,799,Metallica,Album:Load,72073   (3172 words)

 Rolling Stone : DJ Makes Jay-Z Meet Beatles
Brian Burton) takes a cappella tracks from Jay-Z's The Black Album and composes new beats for each song using only samples from the Beatles' "White Album." The result, the aptly titled Grey Album, is an ingenious hip-hop record that sounds oddly ahead of its time.
Even though DM is limiting his sounds to the two source albums, Grey is hardly a straightforward mash-up record.
The album will not be sold commercially, but copies are in circulation via the Web -- at press time, representatives for Jay-Z and the Beatles could not be reached for comment.
www.rollingstone.com /news/story/5937152/dj_makes_jayz_meet_beatles   (322 words)

 Metallica Unloads on Charts - Dec 01, 1997 - E! Online News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To be fair, the time between Load and Re-Load was only 18 months, but a millennium in terms of rock tastes.
The album is the first pure rock record to hit No. 1 since Aerosmith did so briefly in March.
Her concert album Live sold 178,000 copies in its first week to land in the fourth spot.
www.eonline.com /News/Items/0,1,2161,00.html   (408 words)

 [No title]
Whether you loved Metallica's 1996 album, "Load," or hated it, you cannot deny that it was a majorly successful release--it has sold more than 4 million copies since its release and solidified the band as one of the premiere forces on the music scene.
The tight songwriting and precision performances that highlighted such works as 1991's "Metallica" and 1989's "...And Justice for All" (which are dissimilar albums, but both feature these characteristics) seemed to be put on the backburner in favor of a looser, more "alternative" feel and more experimental arrangements.
However, to find what the band is all about, look no further than the trio of albums from 1979 to 1981, "Overkill," "Bomber" and "Ace of Spades." These are stacked top to bottom with the ballsiest rock music you ever will hear, and they still stand up today, more than 15 years later.
www.bradley.edu /campusorg/scout/archives/vol100/120597/music.html   (935 words)

 New Kingdom : Heavy Load - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
One of the dozens of hip-hop groups signed in the early-'90s alt-rap feeding frenzy, this little-known duo is probably most notable for its seminal work with producer Scott Harding (aka Scotty Hard), who went on to work with artists like the Gravediggaz and Prince Paul.
And the freaky, funky effects of "Are You Alive" and the extremely goofy "Calico Cats" are so damn effective, you wonder why they bothered with the grating shtick of some of the earlier songs in the first place.
Ultimately, Heavy Load shows an awful lot of promise, but all too often New Kingdom fails to deliver.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,138228,00.html   (251 words)

 Addicted To Noise report
That's OK with him, even if that album "doesn't compare to their old stuff, which was heavier and faster," he said.
Featuring songs that were recorded during the Load sessions, but not used at the time, the tracks are said to have a similar feel to that album's brooding darkness.
Still claiming that nobody will give them permission to do a free show next month in support of their album, the band says it is keeping its eyes for a venue for the Nov. 11 gig.
www.ipom.com /archives/ATNreport.html   (745 words)

 HEATHENS FROM THE NORTH   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is actually a tribute to Heavy Load's albums more than it is to the band itself, since there is not that much editorial material out ther on them, such as reviews, interviews, photos etc. Let's just stick to their albums, right?
In 1977 Heavy Load recorded their debut-album "Full Speed At High Level" (released 1978), now with Dan Molén handeling the bass playing.
Here's an album tribute to them - they were too pure and original to be forgotten.
hem.passagen.se /flesh/heavyload   (298 words)

 Amazon.ca: Load: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But Load is a "good" not "great" CD like the previous 5.
Overall, I think 'Load' is a mixed bag, with "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", "Hero Of the Day", and "Bleeding Me" being the only standouts, and "Until It Sleeps" and "King Nothing" are the only songs that even COMPARE to Metallica's earlier material.
Load's biggest problem is it's sloppy writing and repetitiveness, which ruins most songs on the album.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002HMH   (981 words)

 eBay - CD: Load (UPC: 075596192323)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Still, this is a metal album, and there are headbanging riffs o'plenty.
It is, however, the first Metallica album to make me wonder at any point, 'What the f*** was that?' It's as if the jackboot grinding the human face were to take occasional breaks for a pedicure...
Though it couldn't be more different from Metallica's earlier work, "Load" is undeserving of its criticism and is in many ways a cut above what they've recorded before.
product.ebay.com /Load_UPC_075596192323_W0QQfvcsZ1226QQsoprZ3202867   (842 words)

 Blogcritics.org: Giving St. Anger a second chance
Metallica had a bit of a mid-life crisis, attempting to cash in on current trends in such a way that it didn't appear convincing in any way, and the changes were so sudden that the band, understandably, upset a large number of very loyal fans.
The two albums, while certainly not classics, are unfairly judged by this period where upset fans took out their frustrations.
So hopes were understandably high when news that the band would soon release a new album, claimed by the band themselves as they heaviest thing they've done in 10 years or more.
blogcritics.org /archives/2003/06/11/124333.php   (2170 words)

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